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  1. Introducción a Antonio Feros, El Duque De Lerma: Realeza y Privanza en la España de Felipe III

    Feros, Antonio
    Este libro reconstruye y analiza los contextos sociales, culturales, políticos e intelectuales de la época de Felipe III a través de la carrera de don Francisco Gómez de Sandoval, duque de Lerma, el favorito del rey entre 1598 y 1618. Porque, pese a la marginación historiográfica de este período, el reinado del tercer Felipe resulta crucial para entender el proceso de la constitución de la monarquía hispana. No se trata sin embargo, de una biografía tradicional, sino de nuevas interpretaciones sobre algunos de los temas que siguen atrayendo la atención de los historiadores y del público interesado por la historia:...

  2. Final Report: Informal Worker Organizing as a Strategy for Improving Subcontracted Work in the Textile and Apparel Industries of Brazil, South Africa, India and China

    Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
    [Excerpt] Recent tragedies in Bangladesh and Pakistan have led to greater public attention on the garment and textile industry. Hence, this study is timely and provides insights into the current working conditions, organizing efforts, and the changing organization and structure of the industry in question. Our central question in this study is the extent to which worker organization can improve monitoring and enforcement of labor standards in subcontracted and home-based work in the garment and textile sectors in Brazil, China, India, and South Africa. Existing research literature suggests that in at least some cases of informalized and casualized work, formation...

  3. Sex-specific genetic data support one of two alternative versions of the foundation of the ruling dynasty of the Nso' in Cameroon

    Veeramah, KR; Zeitlyn, D; Fanso, VG; Mendell, NR; Connell, BA; Weale, ME; Bradman, N; Thomas, MG
    Sex-specific genetic data favor a specific variant of the oral history of the kingdom of Nso' (a Grassfields city-state in Cameroon) in which the royal family traces its descent from a founding ancestress who married into an autochthonous hunter-gatherer group. The distributions of Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA variation in the Nso' in general and in the ruling dynasty in particular are consistent with specific Nso' marriage practices, suggesting strict conservation of the royal social class along agnatic lines. This study demonstrates the efficacy of using genetics to augment other sources of information (e.g., oral histories, archaeology, and linguistics) when...

  4. Y-chromosome evidence for differing ancient demographic histories in the Americas

    Bortolini, MC; Salzano, FM; Thomas, MG; Stuart, S; Nasanen, SPK; Bau, CHD; Hutz, MH; Layrisse, Z; Petzl-Erler, ML; Tsuneto, LT; Hill, K; Hurtado, AM; Castro-De-Guerra, D; Tortes, MM; Groot, H; Michalski, R; Nymadawa, P; Bedoya, G; Bradman, N; Labuda, D; Ruiz-Linares, A
    To scrutinize the male ancestry of extant Native American populations, we examined eight biallelic and six microsatellite polymorphisms from the nonrecombining portion of the Y chromosome, in 438 individuals from 24 Native American populations (1 Na Dené and 23 South Amerinds) and in 404 Mongolians. One of the biallelic markers typed is a recently identified mutation (M242) characterizing a novel founder Native American haplogroup. The distribution, relatedness, and diversity of Y lineages in Native Americans indicate a differentiated male ancestry for populations from North and South America, strongly supporting a diverse demographic history for populations from these areas. These data...

  5. A Y chromosome census of the British Isles

    Capelli, C; Redhead, N; Abernethy, JK; Gratrix, F; Wilson, JF; Moen, T; Hervig, T; Richards, M; Stumpf, MPH; Underhill, PA; Bradshaw, P; Shaha, A; Thomas, MG; Bradman, N; Goldstein, DB
    The degree of population replacement in the British Isles associated with cultural changes has been extensively debated [1-3]. Recent work has demonstrated that comparisons of genetic variation in the British Isles and on the European Continent can illuminate specific demographic processes in the history of the British Isles. For example, Wilson et al. [4] used the similarity of Basque and Celtic Y chromosomes to argue for genetic continuity from the Upper Palaeolithic to the present in the paternal history of these populations (see also [5]). Differences in the Y chromosome composition of these groups also suggested genetic signatures of Norwegian...

  6. Laparoscopic Myomectomy: A Single-center Retrospective Review of 514 Patients.

    Bean, EMR; Cutner, A; Holland, T; Vashisht, A; Jurkovic, D; Saridogan, E
    STUDY OBJECTIVE: To review surgical outcomes and histopathological findings after laparoscopic myomectomy by a team at a university teaching hospital. DESIGN: This was a retrospective review of consecutive cases of laparoscopic myomectomy performed by members of our minimal access surgery team between January 2004 and December 2015 (Canadian Task Force classification II-3). SETTING: A university teaching hospital. PATIENTS: Women undergoing laparoscopic myomectomy. INTERVENTIONS: Laparoscopic myomectomy. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: We collected women's demographic data, clinical histories, and surgical outcomes, including complication rates and the incidence of undiagnosed uterine malignancy. Five hundred fourteen women were booked for laparoscopic myomectomy during the...

