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  1. ¿Hacemos una peli? Negrablanca y los entornos de un cine hecho en comunidad

    Fernandez de Llanos, Helena
    ¿Hacemos una peli? es un proyecto de cine comunitario que desarrollé en un área rural del sur de España durante nueve meses. Para realizarlo invité a compañeros profesionales del sector audiovisual y a cualquier persona del pueblo que quisiera participar. Su resultado fílmico es NegraBlanca, un largometraje de 90 minutos que experimenta con las formas de contar a partir del ensamblaje de diversas historias inventadas o recordadas por los participantes en el proyecto. Mi disertación investiga las posibilidades de un modelo de producción cinematográfica con base en la participación de las personas no profesionales, elaborada por Cine Sin Autor, un...

  2. Power, sexuality, and the masochistic aesthetic from Sacher-Masoch to Kharms

    Vinokour, Maya
    This project centers on what I call the “masochistic aesthetic,” which emerged as literature dovetailed with medicine and law in German-speaking Europe and Russia around 1900. I argue that incipient totalitarian societies instrumentalized art and literature to produce citizens who enthusiastically consented to painful social discipline—that is, political masochists. Masochistic narratives like Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s Venus in Furs (1870), Anton Chekhov’s The Duel (1891), or Andrei Platonov’s Happy Moscow (1933–6) reflect the ethnographic attention to borderlands, regulation of the body, and indefinite delay of pleasure inherent in the imperial or totalitarian settings that engendered them. After tracing the origins of...

  3. A portable feast: The production and use of the thirteenth-century portable bible 1200-1500

    Devine, Alexander L
    This dissertation celebrates the portable one-volume Latin Vulgate bibles produced on an unprecedented scale during the 13th century, particularly between 1230 and 1280, emphasizing their particular significance within the contexts of medieval book production and medieval bible use. The profound changes that these bibles implemented to the physical appearance and format of the Bible (as compact and portable copies of the complete biblical text), generated great innovations in the function and use of the Bible, and were directly responsible for the 13th-century portable bible’s extraordinary success and enduring popularity, in its own time and in ours, and thus their privileged...

  4. Exploring sexual history taking in one health center: A focused ethnography

    Sowicz, Timothy Joseph
    Sexual history taking is the clinical practice of collecting information about patients’ sexual health. Despite the availability of guidelines for conducting a sexual history, variability in the documentation of sexual histories exists. In addition to documentation, the literature on sexual histories is limited to their content, barriers to collecting them, and interventions to improve their documentation and health care providers’ comfort and confidence in taking them. Additionally, the methods used to explore sexual history taking have been homogeneous. Absent from this literature is an in-depth understanding of the contextual factors affecting the collection of sexual history data as well as...

  5. The effect of sequential exposure to antigenically drifted strains of influenza on antibody specificity and antibody mediated protection

    Linderman, Susanne L
    Antibodies (Abs) elicited by influenza viruses often bind with higher affinities to past influenza strains than to the current strain. This has been associated with the hypothesis of “original antigenic sin” which postulates that B cell clones elicited by prior exposure are recalled at the expense of generating a strain-specific response to the current strain. It is clear that prior exposures to influenza viruses focus the response on conserved epitopes of influenza’s hemagglutinin (HA) glycoprotein. Here, pre-exposure to influenza is shown to affect Ab fine specificity and Ab mediated protection in mice, ferrets, and humans. Sequential vaccination of mice with...

  6. Gay data

    Roth, Yoel
    Since its launch in 2009, the geosocial networking service Grindr has become an increasingly mainstream and prominent part of gay culture, both in the United States and globally. Mobile applications like Grindr give users the ability to quickly and easily share information about themselves (in the form of text, numbers, and pictures), and connect with each other in real time on the basis of geographic proximity. I argue that these services constitute an important site for examining how bodies, identities, and communities are translated into data, as well as how data becomes a tool for forming, understanding, and managing personal...

  7. Mexicans Be Like

    Nichols, Briana
    This article explores the use of “Mexicans Be Like” memes in terms of the heteroglossic tension they both employ and produce, and the ways in which meme examples creatively recontextualize ideas about immigration, the border, contested histories, models of personhood, racialization and presumptions of social value. I understand these memes as an opportunity for viewers to position themselves in political, social and cultural landscapes, and in so doing contribute to an environment where consumers are not passive but quintessentially productive, altering the meme content, and redeploying them into new social domains. In an attempt to appreciate the work “Mexicans Be...

  8. Alternative Histories: A Temporal Approach to Public Housing

    Rice, Dana
    One of the most profound changes in the built environment is that of urban renewal projects from the mid twentieth century. In that name of progress many existing low income areas of cities were labeled “blighted” giving policy makers license to wipe clean and start anew. Many public housing projects were erected in this manner. This tabula rasa mentality is a-temporal and neglects the histories and people that existed there before, undermining the ongoing processes of building and rebuilding between people and place. In the case of the new transformation plan for the Sharswood neighborhood of North Philly, the Philadelphia...

  9. A Taste of Brown: Alimentary Anthropology Between Michoacan and Washington

    Romero, Jose A
    Alternative food movements in this country (veganism, local eating, organic, etc.) have often had to frame their demands around the idea that food is both medicine and life, often ignoring the migrant bodies picking these crops. “A Taste of Brown” filters this issue from the perspective of nationalism and capitalist development. It thinks with the experiences of primarily Mexican farm workers in Washington and their distant families and communities of origin in Michoacán, Mexico. Interviewing over twenty people in both locations, it works intergenerationally and transnationally in order to effectively explore how labor affects kinship and expand the discourse around...

