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  1. To discover Hashima Island

    Lee, Dohyun, S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    From 1916 to 1945, Japanese governments recruited Korean laborers from South Korea for coal mining. The laborers ranged from thirteen to nineteen years old-most of them were still middle school or high school students. Hoping to earn money as the government promised, but unaware of the hostility and danger to which they would be exposed, 600 young Korean laborers were sent to an island called Hashima Island. Hashima Island has been desolate since 1974 after its coal resources were depleted. Although the island is no longer in use, the current condition of the architecture of Hashima Island speaks the truth...

  2. An improved procedure for generating standardised load-time histories for marine structures

    Li, S; Cui, W; Paik, JK
    The load sequence effect has been proved from laboratory tests to be an influencing factor that cannot be neglected in the fatigue analysis of marine structures. To take account of this significant factor, fatigue life prediction should be based on fatigue crack propagation theory rather than the currently used cumulative fatigue damage theory. Accordingly, fatigue loading needs to be provided as the load-time history in the time domain rather than the load spectrum in the frequency domain. A general procedure for generating the standardised load-time history for marine structures based on a short-term load measurement has been proposed by the...

  3. Relationship between employment histories and frailty trajectories in later life: evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

    Lu, W; Benson, R; Glaser, K; Platts, L; Corna, L; Worts, D; McDonough, P; Gessa, G; Price, D; Sacker, A
    BACKGROUND: Given the acceleration of population ageing and policy changes to extend working lives, evidence is needed on the ability of older adults to work for longer. To understand more about the health impacts of work, this study examined the relationship between employment histories before retirement and trajectories of frailty thereafter. METHODS: The sample comprised 2765 women and 1621 men from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. We used gendered typologies of life-time employment and a frailty index (FI). Multilevel growth curve models were used to predict frailty trajectories by employment histories. RESULTS: Women who had a short break for family care,...

  4. Annotated record of the detailed examination of Mn deposits from DSDP Leg 36 (Holes 326, 327, 327A, 328, 328A, 328B, 330A)

    Barker, Peter F; Dalziel, Ian W D; Wise, Sherwood W
    This DSDP leg was originally conceived by the Antarctic Advisory Panel in order to investigate the geologic histories of the Scotia Arc and of the Argentine Basin. Site 326 (Drake Passage) was drilled in 3812 meters of water about 150 km southeast of Cape Horn. The main objective was to check the magnetic-reversal dating of the opening of Drake Passage by determining basement age. Site 327 is in 2400 meters of water on the western nose of the elevated eastern part of the Falkland Plateau, the Maurice Ewing Bank and was chosen to examine Southern Ocean shallow-water pre-Neogene biostratigraphy. Site...

  5. Learning Racial Justice: Teachers' Collaborative Learning as Theory and Praxis

    Maton, Rhiannon Mary Stanway
    Activist teachers are increasingly organizing within and beyond their unions to respond to political trends toward austerity and the privatization of public education (Hursh, 2004; Quinn & Carl, 2015; Ravitch, 2010, 2013). Teacher-led grassroots groups often strive to partner in meaningful ways with parents and communities (Weiner, 2012), but simultaneously overlook how deeply embedded community histories shape the community and policy context (Crenshaw, 2011; Delgado & Stefancic, 2012; Gadsden, 1994), and teachers’ organizing and professional practices (Maton, 2016). The enhanced recent visibility of race-inflected social activism (#BlackLivesMatter, 2016) raises significant questions about how politically active teachers understand and engage with...

  6. Orbital Decay: Space Junk and the Environmental History of Earth's Planetary Borderlands

    Rand, Lisa Ruth
    What is space junk, and who defines pollution in an environment seemingly devoid of nature as we know it? Beginning with the launch of Sputnik in 1957, spacefaring nations transformed the region between the upper atmosphere and the moon from a wilderness into a landscape. Like any terrestrial industry, the construction of a satellite infrasctructure in orbit also yielded a system of byproducts—human-made waste colloquially known as “space junk.” Although remote and largely invisible to the majority of space technology users, the orbital environment nonetheless played a critical role in Cold War geopolitics. Contrary to current space policy literature that...