  7. Pedagogia da comuniçao, cinema e ensino: dimensoes pedagógicas do cinema

    Reia-Baptista, Vítor
    A inclusão de estudos mediáticos nos di- ferentes níveis de ensino é uma medida ne- cessária para uma formação integral e ade- quada às características culturais do cidadão das sociedades modernas onde o fenómeno comunicativo global assume grande impor- tância social, cultural e pedagógica. Neste contexto, em que o cinema se inte- gra perfeitamente, o estudo da dimensão pe- dagógica dos fenómenos fílmicos e cinemá- ticos torna-se um acto de aquisição de conhe- cimentos e de reflexão crítica sobre uma fa- ceta preponderante da nossa história cultural recente, ou seja, destes últimos cem anos em que a humanidade tem deixado as...

  8. Transação interna de bens, segundo os cartórios notariais de Ponta Delgada, 1650-1656

    Valério, Bruna Travassos
    Dissertação de Mestrado, História Insular e Atlântica (séculos XV-XX), 20 de Dezembro de 2016, Universidade dos Açores.

  9. Single-sex and co-educational schooling: What are the social and family outcomes, in the short and longer term?

    Sullivan, A; Joshi, H; Leonard, D
    This paper considers the question of whether attending a single-sex or co-educational secondary school made any difference to a range of social outcomes for girls and boys at school, and for men and women as they progressed through the life course. We examine these questions using data from a large and nationally representative sample of British respondents born in 1958. The outcomes examined include whether or not the participants liked school; their histories of partnership formation and dissolution; childbearing; attitudes to gender roles; and well-being. Among the minority of outcomes showing a significant link to attending a single sex school...

  10. Maximum Likelihood Implementation of an Isolation-with-Migration Model with Three Species for Testing Speciation with Gene Flow

    Zhu, T; Yang, Z
    We implement an isolation with migration model for three species, with migration occurring between two closely related species while an out-group species is used to provide further information concerning gene trees and model parameters. The model is implemented in the likelihood framework for analyzing multilocus genomic sequence alignments, with one sequence sampled from each of the three species. The prior distribution of gene tree topology and branch lengths at every locus is calculated using a Markov chain characterization of the genealogical process of coalescent and migration, which integrates over the histories of migration events analytically. The likelihood function is calculated...

  11. Essays in Applied Microeconomics and Development

    Minale, L
    In my thesis I address questions in applied microeconomics within two topic areas: the first is the effect of news media on perceptions and political outcomes; the second is labour allocation and internal migration decision making in developing country settings. In the second chapter I exploit a unique natural experiment occurred in the Italian television market - the staggered timing of the digital TV signal introduction - to study the influence of information provided by partisan news media on the perceptions individuals hold, focusing on perceptions about crime. Combining unique data on each channel’s crime news coverage and prime-time viewing...

  12. Collecting Institutions in the Network Society

    Batt, C
    Collecting Institutions in the Network Society is a multidisciplinary study examining present practices and policies of collecting institutions (museums, galleries, libraries and archives) in their use and development of digital technologies, within the context of wider socio-technical change. It investigates whether existing service paradigms are best suited to future digital delivery of services in the emergent Network Society. It uses an interpretive methodological approach creating a body of phenomenological evidence enabling comparison between the organisational context, internal practices, histories and policies of collecting institutions, and the wider socio-technical impact of the Internet. Literature reviews provide evidence from the ‘outer world’...

  13. Psychiatric knowledge on the Soviet periphery: mental health and disorder in East Germany and Czechoslovakia, 1948-1975

    Marks, SV
    This thesis traces the development of concepts and aetiologies of mental disorder in East Germany and Czechoslovakia under Communism, drawing on material from sychiatry and its allied disciplines, as well as discourses on mental health in the popular press and Party literature. I explore the transnational exchanges that shaped these concepts during the Cold War, including those with the USSR, China and other ountries in the Soviet sphere of influence, as well as engagement with science from the 'West'. It challenges assumptions about the 'pavlovization' and top-down control of psychiatry, demonstrating that researchers were far from isolated from international developments,...

  14. ‘For I know that house where I will be not belonging’ Nostalgic processes in the post/colonial work of Jean Rhys and Hella S. Haasse

    Van Gemert, STW
    This thesis takes as its starting point the idea that the postcolonial is always in some way colonial and belated. It combines theories from Homi K. Bhabha and Rosi Braidotti, arguing that close readings of postcolonial texts should attentively investigate political and personal interconnections with the past, present and future. The thesis provides close readings of novels by Jean Rhys (1890-1979) and Hella S. Haasse (1918-2011). Both authors were born into colonial families in former colonies: Rhys in the former British West Indies; Haasse in the Dutch East Indies (now: Indonesia). They moved to Europe over the period of decolonisation....

