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  1. Projeto MUSEpe [2010-2012] – Novas abordagens à intervenção na comunidade

    Pereira, Tiago; Coelho, Rosa
    A presente comunicação procura enquadrar os referenciais teóricos e de avaliação do projeto MUSEpe ( na sua história de desenvolvimento, nas suas atividades e nos seus objetivos. Partindo de um enquadramento que analisa os fundamentos e impactos dos anteriores projetos (MUS-E [1999-2006] e “MUS-E na Cruz da Picada” [2006- 2009]) procuram apresentar-se os impactos de dois anos de intervenção do projeto MUSEpe [2012-2012] e discutir os cinco vetores-chave que assistem à definição e concretização das atividades desenvolvidas: Educação para o Desenvolvimento; Intervenção artísticopedagógica; Intervenção ecológico-desenvolvimental; Participação e avaliação; Alertar, capacitar e comunicar. Pelas características da população destinatária do projeto (onde a multiculturalidade e a exclusão social são dominantes), pela...

  2. Landform degradation on Mercury, the Moon, and Mars: Evidence from crater depth/diameter relationships

    Malin, Michael C.; Dzurisin, Daniel
    Morphologic classification of craters and quantitative measurements of crater depth as a function of diameter are used to investigate the relative degradational histories of Mercury, the moon, and Mars. Martian craters exhibit considerable depth variation and are generally shallower than their lunar or mercurian counterparts. On Mercury and the moon, visually fresh and degraded craters on smooth plains show no significant depth degradation except that attributed to lava flooding or local inundation by ejecta from large impacts. More heavily cratered regions on both planets display a large range of both visual and depth degradation, suggesting that most landform modification occurred...

  3. Teorias curriculares, modelos de planificação e suas implicações no ensino da História e da Geografia

    Cordeiro, Pedro Miguel Silva
    Mestrado, Ensino de História e de Geografia no 3.º Ciclo do Ensino Básico e no Ensino Secundário, 29 de Novembro de 2016, Universidade dos Açores.

  4. A relevância curricular no ensino de História e Geografia : a importância das TIC

    Faria, João Pedro Pacheco
    Mestrado, Ensino de História e de Geografia no 3.º Ciclo do Ensino Básico e no Ensino Secundário, 29 de Novembro de 2016, Universidade dos Açores.

  5. As tecnologias da informação e comunicação no Ensino da História e da Geografia : inclusão ou exclusão digital

    Cabral, Diogo André Teves
    Mestrado, Ensino de História e de Geografia no 3.º Ciclo do Ensino Básico e no Ensino Secundário, 25 de Novembro de 2017, Universidade dos Açores.

  6. Constructing Monuments, Constructing Time: The Implications of Petro-Philanthropy in the Museum of Islamic Art at Doha, Qatar

    Mitchell, Ryan
    "Petro-philanthropy" remains one of the most lucrative funding resources for cultural institutions across the world, even as fossil fuels continue to contribute to climate change and endanger life on Earth. This paper defines "petro-philanthropy" as the funding of cultural institutions by privately-owned companies, individuals, and state-owned associated with the extraction of fossil fuels and seeks to understand the implications of this form of corporate sponsorship through an analysis of the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) in Doha, Qatar. Designed by I.M. Pei and finished in 2008, the MIA's priceless collection, celebrated architect, and synthesis of early Islamic architecture with stark...

  7. Simulating galaxy formation with black hole driven thermal and kinetic feedback

    Weinberger, Rainer; Springel, Volker; Hernquist, Lars; Pillepich, Annalisa; Marinacci, Federico; Pakmor, Rüdiger; Nelson, Dylan; Genel, Shy; Vogelsberger, Mark; Naiman, Jill; Torrey, Paul
    The inefficiency of star formation in massive elliptical galaxies is widely believed to be caused by the interactions of an active galactic nucleus (AGN) with the surrounding gas. Achieving a sufficiently rapid reddening of moderately massive galaxies without expelling too many baryons has however proven difficult for hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy formation, prompting us to explore a new model for the accretion and feedback effects of supermassive black holes. For high-accretion rates relative to the Eddington limit, we assume that a fraction of the accreted rest mass energy heats the surrounding gas thermally, similar to the ‘quasar mode’ in previous...

  8. Transmedia as experimental ethnography: The Exit Zero Project, deindustrialization, and the politics of nostalgia

    Walley, Christine
    How might “transmedia” approaches—or working across media—fit into histories of textual and visual innovation within anthropology, and what might they contribute to the discipline in the current moment? I explore this question through the Exit Zero Project, which includes a book, documentary film, and planned interactive website that examine the impact of deindustrialization on Southeast Chicago and the relationship between industrial job loss and expanding class inequalities in the United States. While the book and film take an “autoethnographic” approach, the website is based on collaboration with a local museum. I argue that transmedia ethnography both provokes new research questions...

