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81. Fixed-Site Monitoring as a Tool for Understanding Hydrodynamic Transport Processes, Salinity, and Turbidity Distributions Associated with 2-Gates Project Operations - Jon Burau
In order to understand the effects of 2-Gates Project Operations on transport processes we propose to use a network of fixed-site sampling stations placed at key locations throughout the delta (Figure 1) to not only monitor time-histories of various constituents such as temperature, salt, turbidity, and Chl-a at these locations, but also to measure the flux (or load) of these constituents. Thus, each Eulerian sampling station shown in Figure 1 will consist of a sideward-looking Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), a conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD-turbidity) probe, and, at a few key stations Cl-a sensors (Figure 1). Flow (discharge, mass flux) at each...

82. Presented before the Shashi Interest Group Discussion Panel at the annual meeting of the - Lonny E. Carlile
Shashi, or company histories, are published periodically by Japanese corporations to commemorate landmark years in a company’s history. Since landmark years are a recurring phenomenon—e.g., the 10th year anniversary of a company’s founding, the 25th year—over their lifespan corporations will typically publish multiple shashi, with subsequent shashi retracing events and developments covered in earlier versions. Does it therefore matter which version a researcher uses? The proposed paper argues that although differences can be subtle, the time of publication more often than not does have a significant impact on the treatment of historical events and it is important for researchers to...

83. SALAD database: a motif-based database of protein annotations for plant comparative genomics. Nucleic Acids Res - Motohiro Mihara; Takeshi Itoh; Takeshi Izawa
Proteins often have several motifs with distinct evolutionary histories. Proteins with similar motifs have similar biochemical properties and thus related biological functions. We constructed a unique comparative genomics database termed the SALAD database

84. Stark Differences: Explosion of the Subprime Industry and Racial Hypersegmentation in Home Equity Lending - Dan Immergluck
In recent years there has been a large increase in the number of mortgage loans made by lenders specializing in lending to borrowers with imperfect credit histories, especially in the home equity loan market.1 Most “subprime ” lenders are mortgage or finance companies, but they can also be thrifts or even banks. Some of the largest subprime lenders are affiliates of banks. Subprime firms typically charge borrowers higher fees and interest rates than “prime ” lenders, which include most banks and thrifts as well as many mortgage companies.2 The increased presence of subprime lenders has been especially pronounced in minority...


86. Leaving Footprints in Houston: answers to Questions on Women and the Gülen Movement. At: conference-papers/the-fethullah-gulen-movement-ii/2219-leavingfootprints-in-houston-answers-to-questions-on-women-and-thegulen-movement.html (la - Anna J. Stephenson
Feminists question the extent to which M. Fethullah Gülen, the Gülen movement, and individuals inspired by the movement promote women’s status, self-determination, and equal professional opportunity with men in Turkish culture characterized by patriarchal gender norms. Two major critiques are that gender norms in the Gülen movement reflect limits on women’s professional equality found in wider Turkish culture and that most women comply with little questioning of these norms. This article offers practice theory-based interpretations of life histories from Turkish women inspired by Mr. Gülen living in Houston, Texas during 2004. These provide examples of women in the movement who...

87. © The Neotropical Ornithological Society DIVERSIFICATION IN THE NEOTROPICS: PHYLOGENETIC PATTERNS AND HISTORICAL PROCESSES - John M. Bates; Carlos Daniel Cadena; José G. Tello; Robb T. Brumfield; Apartado Aéreo
Resumimos los resultados de dos simposios que reunieron un amplio espectro de presentaciones sobre cómo los datos moleculares están aumentando nuestro conocimiento de los patrones y procesos de diver-sificación de las aves Neotropicales, y del momento en que esta diversificación tuvo lugar. Los expositores están asociados con museos de historia natural, lo que asegura que los datos moleculares esten asociados con especímenes de referencia. La sistemática molecular es un campo que avanza rápidamente, y que resulta muy promisorio para mejorar el entendimiento de los procesos evolutivos en los años venideros. Abstract. – We summarize two symposia that brought together a...

88. On the correctness of transactional memory - Rachid Guerraoui; Michał Kapałka
Transactional memory (TM) is perceived as an appealing alterna-tive to critical sections for general purpose concurrent program-ming. Despite the large amount of recent work on TM implementa-tions, however, very little effort has been devoted to precisely defin-ing what guarantees these implementations should provide. A for-mal description of such guarantees is necessary in order to check the correctness of TM systems, as well as to establish TM optimal-ity results and inherent trade-offs. This paper presents opacity, a candidate correctness criterion for TM implementations. We define opacity as a property of con-current transaction histories and give its graph theoretical interpre-tation. Opacity captures...

89. Brief Communication Clozapine Treatment in Patients With Prior Substance Abuse - Deanna L Kelly; Robert R Conley
Objective: This study examined outcomes following discharge on clozapine for treatment-resistant schizophrenia patients with and without diagnosed substance abuse histories. Methods: Those discharged on clozapine from a research unit between April 1991 and March 1996 were followed with respect to hospitalization status. Of the treatment-resistant patients with schizophrenia, 19 were diagnosed as individuals with substance abuse, while 26 patients had no history of abuse. Patients were openly treated with clozapine and were included in the study if they were stabilized and discharged on the medication. Results: Patients who had histories of abuse exhibited a better treatment response and a lower...

