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  1. Acoustic realization of vowels as a function of syllabic position: a cross-linguistic study with data from French and Spanish

    Gendrot, Cédric; Adda-Decker, Martine; Santiago, F.

  2. Marie Curie Actions TAMEAL IRSES Deliverable D 1.1 Report on preliminary work: Diffusion of corpora and other linguistic resources (Corpus of Australian Aboriginal Narratives)

    Caudal, Patrick; Dench, Alan; Schultze-Berndt, Eva; Verstraete, Jean-Christophe; Nordlinger, Rachel; Stirling, Lesley
    no abstract

  3. New Functions for a Multipurpose Multimodal Tool for Phonetic and Linguistic Analysis of Very Large Speech Corpora

    Martin, Philippe
    International audience

  4. Speech and corpora: How spontaneous speech analysis changed our point of view on some linguistic facts: The case of sentence intonation in French

    Martin, Philippe
    International audience

  5. "Towards linguistic diversity in IAMCR"


  6. Probabilistic reduction and probabilistic enhancement: contextual and paradigmatic effects on morpheme pronunciation

    Cohen, Clara
    Research on probabilistic pronunciation variation has generally focused on contextual probability, or the probability of using a linguistic unit (segment, syllable, word, etc.) in the context of a particular utterance. Overwhelmingly, this research has found that higher contextual probability leads to phonetic reduction. Less attention, however, has been given to paradigmatic probability, or the probability of using a particular linguistic form from a paradigm of related forms. The research that has addressed this type of probability has found inconsistent results: Sometimes higher paradigmatic probability leads to phonetic enhancement, and sometimes to phonetic reduction. In this paper I present the results...

  7. Distribución alélica del locus HLA -DRB1 en poblaciones nativas americanas: Evaluación de afinidades evolutivas intra e intercontinentales

    Parolín, María Laura; Carnese, Francisco R.
    An outstanding characteristic of the HLA system is its highpolymorphism, which confer it a significant place in the studies on human biologicaldiversity. In the present review we have analysed the allelic distributions of HLA-DRB1 locus in 78 populations. The aims of this study is to estimate the genetic diversity,the genetic distance and the biological relations and affinities among Native Americansand other intercontinental human groups. The Aboriginal Americans presented a lowgenetic diversity and shared several allelic variants with the Northeast of Asia andOceania populations (HLA-DRB1*0403, *0404, *0407, *0411, *0802, *0901, *1402,*1406 y *1602). In addition, the presence of variants that are...

  8. Origen y distribución espacial de linajes maternos nativos en el noroeste y centro oeste argentinos

    Motti, Josefina; Muzzio, Marina; Ramallo, Virginia; Rodenak Kladniew, Boris; Alfaro Gómez, Emma Laura; Dipierri, José E.; Bailliet, Graciela; Bravi, Claudio
    The use of mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms for identifying human populations has allowed the distinction of geographical patterns of lineage distribution, detecting possible peopling routes. In Argentina there are regions that were classically defined as empty of Native American people, leaving areas without information regarding the Native lineage distribution. However, the peoples of the Center-West and North-West were not exterminated but biologically assimilated first to the colonial society and then to the state society. The admixture processes had a sex-asymmetric tendency, allowing the conservation of maternal lineages in high proportions. In this paper we analyze 1951 samples from healthcare centers in...

  9. ADN antiguo en América

    Dejean, Cristina Beatriz
    In this issue of Revista Argentina de Antropología Biológica, contributions by Latin American research groups are presented, coming from the field of paleogenetics, that complement archaeological, morphological, and linguistic data. Using various methods mitochondrial lineages were analyzed to understand the processes that delineated space and temporal distribution of Native Americans, their variability and origin, trying to answer particular questions about the different groups that inhabited our continent in the past.

  10. La terapia lingüística de evaluación y la terapia de aceptación y compromiso: una reflexión teórica

    Caro Gabalda, Isabel
    The aim of this paper is to make a theoretical reflection on the linguistic therapy of evaluation and the acceptance and commitment therapy through a comparison of both approaches. First, main elements of both therapeutic perspectives are introduced. Then, the main convergences and divergences between both approaches are addressed. This theoretical and comparative reflection focuses in the following issues: role of language; psychopathology; stance about the human being; the concept of acceptance; relevance of being in the here & now; focus on values; therapeutic techniques; therapeutic focus; the therapist and the therapeutic relationship; and, finally, the issue of spirituality.

  11. Motion / posture serial verbs in Iwaidja: From event delimitation to discourse structural functions

    Caudal, Patrick; Mailhammer, Robert
    Communication à SLE 2016 49th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea

  12. Análisis de impacto en un marco de ingeniería de requisitos basada en pruebas de aceptación

    [ES] El presente trabajo aborda el desafío que supone realizar análisis de impacto en un producto software. Se centra en el análisis en el nivel de especificación de requisitos, expresados en forma de pruebas de aceptación. Estas pruebas están formuladas en lenguaje natural y un sistema puede tener miles de ellas. Se proponen e implementan diversos mecanismos para la realización del análisis de impacto: mediante búsqueda de términos y búsqueda a partir de términos de un artefacto. Para ello se usa la tecnología Full-Text Search, que permite realizar búsquedas lingüísticas en textos y documentos.

