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  1. When to transfuse blood in sickle cell disease? Lessons from Jehovah’s Witnesses

    Eugene S. Pearlman; Samir K. Ballas
    Hemoglobin concentration of 7 to 8 g/dl has been considered an indica tion for transfusion in the general adult population and has also been fre quently applied to patients with sickle cell disease (SCD). Through a review of the case histories of two patients with SCD who were also Jeho vah’s Witnesses and developed severe anemia, and, considering as well the clinical characteristics of this population and the basic physiology of oxy gen transport, the appropriateness is questioned of this transfusion “trig ger ” in patients with SCD. It is suggested for the latter that a Hb of 5.5 g/dl...

  2. By

    Gregoryw Stone; B. A. Honours
    This thesis deals with the institutional histories of Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in an attempt to establish their role within the English state and within English culture in the Early Modem period. It seeks to explain the complex relationship between social definitions of masculinity and the translation of those conceptions via the universities to a student population whose influence and power upon their leaving of those precincts would be felt throughout the nation. It further argues that education at Oxford or Cambridge was not relegated to the college halls alone, but was the result...

  3. © Author(s) 2008. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Changes in aerosol properties during spring-summer period in the Arctic troposphere

    A. -c. Engvall; R. Krejci; R. Treffeisen; R. Scheele; O. Hermansen; J. Paatero
    Abstract. The change in aerosol properties during the tran-sition from the more polluted spring to the clean summer in the Arctic troposphere was studied. A six-year data set of observations from Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard, covering the months April through June, serve as the basis for the char-acterisation of this time period. In addition four-day-back trajectories were used to describe air mass histories. The ob-served transition in aerosol properties from an accumulation-mode dominated distribution to an Aitken-mode dominated distribution is discussed with respect to long-range trans-port and influences from natural and anthropogenic sources of aerosols and pertinent trace gases. Our study...

  4. Tensile Strength and Fracture Behaviors of Complex GFRP Composites with a Central hole

    X. F. Yao; F. S. K. Bijlaard; M. H. Kolstein; H. Y. Yeh
    ABSTRACT: In this paper, the tensile strength and fracture behaviors of complex (rovingþweaving) glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP) composite materials containing a central circular hole are experimentally studied. Strain gradient histories of the notched specimen for different hole diameters during the whole damage and fracture process are recorded. Effects of hole diameters on the strength and fracture of the notched specimen are analyzed. The damage initiation and growth of the notched specimen are described. In comparison with the earlier publications about the strength and fracture of laminate or textile composites in this field, the results of this paper will play an...

  5. $rec.titulo

    theme 2 memory strand 1 design histories: tradition, transgression and transformations author(s)

  6. Genetic and conchological comparison of snails (Helix aspersa) differing in shell deposition of lead

    Margaret Mulvey; Michael C. Newman; Alan N. Beeby
    Populations of snails inhabiting areas with different histories of Pb contamination differed in their depo-sition of Pb in shell relative to soft tissues. Genetic variation, measured using isozymes, was not related to Pb history nor geographic distance between popu-lations. Shell characteristic * were significantly differ-ent among sites; shell dry weight was strongly related to soil calcium levels. Shells of snails from areas with long histories of Pb contamination were significantly more robust (greater shell width/shell height ratio) than snails from other locations. H. aspena adapta-tion to Pb contamination may involve significant changes in shell characteristics but these do not correlate...

  7. different structural levels within the Tauern Window, Eastern Alps

    D. J. Depaolo; J. N. Christensen; J. Selverstone
    Correlation by Rb.Sr geochronology of garnet growth histories from

  8. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Matrices of Time and the Recycling of Evil in

    Sophia Papaioannou; Crf Centro; Internazionale Ricerca Filosofica; Sophia Papaioannou
    It is generally agreed upon today that there is no denite narrative of the past, especially of the era before the development of the his-torical science, given the subjectivity of the narrative construction process. According to Reinhart Koselleck, a leading theorist of history and historiography in the second half of the twentieth century, histori-cal process is distinguished by a special kind of temporality dierent from that found in nature and experienced by the various historical subjects. This temporality is not linear but «multileveled and subject to dierent rates of acceleration and deceleration, and functions not only as a matrix within...

