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1. Contribuições possíveis dos estudos sobre processos cognitivos para a representação temática da informação - Chaves de Melo, Ana Virgínia
Propõe trazer a lume processos cognitivos fundantes da significação e discute alguns aspectos importantes da relação entre esses processos cognitivos, a representação da informação e alguns de seus instrumentos largamente utilizados. O desafio comunicacional e tecnológico tem se mantido, tanto na análise documental, quanto na construção de sistemas e instrumentos de recuperação da informação. A compreensão e (re)significação que subjazem à representação temática da informação, provocou o convite a tecer essa rede teórico-prática basal, disciplinas, áreas e campos de estudo como a Linguística, a Inteligência Artificial, a Comunicação, Filosofia, Terminologia e outros. Não obstante, pouco se vê nas produções brasileiras...

2. Las funciones conversacionales de chaval como marcador del discurso en el lenguaje juvenil madrileño - Hedemann, Oyunn Rishoi
El objetivo del presente estudio es examinar y presentar las posibles funciones pragmáticas que desempeña la forma lingüística chaval en su uso real y coloquial entre los jóvenes madrileños y en sus usos no sustantivos. Realizada dentro del marco de la pragmática, esta investigación toma como base 537 hallazgos de chaval obtenidos del corpus COLAm y partió de la hipótesis inicial de que la forma chaval está experimentando un cambio de función en el lenguaje juvenil madrileño. El estudio muestra que la forma chaval se emplea entre jóvenes mujeres sin que se flexione (por lo cual se puede comparar con...

3. La prevención de dificultades del lenguaje oral en el marco escolar: Evaluación e intervencion temprana - López Gómez, Santiago; García Álvarez, Consuelo
The programs focused on the prevention of the diverse difficulties and alterations of the language are related to two very specific aspects: on the one hand, with the early detection of the possible difficulties, and on the other, with the development of prevention programs appropriate to young ages. The former points to an evaluation process at two levels: that focused on children with congenital problems, whose clinical histories bear significant linguistic alterations. The latter points towards children in scholar age, to which several screening tests will be applied from a preventive perspective and with the aim of getting an early...

4. Comunidades lingüísticas e identidades colectivas minorizadas: de la protección y del reconocimiento a los derechos culturales - Muñoz Cruz, Héctor
The reorganization intercultural pluralism in Latin America is still at an early stage, so it makes sense to imagine that the transitions must experience the multicultural and multilingual existing structures and the transformations that remain ahead. To that end, this paper explores meanings and actions arising from language policies past and present, in order to trace possible paradigmatic changes in the design, evaluation and regulation of the historical role of languages, communication practices and ideologies on etnodiversidad in Latin America and Mexico. One of the most visible aspect in the current language policy in Latin America has to do with...

5. La narrativa de Diamela Eltit y los límites del testimonio hispanoamericano - Scarabelli, Laura
This paper attempts to analyse the narrative testimony written by the Chilean novelist Diamela Eltit focusing on the limits and transformations of “testimonio” in Latin America during the last decade.  Through the rupture of the conventional linguistic codes, the author tries to materialize and “name” the unnameable, creating alternative cartographies of representation. The use of the schizophrenic language disorder as a new form of expression and the peculiar treatment of the madness produce unusual possibilities of symbolizing and re-figuring the nation. The analysis of the discourse in El Padre Mío and El infarto del alma provides unusual perspectives in order to study the...

6. Expresión lingüística e identidad en los latinos de los Estados Unidos - Torres Montenegro, Antonio
This article analyses the historical and demographical circumstances of the population of Hispanic origin in the United States, this population’s use of Spanish, English, and also hybrid linguistic forms, as well as the literary reflection of mixed identities. We assert that, in this unstable situation, the conjunction of Spanish and English, resulting in infinite manifestations, is the channel for the emergence of aspects of identity and of means of expression which are applauded by some and combated by most, but which, irrespective of those reactions, are the unavoidable consequence of this linguistic and cultural contact

7. A “Última flor do Lácio” entre portugueses e brasileiros - Zilberman, Regina
Historians of Portuguese language and literature claimed the particularity of their idiom, distinguishing it from the Spanish, in order to assure the national literary identity. By their side, Brazilian poets and literary critics from the Romantism had to certify the identity of national literature despite the fact that they used the linguistic rules inherited from Portugal.

