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  1. The Impact of Financial Histories on Individuals and Societies: A

    Xu Jiang; Radhika Lunawat; Brian Shapiro; Xu Jiang; Radhika Lunawat; Brian Shapiro
    All rights reserved. Do not quote or cite without permission from the authors. Working papers are in draft form. This working paper is distributed for purposes of comment and discussion only. Its contents should be considered to be preliminary and may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. 2


    Gerd Gockenjan
    1.-Introduction. 11.-Discrediting of traditional views. 111.-Medicalisation of old age? 1V.-Interlude: the rejuvenation of old age. V.-The incorporation of old age into the domain of social work. RESUMEN Este artículo describe la historia del desinterés social por los ancianos desde la perspec-

  3. Ceremonial justice: Crime and Punishment in a Loosely Coupled System*

    Duane F. Alwin; James F. Short; Lois D. Nelson; Ilene N. Bernstein; George J. Mccall During
    Currently dominant Durkheimian and Marxian models of criminal justice assume a tight fit between structure and function in the criminal courts. This paper offers an alternative conception of crime and punishment as a loosely coupled organizational system. Our discussion focuses on the histori-cal shift from a classical to a positivist philosophy of sentencing and the emerging profession of probation as a symbol of this transition. However, our empirical analysis of sentencing decisions in felony cases reveals that the influence of probation officers in the presentencing process is subordinate to that of prosecutors. This finding suggests that the involvement of probation...

  4. article A Critical Assessment of Storytelling: Gene Ontology Categories and the Importance of Validating Genomic Scans

    Pavlos Pavlidis; Jeffrey D. Jensen; Wolfgang Stephan; Ros Stamatakis
    In the age of whole-genome population genetics, so-called genomic scan studies often conclude with a long list of putatively selected loci. These lists are then further scrutinized to annotate these regions by gene function, corresponding biological processes, expression levels, or gene networks. Such annotations are often used to assess and/or verify the validity of the genome scan and the statistical methods that have been used to perform the analyses. Furthermore, these results are frequently considered to validate “true-positives ” if the identified regions make biological sense a posteriori. Here, we show that this approach can be potentially misleading. By simulating...

  5. Hepatitis Type A and Hemodialysis A Seroepidemiologic Study in 15 U.S. Centers

    M. D. Cladd; E. Stevens; Richard W. Levine New York; New York
    Four hundred sixty patients and staff from 15 U.S. dialysis centers were surveyed by the immune adherence hemagglutination technique for antibody to hepatitis A antigen (anti-HA). The age-standardized anti-HA prevalence was 42.9 % in patients and 4 2. 1 % in staff. These rates are almost identical to those of socioeconomically comparable urban volunteer blood donors never exposed to dialysis settings. There was no correlation between anti-HA prevalences and duration of dialysis treatment or employment. Among 100 patients and staff followed for 1 year 9 2 % to 9 4 % did not change their anti-HA status. The prevalence of...

  6. ARTICLE Ascertaining Problems with Medication Histories

    Henry Halapy; Heather Kertl
    Background: Accurate and complete medication histories are not always obtained in clinical practice. Objective: This qualitative research study was undertaken to explore the barriers to and facilitators of obtaining accurate medication histories. Methods: Individual interviews, based on a structured interview guide, were conducted with 25 patients from both inpatient and ambulatory care clinic settings. Focus groups, based on a semistructured interview guide, were conducted with pharmacists, medical residents, and nurses. Transcribed data were analyzed by forming coded units and assessing these units for emerging themes. Results: Major themes that emerged from the patient interviews included patient ownership of health and...

  7. a • byw A

    X Response Histories; Cl Benjamin Whang; William E. Gilbert; Stephen Zilliacus
    wu Research and Development Reportz w-<40

  8. Natural Sciences, Political Science, Sociology | Antropología,

    Educación Género; Estudios Culturales; Ciências Naturais; Ciências Políticas; Sociologia Anthropol
    Historia del Arte, Economía,

  9. Symptom Severity Patterns in Experimental Common Colds and Their Usefulness in Timing Onset of Illness in Natural Colds

    Jack M. Gwaltney; J. Owen Hendley; James T. Patrie
    Mean total symptom severity scores for subjects with experimental rhinovirus colds peak 48 h after viral inoculation. Also, total symptom scores for natural rhinovirus and nonrhinovirus colds peaked on day 2 of illness in a long-term, noncompensated epidemiology study. In contrast, the mean total symptom scores for compensated patients receiving placebo in natural cold treatment trials peaked on day 1. Comparisons by day indicated that scores for symptoms reported as occurring on day 1 in the natural cold treatment trials corresponded with experimental cold scores for symptoms reported 48 h after viral inoculation. Comparisons of frequency and cumulative distribution scores...

  10. Biodiversity in Sri Lanka and the Western Ghats WE READ WITH INTEREST THE REPORT “LOCAL

    endemism within the Western Ghats–Sri Lanka biodiversity hotspot ” by F. Bossuyt et al. (15 Oct. 2004, p. 479), which documents patterns of diversification in selected verte-brate and invertebrate lineages from Sri Lanka and the Western Ghats region of western India. Although these two areas have long been united as a single biogeographic unit (1), and more recently as a biodiversity “hotspot ” (2), Bossuyt et al. highlight the distinctive faunal histories of the two regions and caution against treating them as a single unit for conservation purposes. We would like to add two comments, which support and extend their...

