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    Las Definiciones Del Caribe; Antonio Gaztambide; Amonio Gaztambide; La Invención; Del Caribe; A Partir De
    En este trabajo se muestra que los conceptos de la historia están cargados de historicidad, cambios y transformaciones tal como lo demuestra el nombre Caribe. También semuestra quena existe una definición pura y exacta del Caribe, por esto el autor propone cuatro tendencias con las ¡ que pudiera definirse este espacio insular. Estas tendencias son las siguientes: Caribe Insular o etno-histórico, Caribe geopolítico, Gran Caribe o Cuenca del Caribe y Caribe cultural o Afro-América Central.


    F. A. Hellebrandt; Elizabeth; Brogdon Franseek
    Many vears ago Sherrington (1920) remarked that posture is a theme worth studying,- offering much opportunity for observation by those who are willing to undertake it,. The literature in the field is rich and varied, spanning several branches of the basic sciences, medicine and surgery. The evolution of the biped stance has received extensive anthropologic study. The mechanics of standing, measurement of postural deformities, their prevention and treat-ment, have been subjects of comment and investigation for centuries. The neurological mechanisms which control the vertical stance of man and the physiology of the cardiovascular-respiratory responses to the hydrostatic effect of gravity...

  3. The Cretaceous post-rift basin configuration of the northern North

    Roy H. Gabrielsen; Rune Kyrkjebø; Jan Inge Faleide; Willy Fjeldskaar; Tomas Kjennerud
    ABSTRACT: The present analysis suggests that three stages can be identified in the post-rift Cretaceous development of the northern North Sea, namely the incipient (Ryazanian–latest Albian), the middle (Cenomanian–late Turonian) and the mature (early Coniacian–early Palaeocene). The transition from syn- to post-rift configur-ation was strongly diachronous, suggesting that the thermal state of the system was not homogeneous at the onset of the post-rift stage. This is supported by observed differences between the early post-rift subsidence histories of the southern Viking Graben, the Stord Basin and the Sogn Graben. The incipient post-rift stage was characterized by diverse subsidence. The major structural...

  4. THEORIA. Revista de Teoría, Historia y

    Fundamentos De La Ciencia; Vasco/euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea; Donostia-san Sebastián España
    Causal explanation beyond the gene: manipulation and causality in epigenetics


    Kiypton-85 and xenon-i 33 have been used for the study of blood flow and organ lipid content be cause of the high diffusion partition coefficients between tissue and blood of these gases (1,2). Tur kin and Moskalev observed that the Xe-i 33 uptake was greater in fatter than in leaner subjects (3). Carey et al. (4) reviewed 52 consecutive Xe-i 33 pulmonary ventilation studies and observed detect able hepatic activity in 20 ( 38 % ). Although these investigators were primarily interested in the effect of hepatic retention on the pulmonary washout of Xe-i 33, the increased concentration of xenon...


    John M Cannon; Macalester College; Erin M O'leary; Daniel R Weisz; Evan D Skillman; Andrew E Dolphin; Et Al; John M. Cannon; Erin M. O’leary; Daniel R. Weisz; Evan D. Skillman; Andrew E. Dolphin; Frank Bigiel; Andrew A. Cole; W. J. G. De Blok; Fabian Walter
    We present new Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys imaging of six positions spanning 5.8 kpc of the H i major axis of the Local Group dIrr NGC 6822, including both the putative companion galaxy and the large H i hole. The resulting deep color–magnitude diagrams show that NGC 6822 has formed>50 % of its stars in the last ∼5 Gyr. The star formation histories of all six positions are similar over the most recent 500 Myr, including low-level star formation throughout this interval and a weak increase in star formation rate during the most recent 50 Myr. Stellar...


