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  1. and Y.Y.Chen, “Performance Appraisal System using Multifactorial Evaluation Model

    C. C. Yee; Y. Y. Chen
    Abstract—Performance appraisal of employee is important in managing the human resource of an organization. With the change towards knowledge-based capitalism, maintaining talented knowledge workers is critical. However, management classification of “outstanding”, “poor ” and “average ” performance may not be an easy decision. Besides that, superior might also tend to judge the work performance of their subordinates informally and arbitrarily especially without the existence of a system of appraisal. In this paper, we propose a performance appraisal system using multifactorial evaluation model in dealing with appraisal grades which are often express vaguely in linguistic terms. The proposed model is for...

  2. So weird; so cool; so innovative: the use of intensifiers in the television series Friends

    Sali Tagliamonte; Chris Roberts
    abstract: The use of intensifi ers in the television series Friends between 1994 and 2002 provides a unique opportunity to (1) study linguistic innovation in real time and (2) test the viability of media-based data as a surrogate to “real-world ” data in sociolinguistic research. The Friends data exhibit almost the same overall rate of intensifi cation as similar studies of contemporary English, and the same intensifi ers occur most frequently: really, very, and so. Frequency of intensifi er correlates with its time origin, refl ecting the typical layering of forms in language. Moreover, in Friends the once primary intensifi...

  3. The generic integrity of newspaper editorials: A systemic functional perspective

    Hasan Ansary; Esmat Babaii
    One fruitful line of research has been to explore the local linguistic as well as global rhetorical patterns of particular genres in order to identify their recognizable structural identity, or what Bhatia (1999, p. 22) calls “generic integrity. ” In terms of methodology, to date most genre-based studies have employed one or the other of Swales’s move-analytic models of text analysis to investigate whether or not the generic prototypical patterns that he has introduced exist universally. This paper, however, considers the application of the Systemic Functional (SF) theory of language to genre analysis. The paper looks, in particular, at distinctive...

  4. IDENTIFIERS *Preservice Teachers; Survey of Multicultural Education Concepts

    Thomas L. Reeves-kazelskis
    This study was conducted to determine whether formal instruction in multicultural education would produce changes in preservice teachers ' beliefs about basic concepts related to the topic. The sample consisted of 31 preservice teachers enrolled in 2 sections of a practicum course in early childhood education. Three professors planned and delivered five hours of formal instruction, including lectures and an oral dialog between two professors of different racial backgrounds. Preservice teachers (N=31) received the instruction in three sessions. Prior to the first lecture session and six weeks after the last one, the education majors responded to the Survey of Multicultural...

  5. Rights Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License Effects of Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds on Perceptual Voice Quality Rating

    Author(s Ho; Elaine M; Ho Elaine Mandy
    Perceptual voice judgment is a standard procedure in voice quality evaluation. However, the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the judges often affect its reliability. Use of anchors has been shown to improve the reliability of the procedure. Therefore, this study aimed to develop female synthesized anchors in Cantonese, English, and Putonghua and investigate the reliability of perceptual voice rating across speakers of three native languages using an anchor-matching method. Ten native Cantonese speakers, 10 native English speakers and 10 native Putonghua speakers were recruited to rate the severity of breathiness and roughness of pathological voice samples in Cantonese, English and...

  6. Against restructuring in modern French

    J. Marc Authier; Lisa A. Reed; J. Marc Authier; Lisa A. Reed
    Against restructuring in modern French Cinque (2002) examines those transparency effects that have been claimed to point to the existence of restructuring in French and concludes that quantifier and adverb climbing depend not on restructuring but, rather, on an irrealis context. In this paper, we show that restructuring does not play an active role in explaining the existence of en `of-it ' and y `there ' climbing or long movement in `easy-to-please' constructions either, which leads to the conclusion that Modern French has no transparency effects of the restructuring kind. We then present three arguments against Cinque's (2004) thesis that...

  7. Addressing language concerns in the schools: The SLP as a consultant

    Jack S. Damico
    An alternative service delivery model is proposed which enables the speech-language pathologist to address a wider range of language concerns in the public schools. This consultative model is described in terms of the structure needed to ensure its effectiveness and the procedures which might be used to ensure successful implementation. PUBLIC EDUCATION in the United States is currently undergoing significant changes in the way the educational process is perceived (Cazden & Dickinson, 1981; Wells, 1982). Brought on by a realization that many students are not successful learners and that there are glaring differences between the educational experiences of stu-dents from...

  8. A Gestalt Approach To Text Manipulation In

    Farahzad Farzaneh; Farzaneh Farahzad
    This paper explores the issue of unconscious manipulation in translation. The translator engages in creating new text subject to the principles of totality and part-whole relations. The closer the parts and relations to those of the source text (ST), the more related this new whole will be to the former one. In attempting to preserve ST semantic content, the translator builds on his or her own interpretation of it, which is subject to his or her previous pattern completion attempts: adding and deleting parts and assuming new relations between them to compensate for whatever is vague or implicit, or whatever...