  13. Use of Verb-Noun Collocations by Advanced Learners of Chinese

    Peng, Xiaolin
    The important role of collocations has been widely accepted in the current literature, but to date there are still relatively few studies on language learners’ collocation knowledge and development within different local contexts. The current study intends to contribute to the literature by investigating the oral production of Chinese verb-noun (V-N) collocations by a group of highly proficient learners comprised of both Chinese as a foreign language learners (CFL learners) and Chinese heritage language learners (CHL learners), as compared to Chinese native speakers (CNSs). The study brings together current literature on collocation and heritage language learners both from a Western...

  14. The Role of Higher Education in Linguistic Change

    Prichard, Hilary
    This dissertation examines the interaction between a social variable, higher education, and the linguistic variables which constitute local dialects. It draws on literature in both sociolinguistics and the sociology of education to propose a reformulation of the education variable which recognizes the ways in which the social meaning of education has changed over time. Two case studies are presented which examine the effect this new education variable has in ongoing local sound changes. The first uses data from the Philadelphia Neighborhood Corpus to study the extent to which Philadelphians with differing educational backgrounds have maintained local dialect features over the...

  15. Evidence and Formal Models in the Linguistic Sciences

    Santana, Carlos Gray
    This dissertation contains a collection of essays centered on the relationship between theoretical model-building and empirical evidence-gathering in linguistics and related language sciences. The first chapter sets the stage by demonstrating that the subject matter of linguistics is manifold, and contending that discussion of relationships between linguistic models, evidence, and language itself depends on the subject matter at hand. The second chapter defends a restrictive account of scientific evidence. I make use of this account in the third chapter, in which I argue that if my account of scientific evidence is correct, then linguistic intuitions do not generally qualify as...

  16. Genetic Diversity in Svaneti and Highland Western Georgia

    Yardumian, Aram
    This study investigates the genetic diversity and ethnohistory of Svaneti and its neighboring highland Georgian and breakaway regions in order to better understand the complex population history of the South Caucasus. The objectives of this project are to (1) document the biological diversity in contemporary settlements in the region of Svaneti; (2) compare patterns of gene diversity with Svaneti’s western and eastern neighbors, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, respectively; and (3) determine whether gene frequencies in Svaneti are evently distributed across geographic space by characterizing any village-level structuring. We will contextualize the findings within broader studies that address major regional population...

  17. Black Semiosis: Young Liberian Transnationals Mediating Black Subjectivity and Black Heterogeneity

    Smalls, Krystal A
    From the colonization of the “Dark Continent,” to the global industry that turned black bodies into chattel, to the total absence of modern Africa from most American public school curricula, to superfluous representations of African primitivity in mainstream media, to the unflinching state-sanctioned murders of unarmed black people in the Americas, antiblackness and anti-black racism have been part and parcel to modernity, swathing centuries and continents, and seeping into the tiny spaces and moments that constitute social reality for most black-identified human beings. The daily living and theorizing of a small group of twenty-something young people from Liberia provide the...

  18. Un modelo en derecho comparado: el régimen lingüístico belga en el ámbito judicial

    Pla Boix, Anna Maria
    Artikulu honek Belgikako hizkuntza-araubidea azter tzen du, arlo judizialean proiektatuta. Formari dagokionez, lau epigrafetan egituratzen da. Lehenengo epigrafean azterlana aurkezten da, eta be re interesa justifikatzen da perspektiba konparatuan. Bigarrenean, indarrean dag oen araudiaren aurrekariak azaltzen dira, laburbilduta. Hirugarrenean, Belgika ko prozesu judizialen hizkun- tza-araubidea aztertzen da; hasteko, Belgikako 1935eko ekainaren 15eko legearen konstituzio-esparruaren eta aplikazio-eremuaren oha r labur batzuk ematen dira. Oinarri horretatik abiatuta, jurisdikzio batzuetan eta besteetan hizkuntza arloko eskubide eta betebeharren katalogoa egituratzen duten printzipio orokorrak aztertzen dira. Artikulua amaitzeko, Belgikako epaitegi arlok o langileen hizkuntza-gaitasuneko araubidearen azterketa egiten da.

  19. Using n-grams to map registers across languages and uncover cross-linguistic contrasts: Insights from Correspondence Analysis

    Grabar, Natalia; Marie-Aude, Lefer; Bestgen, Yves
    International audience

  20. Sobre el anacoluto en la lengua hablada (de la lingüística del texto a la lingüística del hablar).

    Bedmar Gómez, María Jesús

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