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    Eric Adler
    Abstract. This article discusses Cassius Dio’s political thought in his Agrippa-Maecenas debate (52.2–40) through the use of a form of content analysis developed by political scientists called “operational code analysis. ” It offers a description of operational code analysis, which demonstrates the value of this method to the debate. It then presents an examination of Dio’s operational code, from which one can glean his philosophical and instrumental views on politics. It argues, inter alia, that the Agrippa address is based on the same epistemological foundations as the Maecenean corollary. Further, the article stresses that the Agrippa ora-tion remains consistent with...

  2. ‘What ou r l imi ted ski l l can do we have done ’: A Review of The Quest for El Cid

    Adam Giancola
    A mere glimpse at the history of 11th century Spain unescapably calls to mind the legacy of Rodrigo Diaz, widely known as El Cid. An aristocratic military warrior most famous for his Christian conquest of Valencia in 1094, his presence continues to have a lasting effect on Reconquista discourse today. Yet genuine inquiry into the life of the Cid warrants a careful consideration of the sources available. One such piece of scholarship, Richard Fletcher’s 1989 publication The Quest for El Cid, poses itself as a re-examination of the ubiquitous tale of the life of the Cid, seeking to distinguish the...

  3. Antigorite Peridotite, Metaserpentinite, and other Inclusions within Diatremes on the Colorado Plateau, SW USA: Implications for the Mantle

    Wedge During Low-angle Subduction
    other ultramafic rock fragments included in the Green Knobs dia-treme in NW New Mexico are used to investigate the evolution of the mantle wedge during low-angle subduction.The diatreme, part of the NavajoVolcanic Field, has a matrix of serpentinized ultramaf-ic microbreccia (SUM). The meta-peridotite inclusions have been characterized by petrographic, electron microprobe, and bulk-rock analysis. The assemblage antigorite^diopside^olivine formed and was stable in the mantle. In a Cr-magnetite dunite, olivine compos-itions span the range Fa9^3, and chlorite-rich pockets contain extraor-dinarily pure pyrope (Py94·4Alm5·5Gr0·1).The Cr-magnetite dunite is a product of prograde metamorphism of a brucite-bearing serpent-inite. Second generations of olivine in that...

  4. 10.1177/0021934704273447JOURNAL OF BLACK STUDIES / SEPTEMBER 2005Mason / PART OF THE GREATNESS AND I AM PART OF THE GREATNESS Twelve Black Elderly Women and Men Decry Their

    Urban Community’s Reality; Beverly J. Mason
    In a southern town, 12 senior citizens attending a multipurpose community center, discuss their community when it was in its heyday. It is located in an inner city area where crime and unemployment are now high and prospects for the future low. Through oral histories, the seniors voice concern about safety issues, interlopers, and those who have invaded their community, and they give suggestions on how to address the current demise. The histories were collected by undergraduate students at a local university and are excerpted on the following pages.

  5. King Shaka, The Diviners and Colonialism

    Jennifer Weir
    The often-told tale of Zulu King Shaka and his diviners may tell us more about colonial religion and politics in the nineteenth century than it does about Zulu religion and politics. The tale unfolds in various nineteenth-century books, popular and contemporary histories, and in oral traditions. Writers have frequently portrayed it as a key point in King Shaka’s leadership, most especially E A Ritter in the 1950s, some 100 years after the earliest accounts. King Shaka is said to have secretly sprinkled blood in the doorway of his isigodlo (pl. izigodlo, the king’s private enclosure consisting of the huts of...

  6. Dental Benefits of Limited Exposure to Fluoridated Water in Childhood

    B. A. Burt; S. A. Eklund; W. J. Loesche
    The effect of limited exposure to fluoridated water in childhood is of potential importance in highly-mobile modern society, but the subject has not been well-studied. This longitudinal study assessed caries experience and S. mutans proportions from fissure plaque in school-children who livedfor at least the three years of the study in a non-fluoridated community (0.2 mgIL). Residence histories permitted di-vision of the cohort into those who had lived all their lives in non-fluoridated communities, and those who had livedfor some time pre-viously in afluoridated community. The children were aged 6-7 years at the beginning of the three-year study. Children with...