  11. 616.61-008:616.613-007.63 DISTAL TUBULAR FUNCTION IN CHRONIC

    B Y G. M. Berlyne
    CHBONIO hydronephrosis is a common condition in the adult, and would be expected to result in damage to the collecting and distal convoluted tubules. Little work has been published on distal tubular function in adults with ob-structive disease of the renal tract, although some investigations have been carried out in infants and children with hydronephrosis (Ericsson, Winberg, and ZetterstrOm, 1955; Earley, 1956; Zetterstrom, Ericsson, and Winberg, 1958; Winberg, 1959). The purpose of the present paper is to record the results of investigation of distal tubular function in seven patients with chronic hydro-nephrosis, six of whom were adults, and to stress...

  12. In Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

    Joanne Harris Lucas; Travis W. Twiford; Carol S. Cash; Violet J. Hoyle; Joanne Harris Lucas
    The primary purpose of this study was to investigate the history of Princess Anne County Training School and Union Kempsville High School in Princess Anne County/Virginia Beach, Virginia. The method of inquiry was qualitative, historical research that relied on oral histories to provide a cultural understanding of the school from the perspectives of its students, administrators, teachers, and staff. The school’s history was reconstructed through direct engagement with individuals whose interviews recounted the establishment, growth, operation, and demise of Princess Anne County Training School/Union Kempsville High School. In order to minimize the nostalgic influence and bring greater validity to the...

  13. Title: Dead Wood Dynamics and Relationships to Biophysical Factors, Forest History, Ownership, and Management Practices in the Coastal Province of Oregon,

    Abstract approved: (-Th Signature redacted for privacy. Thomas ies Dead wood patterns and dynamics vary with biophysical factors, disturbance history, ownership, and management practices. Through field and modeling studies, I examined the current and potential future amounts of dead wood in two landscapes and region-wide in the Coastal Province of Oregon. The objectives of the first study were to (1) determine whether two landscapes with different recent disturbance histories differ in the amount and characteristics of dead wood; and (2) explore relationships between patterns of dead wood in each landscape to potentially related factors including topography. The objectives of the...

  14. Service-Learning and Intentionality: Creating and Assessing Cognitive Affective Learning Connections

    Maureen P. Hall
    This article outlines the design of a new service-learning component central to a graduate course on teaching elemen-tary and middle school writing. The service-learning involves course participants acting as mentors to middle school students as they write personal histories of local African American, Cape Verdean, and Puerto Rican senior citizens. The course instruc-tor’s plan for assessment focuses on cognitive affective learning. Using Krathwohl’s Affective Domain, the instructor has created reflective assignments that address the original cognitive goals of the course with new affective goals. Course participants com-plete a constructive action portfolio, which is a collection of focused and reflective pieces...

  15. The Significance of Bait and Camouflage on Longworth

    the sam e basic p a tte rn was suggested for caged Z. hudsonius by Q uim by (1951) and Sheldon (1934) and supported by observations of a daily rh y th m of changes in body tem p era tu re by M orrison & R yser (1962). A basically sim ilar p a tte rn of activ ity was also reported for th e closely related species, Sicista betulina (E rkinaro, 1972). REFERENCES Bider R., 1968: Animal activity in uncontrolled terrestrial communities as deter mined by a sand transect technique. Ecol. Monogr. 38: 269—308. — Brower J. E....

  16. $rec.titulo

    Reumatol Clin
    antirheumatic drugs. Time to first DMARD. Disminución del tiempo hasta el primer tratamiento con fármacos modificadores de la enfermedad en pacientes con artritis reumatoide Objetivo: Analizar el cambio en el tiempo hasta el primer tratamiento con fármacos modificadores de la enfermedad (FAME) desde el inicio de los síntomas en pacientes diagnosticados de artritis reumatoide (AR) a lo largo de dos décadas en España. Pacientes y método: Revisión de historias clínicas de 865 pacientes diagnosticados de AR atendidos en centros de atención especializada del Sistema Nacional de Salud en España. La variable principal fue el tiempo desde el inicio de los...


    This article supports a number of recent calls for more research into Australian housing experiences, but argues that these enquiries should go beyond histories of traditional housing to include all types of dwellings and all tenure types. Based partly on a case study of a number of hostels for immigrant male workers established in Melbourne in the early postwar years, the article seeks to broaden our understanding of the accommodation options available to Australians at different times in their life cycles and at different periods in our history. This article has been peer-reviewed. Since the time of Robin Boyd’s Australia’s...

  18. zbw Leibniz-Informationszentrum WirtschaftLeibniz Information Centre for Economics

    Gangl Markus
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  19. Resurrecting Nannie Minor and Orie Hatcher: Emergence of Professional Social Work Education in One Southern City

    F. Ellen Netting; Mary Katherine O’connor; David P. Fauri; D. Crystal Coles; Amy Prorock-ernest
    In this article, we raise two feminists (Minor and Hatcher) from erasure by recognizing the importance of their roles in the development of professional social work education. First, we tell a story of how emerging semiprofessions were intertwined, only to become separate over time. Next we focus on the influence of two feminists who came from other semiprofessions than social work and were instrumental in cocreating a School of Social Work. Minor and Hatcher’s erasure in the formal histories of the School demonstrates the gendered nature of the professional education process. Keywords social work history, women in higher education, women...

  20. $rec.titulo

    A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of non-genetic factors on the growth behaviour of Segureña sheep breed. Growth related data (early weaning weight, late wean-ing weight and weight at 80 days of age) were taken from 59,704 lambs belonging to histori-cal data from National Association of Segureño Sheep Breeders (ANCOS) during a period of 11 years. Statistical analyses were performed by using the multifactorial analysis of variance of IBM SPSS Statistics v.19 software. The model included non-genetic factors – lamb sex (S), birth season (N), herd (H), birth year (A) and birth type (P) – as main effects,...

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