  9. Transient Neonatal Diabetes, ZFP57, and Hypomethylation ofMultiple Imprinted Loci A detailed follow-up

    Susanne E. Boonen; Deborah J. G. Mackay; Johanne M. D. Hahnemann; Louise Docherty Phd; Karen Grønskov Phd; Anna Lehmann Phd; Lise G. Larsen; Andreas P. Haemers; Yves Kockaerts Md; Lutgarde Dooms Md; Olga Kordonouri Md; Frida Sundberg Md
    OBJECTIVEdTransient neonatal diabetes mellitus 1 (TNDM1) is the most common cause of diabetes presenting at birth. Approximately 5 % of the cases are due to recessive ZFP57mutations, causing hypomethylation at the TNDM locus and other imprinted loci (HIL). This has conse-quences for patient care, because it has impact on the phenotype and recurrence risk for families. We have determined the genotype, phenotype, and epigenotype of the first 10 families to alert health professionals to this newly described genetic subgroup of diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN ANDMETHODSdThe 10 families (14 homozygous/compound heterozygous individuals) with ZFP57 mutations were ascertained through TNDM1 diagnostic testing. ZFP57...

  10. Railway station development in post-industrial Rotterdam: path dependency and shifting priorities

    Jan Jacob Trip
    The combined effects of industrial decline and the development of a service economy currently bring about a change in urban economies. Accessibility, proximity and an attractive urban cli-mate are considered important factors of urban competitiveness. These are all combined in rail-way station area, which is therefore considered a focus point of urban economic development. The paper explores the role of station development projects in the perspective of these long-term social and institutional processes, as well as the continuity found in a city’s established economic structure, prevailing policy arenas, objectives and cultures. It does so by means of an analysis of...

  11. Pragmatics, Universals in

    (Hymes 1982). But with the growth of linguistic TYPOLOGY and the empirical search for language universals, it has become increasingly clear that real universals- in the straightforward sense, properties that all languages have- are vanishingly rare (at least beyond the basic organizational principles outlined by Hockett 1960, and some of the architectural properties sketched by Jackendoff 2002). Instead, linguistic typologists have found that empirical generalizations are nearly always of the kind "Across all languages, if a language has property X, then it prob-ably also has property Y. " Meanwhile, generative grammarians have hoped to account for the diversity in terms...

  12. An emerging framework for human becoming criticism

    Gail J. Mitchell; Rn Phd
    This column presents a new framework for researchers to consider as a guide when participating in the process of scholarly critique. The framework is aligned with the philosophical view of Gadamerian hermeneutics. The emerg-ing framework, consistent with the human becoming school of thought, builds on ideas from literary theory, specifi-cally reception or reader-response theory, and the human becoming hermeneutic method. Three processes—sketch-ing the horizon of expectation, illuminating artistic disclosure, and enhancing the original with artform—guide reviewers to bring forth the contributions of the researcher and to enhance the researcher’s contribution with artform. The emerging framework will enable researchers to participate...


    W. P. Education/higher; Education Commodity; Papua New
    Proceedings, pp. 406-418. The study attempts to enquire into whether Papua New Guineans see education as a cargo cult, an investment or as an item for consumption. The definitions of cargo cult are examined as are the basic principles of the economics of education. The main discussion within the study is whether Papua New Guineans see education as a cargo cult, an investment or as an item for consumption? Some years ago European missionaries and settlers used to say that Papua New Guineans sought education simply as a ‘cargo cult’, but the study indicates reasons for modifying this view. The...

  14. Original Communications Interrelationship Between Skinfold Thickness, Serum Lipids and Blood Sugar in Normal Men

    Iargaret J. Albrink; J. Wister Meigs
    S ERUM triglyceride concentration is increased in subjects with coronary artery disease, cerebral vascular disease and diabetes, as well as in men with positive family histories of these diseases. ’ Thus the etiology of hyper-glyceridemia may have considerable bearing on the prevention and treatment of these illnesses. This report is part of a long-term study of serum lipids in healthy male factory workers whose general characteristics have been defined.4 A.s many as 40 per cent or more of the men had increased concentrations of serum triglycerides by standards previously established. ’ Many clues pointed to over-nutrition as a factor in...