  7. 7Here, There and Everywhere: Glocalising Identities in Transworld Transmedia Genius Loci

    Department Of Social
    The principle question discussed in this essay is essentially a philosophical or existential one: in our increasingly remediated, interconnected, physically and virtually mobile contemporary world, is it is conceivable, or feasible, for us actually to be “here, there, and everywhere ” at one and the same time? Have our predominantly “local ” personal, professional and collective narrative histories, and the various cultural traditions that have grown out of these, really furnished us with relational identity skills that enable us to participate positively and actively in ongoing globali-sation processes and to play a constructive, active, ethical role in the global gameplay...

  8. Article Contested Chinatown: Chinese migrants’ incorporation and the urban space in London

    Milan; Panos Hatziprokopiou; Nicola Montagna
    This article discusses Chinese migrants ’ incorporation in European cities and the relevance of the urban space. In particular, it focuses on the Chinatowns of London and Milan, beginning from two recent cases where their space has been contested. Alongside the different histories and contemporary patterns of Chinese migration and settlement and the varying policies and politics of immigration and integration in Britain and Italy, we bring the urban factor in our analysis. More specifically, we look at the political economy of the urban space and the role of Chinatown in the dynamics of urban restructuring in the two cities....

  9. The Concurrent and Incremental Validity of the Trauma Symptom Inventory in Women Reporting Histories of Sexual Maltreatment

    Paul A. Arbisi; Christopher R. Erbes; Melissa A. Polusny; Nathaniel W. Nelson
    The Trauma Symptom Inventory (TSI), Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2), and Posttraumatic Diagnostic Scale (PDS) were administered to 71 women who reported histories of childhood and/or adult sexual maltreatment and 25 women who did not report a history of victimization. The TSI validity scales were not effective in identifying MMPI-2 defined invalid responding although were moderately related to MMPI-2 validity scales designed to identify similar response styles. In contrast, the TSI clinical scales displayed good convergent validity with conceptually

  10. Palaeobiogeography and the Ordovician and Mesozoic– Cenozoic radiations

    A. W. Owen; J. A. Crame
    Abstract: Curves of taxonomic diversity through geological time consistently show major evolutionary adiations during the Ordovician Period and from the mid-Mesozoic to the present day. Both intervals were characterized bymarked biotic provincialism, reflecting episodes of major continental break-up and global tectonism, and their later histories featured steep global climatic gradients. The Ordovician radiation can be recognized at a wide spectrum of taxonomic levels from species to class, and the biogeographical p tterns associated with the radiation of individual clades reflect a complex combination of plate distribution, tectonic activity, sedimentary environment, s a-level rise and, ultimately, glaciation. The true scale of...


    Marcela Ortega Parra
    The purpose of this qualitative collective case study was to examine the sociocultural and gender role expectation factors that contributed to the success of 10 Latina/Hispanic female high school graduates now attending a large university in the Midwest. Additionally, the study investigated the characteristics of resilience and persistence that helped these women continue their pursuit of higher education in spite of the challenges they faced. The participants in this study were identified as recent immigrants from Mexico or Mexican-Americans born in the United States of Mexican immigrant parents. All of these respondents graduated from a midwestern K-12 public school system...

  12. Changes in Psych-verbs: A reanalysis of little v

    Elly Van Gelderen
    The present paper examines psych-verbs in the history of English. As is well-known, object experiencers are reanalyzed as subject experiencers in many of the modern European languages. I discuss one such change in detail, namely the change in the verb fear from meaning ‘to frighten, cause to fear ’ to meaning ‘to fear’. The reason for the change may be the loss of the morphologi-cally overt causative and a change in the set of light verbs. Object experiencers are constantly lost but I show there is also a continual renewal through external borrowing and internal change from physical to mental...


    Allen J. Wilcox; Louise; F. Horney
    Data regarding spontaneous abortion are more easily obtained retrospec-tively than prospectively. However, the comparable quality of data obtained by these two approaches Is not known. Retrospective data are difficult to validate because spontaneous abortions are not routinely documented. In this study, the quality of retrospective data was evaulated by comparing them with pro-spective data collected Incidentally In a long-term study of menstrual cycles. A total of 348 women recorded one or more spontaneous abortions while par-ticipating In the Menstrual and Reproductive Health Study and were resurveyed regarding their pregnancy histories. Seventy-five per cent of recorded abor-tions were recalled. Gestatlonal age...