90. Causal structures for general . .. - Ryszard Janicki; Jetty Kleijn; Maciej Koutny; Lukasz Mikulski
Non-interleaving semantics of concurrent systems is often expressed using posets, where causally related events are ordered and concurrent events are unordered. Each causal poset describes a unique concurrent history which is a set of executions, expressed as sequences or step sequences, consistent with it. Moreover, such a poset captures all precedence-based invariant relationships between the events in the executions belonging to the concurrent history. Causal poset semantics underpins efficient verification techniques based on unfoldings of safe Petri nets and concurrent automata models. However, when one considers extensions of these standard models, such as nets with inhibitor arcs, concurrent histories become...

91. La problemática dimensión imperial de la Sanidad Exterior española a través del cólera, la fiebre amarilla y la peste (1833-1931) - Martínez Antonio, Francisco Javier
[EN] Epidemics have been a well-established topic in medical history for a long time. However, during the last decades, they have been especially used as a means for bringing to light existing conflicts and tensions within particular societies (socio-economic inequalities, political clashes, cultural differences) or between them (international tensions, colonialism). In this sense, our book chapter attempts to briefly analyze how the epidemiological course followed by "exotic" epidemics (cholera, yellow fever, bubonic plague) in Spain and its overseas possessions (we will focus exclusively on Cuba and Morocco) between 1833 and 1930 can be used to show the increasingly problematic "imperial...

92. El acceso a las dehesas de La Serena por los ganaderos trashumantes sorianos, 1590-1650
El pago de los pastos de invierno representó para los ganaderos trashumantes serranos, y muy en concreto para los sorianos, la partida principal del capítulo de gastos de mantenimiento de sus explotaciones ganaderas entre los siglos XV y XVIII' Pues, a diferencia de los ganaderos trashumantes de tierras llanas, los serranos apenas tenían que destinar dinero al arrendamiento de pastos de verano, ya que por estar avecindados en una jurisdicción de sierra tenían acceso gratuito a amplias extensiones de pastos estivales. De manera que cuando arrendaban pastos en verano era sólo para proporcionar un complemento alimenticio a sus rebaños en determinados momentos en que los pastos de libre...

93. Un proyecto de investigación para la historia de la lexicografía hispanoamerindia - Hernández, Esther
En este trabajo pretendemos dar a conocer un proyecto de investigación de lexicografía hispanoamericana que está en curso' y que se basa en un fondo poco estudiado por la filología y la lingüística españolas, como es el de los vocabularios bilingües compuestos por los misioneros en la época colonial. Si bien se ha apreciado su valor como diccionarios de las lenguas amerindias (Haensch 2000), hasta ahora no se ha valorado su especificidad como obras lexicográficas españolas.~

94. Literatura vasca : puertos abiertos / Jon Kortazar y Xabier Etxaniz [coord.]. - Etxaniz, Xabier.; Rojo, Javier.; López Gaseni, Manu.; Aldecoa Beitia, Ignacio.; Gabilondo, Joseba.; Esparza, Iratxe.; Sánchez, Mariela.; Rabelli Yanguas, Alvaro.; Olmo, Carlos de.; Kortazar, Paulo.; Serrano Mariezkurrena, Amaia.; Kortazar, Jon.

95. Amnistía y conflictos sociales en la historia de España / Enrique Linde Paniagua. - Linde Paniagua, Enrique.

96. Heidegger en la historia / Fernando Savater. - Savater, Fernando.

97. Eu era feio, agora tenho carro : encenações e práticas de consumo em clubes de forró de Fortaleza - Braga, Robson da Silva
De caráter etnográfico (Guber), a pesquisa analisou de que modo os consumidores de “forró estilizado” ou “forró eletrônico” se apropriam (Canclini) das formas simbólicas (Thompson) que compõem duas casas de show consideradas de "classe média" na capital cearense para produzir encenações de si (Goffman) com base nas categorias nativas de "modernidade" e "sofisticação". A investigação partiu da concepção de que Fortaleza, tida como "a capital do forró" estilizado, vem se inserindo num processo extremamente tardio de modernização, a partir da década de 1990, o que colabora para o espírito emergente que permeia a cultura popular urbana e a indústria cultural...

98. Breve história do conceito de dieta Mediterrânica numa perspetiva de saúde - Graça, Pedro

99. The Mojave-Sonora megashear — Field and analytical studies leading to the conception and evolution of the hypothesis - Anderson, Thomas H.; Silver, Leon T.
The megashear hypothesis is based upon reconnaissance geologic and geochronologic studies conducted principally from 1968 until 1974 in northwestern Sonora, Mexico. Our research incorporated U-Pb isotopic analyses of more than 70 zircon populations separated from 33 Precambrian rock samples with field relations and maps based upon structural and stratigraphic measurements. The results delineate a region known as the Caborca block and further reveal that the block is a principal element of an unexpected, discordant pattern of Proterozoic basement provinces. The Mojave-Sonora megashear was conceived in an effort to explain: (1) the unexpected pattern of two Proterozoic crystalline provinces with distinct...

100. Nietzsche y la historia. la infelicidad del animal y la esperanza del hombre - Yuing, Tuillang; Avila, Mariela Cecilia

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