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  1. Expectations and Rewards of Modernity: Commitment and Mobility Among Rural Migrants in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu’, Contributions to Indian Sociology (n.s

    Geert De Neve; Christopher Fuller; Katy Gardner; John Harriss; Jonathan P. Parry
    This article presents a critique of a discourse, commonly found in anthropological and historical accounts, that stereotypes rural labour migrants as unreliable workers who are not yet fully committed to industrial work regimes and who keep prioritising rural responsibilities above industrial needs. Based on data collected in the garment industry of Tirupur, south India, it is shown that rural migrants can as well be conceived of by their urban employers as more committed and hardworking recruits than the so-called ’locals’. Employers ’ discourses of migrant workers are examined and four case histories of migrants are discussed to illustrate that labour...

  2. $rec.titulo

    Miguel A. Muñoz-laboy
    Abstract Latino male bisexuality has been studied for the most part with a focus on men who have sex with men (MSM) and with little attention to sexual desire. The goal of this article is to present a comprehensive understanding of how sexual desire is organized, enacted through sexual activity, and interpreted in the sexual lives of bisexually-active Latino men. To achieve this aim, an analysis was made of 18 sexual histories of bisexually active Latino men who participated in a two-year ethnographic study. Four configurations of sexual desire were constructed to reflect what was found in this population of...

  3. Coeliac disease and rheumatoid arthritis A. L. PARKE, ' *E. A. FAGAN,2 V. S. CHADWICK,3 AND

    G. R. V. Hughes; Hammersmith Hospital
    SUMMARY Three cases are reported of adult coeliac disease associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Coeliac disease is associated with many disorders, such as dermatitis herpetiformis, ' 2 hyposplenism,3 and many autoimmune diseases.5 Lancaster-Smith et al.6 found that 19 % of their patients with coeliac disease gave a history of an associated autoimmune disorder, but only one of their patients studied had rheumatoid arthritis. We have recently had the opportunity of studying 3 patients with adult coeliac disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Two of these patients also had dermatitis herpetiformis, and one in addition had cutaneous vasculitis with biopsy-proved Sjogren's syndrome. Case histories...

  4. Nonstationary stochastic simulation of strong ground motion time histories including natural variability: Application to the K-Net Japanese database

    Guillaume Pousse; Luis Fabián Bonilla; Fabrice Cotton; Ludovic Margerin
    Abstract Physical models that can be used to obtain realistic accelerograms usu-ally require a thorough knowledge of the source, path, and site effects. In addition, the computational resources needed might be expensive. Thus, empirical models still represent a good alternative for simulating strong ground motion. In this work, we modify and improve the model developed by Sabetta and Pugliese (1996). This new method models the time-domain accelerogram based on the assumption that the phase is random and that the time envelope can be represented by the so-called average instantaneous power. This is, in turn, described as a lognormal distribution for...

  5. BOOK REVIEWS 75 Language and Literature 2009 18(1) Changing English

    David Graddol; Dick Leith; Joan Swann; Martin Rhys; Julia Gillen (eds
    A bounteous supply of texts exists to meet the varying needs of the student, instructor or general reader who is interested in the fascinating history of the English language. From the classic work of Baugh and Cable (1978) to the many excellent contributions by Crystal (e.g. 1988, 2003, 2004), there is certainly no shortage of resources. What, then, must a new textbook on the topic do in order to carve its own particular niche in an already competitive market? It could, as Bailey (1992) or Fennell (2001) have done, approach the subject with a ‘fresh ’ perspective, or at least...

  6. Effect of thermal input on finite element predictions of welding residual stresses

    Aihui Wu; S. Syngellakis; B. G. Mellor
    Abstract. A two-dimensional finite element simulation of a welding process is developed for predicting temperature histories and residual stresses in a structural steel butt-welded joint. The purpose of the simulation presented in this paper is the assessment of the effect of uncertainties in thermal material, loading and constraint input on both the thermal and mechanical analysis predictions. The model is validated by comparison with previously welded and tested specimen with published residual stresses measurements. Residual stress results are not sensitive to the thermal analysis input even if the latter has significant influence on temperature distribution. Modelling boundary conditions for both...

