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  1. Ground surface temperatures in Canada: Spatial and temporal variability

    Hugo Beltrami; C. Gosselin; J. C. Mareschal
    [1] Past changes in the Earth’s surface energy balance are recorded in the ground as perturbations of the subsurface thermal regime. Here we reconstruct ground surface temperature histories (GSTH) from temperature versus depth profiles measured at 246 sites distributed across Canada. We show that the ground has warmed about 0.7 K in the last 100 years. Spatial variability is significant and indicates that the largest warming is in the southern areas of Canada. The apparent signal for the ‘‘Little Ice Age’ ’ (LIA) does not appear to be homogeneous acrossCanada. INDEX

  2. Interspecifi c variation in life history relates to antipredator decisions by marine mesopredators on temperate reefs

    Ro Frid; Jeff Marliave; Michael R. Heithaus
    As upper-level predatory fishes become overfished, mesopredators rise to become the new ‘top ’ predators of over-exploited marine communities. To gain insight into ensuing mechanisms that might alter indirect species interactions, we examined how behavioural responses to an upper-level predatory fish might differ between mesopredator species with different life histories. In rocky reefs of the northeast Pacific Ocean, adult lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus) are upper-level predators that use a sit-and-wait hunting mode. Reef mesopredators that are prey to adult lingcod include kelp greenling (Hexagrammos decagrammus), younger lingcod, copper rockfish (Sebastes caurinus) and quillback rockfish (S. maliger). Across these mesopredators species, longevity...

  3. Developments in synthetic aperture radar interferometry for monitoring geohazards

    M. Riedmann; M. Haynes
    Abstract: In 1993 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometry (InSAR) was introduced to the wider remote sensing community with the publication of the interferogram depicting the ground deformation caused by the Landers earthquake. Although the power of interferometry was demon-strated, the conventional technique has not always been applicable in all operational scenarios. Over the last few years, however, a number of technical developments have emerged that provide a higher precision of motion rates, the extraction of specific motion histories, and precise targeting. This paper examines uses of differential SAR interferometry (DifSAR) for monitoring geohazards. Limitations of DifSAR will be discussed: lack...

  4. OPEN LETTER TO THE EDITOR Call for case histories of BMT in patients with coincident

    Bone Marrow Transplantation
    Recently, the case for an immune component in the etiology of schizophrenia has regained support,1,2 leading to randomized controlled trials to explore treatment with immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory drugs.3 Both postmortem4 and in-vivo studies5,6 provided indications for an increased proinflammatory status in the brain of patients with recent-onset schizophrenia. A common characteristic of most, if not all, autoimmune diseases (AD) is their favorable response to immunoablation and rescue with BMT. It was established in radiation chimeras more than 50 years ago that the immunological and hematological systems have a common stem cell. In the wake of this discovery came a series...

  5. Cholera: Calamitous Past, Ominous Future

    Stephen W
    From the pandemics of the 19th century to the recent disaster in Goma, Zaire, cholera has left an indelible mark on human and medical history. Cholera pandemics in the 19th and 20th centuries drove the development of epidemiology as a serious science. Cholera has continued to press advances in the concepts of disease ecology, basic membrane biology, and transmembrane signaling and in the application of scientific information to treatment design. Furthermore, the lessons learned from the study of pandemic cholera are likely to provide insights into the best means of stopping other pandemics. In spite of tremendous scientific and clinical...

  6. Widespread and Sudden Occlusion of the Small Arteries of the Hands and Feet

    R. P. Jepson
    This paper analyzes the syndrome of symmetrical digital gangrene that results from various pathologic processes. If a group of such patients is closely studied, it is apparent that among those who have suffered a sudden and widespread occlusion of the small arteries of the hands and feet some may be grouped apart by reason of the single nature of the attack and the good prognosis. Eleven such examples seen by the author are described and their differential diagnosis, causation, and treatment discussed. FOLLOWING Raynaud's ' thesis in 1862 many case histories of minor and major limb gangrene have been selectively...

