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  1. Behind ivory towers and stone walls: Racial climate and Black students at a highly selective liberal arts college

    Pittman, Edward L
    The experiences of Black students at predominantly White institutions (PWIs) of higher education have been the focus of study and policymaking for several decades. Much of the research addresses dimensions of campus racial climate and its impact on the academic and campus life experiences of Black students at large universities. The experiences of Black students at smaller and highly selective liberal arts colleges, however, deserve a deeper and closer examination because these campuses may be uniquely situated and present data-rich opportunities for exploration. The purpose of this study was to explore two central questions: how do past histories of campus...

  2. El discurso cinematográfico contemporáneo como metáfora política en tres muestras de cine rural violento español

    Diente, Pablo Martínez
    Apenas treinta años separan Pascual Duarte (1976) Los santos inocentes (1984) y El 7° día (2004), películas que sirven tanto de ejemplo de representación artística de la violencia en el mundo rural como de reflejo socio-político. En un país envuelto en un proceso inquietante, a la vez que esperanzador[1], a su modo estas obras deben ser consideradas más allá de su labor testimonial dentro de la historia. El propósito de este estudio es analizarlas como tropo de las posiciones políticas imperantes en el momento de su lanzamiento, estableciendo un diálogo entre sociedad, gobierno y cinematografía...

  3. Mahatma Gandhi's Vision for the Future of India: The Role of Enlightened Anarchy

    Friedman, Joseph S
    Few would dispute the notion that Mahatma K. Gandhi was one of the twentieth century’s transformative political and spiritual leaders. Among his many notable contributions, Gandhi is rightly credited with pioneering Satyagraha, resistance to tyranny though mass civil disobedience, and vocalizing a transcendent message that helped the Indian National Congress acquire independence from the British in August 1947. Often forgotten or omitted by standard histories, however, are Gandhi’s idealistic leanings that in fact compromised the universality of his appeal and confounded the ideological underpinnings of the Indian nation. His vision for India’s future was highly unorthodox.

  4. Protest to Preparation: The Very Different Histories of Community Action and the Opportunities Industrialization Centers in Philadelphia's War on Poverty

    Augenbraun, Eric

  5. Mutating Monsters: Approaches to “Living Texts” of the Carolingian Era

    Firey, Abigail
    Scholars of pre-modern legal history face interesting problems with the interpretation of their materials because the ideal of fixed written laws is compromised by the variability in handwritten transcription of the texts. The variability may lead to inadvertently peculiar readings of the law in specific instances, or may have resulted from deliberate manipulation of the texts to adapt them to particular interests or circumstances. While such textual evolution occurs in many professional fields (medicine, music, liturgy, etc.), it raises especially interesting questions in the field of legal studies because of the implications for the authority of the text and the...


    The late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries were years of great instability in the Ottoman Empire. Aleppo, a major commercial center and provincial capital, felt the impact of changes in international and interregional trade, of social unrest, and of conflict between provincial forces and the central government. Despite the turbulence of the period, Aleppo's elite remained very stable. The purpose of this study is to examine how this provincial elite was able to consolidate and preserve its dominance in local society, in the face of the instability of the period. I have approached this problem through an intensive examination of...

  7. "Die Kleine, die Feine, die Reine, die Eine" The small, the fine, the pure, the rare The sculpture of Leonhard Kern (1588--1662)

    Tokumitsu, Miya
    The German miniaturist Leonhard Kern (1588-1662) provides an exceptional opportunity to bridge several concurrent histories of Baroque sculpture often studied in isolation from one another. Although Kern worked during a period long considered one of artistic decline—the German Baroque—he engaged a number of critical changes in the status and reception of sculpture. By working primarily in miniature and in exotic ivory, Kern participated in the collecting culture of the Wunderkammer, or curiosity cabinet, a relatively new venue for amassing and viewing sculpture. While such a specialization seems modern, Kern also employed a number of archaic stylistic modes, including the late...