  10. Histories of the Human Sciences: Different Disciplinary Perspectives

    Rohde, Joy

  11. Disciplinary Measures? Histories of Egyptology in Multi-Disciplinary Context

    Carruthers, William

  12. Boletín de Historia de la Antopología

  13. Insurgent Remains: Afterlives of the American Revolution, 1770-1820

    Stapely, Emma
    Insurgent Remains disturbs the identification of the American Revolution with U.S. national beginnings by tracing it through its literary aftereffects in the period with which it is identified, 1770-1820. While the American Revolution is thought to have concluded with the Treaty of Paris (1783) and the “birth of the United States, Insurgent Remains reads texts produced in the decades following the peace for delineations of ongoing Revolutionary experiences characterized by loss and constraint that demand creative, collective responses without guarantee. In chapters organized around the re-use and re-circulation of “old” forms and formats—allegory, anthology, tragedy, and petition—I propose that the...

  14. Ambitious confusion: Recovering the unthought in contemporary memorials to the antebellum South

    Kearney, Aundeah J
    Ambitious Confusion: Recovering the Unthought in Contemporary Memorials to the Antebellum South Aundeah J. Kearney Thadious M. Davis This dissertation examines how contemporary authors and artists who craft memorials to the antebellum South reconcile the presence of disruptive artifacts with narratives of history they inherit as members of a national collective, actively engaging with shared memories of critical moments in the nation’s past. In this study, I identify ambitious confusion as a generative state which moves beyond mere recognition of conflicting histories toward a memorial that successfully manages the reintegration of previously excised artifacts of history. I borrow the term...

  15. "In the age of freedom, in the name of justice": Slaves, slaveholders, and the state in the late Ottoman Empire and early Turkish Republic, 1857-1933

    Karamursel, Ceyda
    This dissertation concerns itself with the practice of slavery in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic in the second half of the nineteenth and early decades of the twentieth centuries. It places slavery at the intersection of the new liberal political order that began to form in the mid-1850s, the expulsion of the Caucasian peoples and their subsequent transplantation in the Ottoman Empire, and the international anti-slavery law that was taking shape simultaneously. It examines the social and legal (trans)formations at this particular juncture, traces the legal making and perpetuation of “Circassianness” as an “enslavable” ethnic category, and consequently...

  16. Potior utroque Vespasianus: Vespasian and His Predecessors in Tacitus's Histories

    Damon, Cynthia
    The Histories are threaded through with incidents that allow a comparison between two or more principes. Readers need to be alert to such passages, for Vespasian was preceded by three emperors who got as far as he did but failed to keep their footing there. In essence, Tacitus tells the stories of fall (Galba, Otho, Vitellius) and rise (Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian) three times each, and uses the failures of Vespasian's predecessors to help explain Vespasian's success. Given what remains of the Histories (the last two weeks of Galba, the three months of Otho's principate, Vitellius's uprising against Galba, his defeat...

  17. Mexican migrants and the rise of the deportation regime, 1942-2014

    Goodman, Adam S.I
    This dissertation traces the rise of the deportation regime in the United States from 1942 to the present. It reveals that the origins of the regime are inextricably intertwined with the history of Mexican migration. It uses a diverse array of English- and Spanish-language archival sources from the United States and Mexico, more than twenty oral histories, and materials obtained through the Freedom of Information Act to show how deportation has changed—qualitatively and quantitatively—over the last seventy-two years.^ This dissertation sheds light on deportation’s magnitude, both past and present. It interrogates the inaccurate and inconsistent ways that scholars, journalists, and...

  18. Modulaciones temporales, sexualidad y literatura: Narrativa argentina contemporanea

    Gomez, Juan Ariel
    Los rastros temporales en representaciones literarias e indagaciones historiográficas recientes de las sexualidades en Argentina movilizan estos tres capítulos. En ellos una persistencia se manifiesta como la doble modulación temporal en la forma y en el contenido subjetivo o experiencial. Tiempo es forma y contenido, y en cada sección, ellos constituyen reflexiones acerca de la existencia contemporánea que destaco en tres modulaciones. Primero examino en la ficción breve de Naty Menstrual y en las crónicas de Alejandro Modarelli una economía de la continuidad exacerbada y de la discontinuidad que múltiples voces construyen. La expresión de una subjetividad trans se temporaliza...

  19. Uncovering beauty in a narrative of tragedy: Native students' counter narratives to deficit discourse

    Nolan, Jennifer Amy
    The purpose of this research was to understand how a group of Native students attending South Dakota State University (SDSU) understand their educational experiences in the context of the multiple cultures they must negotiate in education institutions that have been historically structured to privilege the dominant, White culture and deculturalize the Other. This research required that I critically analyze my role in American Indian higher education from my position as a mixed-race university administrator and teacher. A deeper understanding of Native students’ educational, community, cultural experiences, and histories, might impel higher education institutions to critically reflect on the historic role...

  20. Social Determinants and International Comparisons of Health and Mortality

    Stokes, Andrew Currier
    Despite substantial gains in population health over recent decades, the US faces a growing epidemic of obesity that threatens continued progress. This dissertation seeks a better understanding of this dire challenge through three chapters that explore obesity from distinct vantage points. The first chapter quantifies the extent to which greater obesity in the US contributes to its low life expectancy ranking with respect to 15 other developed countries. The principal finding is that the higher prevalence of overweight and obesity in the US may contribute between a fifth and a third of the longevity gap above age 50. The second...

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