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Landslide dams may form suddenly and unexpectedly, thereby posing hazards that must be rapidly assessed. In areas placed upstream, respect to the river dammed section, waters blocked by the dam may provoke floods spreading for kilometers, causing damages

62. Flame Investigation of Burning Titanium Powder - S. Kelzenberg; V. Weiser; E. Roth; O. Schulz; N. Eisenreich
Titanium is a metal included in igniters and pyrotechnic formulations because of its good ignitability and its complete burn-out which enable the full use of the high heat of reaction. In contrast to aluminium and boron, its burning behaviour has been investigated so far but the results are not conclusive. In this paper, the burning of titanium powder as bulk material in 1-gram scale was studied in an oxygen flow inside a window bomb. High-speed macro movies recorded the visual flame structure as well as moving and burning particles with 5000 fps. Timeresolved spectroscopy was applied to identify Ti-lines and...

63. Michty me, whit are ye gassin ’ aboot? The use of Scots in the newspaper comic strips The Broons and Oor Wullie - Haavet Bjørnson
Skotsk har lang historie som skriftspråk. Før Skottland og England ble forent under en konge ble det skrevet ekstensivt på skotsk, men da unionen ble et faktum begynte de fleste som kunne skrive å rette seg sørover med henhold til skriftspråket. Resultatet var at det skotske skriftspråket forsvant, med unntak av fra poesien, der det fortsatt sto sterkt. I dag er det flere og flere skotske forfattere som skriver på skotsk. Dessverre sliter de

This presentation is intended to provide background on the principles involved in geotechnical and infrastructure applications of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). TDR is basically radar in which a voltage pulse is launched along a coaxial cable. A reflection of the voltage pulse occurs at every location where the cable is being deformed and each location is distinguished by the reflection travel time. For example, localized shear in a rock or soil mass will deform a cable grouted into a borehole and the TDR reflection magnitude is proportional to the magnitude of cable deformation. In one variation of this principle, a...

65. $rec.titulo - E. A. $ammel; E. Ingebritsen; R. H. Mariner
Results of recent geological and geophysical studies at Newberry Volcano have been incorporated into conceptual and numerical models of a magma-based hydrothermal system. Numerical simulations begin with emplacement of a small magma body, the presumed source of silicic eruptions at Newberry that began about 10,000 B.P., into a thermal regime representing 100,000 years of cooling of a large underlying intrusion. Simulated flow patterns and thermal histories for three sets of hypothetical permeability values are compatible with data from four geothermal drill holes on the volcano. Meteoric recharge cools the caldera-fill deposits, but thermal water moving up a central conduit representing...

This paper presents case histories of grouting water-bearing fractured rock during driving of drifts in coal mines in Ukraine and the elimination of sudden inrush of water from large faulted zones in long Pin Lin Tunnel in Taiwan. In order to provide safe excavation of drifts and tunnels through water-bearing faulted zones and fractured rock the

67. Numerical solution of Bloch’s equation for neutron spin precession - P. A. Seeger A; L. L. Daemen B
The increasing importance of polarization in neutron scattering instrumentation for condensed matter research means that Monte Carlo design tools must be able to track neutron spin during neutron transport. In particular, we must be able to solve Bloch’s precession equation for arbitrary magnetic induction configurations, including timedependence. Since Monte Carlo simulations require averaging a large number of neutron histories, the computational procedure must be fast, as well as accurate and precise. A suitable algorithm is presented here, in the context of the Neutron Instrument Simulation Package (NISP), a Monte Carlo package developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory for neutron scattering...

Light radiation cure adhesives, coatings and encapsulants are being used in the electronics manufacturing industry with increasing frequency because their properties and process advantages are a good fit for the manufacturing requirements which are demanded by current industry drivers, such as miniaturisation, environmental and health & safety demands, manufacturing yield improvement and total product cost. Light curing adhesive systems in the electronics manufacturing industry have found applications in strain relief, wire and parts tacking, coil terminating, tamper-proofing, structural bonding, temporary masking, potting, encapsulation, glob topping, conformal coating, and surface mount component attachment. This paper describes three case histories where photo...

69. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences “Storms of crustal stress ” and AE earthquake precursors - G. P. Gregori; M. Poscolieri; G. Paparo; S. De Simone; C. Rafanelli; G. Ventrice
Abstract. Acoustic emission (AE) displays violent paroxysms preceding strong earthquakes, observed within some large area (several hundred kilometres wide) around the epicentre. We call them “storms of crustal stress ” or, briefly “crustal storms”. A few case histories are discussed, all dealing with the Italian peninsula, and with the different behaviour shown by the AE records in the Cephalonia island (Greece), which is characterized by a different tectonic setting. AE is an effective tool for diagnosing the state of some wide slab of the Earth’s crust, and for monitoring its evolution, by means of AE of different frequencies. The same...

Over the last four decades Geographical Information Systems (GIS) have emerged as the predominant medium for graphic representation of geospatial data, including geotechnical, geologic and hydrologic information routinely used by geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineers. GIS allow unlimited forms of spatial data to be co-mingled, weighted and sorted with any number of physical or environmental factors. These data can also be combined with weighted political and aesthetic values to create hybrid graphic products capable of swaying public perceptions and decision making. The downside of some GIS products is that their apparent efficacy and crispness can also be deceptive, if data of...

71. Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council to write the Aboriginal history of Homebush - Emma Lee; Bay Metropolitan; Land Council; Sydney Organising Committee For
This paper concerns the Aboriginal histories of Homebush Bay, the meaning of the landscapes and people to the local communities, and the results of the struggle for recognition of the right to promote culturally appropriate images during the Olympics. Last June, the author was contracted by the

72. A antessala de Siegfried Kracauer e Cees Nooteboom: Memória, história e imagem. - Lopes Bergé, Samanta

73. A Maleta de Bruce Chatwin, Cifra da História. - Falcão Klein, Kelvin

74. Aproximación teórica de los valores que subyacen en la historia de enfermería en Venezuela hasta el siglo XXI - Bolívar De Muñoz, M.E.; Escobar, Digna; Ramírez, Omaira
The Infirmary has received along the evolution of the humanity and of the periods of the different philosophical currents, components that they have influenced in his Ethos. The Ethos understood as the behaviors that characterize a profession, in this respect, to infirmary and also to a culture, since the same one includes tradition, common experiences, as well as the hierarchy of values of the persons who exercise the profession. It is a question of a documentary investigation realized across the search of information in records, analysis, interpretation of the documents, books, publications, interviews, by means of which it was achieved to identify, to describe and to analyze the...

75. Las grietas del relato histórico en los límites del documental: notas sobre "Los Rubios" - Aliberti, Florencia
El presente artículo indaga en las relaciones ent re el cine documental y la construcción del relato histórico, a partir del documental argentino Los Rubios (Albertina Carri). El film tomado como referencia supone una apuesta arriesgada a través d e la cual se cuestiona, tal como desarrollaremos a lo largo del texto, no sólo la representación de la historia en el cine documental, sino el dispositiv o documental mismo como instrumento de construcción d e la memoria histórica.

76. La integración de las artes plásticas - Sassi, María Teresa
La arquitectura ha mantenido con las demás artes plásticas diferentes tipos de relaciones a lo largo de la historia. Nos estamos refiriendo al modo en que tanto la pintura como la escultura han contribuido a la cualificación de un determinado espacio arquitectónico o urbano, pero también al tipo de soporte que la arquitectura ha representado para aquellas artes y al modo en que éstas han debido adecuarse al marco que se les ofrecía. En algunos casos la relación ha sido sumamente estrecha, hasta el punto de llegar a confundirse una en la otra como en la llamada “escultura arquitectónica” de los...

77. El pensamiento híbrido en torno a la fotografía y el digital - Cantú, Mariela Elisa
El discurso de la novedad siempre ha caracterizado la irrupción de cada nuevo medio de representación. Heredado de la tradición moderna con su ideología del progreso continuo e indefinido, y aunque hoy tal vez ligado con mayor fuerza a la lógica publicitaria y de mercado, no cabe duda de que este fenómeno acaba afectando de una u otra manera el alcance del pensamiento estético. Desde esta perspectiva, es evidente que lejos nuestro quedan aquellos años del siglo XIX, aquellos en los que Niepce lograba tomar y fijar la que se considera la primera fotografía de la historia; ciertamente, esto nos...

78. La arquitectura ecléctica en Mar del Plata - Granero, Melecia
El graffiti en la historia del hombre es muy amplia y conmensurable, porque desde que el hombre existe siempre realizó un garabato, un dibujo, una palabra o una idea como elemento abstracto de su pensamiento concreto, y siempre buscó un soporte como medio de expresión para comunicarse en situaciones informales con los demás. En la antigüedad los romanos eran graffiteros por excelencia y se encontraron incisiones en los monolitos egipcios en el año 1738; y también en las excavaciones del siglo XVIII, en el año 1748. Ambos acontecimientos utilizaron el muro como elemento expresivo y comunicacional para dejar testimonio de...

79. El grafitti - Pacini, Carlos Alberto
El graffiti en la historia del hombre es muy amplia y conmensurable, porque desde que el hombre existe siempre realizó un garabato, un dibujo, una palabra o una idea como elemento abstracto de su pensamiento concreto, y siempre buscó un soporte como medio de expresión para comunicarse en situaciones informales con los demás. En la antigüedad los romanos eran graffiteros por excelencia y se encontraron incisiones en los monolitos egipcios en el año 1738; y también en las excavaciones del siglo XVIII, en el año 1748. Ambos acontecimientos utilizaron el muro como elemento expresivo y comunicacional para dejar testimonio de...

80. La historia de vida como abordaje metodológico para indagar cómo los docentes de Educación Plástica se relacionan con los cambios profesionales y sociales - Giambelluca, Vanesa
A lo largo de mi trayectoria como estudiante, docente e investigadora, los cambios evidenciados en el campo de la investigación educativa han tenido un importante impacto y relevancia en relación a la comprensión de lo que implica esta actividad y de mi papel como investigadora. Particularmente, la experiencia de participar en el curso de Investigación Narrativa y en actividades de investigación como miembro de un equipo de investigadores dirigidos por la Dra. Juana María Sancho y el Dr. Fernando Hernández de la mencionada universidad española, significó un importante desafío y cuestionamiento a tradicionales supuestos de investigación en la que había...

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