  7. SHORT REPORT Prospective audit of 106 consecutive human bite injuries: the importance of history taking

    C G Wallace; C E Robertson
    Objectives: Some patients attempt to conceal human bites with factitious mechanisms of injury. Follow up questioning allows patients to modify their histories. This practice was prospectively audited. Methods: Patients with cutaneous wounds who did not present with a history of human bite were asked a follow up question. Those who then gave a history of human bite were noted. Results: Certain groups of patients with human bites were significantly more likely to provide a factitious history and/or delay presentation. Conclusion: Follow up questioning dramatically increased the case-detection rate, prompting specific management. H uman bite injuries (HBIs) are distinct from simple...

  8. The Journey to Freedom: Maroon Forebears in Southern Venezuela

    Berta E. Pérez; Investigaciones Científicas; Berta E. Pérez
    Abstract. Many of the black slaves brought to the Americas by European colo-nizers developed strategies of resistance and survival in reaction to colonial slavery. Grand marronnage—or the permanent flight of black slaves from their European oppressors—is one of these strategies used by Aripaeño forebears. This essay ex-amines their journey to freedom, which involved historical processes of ethnogene-sis within a diverse and complex ecological and cultural scenario presented by the Guianas during the eighteenth century. The growing rapprochement between anthropology and history has con-tributed to overriding the scholarly treatment of non-Western peoples as ahistorical, passive recipients of Western hegemony.1 This new...

  9. history and impacts

    Javier A. Figueroa; Sergio A. Castro; Pablo A. Marquet; Fabian M. Jaksic
    Invasión de plantas exóticas en la región mediterránea de Chile: causas, historia e impactos

  10. Unification Theory of Optimal Life Histories and Linear Demographic Models in Internal Stochasticity

    Ryo Oizumi
    Life history of organisms is exposed to uncertainty generated by internal and external stochasticities. Internal stochasticity is generated by the randomness in each individual life history, such as randomness in food intake, genetic character and size growth rate, whereas external stochasticity is due to the environment. For instance, it is known that the external stochasticity tends to affect population growth rate negatively. It has been shown in a recent theoretical study using path-integral formulation in structured linear demographic models that internal stochasticity can affect population growth rate positively or negatively. However, internal stochasticity has not been the main subject of...

  11. Contrasting Maternal and Paternal Histories in the Linguistic Context of Burkina Faso

    Brigitte Pakendorf; Associate Sohini Ramach
    Burkina Faso is located in the heart of West Africa and is a representative of the local structured patterns of human variability. Here, different cultures and languages are found in a geographic contiguity, as a result of several waves of migration and the succession of long- and short-term empires. However, historical documentation for this area is only partial, focusing predominantly on the recent empires, and linguistic surveys lack the power to fully elucidate the social context of the contact-induced changes. In this paper, we report Y-chromosomal data and complete mtDNA genome sequences for ten populations from Burkina Faso whose languages...

  12. $rec.titulo

    Metropolitana Unidad; Christian Marcelo Poulin; Metropolitana Unidad Iztapalapa; Christian Marcelo Ibáñez; Elie Poulin
    Genetic structure and diversity of squids with contrasting life histories in the Humboldt Current System

  13. Background: A Southwest Asian origin and dispersal to North Africa in the Early Upper Palaeolithic era has been

    being more informative about early population histories than others; for example, the variation in haplogroup U6 Pennarun et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2012, 12:234

  14. 10.1177/0146167204264266PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY BULLETINBirgegard, Granqvist / ATT CHMENT T PARENTS AND GOD The Correspondence Between Attachment to Parents and God: Three Experiments Using Subliminal Separation Cues

    Andreas Birgegard; Pehr Granqvist
    Attachment theoretical studies have increased our understand-ing of the socioemotional foundations for religious development. However, because these studies have been correlational and based on self-reports, they are vulnerable to concerns of self-presentation bias and lack of basis for causal inference. Three subliminal stimulation experiments were therefore performed, where activa-tion of the attachment system was attempted by way of uncon-sciously administered separation stimuli. In Experiments 1 and 3 (N = 29 and 89), the separation stimulus alluded to God, and in Experiment 2 (N = 47), it alluded to mother. Responses were moderated by perceived attachment history with parents in all...