  9. (U–Th)/He thermochronometry: Mapping 3D geometry using micro-X-ray tomography and solving the associated production–diffusion equation

    Herman, Frédéric; Braun, Jean; Senden, Tim J.; Dunlap, William J.
    (U–Th)/He ages reflect the combined effects of He (α particles) loss due to diffusion and He ingrowth due to radioactive decay of U and Th series. Furthermore, the α particles are emitted with sufficient kinetic energy that they can travel, in theory, up to 20 μm and as a result, α particles may be ejected beyond the crystal edges. To circumvent this problem a correction factor must be applied, which is essentially based on the geometry of the crystals [Farley, K. A., Wolf, R., and Silver, L. (1996). The effect of long alpha-stopping distances on (U–Th)/He dates. Geochimica et Cosmochimica...

  10. The effect of energy trade-offs on life history and fitness in the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae

    Povey, SR; Holloway, GJ
    The weevil populations had been reared for >50 generations on either wheat, sorghum or yellow split-pea. The selective forces operating in the three environments had resulted in the evolution of different, presumably adaptive, life histories. Yellow split-pea and probably also sorghum contain toxic phytochemicals. The need to detoxify these chemicals favoured higher investment in detoxification mechanisms to maintain survival (in the sorghum and pea populations) at the expense of other fitness characters, such as development rate and fecundity. Fitness was calculated using two methods which made different assumptions concerning the oviposition behaviour of the insects in response to old grain....

  11. A cost comparison of management of chronic hepatitis B and its associated complications in Hong Kong and Singapore.

    Li, SC; Ong, SC; Lim, SG; Yeoh, KG; Kwong, KS; Lee, V; Lee, W; Lau, J; Wong, I; Kung, N; Leung, WT; Chan, HLY; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY; Lee, KKC
    GOALS: To estimate and compare the direct medical cost in the management of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) infection and its complications from the perspective of public health organizations in Hong Kong and Singapore. BACKGROUND: Hong Kong and Singapore are endemic hepatitis B virus areas with about 10% and 5%, respectively, of the population estimated as hepatitis B virus infected. STUDY: The medical histories of 660 patients with CHB who received medical services over 5 years from three major public hospitals in Hong Kong and Singapore were studied retrospectively. Costs were analyzed according to the five disease states and estimated in...

  12. Post break-up tectonic inversion across the southwestern cape of South Africa: New insights from apatite and zircon fission track thermochronometry

    Wildman, M; Brown, R; Watkins, R; Carter, A; Gleadow, A; Summerfield, M
    © 2015 The Authors.The south-west African margin is regarded as an example of a passive continental margin formed by continental rifting following a phase of lithospheric extension and thinning. Recent attention focused on this margin has included theoretical modelling studies of rift processes, plate kinematic studies of the opening geometry and timing, and empirical studies focused on documenting the crustal structure and offshore sedimentary record. Here, we examine the onshore geomorphic and tectonic response to rifting and breakup, with a specific focus on the SW Cape of South Africa. We present 75 new apatite and 8 new zircon fission track...

  13. Flausino Vale : uma abordagem das suas obras e respetiva influência de N.Paganini e H.Wieniawski

    Seixas, Karla Regina Conceição de
    Dentre muitos compositores esquecidos na história da música brasileira, encontramos o virtuoso violinista Flausino Vale. Um compositor nascido numa cidade do interior de Minas Gerais, que atribuíra em suas obras os mesmos elementos utilizados por grandes compositores do repertório virtuosístico para violino solo. Flausino buscou inserir as características regionais, folclóricas e pessoais num conjunto de pequenos prelúdios, intitulados por ele como 26 Prelúdios Característicos e Concertantes para Violino Só. Infelizmente não pôde realizar em vida um dos seus grandes objetivos, a edição integral de seus Prelúdios. Entretanto, o tempo encarregou-se de corrigir esta lacuna deixada na história da música brasileira. Procurar-se-á...

  14. Design de calçado do processo criativo à produção

    Rolo, Margarida Filipa Gonçalves Araújo
    O seguinte projeto tem como tema principal o Design de calçado, pois foi com base nesse tema que foi feito todo o enquadramento teórico de modo a fundamentar a criação da coleção final de calçado a que este projeto se pretende. Logo, foi realizada uma pesquisa sobre a história do calçado, os seus materiais e componentes, tipos de sapatos e saltos, a indústria do calçado em Portugal e seus principais designers, entre outros. Este projeto consiste na criação de uma coleção cápsula de calçado feminino, estação Outono/Inverno 2016-17 para a marca Luís Onofre. A coleção, denominada de “Pure Gold” contém cinco...