  7. Shock Compression of Powders by Two-Stage Gasdynamic Gun

    C. Zanotti; G. Riva; P. Giuliani; G. Daminelli; A. Reggiori
    Abstract. Powder consolidation using a shock compression apparatus is a potential method for the processing of bulk materials. Two-stage gasdynamic guns take advantage of light gases properties to accelerate projectiles to hypervelocity. The prototype developed at the CNR-IENI labs was modified in order to densify powders in very short times (1-100 μs). Powder compaction can be achieved either by the generation of a pressure pulse (10-30 104 bar) or by direct impact on the powder sample of a high speed projectile (0.5- 2 Km/s). A numerical code, to simulate the gasdynamic gun behavior, has been written and, depending on the...

  8. Career patterns of U.S. male academic social scientists

    Robert T. Blackburn; Robert J. Havighurst
    Seventy-four U.S. male academic social scientists provided career stage data. Alt were born between 1893 and 1903. The subjects were divided into four groups on the basis of their scholarly article productivity after age 59. Spilerman's conceptualization f work history guided the analysis. To a lesser extent, adult development theory (e.g., Hall and Nougaim, 1968) was also examined. Critical career events were content analyzed and compared. Distinct career paths through and beyond retirement emerged. Among other things, the active publishers have had a less varied career in terms of the different academic roles possible in colleges and universities. Obtaining the...

  9. SCripp8 Institution of Oceanography of the University of California,

    Claude E. Zobell; Esther; C. Allen
    The attachment and subsequent growth of the wildly promiscu-ous assemblage of visible plant and animal organisms on the hulls of ships and other submerged marine structures is known as fouling. Our present-day knowledge of the nature and extent of fouling is discussed comprehensively by Visscher (1928b). The vast economic loss resulting from fouling has instigated extensive investigations of its cause and more particularly of practical methods for its prevention. However, attention has been focused mainly upon the habits, life histories and tolerances to poisonous paints and metals of the macroscopic encroachers such as bar-nacles, mollusks, tunicates, hydroids, and bryozoans. Surpris-ingly,...

  10. CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASE ARTICLES Catheter Infection Caused by Methylobacterium in Immunocompromised Hosts: Report of Three Cases and Review of the Literature

    Kenneth M. Kaye; Anne Macone; From Division; Infectious Disease
    Three cases of catheter infection due to Methylobacterium extorquens are reported. Each pa-tient had a history of acute leukemia and was immunocompromised; two had undergone bone marrow transplantation, and the third was receiving consolidation chemotherapy. All three pa-tients survived after removal of the central venous catheter and antibiotic treatment. The clinical features of these cases are compared with those of the 12 previously reported cases of infection due to Methylobacterium species. Infection is a significant complication of indwelling cen-tral venous catheterization in immunocompromised patients [1, 2]. The common pathogens include staphylococci, Enter-obacteriaceae, pseudomonads, and fungi [2, 3]. Diphther-oids occur less...

  11. MEMORANDUM TO: J. R. Harbison State Highway Engineer

    Jolin C. Roberts; John C. Roberts; Julian M. Carroll
    is the nineteenth report dediCated to stability of embankments since 1962; fourteen addressed case histories, analyses, and remedies; additionally, four memorandum reports presented case analyses and proposed remedies; numerous fill failures have been inspected and impromptu recommendations offered. Three of the reports involvea basic properties of soils, and one provided an advanced type of computer program for stability analyses. A forthcoming report will provide another, more encompassing program. At the inception of KYHPR-68-48, eight landslides were selected for intensive investigation; data were compiled and narratives were written. The case histories were found to be somewhat unwieldy and not summarily definitive...


    Redacted For Privacy; Charles Wicks; Thomas L. Gilson
    Mass transfer from a single rising gas bubble in water may be analyzed by numerical methods. In this study the simultaneous differen-tial equations which describe two component mass transfer from a rising gas bubble are solved by numerical integration. This is accomplished using a computer model which employs a Runga-Kutta-Merson routine. Given the depth and diameter of an orifice, and the initial composition of the bubble the computer model will predict the bubble's depth, diameter, composition, and the total number of moles present in the bubble at any time. The bubble may contain up to two water soluble components and...

  13. cracking

    Xuefeng Song; Yingfei Wang; Chao Li
    influences of different temperature histories on the assessment of

  14. article A Critical Assessment of Storytelling: Gene Ontology Categories and the Importance of Validating Genomic Scans

    Pavlos Pavlidis; Jeffrey D. Jensen; Wolfgang Stephan; Ros Stamatakis
    In the age of whole-genome population genetics, so-called genomic scan studies often conclude with a long list of putatively selected loci. These lists are then further scrutinized to annotate these regions by gene function, corresponding biological processes, expression levels, or gene networks. Such annotations are often used to assess and/or verify the validity of the genome scan and the statistical methods that have been used to perform the analyses. Furthermore, these results are frequently considered to validate “true-positives ” if the identified regions make biological sense a posteriori. Here, we show that this approach can be potentially misleading. By simulating...