  7. Building Blocks of Chinese Historiography: A Narratological Analysis of Shi Ji

    Yang, Lei
    In Shi ji studies, scholars from both the East and West have predominantly taken one particular approach: the psychological reading of its author, Sima Qian. Since the author suffered penal castration when he was writing the Shi ji, this approach has been summarized as “the theory of conveying one’s frustration.” Many scholars, modern and pre-modern alike, have inferred the author’s feelings and emotions from his biographical experiences and have interpreted the text accordingly. This narrow interpretation constrains our understanding by exclusively focusing on the author’s personal pains and purposes. Such analysis thus commits the intentional fallacy, which mistakenly equates the...

  8. Power, Sexuality, and the Masochistic Aesthetic From Sacher-Masoch to Kharms

    Vinokour, Maya
    This project centers on what I call the “masochistic aesthetic,” which emerged as literature dovetailed with medicine and law in German-speaking Europe and Russia around 1900. I argue that incipient totalitarian societies instrumentalized art and literature to produce citizens who enthusiastically consented to painful social discipline — that is, political masochists. Masochistic narratives like Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s Venus in Furs (1870), Anton Chekhov’s The Duel (1891), or Andrei Platonov’s Happy Moscow (1933-6) reflect the ethnographic attention to borderlands, regulation of the body, and indefinite delay of pleasure inherent in the imperial or totalitarian settings that engendered them. After tracing the...

  9. Homer's Daughter: Graves's Vera Historia

    Murnaghan, Sheila
    Within Robert Graves's enormous output, the novel Homer's Daugh­ter is easy to miss. Written mostly in hopes of achieving large popular sales and inspired by another book that few people take seriously, Samuel Butler's The Authoress of the Odyssey, Homer's Daughter has never commanded the same respect as Graves's better-known histor­ical fiction, especially the Claudius novels. This is in part because Homer's Daughter does not concern what are generally considered real historical events, although, as I hope to show, that difference has positive as well as negative consequences: it allows Graves to raise some of the same questions about writing...

  10. Escrita inventada e aquisição da leitura em crianças de idade pré-escolar

    Martins, Margarida Alves; Albuquerque, Ana; Salvador, Liliana Ferreira dos Santos; Silva, Ana Cristina
    Vários investigadores mostraram que actividades de escrita inventada com crianças em idade pré-escolar contribuem para a aquisição da literacia, tendo um impacto positivo na evolução da sua escrita e consciência fonológica. O nosso objectivo foi avaliar o impacto de um programa de escrita inventada na aquisição da leitura. Participaram 60 crianças Portuguesas de 5 anos que não sabiam ler nem escrever. Foram aleatoriamente divididas em dois grupos, experimental e controlo, equivalentes quanto às letras conhecidas, consciência fonológica e inteligência. O grupo experimental participou num programa de escrita inventada e o grupo de controlo num programa de leitura de histórias. A...

  11. Narração de histórias na educação de valores na Educação Pré-Escolar e no 1.º Ciclo do Ensino Básico

    Aguiar, Teresa de Fátima Narciso
    Mestrado (PES II), Educação Pré-Escolar e Ensino do 1.º Ciclo do Ensino Básico, 22 de Junho de 2015, Universidade dos Açores.

  12. "Pwofite tet ou" (avail yourself): The minoritarian politics of Haitian music in Paris

    Donnelly, Laura C
    Paris functions as a diverse site in which Haitians and French Antilleans come together most significantly in relation to musical interaction. Haitian music in Paris, especially konpa, is frequently paired with Antillean music, specifically zouk, whether it be on the radio, as Antillean stations frequently co-opt konpa or in dance clubs for deejayed events. Thus, konpa and zouk share modes of dissemination and consumption, and are frequently grouped together. These mutually shared spaces of musical consumption enable and promote the formation of connections between Antillean and Haitian communities, enabled by a minoritarian politics rooted in shared colonial histories and coupled...

  13. Orbital decay: Space junk and the environmental history of Earth's planetary borderlands

    Rand, Lisa Ruth
    What is space junk, and who defines pollution in an environment seemingly devoid of nature as we know it? Beginning with the launch of Sputnik in 1957, spacefaring nations transformed the region between the upper atmosphere and the moon from a wilderness into a landscape. Like any terrestrial industry, the construction of a satellite infrasctructure in orbit also yielded a system of byproducts—human-made waste colloquially known as “space junk.” Although remote and largely invisible to the majority of space technology users, the orbital environment nonetheless played a critical role in Cold War geopolitics. Contrary to current space policy literature that...

