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  1. Child maltreatment histories among runaway and delinquent children. Clinical Pediatrics 29(12):713–718

    Richard Famularo; Robert Kinscherff; Ph. D; Terence Fenton; Ph. D; Suzanne M. Bolduc
    The records of 378 children presenting to a juvenile court were reviewed for histories of child maltreatment, based on evidence from a formal investigative process by the Department of Social Services. The children came from two groups: delinquents, who had engaged in criminal activity, and status offenders, whose legal involvement was due to non-criminal behavior, such as running away and truancy. Fifty-five percent of the status offenders and 45 % of the delinquents had substantiated histories of maltreatment. The percent of status offenders who had been sexually abused was seven times higher among runaways (35%) than among the other members...

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    Anuran larvae as prey and in Neotropical aquatic hab cio as top m te their habitats (Van Veen et al. 2008; Borges-Júnior and In this study, we sampled four lentic water bodies lo-Gambale et al. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 2014, 87:31 and March 2013. This time period was selected forFull list of author information is available at the end of the articleRocha 2013). Predation is considered to be one of the main factors that control the size of natural populations, especially in cated in the Diamante do Norte County (22 ° 36 ′ 41.29″ S 52 ° 53...

  3. Bringing Art to Life through Multiple Perspectives:

    Pre-service Art Educators; Social Justice; Alyssia Ruggiero
    Three socially-conscious education con-structs are presented as they emerged from a meaningful pre-service art education proj-ect and the student discussion that followed. Teaching and learning approaches are illumi-nated through a studio assignment in a sec-ondary art education pre-service methods course. The pictorial narrative of the histori-cal Beayeux tapestry, when compared with more recent images associated with the Iraq war, led to the creation of a contemporary 27-foot tapestry. The author dissects both the intellectual, emotional experiences of the students and the learning outcomes that were evoked by this collaborative assign-ment. Through her reflections, the author demonstrated an approach to education...

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    Climate change and amphibians. — Amphibian life histories are exceedingly sensitive to temperature and precipitation, and there is good evidence that recent climate change has already resulted in a shift to breeding earlier in the year for some species. There are also suggestions that the recent increase in the occurrence of El Niño events has caused declines of anurans in Central America and is linked to elevated mortality of amphibian embryos in the northwestern United States. However, evidence linking amphibian declines in Central America to climate relies solely on correlations, and the mechanisms underlying the declines are not understood. Connections...

  5. What Russians think about transition: Evidence from RLMS survey’, CEFIR and NES working paper n°113

    Irina Denisova; Markus Eller; Ekaterina Zhuravskaya; Irina Denisova; Markus Eller; Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
    perceptions of Russian people about the transition process and the role of the state. We also study which groups of the population hold more positive and more negative views of transition. Overall, we find that the Russian population is divided in their assessment of transition. About one half is deeply disappointed with transition results and has serious nostalgia about the life under the communist regime. There is a lot more unanimity about the role of the state in the economy. A vast majority of Russians opts for a very high state intervention into all spheres of economic life. However, an...


    Vascular Disease
    THE importance of vascular disease of the brain in clinical medicine has recently received renewed emphasis in the medical literature by virtue of in-creasing awareness of the high statistical incidence of this problem and the mortality and morbidity which it produces.1 In addition, considerable en-couragement concerning possible effective therapy has resulted from obser-vations indicating that anticoagulants may be of value in preventing the oc-currence or recurrence of certain types of cerebral vascular lesions.2'8> 4 These factors have stimulated a revaluation of the clinical course of the various types of cerebral vascular diseases in the hope that a more thorough knowledge...

  7. International Outsourcing, the Nature of Tasks, and Occupational Stability – Empirical Evidence for Germany,” Ruhr Economic Papers No

    Daniel Baumgarten
    Preliminary draft. Please do not cite without permission! Using a large administrative data set of individual employment histories in Ger-many, this paper studies how occupational stability is affected by the international fragmentation of production processes. Moreover, a rich data set on tasks performed in occupations is used to better characterize the sources of worker vulnerability. The impact of both international material outsourcing (in the manufacturing sector) and international service outsourcing (in the service sector) on occupational stability is found to vary with the intensity of non-routine and interactive tasks of the occupa-tion. Stability is the less negatively affected the higher...

  8. 3Situational Inalienability and Social Change in Formative Period Coastal Oaxaca

    Sarah B Barber; See Profile; Arthur A. Joyce; Sarah B. Barber; Arthur A. Joyce
    This paper examines the role of caches, burials, and mortuary offerings as forms of inalienable wealth in the lower Rı́o Verde valley of Pacific coastal Oaxaca, Mexico. Interred in socially meaningful places, bodies and objects were removed from circulation but remained integral to interactions among the living, acquiring “situational” inalienability. Tracing the history of caching and burial practices over the course of the later Formative period (400 B.C.E.–C.E. 250), we argue that these buried inalienable possessions were important elements of identity creation and also served both to establish and to undermine hierarchical social relations during the process of political centralization....

  9. An Improved Source Model for Simulation Near-field Strong Ground Motion Acceleration Time History

    Jufang Zhong; Longwei Zhang; Junwei Liang
    Fourier amplitude spectrum, response spectrum. Abstract. The key to near-field strong ground motion simulation based on stochastic finite fault method is to determine the spectrum of ground motion. We present an improved source spectrum model for simulation near-field strong ground motion acceleration time history. We combine Masuda’s source spectrum model with scaling factor Hij to keep radiation energy conservation and reflect the energy decrease with frequency at low to mid frequencies. We calculate the Fourier amplitude spectrum Fa, accelerate response spectrum Sa, velocity response spectrum Sv and displacement response spectrum Sd of simulation time histories. By comparative analysis of the...