  15. Correspondence to:

    Kazunori Nakajima (bmedsc; Shyamali C. Dharmage (phd; John B. Carlin (phd; Mark A. Jenkins (phd; Graham G. Giles (phd; Michael J. Abramson (phd; E. Haydn Walters (dm
    2 Background: There is ongoing conjecture over whether childhood immunisation leads to an increased risk of developing atopic diseases. Objective: To examine associations between childhood immunisation and the risk of atopic disease. Methodology: Immunisation histories of 8,443 Tasmanian children born in 1961 obtained from School Medical Records were linked to the Tasmanian Asthma Study. Associations between immunisation status and atopic diseases were examined while adjusting for possible confounders using multiple logistic regression. Results: Diphtheria immunisation was weakly associated with an increased risk of asthma by age 7 years (OR 1.3, 95 % CI 1.1-1.7), but there was no evidence of...

  16. Genome analysis Seevolution: visualizing chromosome evolution

    Andrés Esteban-marcos; Aaron E. Darling; Mark A. Ragan
    Summary: Genome evolution underpins all of biology, yet its principles can be difficult to communicate to the non-specialist. To facilitate broader understanding of genome evolution, we have designed an interactive 3D environment that enables visualization of diverse genome evolution processes. The system can intuitively and interactively animate mutation histories involving genome rearrangement, point mutation, recombination, insertion and deletion. Multiple organisms related by a phylogeny can be visualized simultaneously. As methods to infer evolutionary histories of genomes become increasingly complex, visualization of the evolutionary process will not only be useful for communication, but will also serve as an exploratory tool for...

  17. $rec.titulo

    Ronald L. Trites; Helen Tryphonas Ms
    Food additives: the controversy continues Evidence from controlled studies suggests that the early claims of widespread adverse behavioral effects of artificial additives in food were exaggerated. However, the studies conducted to date have suffered from serious methodological flaws. The results of virtually all of them indicate that among the children being studied (usually classified as hyperactive), there is a small group of adverse responders. Nothing is known about the characteristics of the adverse responders because valuable data that could have been obtained from physical examinations, psychological tests, pediatric allergy assessment, birth records, and family histories have not been reported. Well-controlled...

  18. A Test of Several Parametric Statistical Models for Estimating Success Rate in the Treatment of Carcinoma Cervix Uteri

    R. F. Mould; J. W. Boag
    Summary.-The parametric statistical models discussed include all those which have previously been described in the literature (Boag, 1948-lognormal; Berkson and Gage, 1952-negative exponential; Haybittle, 1959-extrapolated actuarial) and the basic data used to test the models comprised some 3000 case histories of patients treated between 1945 and 1962. The histories were followed up during the period 1969-71 and thus provided adequate information to validate long-term survival fractions predicted using short-term follow-up data. The results with the log-normal model showed that for series of staged carcinoma cervix patients treated during a 5-year period, satisfactory estimates of long-term survival fractions could be predicted...

  19. keihodSIeachinglechniquet4 Textbooks

    Hilbert Carl
    ABSTRACT F 1rWritten in 1933, this book grew out o the author's concern that college matehriatics sequences-Of the day, a though _appropriate in aigebrapreparation, dirdnot adequately pre re teadhersOf geometry. This:book deScribes a ` course intended t-remedy.thiSibyPrOviding for tOth.a. comprehefigive study of geometry as an.,, axiomatically defined structure describing:spatial relationShipsand-a_fhoiough consideration of the porpoSeS and techniques-Of teaching geometry- in 'the-high schOol. The-author intended that this course follow the study of educational psychology and professibnal ideals andresponsibilities, and-that students enrolled be-fatal:liar with the hasid'.theorems of Euclidean geometry. After listing-the-deductive telatiOnships-among these theoreas, the book deals with the histori Sand function of...

  20. Case study Psoriasis and the effect of prosthetic fitting

    M. Helm; M. Warshavski; I. Siev-ner
    This contribution presents the case histories of two patients who underwent limb amputation. One patient suffered from psoriasis prior to the surgery and the second developed psoriatic lesions post surgery. Both patients were provided with a pro2thesis and despite the multiple cutaneous complications of the psoriasis both patients ambulate. It was expected that Koebner’s phenomenon would create hardships but to date this has not happened.

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