  15. Identity Categorization of Motherhood in the Context of Drug Abuse and Child Welfare Services

    Elina Virokannas
    This study considers the accounts of mothers who have been using illegal drugs, have received treatment and are in the process of recovering. The data is based on 19 individual interviews conducted between May and December 2005 in two institutions for female drug users in southern Finland. The primary aim is to discuss the self-conceptions of the inter-viewed women as they related their experiences with social workers and the child welfare system. The study relies on the social constructionist view of identity as a self-construction created in situations of interaction and routines of everyday life. As a result, four different...

  16. ,. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Cylinder-Averaged Histories of Nitrogen Oxide in a D.I. Diesel With Simulated Turbocharging

    Ron Donahue
    AfU) 303 w>. a *& uti 11. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES The view, opinions and/or findings contained in this report are those of the author(s) and should not be construed as an official Department of the Army position, policy, or decision, unless so designated by other documentation, » ' _ i-.r .'_'...■.,!,■. ' 15h nitTBIRIITinW COOS 12». DISTRIBUTION/AVAILABILITY STATEMENT Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. 13. ABSTRACT (Maximum 200 words) 12b. DISTRIBUTION DE An experimental study was conducted using the dumping technique (total cylinder sampling) to produce cylinder mass-averaged nitric oxide histories. Data were taken using a four stroke diesel research engine...

  17. The Otherness of Castoriadis A Review of

    David Wallace
    In a review of his last book, Robert Redeker laments that "one of the most important political and philosophical thinkers of the last half century " has remained in the shade while recognized philosophers glorify the reign of "feeble thought " (1997:24). Casto-riadis, a prolific writer, started writing under various pseudonyms in 1949 for the influential radical journal Socialisme ou barbarie. A recently compiled bibliography of his writings in French amounts to more than thirty pages, including essays on phi-losophy, psychoanalysis, politics, literature, economics, science, and mathematics. Although increasingly known as a political philosopher and psychoanalyst, it is strik-ing that...

  18. Rehabilitation of Patients in Pain

    Ronald Kanner Md
    The rehabilitation of patients in pain requires accurate physical and psychological diagnoses, the establishment of realistic goals, and the selection of therapies ap-propriate to those diagnoses and goals. The distinction between nociceptive and non-nociceptive syndromes guides the selection of therapeutic interventions. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are characterized by a peripheral site of action, gastrointestinal toxicity, and a ceiling effect. With the use of a loading dose and an appropriate duration of trial, they provide relief for mild to moderate nociceptive pain. The opioid analgesics act centrally, have no ceiling effect, and, if side effects are managed properly, provide relief for moderate...

  19. Better Outcome of Schizophrenia in India: A Natural Selection Against

    Severe Forms; Jagadisha Thirthalli; Sanjeev Jain
    Regional variations are observed in outcome of schizophre-nia, but reasons remain unclear. Outcome of schizophrenia is reported to be better in India. In this report based on cen-sus data, we highlight substantially greater mortality ob-served among the mentally ill than among the general population during famines in India in the 19th century. A possible selection against the most severe forms of schizophrenia could account for greater occurrence of better-outcome phenotypes. Population histories and en-vironmental influences, including epigenetics, need to be considered to further investigate differences between schizophrenia phenotypes.


    Gwynne Roeseler Winsberg; Elizabeth Sonnenschein; Alan R. Dyer
    whom were Puerto Rican. Because migration to Chicago is constantly occurring from areas where intestinal parasites are endemic, a survey was conducted in a predominantly Puerto Rican neighborhood to determine the prevalence of these parasites and to provide impetus for further case finding and treatment programs. The survey was part of an epidemiologic and clinical study of schistosomiasis. Teams of medical students and outreach workers going door-to-door obtained histories, hematocrits, and single stool specimens from 358 individuals. An overall intestinal parasite prevalence rate of 18.6 % (67 persons) was found. Specific rates were Trichuris trichiura 13.9 % (50 cases), hookworm...

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