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  1. Rhythm and Resource: Repetition as a Linguistic Style in an Urban Elementary Classroom

    Cahnmann, Melissa

  2. Linguagem, Sociedade e Poder: Coletânea de Artigos (Review)

    Flannery, Mércia Regina Santana
    A coletânea de textos em The language, society and power reader abrange um variado número de artigos originais assinados por importantes e influentes estudiosos da linguística contemporânea, além de incluir trabalhos mais recentes de outros pesquisadores. Trata-se de um livro indispensável para estudantes da disciplina, interessados em acompanhar o rápido passo com que a linguística moderna tem se desenvolvido e observar aplicações da disciplina em diferentes áreas do conhecimento, refletindo a influência da linguagem em esferas distintas da experiência humana. O livro destina-se primariamente àqueles que estão iniciando o estudo na área de linguística, mas constitui referência importante para quaisquer estudiosos...

  3. The Handbook of Conversation Analysis (Review)

    Flannery, Mércia Regina Santana
    A Análise da Conversa recebe, em The Handbook of Conversation Analysis, um excelente material de referência, tanto para especialistas da área, como para estudantes, sejam da sociolinguística interacional, da antropologia linguística ou da sociolinguística, e para sociólogos, psicólogos ou quaisquer outros profissionais que usem a interação conversacional como meio para se estudarem ações sociais. O livro apresenta uma importante seleção de artigos, organizados em cinco partes, com capítulos escritos por conhecidos teóricos da análise da conversa (AC daqui em diante) procedentes, em sua maioria, da Europa e dos Estados Unidos, ou que trabalham em instituições localizadas nestas áreas. Os artigos...

  4. Compartilhando Universos Sociais e de Poder em Cerimônia do chá | Sharing Social and Power Universes in Cerimônia do chá

    Moreira, Maria Luci De Biaji; Flannery, Mércia Regina Santana
    Este estudo compreende uma análise do conto Cerimônia do chá, deMaria Telles Ribeiro, baseada tanto em princípios da pragmática aplicadosao texto literário como na análise da narrativa e do discurso. O objetivodeste estudo é propor, com base na análise linguística do conto, umaexplicação para a razão por que leitores de português — como línguaestrangeira ou não — podem experienciar dificuldades de compreendê-lo. -- This paper presents an analysis of Cerimônia do chá, a short story by Maria Telles Ribeiro. The study is based both on pragmatic principles applied to the literary text, as in narrative and discourse analysis. The objective of this...

  5. Cycles and stability in linguistic signaling

    Ahern, Christopher Andrew
    This dissertation advances our understanding of the roles played by pragmatic and grammatical competence in theories of language change by using mathematical and statistical methods to analyze the cross-linguistic change in the expression of negation known as Jespersen's cycle. In the history of Middle English this change is characterized by two transitions: from pre-verbal ne to an initially emphatic embracing ne...not; from embracing ne...not to post-verbal not. This description conflates two often related process: the formal cycle describes changes in the forms of negation available and consists of the transitions from pre-verbal to embracing to post-verbal negation; the functional cycle...

  6. Crowded voice: Speech, music and community in Milan, 1955-1974

    Casadei, Delia
    This thesis explores the relationship of voice, language, and politics in Italian musical history. I do this through a double geographical and chronological lens: first, the city of Milan, a powerful political and cultural interface between Italy and Central Europe; secondly, the years 1955-1974, key decades in the constitution of Italy’s first democratic government and years of vertiginous anthropological changes across the peninsula.Across the four chapters of my thesis, I sketch a heterogeneous and thickly populated network of musical activities—ranging from high-modernist tape music to opera, neofolk records, to pop hits. I argue the musical production for voice of this...

  7. Black semiosis: Young Liberian transnationals mediating black subjectivity and black heterogeneity

    Smalls, Krystal A
    From the colonization of the “Dark Continent,” to the global industry that turned black bodies into chattel, to the total absence of modern Africa from most American public school curricula, to superfluous representations of African primitivity in mainstream media, to the unflinching state-sanctioned murders of unarmed black people in the Americas, antiblackness and anti-black racism have been part and parcel to modernity, swathing centuries and continents, and seeping into the tiny spaces and moments that constitute social reality for most black-identified human beings. The daily living and theorizing of a small group of twenty-something young people from Liberia provide the...