  14. Divergent strategy: How higher education institutions under distress develop and pursue solutions for their financial challenges

    Joseph, Joshua M
    This study seeks to relate to two problem statements. First, higher education literature is largely missing a conversation about strategy. Second, while some universities succeed at remediating their troubles and adapting to new situations; others fail. This study, then, explores the role of strategy in developing successful solutions for financially distressed institutions of higher education. A review of current literature on strategy in general supports the research, and aided in the formulation of the four research questions. ^ The goal of the research was to understand specifically the strategies chosen to move the universities forward; what actions and behaviors they...

  15. Reversal and Re-Organization of the Northern Cities Shift in Michigan

    Wagner, Suzanne E; Mason, Alexander; Nesbitt, Monica; Pevan, Erin; Savage, Matt
    We report initial findings from a study of the Northern Cities Shift (NCS) in Lansing, Michigan. As in other urban centers recently examined, the NCS appears to be undergoing re-evaluation and attrition. However, whereas others have found the NCS to be simply undergoing “exact reversals” of its vowel movements (Driscoll and Lape 2014), in Lansing we find two additional processes in addition to reversal: reorganization and continuation. We observe reversal of the fronting of LOT, reorganization of TRAP from a raised to a continuous or nasal system, and continuation of the lowering of DRESS. Findings are derived from a sample...

  16. Reading Abenaki Traditions and European Records of Rogers’ Raid

    Bruchac, Margaret
    The October 4, 1759 attack on St. Francis is recognized as an important event in American history, but most people only know the fictional version. The movie “Northwest Passage” portrays half-naked savages, living in tipis and pounding on great war drums. Town histories depict the Abenaki as violent foreign marauders, who attacked no reason, conveniently forgetting to mention the broken treaties and boundary violations of English settlers in Abenaki territory. Some historians have claimed the Abenaki were engaged in a drunken orgy the night before the raid. Those who have read Robert Rogers’ account think that more than 200 Abenaki...

  17. The Future’s Path in Three Acadian French Varieties

    Comeau, Philip; King, Ruth; LeBlanc, Carmen L
    In the present study, we investigate the expression of future temporal reference in three closely-related varieties of Atlantic Canada Acadian French, varieties which differ substantially in their sociolinguistic histories. The three communities (Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia, L’Anse-à-Canards, Newfoundland, and the Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec) have experienced varying types and degrees of dialect contact since their original settlement. At one end of the continuum, Baie Sainte-Marie had the most homogeneous settlement pattern and has been largely isolated from other French varieties, including other Acadian varieties, for several centuries. The Iles de la Madeleine is at the other extreme, involving the...

  18. Review of Jane Lydon and Uzma Z. Rizvi (Eds), Handbook of Postcolonial Archaeology; and Maxine Oland, Siobhan M. Hart, and Liam Frink (Eds), Decolonizing Indigenous Histories: Exploring Prehistoric/Colonial Transitions in Archaeology

    Bruchac, Margaret

  19. Deep Description and Reflexivity: Methods for Recovering Object Histories

    Bruchac, Margaret
    This semester, students in my Anthropology of Museums class learned new methods for analyzing objects in museum collections by using both “deep description” and “object reflexivity.” Students were trained to combine material analysis, ethnographic data, archival research, and critical scholarship to identify and document object histories. They also gained practice in examining methods of construction, curation, and display that reflect the shifting historical relations among Indigenous people and Indigenous objects in museums. As a result, these students generated thoughtful insights that cast new light on old objects in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

  20. Tectonic evolution and deep mantle structure of the eastern Tethys since the latest Jurassic

    Zahirovic, Sabin; Matthews, Kara J.; Flament, Nicolas; Müller, R. Dietmar; Hill, Kevin C.; Seton, Maria; Gurnis, Michael
    The breakup of Pangea in the Jurassic saw the opening of major ocean basins at the expense of older Tethyan and Pacific oceanic plates. Although the Tethyan seafloor spreading history has been lost to subduction, proxy indicators from multiple generations of Tethyan ribbon terranes, as well as the active margin geological histories of volcanism and ophiolite obduction events can be used to reconstruct these ancient oceanic plates. The plate reconstructions presented in this study reconcile observations from ocean basins and the onshore geological record to provide a regional synthesis, embedded in a global plate motion model, of the India-Eurasia convergence...

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