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21. Neandertal Admixture in Eurasia Confirmed by Maximum-Likelihood Analysis of Three Genomes - Lohse, Konrad; Frantz, Laurent A. F.
Although there has been much interest in estimating histories of divergence and admixture from genomic data, it has proved difficult to distinguish recent admixture from long-term structure in the ancestral population. Thus, recent genome-wide analyses based on summary statistics have sparked controversy about the possibility of interbreeding between Neandertals and modern humans in Eurasia. Here we derive the probability of full mutational configurations in nonrecombining sequence blocks under both admixture and ancestral structure scenarios. Dividing the genome into short blocks gives an efficient way to compute maximum-likelihood estimates of parameters. We apply this likelihood scheme to triplets of human and...

22. Physiological COX-2 Expression in Breast Epithelium Associates with COX-2 Levels in Ductal Carcinoma in Situ and Invasive Breast Cancer in Young Women - Fornetti, Jaime; Jindal, Sonali; Middleton, Kara A.; Borges, Virginia F.; Schedin, Pepper
Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) overexpression is implicated in increased risk and poorer outcomes in breast cancer in young women. We investigated COX-2 regulation in normal premenopausal breast tissue and its relationship to malignancy in young women. Quantitative COX-2 immunohistochemistry was performed on adjacent normal and breast cancer tissues from 96 premenopausal women with known clinical reproductive histories, and on rat mammary glands with distinct ovarian hormone exposures. COX-2 expression in the normal breast epithelium varied more than 40-fold between women and was associated with COX-2 expression levels in ductal carcinoma in situ and invasive cancer. Normal breast COX-2 expression was independent of...

23. Parallel Histories of Horizontal Gene Transfer Facilitated Extreme Reduction of Endosymbiont Genomes in Sap-Feeding Insects - Sloan, Daniel B.; Nakabachi, Atsushi; Richards, Stephen; Qu, Jiaxin; Murali, Shwetha Canchi; Gibbs, Richard A.; Moran, Nancy A.
Bacteria confined to intracellular environments experience extensive genome reduction. In extreme cases, insect endosymbionts have evolved genomes that are so gene-poor that they blur the distinction between bacteria and endosymbiotically derived organelles such as mitochondria and plastids. To understand the host’s role in this extreme gene loss, we analyzed gene content and expression in the nuclear genome of the psyllid Pachypsylla venusta, a sap-feeding insect that harbors an ancient endosymbiont (Carsonella) with one of the most reduced bacterial genomes ever identified. Carsonella retains many genes required for synthesis of essential amino acids that are scarce in plant sap, but most...

24. Exactly Computing the Parsimony Scores on Phylogenetic Networks Using Dynamic Programming - Kannan, Lavanya; Wheeler, Ward C.
Scoring a given phylogenetic network is the first step that is required in searching for the best evolutionary framework for a given dataset. Using the principle of maximum parsimony, we can score phylogenetic networks based on the minimum number of state changes across a subset of edges of the network for each character that are required for a given set of characters to realize the input states at the leaves of the networks. Two such subsets of edges of networks are interesting in light of studying evolutionary histories of datasets: (i) the set of all edges of the network, and...

25. The Relationship of a Family History for Hypertension, Myocardial Infarction, or Stroke With Cardiovascular Physiology in Young Women - McBride, Carole A.; Hale, Sarah A.; Subramanian, Meenakumari; Badger, Gary J.; Bernstein, Ira M.
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and preeclampsia share several pathophysiologic risk factors. We examined family history (FH) and physiologic status in 60 healthy, nulliparous women to determine the relationship between FH and known risk factors for CVD. Data are presented as mean ± standard error (SE). Decreased uterine blood flow was observed in women with FH of hypertension (+FH: 21.5 ± 1.7, no FH: 33.3 ± 9.0 mL/min; P = .04). Women reporting an FH of stroke showed increased alpha- and beta-adrenergic response, as measured by Valsalva maneuver (α: FH: 24.7 ± 1.9, −FH: 18.9 ± 1.1 mm Hg, P = .02;...

26. Do metropolitan HIV epidemic histories and programs for people who inject drugs and men who have sex with men predict AIDS incidence and mortality among heterosexuals? - Friedman, Samuel R.; West, Brooke S.; Tempalski, Barbara; Morton, Cory M.; Cleland, Charles M.; Des Jarlais, Don C.; Hall, H. Irene; Cooper, Hannah LF.

27. Historical Overview of Transplantation - Barker, Clyde F.; Markmann, James F.
Except for legends and claims of miracles, most histories of transplantation cover only the last 60 years because there were no earlier successes. However, the story of even this era has been documented in such rich detail that a full account would fill several volumes. Thus, this brief summary must be limited to highly selected “landmarks.” Some landmarks had an immediate impact, but the importance of others went unrecognized for decades. Some findings that deserved landmark status were overlooked or forgotten, whereas others of no biological significance had major impact. Placing these events in perspective is challenging. Several of transplantation’s...

28. Michelet : la renaissance, 1879 - Fernández Terricabras, Ignasi; Michelet, Jules,
L'historiador francès Jules Michelet és dels primers en utilitzar el terme renaixement per a definir aquest període de la història d'Europa

29. Joseph de Maistre : consideraciones sobre Francia, 1797 - Canales Gili, Esteban; Maistre, Joseph de
Fragments de l'obra del pensador conservador, en la que defensa una concepció providencialista de la història, aplicada a la revolució francesa

30. History-based verification of functional behaviour of concurrent programs - Blom, Stefan; Huisman, Marieke; Zaharieva-Stojanovski, Marina
Modular verification of the functional behaviour of a concurrent program remains a challenge. We propose a new way to achieve this, using histories, modelled as process algebra terms, to keep track of local changes. When threads terminate or synchronise in some other way, local histories are combined into global histories, and by resolving the global histories, the reachable state properties can be determined. Our logic is an extension of permission-based separation logic, which supports expressive and intuitive specifications. We discuss soundness of the approach, and illustrate it on several examples.