  8. Language Education Policy in Hawaii: Two Case Studies and Some Current Issues

    Huebner, Thom
    Any language policy (and even the absence of a formal language policy constitutes, in effect, a language policy) reflects the social, political, and economic context of public education. At the same time, the effect of that policy on society extends beyond the generation receiving direct services under it, for it influences what that generation brings to the task of educating its children. The current study explores the relationship between language policy and non-linguistic, non-educational issues in two case studies, both set in Hawaii. The first involves the loss of Hawaiian, the indigenous language, to English, an immigrant language during the Nineteenth...

  9. A Re-Examination of L1 Interference and L2 Complexity as Factors in Second Language Syllabus Design

    Pica, Teresa
    A fundamental weakness shared by second language syllabi is that they have been based on their authors' assumptions about language learning and have lacked an empirically supported, psycholinguistic grounding. The following article will review two major traditions in syllabus design which share this weakness. Underlying one tradition is the assumption that second language structures which are the most different from the learner's L1 are also the most difficult to learn, and therefore should be given strongest emphasis in the syllabus. In the other tradition, it is assumed that there is a direct relationship between linguistic complexity and learning difficulty, and that...

  10. OMG the Word-final Alveopalatals are Cray-cray Prev(alent): The Morphophonology of Totes Constructions in English

    Spradlin, Lauren
    This paper examines totes truncation, a previously undescribed morphophonological process. Totes constructions are formed by combining totes, a shortened form of the English adverb totally, and an optionally truncated and suffixed stem (e.g., totes atrosh > totally atrocious). Totes constructions are predominantly used by young adults both in speech and electronically. Using two data sets comprised of tokens pulled from electronic communication and social media posts, this work describes the construction’s distribution, outlines its formation, and discusses its distinctive morphophonology. Totes constructions are formed post-lexically (Kiparsky 1982), resulting from prosodic template mapping and maximization (McCarthy and Prince 1986, Weeda 1992)...

  11. No Clash Constraint in Nominal RNR Number Agreement

    Shen, Zheng
    This paper presents a survey of agreement patterns in the right node raising construction in the nominal domain, makes a novel cross-linguistic generalization, and offers a multi-dominance account for singular targets in this and that student and a conjunction account for plural targets in John’s and Mary’s students. The account proposed here make various implications on agreement/ concord, NP structures, and RNR analyses.

  12. Revisiting Incomplete Neutralization: The Case of Puerto Rican Spanish

    Beaton, Mary Elizabeth
    Recent advances in phonetic analysis have led researchers to re-examine sounds that were previously assumed to be contextually neutralized, or merged into a single pronunciation. By using fine-grained spectrographic analysis, linguists have discovered that in many cases where neutralization was assumed, sounds are actually incompletely neutralized. That is, there are small differences in the articulation of these sounds such that they are in fact not merged, even though impressionistic descriptions report them as such. However, many researchers argue that the differences in pronunciation found in linguistic experiments are the result of hyperarticulation induced by the formality of the laboratory setting....

  13. A Parameterized Action Representation for Virtual Human Agents

    Badler, Norman I; Bindiganavale, Ramamani; Bourne, Juliet C; Palmer, Martha S; Shi, Jianping; Schuler, William
    We describe a Parameterized Action Representation (PAR) designed to bridge the gap between natural language instructions and the virtual agents who are to carry them out. The PAR is therefore constructed based jointly on implemented motion capabilities of virtual human figures and linguistic requirements for instruction interpretation. We will illustrate PAR and a real-time execution architecture controlling 3D animated virtual human avatars.