  15. Contrasts in Carbon and Nitrogen Ecosystem Budgets in Adjacent Norway Spruce and Appalachian Hardwood Watersheds in the Fernow Experimental

    Forest West Virginia; Charlene Kelly; Stephen Schoenholtz; Mary Beth Adams
    We constructed watershed mass-balance budgets of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) and measured seasonal net N mineralization in an attempt to account for nearly 40 years of large discrepancies in stream NO,-N export in two adjacent, gauged watersheds at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service's Fernow Experimental Forest, WV. These watersheds have similar management histories, varying primarily by vegetation cover, where one watershed is a monoculture of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and the other has regenerated to native Appalachian hardwoods. Long-term stream chemistry indicates that the hardwood watershed has approached N-saturation, with relatively high stream export of nitrate-N (15...

  16. Numerical Study of Flow over Sphere at Supercritical Reynolds Numbers

    Yu-fu Wanga; Guo-quan Taob; Dong-xu Liuc; Jin-zhao Hud; Zhe Wue
    Abstract. Numerical study of flow over sphere at supercritical Reynolds numbers by k SST equations model and DES method based on k SST model has been done. The simulation on Re = 9.4×105,1.88×106,2.82×106 were given. Compared with the Results of experiments, the calculations of drag coefficients at Re=1.88×106, 2.82×106 agreed well with Achenbach’s results. The trailing vortex structure was shown through the identification method of three dimensional flow field. It had a good agreement with Taneda’s results. The time histories and spectrum characteristics of the drag and the lateral force were investigated by the transient mothod.

  17. ADFM Executive Committee

    Blumenthal D
    benefi cial in clinical learning. EHRs may facilitate the delivery of health care quality, but, for the novice clinician, prompts, tem-plates, existing drug and problem lists, and past medi-cal histories could interfere with acquiring information synthesis skills critical to clinical reasoning and deci-sion-making. How students ’ active or observational use of EHRs relates to learning the content of a FM Clerk-ship is yet to be determined. However, HIT adoption, implementation, and use must not emphasize process over content and render educators blind to how these technologies facilitate or impede clinical education. FM education must be prepared to accommodate HIT evolution...

  18. Boundary Markers: Land Surveying and the Colonisation of New Zealand,

    Jacky Bowring; Senior Lecturer; New Zeal; Jacky Bowring
    BOUNDARY MARKERS IS AN INTERSECTION POINT for a number of different dialogues in contemporary cultural landscape writing. Giselle Byrnes thinks global and acts local in terms of the navigation between overarching theories and their expression within the New Zealand context. The work is part of an emerging discipline of 'spatial history ' following the work of Australian writer and artist, Paul Carter. Byrnes defines spatial history as "a study of how land has been transformed and of how colonisation is and has been expressed through language, drawing on the work of land surveyors as particular example " (p 5). At...

  19. A profile of construction academics in Australia.

    Head Of School
    Construction as an academic discipline is now in a mature phase compared to its circumstances two decades ago. Whereas early academics were drawn from industry or related disciplines with research histories thin and doctorates rare, this balance is reversing. This paper discusses current issues facing construction academics in tertiary institutions in Australia and uses two questionnaires to analyse the current status of construction courses and the profile of academics in the construction discipline. The research addresses issues such as research versus industry experience, internal promotion versus the necessity to move for advancement. The research reveals a shifting in emphasis in...

  20. Recent Observations on VLSI Bond Pad Corrosion Kinetics

    Sol Id-stats; Sc Is; C. F. Dunn; J. W. Mcpherson
    The k inet ics of ch lor ine- induced bond pad corros ion of VLS I A1-Si metal l izat ion have been invest igated. A general-ized t ime-to-fai lure mode l is presented for the fai lure mechan ism, and both the humid i ty and temperature dependence are discussed. An exponent ia l humid i ty accelerat ion parameter of 0.15 (%RH) 1 and an act ivat ion energy of 0.75 eV were de-te rmined dur ing this invest igat ion. Corros ion has long been one of the major fai lure mecha-n isms for plast ic encapsu...

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