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141. Faón, Afrodita y la isla de Lesbos: historia de un mito - Barrigón Fuentes, María del Carmen

142. La Historia de Beda y la vida cotidiana en la Inglaterra altomedieval - Martín Rodríguez, Antonio María

143. La Conquista Otomana de Otranto de 1480 en la historiografía italiana y española (siglos XV-XVI-XVII) - Mondola, Roberto
The work focuses on the analysis of the historiographical debate developed in Italy and Spain during the XVI-XVII centuries about the ottoman invasion of the city of otranto in 1480, then part of the Kingdom of Naples. The aim is to deepen the knowledge of the reasons and consequences of the ottoman conquest through the analysis of relevant works about the topic. The arrival of the troops of Gedik Ahmed Pasha in the summer of 1480 provoked a great impression in the Christian world and proved the profound crisis of Fernando of Aragon’s Kingdom. The invasion was a consequence of...

144. $rec.titulo
We estimate an effective mutation rate at an average Y chromosome short-tandem repeat locus as per546.9 # 10 25 years, with a standard deviation across loci of, using data on microsatellite variation within Y545.7 # 10 chromosome haplogroups defined by unique-event polymorphisms in populations with documented short-term histories, as well as comparative data on worldwide populations at both the Y chromosome and various autosomal loci. This value is used to estimate the times of the African Bantu expansion, the divergence of Polynesian populations (the Maoris, Cook Islanders, and Samoans), and the origin of Gypsy populations from Bulgaria.

145. Neutralizing Antibodies and Persistence of Immunity following - Anthrax Vaccination; James F. Hanson; Sarah C. Taft; Alison A. Weiss
Anthrax toxin consists of protective antigen (PA) and two toxic components, lethal factor (LF) and edema factor (EF). PA binds to mammalian cellular receptors and delivers the toxic components to the cytoplasm. PA is the primary antigenic component of the current anthrax vaccine. Immunity is due to the generation of antibodies that prevent the PA-mediated internalization of LF and EF. In this study, we characterized sera obtained from vaccinated military personnel. Anthrax vaccine is administered in a series of six injections at 0, 2, and 4 weeks and 6, 12, and 18 months, followed by annual boosters. The vaccination histories...

146. Page 1 Extended Abstract Extended Abstract Experiment Management Support for Performance Tuning - Karen L. Karavanic; Barton P. Miller
“An experimental science is supposed to do experiments that find generalities. It’s not just supposed to tally up a long list of individual cases and their unique life histories. That’s butterfly collecting.”- Richard C. Lewontin [1] The development of a high-performance parallel system or application is an evolutionary process. It may begin

147. Please correspond with Vivian de Klerk - Vivian De Klerk; Gary Barkhuizen; Vivian Klerk; Gary Barkhuizen
This article reports on the pre-emigration reflections of 15 Afrikaans speakers, all of whom were in the final stages of preparing to emigrate to New Zealand. The study explores the linguistic histories of the participants, their attitudes to their mother tongue (Afrikaans) and to English, and their views on South Africa’s language policy and how it has influenced their decisions to leave the country. The paper also offers a view on possible long-term linguistic outcomes for these families. 2

148. Frequently Used Characters fitM^F-JW) - Chin-chuan Cheng
To facilitate the spread of literacy in China, several lists of fre-quently-used Chinese characters have been published in the last 70 years. The number of characters in each list does not exceed 8,000. The number of character types in each Chinese book such as the 25 Dynasty Histories published in the past 2,000 years also does not exceed this number. Even when synchronous dictionaries already accumulated over 30,000 distinct characters, writers of large volumes normally used only 4,000 to 8,000 characters. The range of 4,000 to 8,000 morphemes then is proposed as the optimal number of linguistic symbols for human...

149. Macroalgal assemblages in New Zealand: structure, interactions and demography. Hydrobiologia 192 - David R. Schiel
structure Quantitative descriptions of macroalgal distributions from low intertidal regions to a sublittoral depth of 20 m are presented for rocky reefs from several localities ranging over 16 ° latitude in New Zealand. These include the northern and southern main islands as well as the Chatham Islands and the sub-antarctic Auckland Islands. Fucalean algae are dominant in the shallow sublittoral regions throughout NZ. Laminarian species are rare and generally reach their greatest abundances at 7-17 m depth. The colder waters in central and southern NZ tend to have different dominant species from those in northern NZ. Sea urchins form a...

150. 3Images of God, Parents and Self in Substance Abuse Recovery - John F. Robison; Ph. D; N. Beth St
The spiritual dynamics that heal the self while in recovery from substance abuse was were studied through interviews of 13 Alcoholic Anonymous members about their recovery stories. Two distinct childhood patterns of experience emerged. About half of the AA members reported having had severe childhood abuse, negative parental relationships, and negative God and self images. The other half reported no childhood abuse and a range of God, parent and self images. Shame and anger were dominant emotions for both groups, and affected God, parent and self images throughout recovery. Important factors for change included group support and love, sponsors, identifying...

151. $rec.titulo
It is paradigmatic in marine species that greater dispersal ability often, but not always, results in greater gene flow and less population structure. Some of the exceptions may be attributable to studies confounded by comparison of species with dissimilar evolutionary histories, i.e. co-occurring species that are not closely related or species that are closely related but allopatric. Investigation of sympatric sister species, in contrast, should allow differences in phylogeographic structure to be attributed reliably to recently derived differences in dispersal ability. Here, using mitochondrial DNA control region sequence, we first confirm that Clevelandia ios and Eucyclogobius newberryi are sympatric sister...