  10. Think Globally, Dig Locally: Pedagogy and the Archive in Early Florida Literature

    Thomas Hallock
    As the field of early American literature absorbs the influences of trans-Atlantic and hemispheric models, border zones such as La Florida provide new opportunities for research and classroom study. Given this region’s complicated history, however, the literary history is very difficult to reconstruct. Early descriptions of Florida were written in Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, Latin, German, and native languages, and they took any number of forms, including histories, relaciones, fiction, epic poems, captivity and slave accounts, petitions, diaries, and natural histories. What holds together this diverse body of works? Given the range of materials, one pedagogical approach is to focus...

  11. Travels to Identity viking rune Carvers of Today

    This text deals with the phenomenon of today’s rune carvers in the Nordic area. By using symbols of antiquity in their craftsmanship, the rune carvers revive an act that is histori-cally significant and bears aspects of identity in the past as well as today. Why do people carve and erect runes stones today? When and where is it done? What are the explicit or implicit purposes? The text tries to answer these questions by elucidating the role of a past society in today’s world. It is obvious that the rune carving is mainly done in the Nordic area, but the...

  12. in the New Belfast

    Place Restructuring; Brendan Murtagh
    A sustained reduction in unemployment, economic growth and house price increase have reflected Belfast’s post-conflict renaissance just as readily as the global recession has exposed the fragility of construction-led growth. Rates of segregation had stabilised and new consumption spaces and élite developments further reflected the city’s engagement with globalisation and economic liberalisation. This paper explores the spatial impact of these processes, not least as gentrification has created new layers of residential segregation in a city already preoccupied with high rates of ethno-religious territoriality. A case study of south Belfast connects these shifts to the production of new mixed-religion neighbourhoods. These...

  13. Sub/Urban Histories Against The Grain: Myth And Embourgeoisement In Essex Noir

    Embourgeoisement In Essex; Gareth Millington; Gareth Millington
    Abstract This paper considers how literary and cinematic constructions of Essex noir expose the darker, chaotic sides to working-class embourgeoisement: initially via post-War suburbanisation and later, via Margaret Thatcher’s attempt to encour-age competitive individualism and entrepreneurship. Noir angles a “dark mirror ” to suburban Essex and develops a distinctive aesthetics of social and cultural change, while also puncturing myths of social mobility and suburban security. The paper points to both affinities and breaks between noir’s bleak pessimism and Walter Benjamin’s understanding of history as overcoming the concept of progress. Overcoming the concept of “progress ” and overcoming the concept of...

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    In early 2007 a dramatic set of developments signaled a crisis in US mortgage markets as lenders specializing in subprime mortgagesöloans made to borrowers with poor credit histories, often made with unconventional terms or structuresöfound them-selves with exploding levels of loss due to increased defaults and foreclosures. The

  15. Experimental seismic damage quantification in a 3-storey laboratory structure

    Oliver R. De Lautoura; Piotr Omenzetterb
    Abstract. Time series based Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) methods are being increasingly explored. In this study, Autoregressive (AR) models were used to fit the acceleration time histories of a 3-storey laboratory structure under excitation by earthquake records in several damaged and undamaged states. The coefficients of the AR models were used as inputs into an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and the ANN was trained to relate the AR coefficients to the damage at each storey. The results showed that proposed method was able to detect, locate and quantify the damage in the structure with a very high accuracy.

  16. Fatigue Life Prediction of a Railway Bogie Frame

    R. Denga; W. M. Zhaib; S. N. Xiaoc
    Abstract. A fatigue life prediction method was introduced. The method was based on the combination of time domain and frequency domain method. Dynamic model of a complete railway locomotive system was established using SIMPACK software. The dynamic load histories acting on the bogie frame can be obtained by the Multi-Body System (MBS) analysis technique with time integration. FEM model of the bogie frame was established by applying ANSYS software. The natural frequencies and mode shapes of the frame were calculated and the dangerous nodes in the critical location were determined using the modal analysis technique. The stresses in dangerous nodes...

  17. Consistent Histories and Contrary Inferences

    Sociedade Brasileira De Física; Nisticò G; Sociedade Brasileira De Física; Sâo Paulo Brasil; Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare
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    Tadayuki Yamashita
    Hitherto so far as the writer knows, there has been presented almost no description which attached importance to the subsequent fate of pregnant corpora lutea of sows. Obsolete pictures of the corpora lutea of pregnancy have not been differentiated from those of corpora lutea of non-pregnancy, and according to


    Charles André; Maurice B. Vincent
    ABSTRACT- Twelve out of 49 patients with single or multiple transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) had TIA-related headaches, mostly in close temporal relation to the ischemic onset. Headache predominated in patients taking vasodilators when TIA occurred or with orthostatic hypotension at the first clinical examination, but arterial hypertension or a personal history of migraine were not more frequent in patients with headache. The site of the pain did not correlate with the presumed territory of cerebral ischemia. Pain during TIA is conceivably due to an interaction between cerebral vessels and the surrounding nervous system. Blood vessels have a sturdy physiological role...

  20. On the Severi Problem

    Autro Harris; Anthony R. Levis
    In order to examine empirically the impact of race on aspects of the nature and etiology of criminal deviance, questionnaires were administered to 234 predominantly lover class black and. white inmates in a prison for youthful offenders."The'data thus provided indicated that the different experiences associated with race in contemporary America provide a major cutting-edge in the expectations and self-perceptions of these youths. While both blacks and whites interviewed show similar criminal histories, increasing levels 'of criminal income and of the expected value of criminal choice are associated with increases in self-esteem and self-stability for blacks, but with decreases in esteem...

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