8. Un inmigrante entre extranjeros: Antonio Porchia como “gnomon” del misterio - Gasparini, Pablo
Focusing on linguistic and social aspects, this article analyses the poetic language of Antonio Porchia (Conflenti, 1885-Buenos Aires, 1963), Italian immigrant arrived in Buenos Aires in 1902 and author of aphorisms collected in a book titled Voces (1943, 1948 and 1965).

9. L’arte pura in tutte le lingue del mondo (Luis Cernuda) - Petrelli, Micla
In the 20s and 30s Spain grows a fertile contradiction: on the one hand it wants to wake up taking its national identity back, on the other hand it wishes to put an end to isolation, to the feeling of being victim of an historical injustice. The same injustice which have led to its slow decline. The idea that it might be visible to the world again, the project for a spiritual regeneration through a pure and universally translatable poetry keep lots of intellectuals busy (as, in different ways, the poets of the so-called “1927 Generation”). G. Diego, J. Ortega...

10. Traducción de poesía y literaturas comparadas: una ética contra la hegemonía de la lengua oficial y la lógica del mercado - Muschietti, Delfina
Tarántula – which alternates prose poetry and free verse – by Bob Dylan, develops in many ways a transgressive writing. Dated between 1965 and 1966, goes beyond the poststructuralism premises, and against the market law, which Deleuze pointed out as the main power in our globalized world almost thirty years later. It’s also remarkable how Dylan’s text puts over the surface of the imperial English of USA another text written in capital letters (the Spanish of Hispanic immigrants) and thus reversing the hierarchy between dominant and dominated languages. The Spanish translation, published in Madrid 2007, contradicts those textual strategies, obeying...

11. Actitudes lingüísticas en Els Ports (Castellón) y Matarranya (Teruel) - González Martínez, Juan
El presente trabajo se propone realizar un estudio contrastivo sobre las actitudes lingüísticas en las comarcas de Els Ports (Castellón) y Matarranya (Teruel). En la primera comunidad de habla, parece haberse invertido la situación de diglosia entre español y valenciano, al menos en la generación más joven de la comunidad. Asimismo, parece apreciarse una situación de diglosia secundaria del valenciano con respecto de la modalidad catalana oriental o central, con la que limita geográficamente. Esta inversión de la diglosia, en primera instancia, podría explicarse por influencia de la acción educativa (dentro de las líneas de planificación lingüística consecuencia de la...

12. Abject state: ritual, waste and the exile of the body in Northern Irish Poetry - Brewster, Scott
Julia Kristeva emphasizes that it is ‘not lack of cleanliness or health that causes abjection but what disturbs identity, system, order’ (Kristeva 1982: 4). It might be argued that Northern Ireland has been in abject condition since its inception - a state or body politic of permeable boundaries, marked by the yearning for, and violent rejection of, origin associated with abjection. This essay will trace the relationship between abjection and the sublime in Northern Irish poetry, by examining the work of Derek Mahon, Tom Paulin, Seamus Heaney, Ciaran Carson, Michael Longley and Paul Muldoon. The discussion will have two main,...

13. English Semantics and Pragmatics - Carretero Lapeyre, Marta
This manual covers the basic contents of 'Semántica y pragmática del inglés' (‘English semantics and pragmatics’), an optional subject in the Degree in English Studies at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The manual is divided into the following chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Reference and sense 3. Deixis 4. Presupposition and entailment 5. Politeness 6. Cognitive semantics The manual also includes final exercises, orientations for the final exam of this subject, key to the exercises, and bibliographical references

14. The bridge of iconicity: from a world of experience to the experience of language - Perniss, Pamela; Vigliocco, Gabriella
Iconicity, a resemblance between properties of linguistic form (both in spoken and signed languages) and meaning, has traditionally been considered to be a marginal, irrelevant phenomenon for our understanding of language processing, development and evolution. Rather, the arbitrary and symbolic nature of language has long been taken as a design feature of the human linguistic system. In this paper, we propose an alternative framework in which iconicity in face-to-face communication (spoken and signed) is a powerful vehicle for bridging between language and human sensori-motor experience, and, as such, iconicity provides a key to understanding language evolution, development and processing. In...