  15. Swedish Literature on the British Market 1998-2013: A Systemic Approach

    Broome, AH
    This thesis examines the role and function of contemporary Swedish fiction in English translation on the British book market in the period 1998-2013. Drawing on Bourdieu’s Field Theory, Even Zohar’s Polysystem Theory and DeLanda’s Assemblage Theory, it constructs a model capable of dynamically describing the life cycle of border-crossing books, from selection and production to marketing, sales and reception. This life cycle is driven and shaped by individual position-takings of book market actants, and by their complex interaction and continual evolution. The thesis thus develops an understanding of the book market and its actants that deliberately resists static or linear...

  16. The role of labels and metaphors in investigating interconnections between the Digital Humanities and the Humanities

    Nyhan, J
    It is not uncommon for practitioners of Digital Humanities (DH) to portray their research and colleagues as revolutionary. Looking to the published literature, for example, it can be noticed that a significant number of articles use the term in order to describe, define, demarcate and categorise Digital Humanities. These include articles with titles like ‘The Digital Humanities Revolution’ (Mattison 2006); articles and pieces that describe the work of Digital Humanities as being revolutionary in nature or effect, for example, the ‘Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0’ (Presner et al. 2009), which explicitly refers to the ‘Digital Humanities revolution’; while works such as...

  17. Five-Year Trends in Antiretroviral Usage and Drug Costs in HIV-Infected Children in Thailand

    Collins, I; Cairns, J; Le Coeur, S; Pagdi, K; Ngampiyaskul, C; Layangool, P; Borkird, T; Na-Rajsima, S; Wanchaitanawong, V; Jourdain, G; Lallemant, M
    Background: As antiretroviral treatment (ART) programs mature, data on drug utilization and costs are needed to assess durability of treatments and inform program planning. Methods: Children initiating ART were followed up in an observational cohort in Thailand. Treatment histories from 1999 to 2009 were reviewed. Treatment changes were categorized as: drug substitution (within class), switch across drug class (non nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTI) to/from protease inhibitor (PI)), and to salvage therapy (dual PI or PI and NNRTI). Antiretroviral drug costs were calculated in 6-month cycles (US$ 2009 prices). Predictors of high drug cost including characteristics at start of ART (baseline), initial...

  18. Tsunami fragility curves of a RC structure through different analytical methods

    Petrone, C; Rossetto, T; Goda, K; Eames, I
    Recent tsunami events have stimulated research activity into tsunami fragility functions which have been largely based on empirical data. However, empirical fragility functions are biased because the influence of earthquake and tsunami damage are difficult to separate. We develop a new theoretical framework to assess the structural performance of a building due to tsunami inundation by drawing on recent experimental and theoretical progress at UCL on building. Different nonlinear static analyses, i.e. constant-height pushover (CHPO) and variable-height pushover (VHPO), are compared with nonlinear dynamic analysis in assessing the fragility curves of a case study structure for a set of realistic tsunami wave traces. The results of...

  19. Tsunami analysis of structures: comparison among different approaches

    Petrone, C; Rossetto, T; Goda, K; Eames, I
    The widespread damage caused by past tsunami, e.g. 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and 2011 Great East Japan tsunami, has motivated several research activities in tsunami engineering. The behaviour of buildings subjected to tsunami actions has received particular attention. Some studies have been published regarding the estimation of tsunami action; many papers, as well as existing building codes suggest modelling the tsunami-structure interaction with an equivalent force approach. These literature papers propose that the tsunami force and its distribution along the height of the structure are strictly related to the features of the tsunami flow, e.g. flow velocity and inundation depth. However, there is a lack...

  20. Os Reitores do Liceu de Ponta Delgada, de 1852 a 1974, e as suas ligações com a Matemática

    Melo, Helena Sousa; Martins, Maria do Carmo
    […]. Ao fazer-se a pesquisa da lecionação das disciplinas ligadas à área de Matemática no programa liceal da Região, e em particular no Liceu Nacional de Ponta Delgada, observou-se que, de uma maneira, ou de outra, alguns dos Reitores tinham um vínculo com a Matemática, ou por formação, ou por lecionação. Parte dessas ligações, entre os Reitores e a Matemática, foram encontradas nos arquivos, nomeadamente, nos livros de termos de posse, nos registos biográficos, nas atas do Conselho do Liceu, designado nos dias de hoje por Escola Secundária Antero de Quental, […].

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