  15. A relação da vinculação amorosa com a ideação Suicida em jovens adolescentes.

    Fernandes, Catarina; Nunes, Ricardo; Pimenta, Sofia; Almeida, Ana Susana; Cátia Martins
    A preocupação crescente relativamente ao suicídio na adolescência instiga a necessidade de identificar os aspetos associados à intensidade da ideação suicida. Entre os diversos aspetos, a relação com os pais e o par amoroso, adquire uma importância fulcral nesta etapa desenvolvimental, intimamente influenciada pela vinculação amorosa. A presente investigação tem como principal objetivo verificar o impacto de diferentes aspetos, nomeadamente dos perfis de vinculação amorosa estabelecidos (i.e., confiança; dependência, evitamento e ambivalência) na ideação suicida de jovens.Participaram no estudo 228 adolescentes, 139 do sexo feminino e 89 do sexo masculino, com idades compreendidas entre os 13 e os 18 anos de idade (M=16.32, DP=1.631). Utilizaram-se três instrumentos, um...

  16. Immunization of looked-after children and young people: a review of the literature

    Walton, S; Bedford, H
    BACKGROUND: Numbers of looked-after children and young people (LACYP) in the UK have risen over the last seven years. Looked-after children and young people should receive regular health assessments, including establishing immunization status and, if needed, developing a health plan to achieve full immunization. The Department for Education publish data on immunizations among LACYP to monitor both how well they are immunized and service performance. METHODS: A literature review was conducted using four databases (PubMed, Embase, Scopus and Web of Science) on immunization status of LACYP, factors affecting uptake and challenges to immunization, and interventions to improve immunization rates. RESULTS:...

  17. Neural Correlates of Inhibition in Children and Adolescents with Conduct Problems: An Exploration of Treatment Effects Following Multisystemic Therapy

    Hanley, JE
    AIMS: This study aimed to explore the neural correlates of inhibition in children and adolescents with histories of behaviour problems using Event Related Potentials (ERPs). Comparisons were made between clinical and control groups and between Multisystemic Therapy (MST) and Treatment as Usual (TAU) treatment groups. Finally, treatment improvers were compared with non-improvers to determine whether inhibitory ERPs reflect treatment effects. Additionally, the study examined how different levels of a social provocation condition influenced the inhibitory ERPS. METHODS: Two clinical groups, MST (n=30) and TAU (n=30), and a control group (n=33), completed a go/no-go task while ERPs were recorded. The go/no-go...

  18. Truques com o baralho de cartas tradicional : Toque rápido

    Teixeira, Ricardo Emanuel Cunha
    Ao longo dos tempos, muitos foram os materiais usados nos jogos que iam ganhando popularidade. Das pedrinhas e sementes aos atuais meios eletrónicos, o percurso foi longo e rico do ponto de vista criativo. Foram surgindo os jogos de tabuleiro, os jogos de lápis e papel, os jogos de dados e... os jogos de cartas. (...) O baralho de cartas tradicional é rico do ponto de vista da grande diversidade de jogos que permite explorar, muitos deles transmitidos de geração em geração. As suas potencialidades didáticas também são consideráveis, em particular a riqueza que apresenta do ponto de vista matemático....

  19. Introducción a Antonio Feros, El Duque De Lerma: Realeza y Privanza en la España de Felipe III

    Feros, Antonio
    Este libro reconstruye y analiza los contextos sociales, culturales, políticos e intelectuales de la época de Felipe III a través de la carrera de don Francisco Gómez de Sandoval, duque de Lerma, el favorito del rey entre 1598 y 1618. Porque, pese a la marginación historiográfica de este período, el reinado del tercer Felipe resulta crucial para entender el proceso de la constitución de la monarquía hispana. No se trata sin embargo, de una biografía tradicional, sino de nuevas interpretaciones sobre algunos de los temas que siguen atrayendo la atención de los historiadores y del público interesado por la historia:...

  20. Final Report: Informal Worker Organizing as a Strategy for Improving Subcontracted Work in the Textile and Apparel Industries of Brazil, South Africa, India and China

    Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
    [Excerpt] Recent tragedies in Bangladesh and Pakistan have led to greater public attention on the garment and textile industry. Hence, this study is timely and provides insights into the current working conditions, organizing efforts, and the changing organization and structure of the industry in question. Our central question in this study is the extent to which worker organization can improve monitoring and enforcement of labor standards in subcontracted and home-based work in the garment and textile sectors in Brazil, China, India, and South Africa. Existing research literature suggests that in at least some cases of informalized and casualized work, formation...

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