15. Linguistically motivated models for lightly-supervised dependency parsing - Naseem, Tahira
Today, the top performing parsing algorithms rely on the availability of annotated data for learning the syntactic structure of a language. Unfortunately, syntactically annotated texts are available only for a handful of languages. The research presented in this thesis aims at developing parsing models that can effectively perform in a lightly-supervised training regime. In particular we focus on formulating linguistically aware models of dependency parsing that can exploit readily available sources of linguistic knowledge such as language universals and typological features. This type of linguistic knowledge can be used to motivate model design and/or to guide inference procedure. We propose...

16. Exquisite Corpses : an architectural mystery - Canizares, Galo
In 1937, writing about the parallels between mystery fiction and urban dwelling, Walter Benjamin wrote, ""in times of terror, when everyone is something of a conspirator, everybody will be in the position of having to play detective." That is to say that anxieties present within the built environment often lead to a series of actions closely related to those undertaken by detectives. Using this as a departure point, this project seeks to reconstitute a discussion of meaning within architecture through the use of narrative, anachronous formal languages, and literary devices. If we are to take the dismissal of postmodern architectural...

17. La lectura conjunta y la interacción entre adultos y niños de 3-5 años - Arias Velandia, Nicolás
This article reports the results of the first phase of a research project that reviews studies made regarding parent-child joint book reading – with children between 3 to 6 years old. Joint book reading is defined as the interaction between an adult and a child, where the adult reads to the child, the child interprets the language read by the adult, and it is an activity typical of first alphabetical learning scenarios. The methodology used was the analysis of the content of old sources (from 1970 to 2002) as well as articles and research reports from 2002 to 2012. These...

18. Entre “tapas e beijos”: Sujeito e enunciação em Benveniste e Pêcheux – análises em episódios sobre lampião - Costa Santos, Caio César; de Oliveira Santos Lima, Geralda
Este texto objetiva clarificar algumas discussões em torno de confrontos epistemológicos sobre a noção de sujeito e enunciação em Benveniste (1989a; 1989b) e Pêcheux (1997; 1983; 1995; 2000), a partir de memórias\relatos sobre a história de Lampião. Embora a teoria da subjetividade e da enunciação tenha sido avivada nos estudos concernentes à linguagem, é com o postulado pechetiano que o universo linguístico conhece uma nova ótica de análise por meio de hipóteses sociohistóricas (ALTHUSSER (1985); MALDIDIER (2010); ORLANDI (2008)). A finalidade se revela não numa sobreposição de uma teoria sobre outra, mas em sua necessária articulação, embora seja inevitável a...

19. As (diferentes) funções da linguagem: Contribuições de Jakobson e Vygotsky - Gonçalves Ramos, André
A partir do surgimento da linguística como ciência moderna, no inicio do século XX, desenvolveu-se uma concepção muito clara sobre a necessidade de a Linguística firmarse como uma ciência autônoma no quadro geral das ciências sociais. Não por acaso o lema do I Congresso de Linguistas, realizado em Haia em 1928, era “a autonomia da Linguística” (JAKOBSON, 1970, p. 12). No entanto, a autonomia da linguística como ciência não a isola das outras áreas do conhecimento. Apesar do papel basilar que a linguagem desempenha no quadro das ciências sociais, é preciso admitir outros modos de ver o fenômeno linguístico e...

20. A autoidentidade em Fernanda Young: Uma abordagem semiótica e sociológica da leitura na sociedade contemporânea - de Araujo Gonzaga, Juliane
Este artigo tem como objetivo analisar semiótica e sociologicamente algumas cartas da autora Fernanda Young publicadas na revista Cláudia. Tendo em vista os temas abordados pela autora e a questão da leitura na sociedade contemporânea, analisamos este material linguístico a partir de determinados estudos sociológicos desenvolvidos no campo da modernidade. Desse modo, pretendemos compreender como os textos de Fernanda Young constroem uma auto-identidade da mulher contemporânea e como abordam a transformação da intimidade na modernidade. Para tanto, exploramos o conceito de “reflexividade do eu” proposto por Giddens (2002) e as reflexões de Beck (2010) no domínio da intimidade. Nesse sentido,...

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