    Siobhan Lennon-patience
    Abstract: This paper investigates the cultural, social and political contexts of the Prime Minister, David Cameron’s proposal to measure the Well-being of the UK population. I adopt a psycho-cultural approach whereby theories and methods from the disciplines of psychoanalytic and psychosocial studies are combined with those from the fields of media and cultural studies. The paper includes relevant case study material taken from the UK press, television, documents and artefacts within popular culture. From this investigation, I provide a critical cultural analysis and contextualisation of the proposal to measure Well-being. This comprises an examination of recurring themes and discourses in...


    Yong Il; Lee; Hee Kyeong Ko
    Abstraet--Illite crystallinity and fluid inclusion techniques are used to understand the thermal histories of rocks on either side of the disconformity between the Lower and Upper Paleozoic strata in South Korea. Illite crystallinity studies show that the metamorphic grade of the upper strata of the Lower Paleozoic Joseon Supergroup, latform carbonates with subordinate siliciclastics, belongs to the epizone and that of the lowermost strata of the Upper Paleozoic Pyeongan Supergroup, paralic to nonmarine clastics, belongs to the anchizone. The maximum ode of homogenization temperature for fluid inclusion of the uppermost strata of the Joseon Supergroup is 260 to 270 ~...

  9. Case Histories

    M. Grob; E. Kolb
    As compared with the totality of congenital malformations of the heart, anomalies of the coronary vessels are relatively rare. In the literature, anomalous origin of these vessels has been taken adequately into account. Less emphasis has been laid, however, on conditions such as congenital aneurysms of the coronary arteries which probably occur more frequently than is commonly believed. The following two cases observed by us will illustrate this anomaly.

  10. The program is available from

    Edrs Price; Margaret N; Superintendent Of Documents; U. S. Government
    The era of the Revolutionary War has provided subject material for numerous histories and biographies. The Children's Book Section of the Library of Congress has compiled this bibliography as a guide in the selection of background reading for young people in connection with the Bicentennial of the American Revolution. Criteria for selection included factual accuracy, logical organization, and clear succinct writing. Some historical novels have been included but textbooks have been omitted. Subject divisions are: (1) The Times,

  11. American Agsociation for Higher Education:'

    Spons Agency; Ma R; Thomas W
    institutional vitality in higher education and measures of vitality are considered. Vitality may be viewed as the capacity of a college or university to incorporate organizational strategies that support the continuing investment of energy by faculty and staff both i;n their own careers and in the realization of the institution's mission. Institutional vitality in the 1980s must be understood in relation to the organizational consequences " of both steady-state and decline. Organizational theories, institutional histories, and biographies of important academicians are cited-that may illuminate the issue of vitality. An important idea-iiiaaining to institutional vitality is Kanter's (1979) view of opportunity...

  12. Shin-Etsu Handotai Company, Limited, assisted in meeting the publication costs of this article. REFERENCES

    M. Schrems; T. Brabec; M. Budil; H. Potzl; E. Guerrero; D. Huber; P. Pongratz; Mater Sci Eng; K. H. Gilles; E. R. Weber; S. K. Hahn; K. Cho
    cess. The calculated results generally agree fairly well with the experimental results of A[O]i and oxide precipi-tate density for various kinds of thermal processes with no parameter fitting. Consequently, this computer simulation technique becomes an advantageous tool for industrial op-timization of the oxygen precipitation characteristics for an arbitrary device fabrication thermal process. Acknowledgments We thank Dr. S. Ushio, I. Fusegawa, and Dr. T. Takenaka for their fruitful discussion. We also thank Mr. Niw-ayama for providing experimental data for crystal ther-mal histories.

  13. DOI: 10.1177/0309132508101601 Geographies of brands and branding

    Andy Pike
    Abstract: This paper seeks to elucidate the geographies of brands and branding through interpreting their geographical entanglements. Focusing upon goods and services, it argues, fi rst, that the object of the brand and the process of branding are geographical because they are entangled in inescapable spatial associations. Second, these spatial associations matter because they are geographically differentiated and uneven. Third, geographically entangled brands and branding are closely related to spatially uneven development through the articulation and reinforcement of economic and social inequalities and unequal and competitive sociospatial relations and divisions of labour. Despite their apparent pervasiveness and signifi cance for...