  8. Interstitial voices: The poetics of difference in Afrodiasporic women's literature

    Sullivan, Mecca J
    This dissertation examines the place of difference in black women's writing of the African diaspora. Afrodiasporic women writers since the late 1960s have subverted generic conventions to foreground complex black female identifications. These writers develop what I term a "poetics of difference"—a formal approach in which generic amalgamations and heterogeneous narrative structures emphasize black female difference. These strategies expand finite models of "intersectionality," and instead articulate broader interstices of difference. They open space for black women outside of normative social and cultural structures, expose oppressive power dynamics within specific identity groups, and forge radical connections among multiple identifications through difference....

  9. Making space for youth: Individual and organizational identities in the Philadelphia Student Union

    Rosen, Sonia M
    This dissertation study utilized a life histories methodology to examine how core members of the Philadelphia Student Union (PSU) develop identities as organizers. Using the framework of identity projects to understand how young people internalize what it means to be an organizer and then act on those self-perceptions (Harré, 2007), my analysis unpacks how young people came to take on organizer identity projects, how such projects changed their lives, and how their performances of these organizer identities enabled them to affect PSU's organizational identity. As youth joined and then committed to PSU, they began to assume identities as organizers. Youth...

  10. Public lives, intimate archives: Queer biographical practices in British women's writing, 1928--1978

    Micir, Melanie
    This dissertation charts the phenomenon of a biographical turn in the late career work of Virginia Woolf, Vera Brittain, Sylvia Townsend Warner, and Hope Mirrlees. I argue that these writers use biography in order to engage in what I call "generic activism" on behalf of marginalized sexual subjects. In Chapter One, "'How does it feel to be an anachronism?': Biography, Sexuality, and Temporality in Virginia Woolf's Orlando," I argue that by historicizing Orlando's formal play with the conventions of biography, we can read Woolf's first effort to abandon the modernist novel as a turn toward an expansion of normative models...

  11. Sallust's "Histories" and triumviral historiography

    Gerrish, Jennifer
    This dissertation explores echoes of the triumviral period in Sallust's Histories and demonstrates how, through analogical historiography, Sallust presents himself as a new type of historian whose “exempla” are flawed and morally ambiguous, and who rejects the notion of a triumphant, ascendant Rome perpetuated by the triumvirs. Just as Sallust's unusual prose style is calculated to shake his reader out of complacency and force critical engagement with the reading process, his analogical historiography requires the reader to work through multiple layers of interpretation to reach the core arguments. In the De Legibus, Cicero lamented the lack of great Roman historians,...

  12. Performance-Support Bias and the Gender Pay Gap among Stockbrokers

    Madden, Janice F.
    Organizational mechanisms, and their contexts, leading to gender inequality among stockbrokers in two large brokerages are analyzed. Inequality is the result of gender differences in sales, as both firms use performance-based pay, paying entirely by commissions. This paper develops and tests whether performance-support bias, whereby women receive inferior sales support and sales assignments, causes the commissions gap. Newly available data on the brokerages’ internal transfers of accounts among brokers allows measurement of performance-support bias. Gender differences in the quality and quantity of transferred accounts provide a way to measure gender differences in the assignment of sales opportunities and support. Sales...

  13. Forming Bioethics

    Piarulli, Amanda
    Bioethics has become a prominent part of the American landscape. In only a few short decades this interdisciplinary field permeated academia and the public sphere. Despite the recent scholarly effort to chronicle its history, there is still quite a bit of controversy surrounding bioethics’ origin and rapid evolution. Bioethics’ emergence has already been thoroughly examined through the lens of the potential impact of various events, issues, biomedical and technological developments, and cultural changes. However, there appears to be a widespread neglect of the influence the first texts had on the field. Specifically, the importance of Tom L. Beauchamp and James...

  14. Wind Energy Development and Theories of Technological Change

    Sholler, Daniel
    The development of low emission, high output electricity generation systems is a focal point of global efforts to reduce anthropogenic effects of climate change without compromising opportunities for economic and social growth. Applications of wind energy technologies for large-scale production have been effective in meeting electricity demand to varying degrees on the international scale. While the wind energy industry has grown significantly in the United States over the past decade, its contribution to overall production has been limited at both the national and local levels of implementation. Wind technologies‘ incompatibility with the national energy infrastructure is a major barrier to...