  10. and Chinese Bilingual Methods By

    John Bernard; John Bernard Lum
    This study investigates which teaching style-Chinese bilingual or English as a second language--leads to greater oral English maturity and how useful the Chinese language is j.n helping a non-English-speaking Chinese person learn oral English. In the English-as-a-second-language method, the student's native language is used sparingly to avoid linguistic interference. Audiolingual means are used to internatlize grammatical structures. The Chinese bilingual style uses Chinese to teach English and combines techniques from other methods. Details of the study are reported; statistical ratings of oral language maturity and language skills are presented. Recommendations, topics for further study, and a bibliography are included. (VM)

  11. Disclaimer: layout of this document may differ from the published version.

    Excoffier Laurent Georges Louis
    Spatial differentiation of Rhesus and GM haplotype frequencies in

  12. A Study of Two English Language Coursebooks in Turkey: Focus on Multiple Intelligences

    Arda Arikan; Elif Soydan; Özlem İşler C
    This study aims to analyze two coursebooks, namely, Texture of English 4 and My English 5on the basis of to what extent the activities and tasks included reflect the intelligent types proposed by multiple intelligences theory. Taking the general characteristics of the intelligences into account, a checklist has been designed and the activities in those two coursebooks were categorized according to the checklist prepared. It is found that although both coursebooks represent different intelligence types and at varying degrees, verbal/linguistic intelligence is the predominant one while the naturalist intelligence is represented the least. Results also showed that there is not...

  13. A linguistic analysis of simplified and authentic texts. The Modern Language

    Scott A. Crossley; Max M. Louwerse; Philip M. Mccarthy; Danielle S. Mcnamara
    The opinions of second language learning (L2) theorists and researchers are divided over whether to use authentic or simplified reading texts as the means of input for beginning- and intermediate-level L2 learners. Advocates of both approaches cite the use of linguistic features, syntax, and discourse structures as important elements in support of their arguments, but there has been no conclusive study that measures these differences and their implications for L2 learning. The purpose of this article is to provide an exploratory study that fills this gap. Using the computational tool Coh-Metrix, this study investigates the differences between the linguistic structures...

  14. $rec.titulo

    Paul Livingston; David Rasmussen
    critique of totality Abstract In this paper, I explore Wittgenstein’s inheritance of one specific strand of Kant’s criticism, in the Critique of Pure Reason, of reason’s inherent pretensions to totality. This exploration reveals new critical possi-bilities in Wittgenstein’s own philosophical method, challenging existing interpretations of Wittgenstein’s political thought as ‘conservative ’ and exhibiting the closeness of its connection to another inheritor of Kant’s critique of totality, the Frankfurt School’s criticism of ‘identity thinking’ and the reification of reason to which it leads. Additionally, it shows how Wittgenstein’s linguistic philosophy offers to challenge and undermine, in a historically novel way, the...

  15. Automatic correction of grammatical errors in non-native English text

    John Sie; Yuen Lee; Dr. Stephanie Seneff; John Sie; Yuen Lee
    Learning a foreign language requires much practice outside of the classroom. Computer-assisted language learning systems can help fill this need, and one desirable capability of such systems is the automatic correction of grammatical errors in texts written by non-native speakers. This dissertation concerns the correction of non-native grammatical errors in English text, and the closely related task of generating test items for language learning, using a combination of statistical and linguistic methods. We show that syntactic analysis enables extraction of more salient features. We address issues concerning robustness in feature extraction from non-native texts; and also design a framework for...

  16. Linguistics; Environmental Influeves; Etymology;

    Edrs Price; Comparative Quechua Phonology; Grammar V The; Geographic Distribution Grammar *innovation
    It is possible to observe phonological innovations in Quechua B in purely linguistic terms, abandoning the use of dialects and subdialects. Isolect and lect are used instead. A particular speech form, with respect to a particular innovation, is an isolect in one of three possible ways: it lacks the L aovation; it has the innovation as a variable rule; it has the innovation as a categorical rule. A lect is a speech form so defined for all the innovations in the language or for some particular subset of them. The author discusses several phonological innovations in Quechua B and is...

  17. Cross-linguistic Influence in Third Language Acquisition: Factors Influencing Interlanguage Transfer

    Tammy Wang
    In the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA), the role of transfer has been theorized and studied to account for the influence of the native language on an interlanguage. However, stemming from behaviorist mentality, the concept of transfer has become widely associated with


    Natalya Davidko
    Cognitive onomasiology opens up new avenues for studying the processes of linguistic denomination of concepts. economics as science and business as we know it today are more recent developments of human thought and activity than philosophy, or mathematics, or various trades, that is why they have to draw on general literary language or other sciences for their terms, hence the abundance of metaphorical designations in their terminological systems. Traditional studies within the framework of the Conceptual Metaphor Theory proceed from the target concept and aim to expose the systema-ticity of meaningful mappings with various source domains. The current research differs...

  19. Sujeito nulo na aquisição do português do Brasil

    Simões, Luciene Juliano
    Este trabalho tem como foco o uso de sujeitos nulos por uma criança de dois anos de idade, monolíngüe, adquirindo o português do Brasil como língua materna. Os dados foram obtidos em coleta longitudinal, através de gravações quinzenais feitas em áudio na casa do informante, cobrindo a faixa dos 2;4 até os 3;0 de idade. A partir da análise dos dados, procura-se corroborar a hipótese de que já desde os 2;4 a produção da criança exibe as mesmas restrições do adulto ao uso de nulos na posição sujeito. Sujeitos nulos são encontrados em percentuais baixos, de, em média, 51,2%. Esse...

  20. The role of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics in pronoun resolution: A cross-linguistic overview

    de la Fuente, Israel; Hemforth, Barbara; Colonna, Saveria; Schimke, Sarah
    International audience

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