  14. El amor romántico, una mala invención

    Zubiría, Andrea; Nuñez, Cristina
    En la presente entrevista, Dora Barrancos aborda el análisis de temas vinculados al amor romántico y a la visibilización de la mujer en las revistas para mujeres; en particular, a partir del modelo de mujer moderna que expone la revista argentina Para Ti, del grupo editorial Atlántida. La socióloga y doctora en historia, se detiene y desarrolla las controversias que genera la utilización de conceptos como la esencia y la experiencia femenina, y las inevitables consecuencias que producen al reforzar tanto el sexismo como la cosificación de las mujeres en la sociedad actual.

  15. Fatores maternos e neonatais relacionados à prematuridade

    Oliveira, Laura Leismann de; Gonçalves, Annelise de Carvalho; Costa, Juvenal Soares Dias da; Bonilha, Ana Lúcia de Lourenzi
    Objetivo: Identificar fatores maternos e neonatais associados à prematuridade no município de Porto Alegre. Método: Estudo do tipo caso-controle de base populacional. Os casos foram recém-nascidos com menos de 37 semanas de gestação, e os controles foram os recém-nascidos com 37 semanas ou mais. Os dados provieram dos registros de 19.457 nascimentos do município de Porto Alegre, no ano de 2012, no Sistema de Informações sobre Nascidos Vivos da Secretaria Municipal da Saúde. Foi realizada análise ajustada mediante Regressão Logística segundo modelo hierárquico. As variáveis estudadas foram alocadas em três níveis de hierarquia: variáveis sociodemográficas; história reprodutiva; fatores gestacionais e...

  16. Histórias em quadrinhos como material didático alternativo para o trabalho de educação ambiental

    Lisbôa, Lívia Lüdke; Junqueira, Heloisa; Del Pino, Jose Claudio
    Concebe-se que problemáticas ambientais podem chegar ao conhecimento de grande parte da população, e atingir pessoas de todas as idades e níveis de (in)formação, através dos meios de comunicação. As histórias em quadrinhos, no caso deste estudo, são consideradas um veículo muito importante para a informação, produção de signifi cados e tentativa de sensibilização das crianças, jovens e adultos. No presente estudo, buscou-se analisar os conteúdos relacionados à temática ambiental que fazem parte do enredo das histórias em quadrinhos de Maurício de Souza, e sua importância como difusores de concepções, saberes e conceitos do campo das ciências ambientais. Tais conceitos...

  17. La llegada del libro primero de la Historia del monasterio de San Benito de Valladolid de fray Mancio de Torres a la Biblioteca Histórica de Santa Cruz: sus peripecias durante la Desamortización

    Molina de la Torre, Francisco J.

  18. Mi clásico favorito: James Clerk Maxwell

    Beléndez, Augusto
    En este trabajo se hace un repaso sobre la vida y la obra del físico escocés James Clerk Maxwell, uno de los tres grandes de la historia de la Física junto con Newton y Einstein.

  19. Memória da história no reabilitar

    Caneira, Ana Rita Silvestre
    Dissertação para obtenção do grau de Mestre em Arquitectura, apresentada na Universidade de Lisboa - Faculdade de Arquitectura.

  20. Las paradojas de la resiliencia: miradas cruzadas entre Colombia y Francia

    Rebotier, Julien; López Peláez, Juanita; Pigeon, Patrick
    El artículo reflexiona sobre la noción de resiliencia y los límites que supone su uso para los investigadores y para quienes implementan las políticas de gestión del riesgo. Por una parte, los organismos internacionales, como la Estrategia Internacional para la Reducción del Riesgo (EIRD) o centros de investigación, como Resilience Alliance promueven explícitamente el reforzamiento de la resiliencia. De otro lado, su uso es escaso en las políticas a escala nacional tanto en Francia como en Colombia y existe una gran cantidad de investigadores que cuestiona su utilización, tras resaltar la gran divergencia de significados que se derivan de esta....

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