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121. La enseñanza del tiempo y del espacio: comprensión de la historia del arte y de la herencia artística - Freedman, Kerry

122. Almanaques y calendarios en la historia de la educación popular: un estudio sobre España - Carreño, Miryam

123. Contenido y continente de la historia social de la educación: lo que nos enseña la investigación histórica reciente acerca del sistema educativo alemán - Tenorth, Heinz-Elmar

124. Replanteamiento de la historia del currículum: hacia una nueva orientación teórica - Englund, Tomas

125. Historia de las disciplinas escolares: reflexiones sobre un campo de investigación - Chervel, André

126. La historia del currículum en Estados Unidos: status y agenda de investigación - Franklin, Barry M

127. La construcción social del currículum: posibilidades y ámbitos de investigación de la historia del currículum - Goodson, Ivor F

128. Propuesta (no androcéntrica)para una renovación del estudio del mundo contemporáneo: de las historias familiares a la cultura de masas - Moreno Sardá, Amparo

129. Historia de la alfabetización versus historia del pensamiento, o sea, de la mente humana - Viñao Frago, Antonio

130. La imagen del maestro a través de la historia - Böhm, Winfried

131. La historia de la infancia y la juventud en Europa Occidental y en los Estados Unidos, 1630-1680: un currículo de historia social para la enseñanza secundaria - Schneider, Ann L

132. La incorporación de la infancia a la historia de la educación - Finkelstein, Barbara

133. Teoría crítica y didáctica de la historia - Rothe, Valentine

134. La mujer y la enseñanza de la historia - Sánchez Carrera, María del Carmen

135. Preventing Complications in Polio Survivors Undergoing Dental Procedures - Richard L. Bruno; Ph. D
Unfortunately, only a handful of specialists treat Post-Polio Sequelae (PPS)- the unexpected and often disabling fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain, cold intolerance and swallowing, sleep and breathing problems occurring in America's 1.63 million polio survivors 40 years after their acute polio.1,2 However, all medical professionals need to be familiar with the neurological damage done by the original poliovirus infection that today causes unnecessary discomfort, excessive physical pain and occasionally serious complications with surgery. This is a brief overview to inform patients and professionals about the cause and prevention of complications in polio survivors undergoing dental surgery. Pre-Operative Preparation. The pre-operative...

136. Political Mashup Position Paper - Maarten Marx; Maarten De Rijke
A mashup is a web application that combines data from more than one source into an integrated experience. A po-litical mashup as we envisage it brings together political in-formation produced by political parties (their promises and actions: election manifestos, party websites, parliamentary proceedings) and information on the reception of political promises and actions (news as well as user generated con-tent from blogs, discussion fora and reactions to online news-stories). Such a political mashup will enable novel histori-cal research, creates challenging opportunities for computa-tional linguists, and offers valuable and innovative testing-grounds for information retrieval researchers. We aim to collect, standardize in...

137. Published online in Wiley InterScience ( DOI: 10.1002/ppp.503 Interpretation of Geothermal Profiles Perturbed by Topography: the Alpine Permafrost Boreholes at Stockhorn Plateau, Switzerland
The temperature regime of alpine permafrost is altered by the generally warmer atmospheric temperatures of recent decades. Eight boreholes, with depths between 100 and 130 m, have recently been drilled in European mountain permafrost as part of the Permafrost and Climate in Europe (PACE) project. They have been equipped with temperature sensors in order to better understand and quantify the effect of climate change on permafrost temperatures. Their interpretation with respect to signals of surface temperature histories is complicated by topographic effects. An apparent warming signal is present in all of the PACE boreholes but quantification of this effect in...

138. $rec.titulo
symmetric internal fabric is interpreted as an evidence for a feeding by below and not laterally. The observed rotation of the lineation, from WNW–ESE on the very top to NNE–SSW below, lead us to propose that the fabric at the base of the pluton is a Tectonophysics 428 (2006) 1–31 of magma infilling process, and the fabric at the very top is a record of the strain due to the relative movement between magma and wallrocks. A consequence is that except at the contact between pluton and wallrocks (top and margins), the stretching direction, recorded by the lineation, is...

What is a story? The field of narrative development has been plagued by variation in definitions. By narrative-internal criteria, we find that spontaneous early stories are not always clearly recognizable. We often do not find a protagonist and events creating conflict, reference to events in the past, presence of a climactic complicating action, or closure of the storyline with a resolution. Further, the narrative segment is not always demarcated from the preceding talk. Labov and Waletzky identified so-called "invariant structural units ” (1967:1) in a collection of personal histories of danger-of-death events. But such stories are likely to be retold...

140. Performance of Improved Ground - Elizabeth A. Hausler; Nicholas Sitar
Abstract. Liquefaction-induced foundation displacement during earthquakes continues to be a major cause of damage to all types of structures, including buildings, bridges, dikes, levees, and seawalls. However, historical evidence from events as far back as the 1964 Niigata earthquake and most recently the devastating 1995 Hyogoken Nanbu (Kobe), Japan, and 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey, earthquakes indicates improved sites suffer less ground deformation and subsidence than nearby unimproved areas. The field case histories, however, lack sufficient quantitative information on building settlement, vertical ground strain, and the level, depth, and lateral extent of ground improvement. Therefore, a series of dynamic centrifuge tests designed...

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