  14. Biology and Immature Stages of the

    Panurgine Bee; Genera Hypomacrotera; Psaenythia (hymenoptera Apoidea; G. Rozen
    Of the nine genera of North American panurgine bees, the biologies of six and larvae of five have been described (Rozen, 1966, 1967). The present paper treats, for the first time, the bionomics, larva, and pupa of the North American genus Hypomacrotera Cockerell and Porter, gives the first description of the larva and pupa of the New World genus Psaenythia Gerstaecker, and includes new biological data concerning Psaenythia. The phylogenetic relationships of the two genera to other panurgines are discussed in light of the information reported here. Life histories and immature stages of Xenopanurgus Michener and Metapsaeny-thia Timberlake have yet...

  15. Dental Benefits of Limited Exposure to Fluoridated Water in Childhood

    B. A. Burt; S. A. Eklund; W. J. Loesche
    The effect of limited exposure to fluoridated water in childhood is of potential importance in highly-mobile modern society, but the subject has not been well-studied. This longitudinal study assessed caries experience and S. mutans proportions from fissure plaque in school-children who livedfor at least the three years of the study in a non-fluoridated community (0.2 mgIL). Residence histories permitted di-vision of the cohort into those who had lived all their lives in non-fluoridated communities, and those who had livedfor some time pre-viously in afluoridated community. The children were aged 6-7 years at the beginning of the three-year study. Children with...

  16. Architectures of Biological Complexity1

    James W Valentine; James W. Valentine
    SYNOPSIS. Three features contribute to the complexity of an entity: number of parts, their order, and their iteration. Many functional biological entities are complex when measured by those attributes, and although they are produced in tree-like architectures, the organizational structures that permit them to function are in the form of hierarchies. Natural hierarchies can be thought of as organizing structures that are emergent properties of complex functional entities, and which are transformed from trees by process networks. For example, hierarchies are observed in the architecture of metazoan bodies (the somatic hierarchy) and in the biotic structure of ecogeographic units (the...

  17. Commitment Without Marriage: Union Formation Among Long-Term Same-Sex Couples.” Journal of Family Issues 30(6):738–56

    Corinne Reczek; Sinikka Elliott; Debra Umberson
    The majority of Americans will marry in their lifetimes, and for many, marriage symbolizes the transition into long-term commitment. However, many Americans cannot legally marry. This article analyzes in-depth inter-views with gays and lesbians in long-term partnerships to examine union for-mation and commitment-making histories. Using a life course perspective that emphasizes historical and biographical contexts, the authors examine how couples conceptualize and form committed relationships despite being denied the right to marry. Although previous studies suggest that commitment ceremo-nies are a way to form same-sex unions, this study finds that because of their unique social, historical, and biographical relationship to...

  18. Follow-Up Studies’, in M

    Francis R
    A practicum was designed to improve a high school sophomore curriculum in traditional English rhetoric and the study of literary classics by adding a component to strengthen adolescent identity formation. Students were encouraged to generate and present family literary documents including varieties of familial cultural artifacts. Portfolios, simulations and presentations constituted palpable measures of emergent awareness of commonalities among groups and within the class. Using lessons published by experienced teachers in professional journals, students drew maps of points of family interest; wrote autobiographies, self-reports, and journal essays; invented coats of arms; created histories and scenarios of important family events; compiled...

  19. Post-1994 South African Education: The challenge of social justice

    Saleem Badat; Yusuf Sayed
    research-article2013 The formal end of apartheid was greeted with optimism and expectations. A new Government of National unity with Nelson Mandela at its head signaled a new just and democratic social order, including social justice in and through education. Twenty years later, formally desegregated yet class-based educational institutions, continuing disparities and inequities, and poor aca-demic achievement are key features of the contempo-rary educational order. This article considers how far South Africa has come since 1994 in realizing laudable constitutional and policy goals, especially equity, qual-ity, and social justice in education. It argues, however, that, as a consequence of policy, the...

  20. Alternative Histories of British Social Anthropology

    Adam Kuper
    There are obvious parallels − as well as interactions − between the beginnings of ‘British social anthropology ’ and the more or less contemporary development of the Vienna circle of psychoanalysis, the launch of Durkheim’s AnneÈ Sociologique, or the formation of the Annales school of social historians led by Lucien Febvre and Marc Bloch. In each case a small network of marginal intellectuals, attracted by charismatic leaders, created what amounted to new disciplines in the emergent social sciences. New objects of study, methods of research, and applications were pioneered. The achievements are clear enough, but it is not easy in...

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