152. A New Approach to Business History through Accountancy - Karen Lewis
Business histories in New Zealand are seldom recorded. Ville’s (1992) review article of New Zealand’s business histories was critical of the majority of existing business histories, as they are seldom impartial, or academically justified. The lack of a body of well-written histories in several industries is a hindrance to understanding the practical effects of economic policies as they affect households and firms.i This paper proposes an approach to business history from an accountancy background. It identifies the links between accountancy and history, and also the relevance of accounting to the businesses that are the subject of research. The paper illustrates...

153. Cow traction in Chokwe, Mozambique by - O Faftine; A Muts
A survey was carried out among 60 farmers who were plowing with Nguni cows in Chokwe District in Gaza, Mozambique in July 1994. The histories of 110 cows raised primarily for breeding purposes but used also for traction were obtained from the owners. Calving intervals averaged 21 months and calving occurred throughout the year but peaked in the rains. Calf mortality from birth to weaning was not recorded but there was evidence of abortions and weakened calves in two villages. These levels were equal to those obtained in the years with sufficient male animals for traction in the region and...

Clay mineral relative abundances in approximately 450 samples from cores recovered during ODP Leg 117 in the Arabian Sea have been used to examine the paleoclimatic, paleoenvironmental, and tectonic histories of the Indus Fan, Owen Ridge, Oman margin, and adjacent continental source regions. Geographic variations in the relative abundances of minerals and correlations with depositional processes support previous interpretations that smectite has been sup-plied from weathering of the Deccan Traps; illite and chlorite have been supplied either from the Himalayas via marine transport or from the Iran-Makran region by winds; and palygorskite has been supplied from the Arabian peninsula and...

155. Discurso de Investidura como Doctora Honoris Causa por la Universidad de Granada - Durán Heras, María Angeles
Es el discurso íntegro de agradecimiento y aceptación de la Investidura como Doctora Honoris Causa por esta Universidad. Incluye un decálogo para la innovación en la ciencia a través la aportación de los grupos históricamente excluidos de la Academia, entre ellos las mujeres. Como hilo conductor, analiza la evolución y significado del propio ritual académico, especialmente el contenido del Gaudeamus Igitur. La laudatio fue pronunciada por la Catedrática de Historia de esta Universidad, Prof. Cándida Martínez.

156. Selection footprints in barley breeding lines detected by combining genotyping-by-sequencing with reference genome information - Igartua Arregui, Ernesto; Mansour, Elsayed; Pérez Cantalapiedra, Carlos; Contreras-Moreira, Bruno; Gracia Gimeno, María Pilar; Fuster, Prudencio; Escribano, Juan; Molina-Cano, José Luis; Moralejo, Marian; Ciudad, Francisco J.; Thomas, William T. B.; Karsai, Ildikó; Casas Cendoya, Ana María
This study is a retrospective analysis of an elite cross from the Spanish National Barley Breeding Program. This was the most successful cross produced in the breeding program in the past 20 years. The progeny from this cross has been investigated at two points in the program, before and after selection, through the analysis of allelic frequencies at a number of genetic loci with molecular markers. Shifts in allelic frequencies after selection allowed the identification of genomic regions with selection footprints likely due to the breeding process. The cross was replicated in three different years, and therefore, the three progenies...

157. Nuevas formas pedagógicas para la formación, capacitación e información en organizaciones de la Economía Social y Solidaria - Montes, Verónica L.; Ressel, Alicia Beatriz; Silva, Noelia Carmen; Coppini, Viviana
En la actualidad, la educación ha adquirido gran importancia como factor fundamental para el progreso social y único medio para recrear una persona humana capaz de asumir desde la creatividad, la construcción de este mundo nuevo que anhelamos. Desde luego las organizaciones de la economía social y solidaria, por sus características diferenciales que las sustentan, sus principios y valores, no pueden estar ajenas a este nuevo paradigma de la educación. Considerando la relevancia de la temática, en el presente módulo se desarrollan los antecedentes e importancia de la educación en la economía social y solidaria, especialmente en lo que respecta...

158. Postales suburbanas - Gómez Pintus, Ana Helena
Entre las décadas del diez y del cuarenta se asistió en el área metropolitana de Buenos Aires, Argentina, al crecimiento de un tipo particular de suburbio asociado a la residencia de verano o fin de semana, destinada a los sectores altos y medios-­altos de la sociedad. En torno a este espacio, el trabajo propone reflexionar sobre los actores, particularmente aquellos vinculados a la producción arquitectónica, que contribuyeron a su formación. En líneas generales, se reconoce que la mayor parte de las imágenes que poblaron estos suburbios derivan de la aplicación vaga de cierto pintoresquismo en manos de diversos actores ligados...

159. Testimonio de Oscar Alende - Alende, Oscar Eduardo
El doctor Oscar Alende visita Radio Universidad y expone su visión de la historia argentina reciente, de la democracia como camino reiniciado, de la situación de los principales partidos políticos y de la necesidad de unidad nacional. Oscar Eduardo Alende: nació en Maipú el 6 de julio de 1909 y murió el 22 de diciembre de 1996. Fue médico y dirigente político de la UCR, de la UCRI y fundador del Partido Intransigente. Fue gobernador de la provincia de Buenos Aires entre 1958 y 1962 y diputado nacional entre 1983 y 1985.

160. A história oral nas pesquisas sobre educação e gênero - Bruno, R.C.


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