31. ORIGINAL INVESTIGATION Lifetime Cumulative Exposure to Secondhand Smoke and Risk of Myocardial Infarction in Never Smokers
Background: Although many epidemiologic studies have investigated the association between exposure to sec-ondhand smoke (SHS) and risk of coronary heart dis-ease (CHD), few of these studies have assessed expo-sure measures from different sources over a lifetime. Therefore, we sought to test the association between life-time cumulative exposure to SHS and risk of myocar-dial infarction (MI) (as an indication of CHD) among never smokers. Methods: A population-based case-control study in which participants were 1541 never smokers (284 cases and 1257 controls) drawn from 1197 women and men with incident MI and 2850 healthy controls (aged 35-70 years) identified from 2 Western...

32. Special Comment
rating withdrawal patterns for specific credit exposures are unlikely to be closely related to the historical average rating withdrawal pattern for corporate issuer rating histories. Furthermore, unadjusted default rate estimates are likely to be downwardly biased because rating agencies have incomplete knowledge of subsequent defaults once firms are no longer rated. In contrast, withdrawal-adjusted default rates are the appropriate estimates of expected default rates for obligations with specific expected realized tenors. Adjusted default rates provide common yardsticks for default risk forMeasuring Corporate Default Rates Summary Measurement of the probability of default for a corporate exposure over a given investment horizon...

33. Corpos e memórias na obra de Karin Lambrecht - Araújo, Viviane Gil
A presente tese investiga a obra de pinturas de Karin Lambrecht a partir de sua cronologia e da constituição de um arquivo particular organizados pela própria artista e a autora. A obra e as análises construídas sobre ela são percebidas a partir das memórias familiares, seu período de estudos e formação acadêmica, incluindo o aprendizado em pintura na atual Universität der Künste, em Berlim.Foi destacada a formação de um imaginário artístico que se constituiu a partir das inúmeras leituras da Bíblia Luterana, da formação artística obtida por meio de estudos com professores que propunham grande rigor técnico e a pintura...

34. Pinacoteca Aplub de arte Rio-Grandense : instituição e primeiros anos - Kloeckner, Francine
O presente trabalho aborda o processo de instituição da Pinacoteca Aplub de Arte Rio- Grandense, tendo como foco os critérios e definições do perfil da coleção e as aquisições para sua formação. Trata-se de uma coleção idealizada pelo médico e empresário Rolf Udo Zelmanowicz, que apresenta em seu processo de formação uma estreita relação do colecionador com a arte do Rio Grande do Sul e com a cidade de Porto Alegre. A Aplub, fundada em 1964 e, posteriormente, expandida em outros segmentos, deu origem também à Pinacoteca Aplub, atualmente localizada em Porto Alegre, em cuja reserva técnica se encontra depositada...

35. Depoimento de Alice Becker
Como se inseriu na prática do Método Pilates; relação com a dança; formação como instrutora; montagem do seu primeiro estúdio de Pilates; conhecimentos ligados à formação; formação de instrutores; vinda dos primeiros equipamentos; aliança com a fábrica de equipamentos para o Brasil; debate sobre o Pilates e os conselhos profissionais; participação dos profissionais da dança na história do Pilates; ônus e bônus de ser pioneira; criação da Aliança Brasileira de Pilates.

36. Os retratos de militares e políticos na Pinacoteca Municipal Aldo Locatelli: herança da Câmara de Vereadores de Porto Alegre (1866-1897) - Frozza, Marília de Oliveira
Nesse trabalho pesquisarei os retratos de comandantes militares e de políticos, incluindo dois presidentes da Câmara de Vereadores de Porto Alegre, durante o período imperial, e de Júlio de Castilhos, relativo ao início do período republicano. Ao total, são seis retratos que pertencem ao atual acervo da Pinacoteca Municipal Aldo Locatelli, cuja origem é o antigo acervo da Pinacoteca Municipal. Tratam-se das seguintes obras: Retrato de Gal. João P. Menna Barreto (1866), de autoria do artista Bernardo Grasseli; Retrato do Gal. Osório (1882), de Ulrich Steffen; José Pinto da Fonseca Guimarães (1884), Retrato do Gal. Portinho (1886) e Dr. Luiz...

37. Visões do estado novo e da transição para a democracia: uma leitura transversal de manuais escolares de história da década de 70 à atualidade - Filipa Gomes da Silva Peixoto

38. Evolución del paisaje holoceno y movilidad de las prácticas humanas en el Mont Lozère (Macizo Central, Francia) : Estudio paleoambiental multi-proxy a alta resolución espaciotemporal - Servera-Vives, Gabriel
Se han estudiado cinco secuencias sedimentarias en el Mont Lozère con el objetivo de reconstruir la dinámica paisajística y los usos del suelo en la longue durée. La utilización de un análisis multiproxy ha permitido determinar los principales ritmos de antropización y establecer su carácter regional y/o local. La alta resolución espacial, cronológica y analítica hapermitido la integración de resultados con aquellos obtenidos en el marco del PCR-Mont Lozère y proponer los usos de la montaña que han modelado el paisaje cultural desde el Neolítico hasta la actualidad. Se ha evidenciado una larga historia de las interacciones socioambientales en el...

39. Historia de Batxillerat - Cucurella, S.; Cucurella, J.; Fernández, M.; Granados Sanchez, J.
No abstract available.

40. Jorge Polysú e o desenvolvimento da cultivar de trigo Polyssú. - SOUSA, C. N. A. de.

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