  15. American insides: Popular narrative and the historiography of sexuality 1674--1815

    LaFleur, Greta L
    American Insides: Popular Narrative and the Historiography of Sexuality, 1674–1815 takes as its focus unofficial and multi-faceted studies of sex before the onset of sexology. I argue that the eighteenth-century investigation of what I am calling "insides"—the many forms of human interiority, including bodily, psychic, religious, and behavioral, all of which shaped early American understandings of sex, but none of which were explicitly sciences of sexuality—congealed by the beginning of the nineteenth century into a cultural understanding of sex and sexuality as scientific components of the human. American Insides argues for a reconsideration of scholarly approaches to the history of...

  16. A molecular anthropological study of Altaian histories utilizing population genetics and phylogeography

    Dulik, Matthew C
    This dissertation explores the genetic histories of several populations living in the Altai Republic of Russia. It employs an approach combining methods from population genetics and phylogeography to characterize genetic diversity in these populations, and places the results in a molecular anthropological context. Previously, researchers used anthropological, historical, ethnographic and linguistic evidence to categorize the indigenous inhabitants of the Altai into two groups – northern and southern Altaians. Genetic data obtained in this study were therefore used to determine whether these anthropological groupings resulted from historical processes involving different source populations, and if the observed geographical and anthropological separation between...

  17. The Echoes of Fitna: Developing Historiographical Interpretations of the Battle of Siffin

    Hagler, Aaron M
    The Battle of S&dotbelow;iffīn (36/657) is the flash point in the emergence of sects within the Islamic religion. This dissertation traces the presentation of the story S&dotbelow;iffīn in a specific line of Arabic universal histories, starting with the establishment of the “vulgate” text, Nas&dotbelow;r ibn Muzāh&dotbelow;im al-Minqarī's Waq'at S&dotbelow;iffīn, and culminating in the Sunnī Syrian works of Ibn 'Asākir, Ibn al-'Adīm, and Ibn Kathīr. As the vulgate text, al-Minqarī's Waq'at S&dotbelow;iffīn forms the basis for every presentation of the story that follows it, including often being reproduced word for word. Developments in the Islamic political and religious spheres, as well...

  18. Somos hermanas del mismo dolor (we are sisters of the same pain): Intimate partner sexual violence narratives among Mexican immigrant women in Philadelphia

    Dovydaitis, Tiffany
    Intimate partner sexual violence (IPSV), any non-consensual or coerced sexual act perpetrated by one partner against another in an intimate relationship, is associated with poorer physical and mental health outcomes than physical violence alone. Immigrant Latinas in the US face an even higher burden related to IPSV due to a number of sociocultural, economic and political factors present in their lives. ^ Through the combined use of holistic content and holistic form narrative analysis methodologies, I examined IPSV in the lives of nine Mexican immigrant women living in Philadelphia. Although interview questions focused primarily on migration and IPSV, women shared...

  19. Responses to Reagan: An analysis of Congressional reactions to administration attempts to eliminate agencies

    Ginsberg, Wendy
    This dissertation examines tools Congress has to respond to a powerful Chief Executive. Specifically, this research uses congressional documents, including hearings and legislation, to trace the histories of 14 agencies that President Reagan sought to eliminate. I analyze the actions Congress took—or did not take—to save, modify, or kill the agencies and examine the tools it used through the lens of retrenchment theory (Pierson, 1994; Hacker, 2005).^ The project uses congressional hearings in two ways. First, it tallies the number of hearings at which each agency was mentioned between January 1, 1981 and January 20, 1989. The analysis then examines...

  20. Feeding babies, making mothers: The science, practice and meaning of breastfeeding in the second half of the 20th century

    Martucci, Jessica
    This dissertation traces the rise and decline of the scientific ideology of natural motherhood and its role in the history of the resurgence in breastfeeding in America in the second half of the 20th century. I explore the factors that influenced women’s decisions about infant feeding, including: hospital policies, attitudes and influence of nurses and physicians, the evolution of breast pumps as consumer devices, and changing ideas about sexuality, gender and family life. Through scientific and medical discourse, popular media, personal stories, and organizational histories, I argue that the connection between breastfeeding and the ideology of natural motherhood helped bring...

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