  14. Evaluating American Sign Language Generation Through the Participation of Native ASL Signers

    Huenerfauth, Matt; Zhao, Liming; Gu, Erdan; Allbeck, Jan M.
    We discuss important factors in the design of evaluation studies for systems that generate animations of American Sign Language (ASL) sentences. In particular, we outline how some cultural and linguistic characteristics of members of the American Deaf community must be taken into account so as to ensure the accuracy of evaluations involving these users. Finally, we describe our implementation and user-based evaluation (by native ASL signers) of a prototype ASL generator to produce sentences containing classifier predicates, frequent and complex spatial phenomena that previous ASL generators have not produced.

  15. Casti libertino: Le Novelle galanti con un saggio di edizione

    Mirra, Alessandra
    The Novelle galanti is a collection of licentious tales in verse written by the Italian poet Casti at the end of the XVIII century. The tales mostly portray love affairs involving religious characters, and usually conclude with Casti condemning conventional moral restraints and praising libertinism. Although the book was an authentic best seller in Europe at the time, no critical edition has ever been published. My dissertation consists of two parts, the first one offering an overall introduction to the collection, contextualizing its ties with European libertinism, and the second one providing, as a sample of a larger project, a...

  16. Change and standardization in Anyang: Writing and culture in bronze age China

    Anderson, Matthew McCutchen
    This dissertation is particularly concerned with various changes that occurred over roughly the last two centuries of the Shang period, that is, during the Anyang period, which stretches from approximately 1250 BCE to approximately 1050 BCE. This period, which begins just before the earliest evidence for writing in what is now China and stretches until the fall of the last Shang king, contains the entirety of the recorded history of the Shang dynasty. After discussing the dating of Shang oracle-bone inscriptions, I first address changes in Shang writing, demonstrating that it becomes increasingly regularized over the period. The earliest examples...

  17. Genetic diversity in Svaneti and the highland Western Caucasus

    Yardumian, Aram
    This study investigates the genetic diversity and ethnohistory of Svaneti and its neighboring highland Georgian and breakaway regions in order to better understand the complex population history of the South Caucasus. The objectives of this project are to (1) document the biological diversity in contemporary settlements in the region of Svaneti; (2) compare patterns of gene diversity with Svaneti’s western and eastern neighbors, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, respectively; and (3) determine whether gene frequencies in Svaneti are evenly distributed across geographic space by characterizing any village-level structuring. We will contextualize the findings within broader studies that address major regional population...

  18. Negotiating language and literacy in a bilingual/bicultural context: Learning, teaching, and leading with ell students in a multilingual/multicultural New Zealand school

    Libby, Mary E
    This multi-year autoethnographically oriented practitioner inquiry was concerned with Pasifika English Language Learner (ELL) students, teachers, and staff in a multilingual, multicultural secondary school in New Zealand. Drawing from my practice as a teacher and teacher-leader, I explored the range of learning and teaching opportunities that could be created by and made available for ELL students within the context of existing school-based practices and policies. In linguistically and culturally pluralistic national contexts framed by educational policies and practices conceptualized to value one (or two) languages and cultures over others, policies often insufficiently account for the full diversity of identities, knowledges,...

  19. Multilingual Language Policies and the Continua of Biliteracy: An Ecological Approach

    Hornberger, Nancy H
    The one language-one nation ideology of language policy and national identity is no longer the only available one worldwide (if it ever was). Multilingual language policies which recognize ethnic and linguistic pluralism as resources for nation-building are increasingly in evidence. These policies, many of which envision implementation through bilingual intercultural education, open up new worlds of possibility for oppressed indigenous and immigrant languages and their speakers, transforming former homogenizing and assimilationist policy discourses into discourses about diversity and emancipation. This paper uses the metaphor of ecology of language to explore the ideologies underlying multilingual language policies, and the continua of...

  20. Dell H. Hymes: His Scholarship and Legacy in Anthropology and Education

    Hornberger, Nancy H
    Dell Hathaway Hymes, linguistic anthropologist and educational visionary extraordinaire, passed away in November 2009, leaving behind a voluminous scholarship and inspirational legacy in the study of language and inequality, ethnography, sociolinguistics, Native American ethnopoetics, and education. This essay provides a brief account of Hymes's life and scholarly contributions, especially his early and enduring influence in the anthropology of education; and goes on to comment briefly on this AEQ set of essays honoring Hymes.

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