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  1. O ensino da língua materna e a semiótica: possibilidades de leitura e análise linguística de uma fábula

    Merith Claras, Sônia
    One of the responsibilities attributed to teachers of the Portuguese language is to form students’ critical reading of different social genres. However, indicative results such as Prova Brasil (Brazil´s test) and SAEB (Sistema de Avaliação da Educação Básica/Basic Education Assessment System) have pointed out unsatisfactory indexes related to Brazilian students’ reading competence. Thus, it is possible to infer that the educational system needs new theoretical-methodological instruments to contribute with the teacher’s role as a mediator in the process of in-class reading. As French Semiotics focusses on eliciting the mechanisms of meaning production that take place in text reading, it can...

  2. Hieróglifos dialógicos: breve análise do palimpsesto monteiriano

    Giarrusso, Francesco
    The analysis of João César Monteiro's work, as a plural textual unity, implies an investigation based on the search for loci similes, which are dialogic segments in which the reverberation from other textual collections can be heard. The search for the “texts within texts” chain in Monteiro's work, along with the typologic analysis of both transtextual relationships and the point where they unfold, enables us to demonstrate the “palimpsest” aspect, which defines his filmography. For these very relationships to be possible the presence of a “strange” element is necessary, that is to say, the presence of another text and/or reader...

  3. Desenvolvimento do conceito bakhtiniano de polifonia

    Pires, Vera Lúcia; Tamanini Adames, Fátima Andréia
    In Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics, Bakhtin defines Dostoevsky as the creator of the polyphonic novel. We intend to review in this paper the development of the concept of polyphony, defined as the position of maximum distance between the author and the characters in a never-ending dialogue. Dialogism, essence of the Bakhtinian discourse theory, reiterates the subject’s presence in the communication, which is not seen merely as the transmission of information, but as verbal or non-verbal interaction. Individuals are built from interaction and through interaction. Discourses built from other discourses are never concluded and, therefore, texts have many voices. These voices...

  4. O eu e o outro no campo discursivo da surdez

    de Araújo Ribeiro, Maria Clara Maciel; Lara, Glaucia Muniz Proença
    The discourse on deafness has been changing over time influenced by academic and social movements. In this study, we will focus on the discourses on deafness produced by deaf people. We start from the triad universe, space and discursive field (Maingueneau, 2005). In the discursive field of deafness we found two discursive formations (DF) which oppose each other. One from a clinical and therapeutic background — from which an Hearing-Based Discourse originates — and another of anthropological-linguistic origin, which enables the emergence of a Deaf Based Discourse. While the first DF sees deafness from the stigma of disability, the second...

  5. Blogosfera: um estudo dos blogueiros a partir dos blogs mais acessados do país

    Silva, Fernando Moreno da
    The aim of this study is to analyze the Brazilian blog reader’s image. To do so, it is necessary to analyze the writer of the pages first, for as the image of the text producer is built, the image of the addressee is also projected. The research will be guided by French semiotics, or the school of Paris, focusing on the enunciation. Therefore we will make use of the concepts enunciator and enunciatee, linguistic instances that correspond to what Rhetoric calls, respectively, éthos and páthos: images of both the addresser and the addressee of the enunciation built throughout the text....

  6. Considerações epistemológicas sobre a semiótica greimasiana

    Sabral, Adail
    This paper intends to make a brief epistemological analysis of Greimas’ “scientific project” in the course that goes from its “appearance” to its “immanence”, that is, the modus operandi of his semiotics, aiming ultimately to examine the productivity of the Greimassian alternative for apprehending sense production processes. Therefore, it describes how Greimas articulated the two pillars of his theories: a linguistic theory that has in Hjelmslev one of its bases and a philosophical theory based on a specific reading of Husserl’s phenomenology through Merleau-Ponty’s reinterpretation. From the definition of the scientific method of Greimassian semiotics and the exploration of the...

  7. Alfabetização visual: uma abordagem arte-educativa para a contemporaneidade

    Costa Oliveira, Maria Márcia
    Diante da complexa realidade social contemporânea, a qual disponibiliza todo tipo de informação por meio dos mais variados sistemas linguísticos e aparatos tecnológicos, a escola necessita formar um cidadão capaz de interagir e se comunicar através de todos esses meios. Nesse contexto, uma linguagem constantemente utilizada é a visual. Ao situar a origem da linguagem visual na história da arte, tem-se a arte-educação como a principal responsável pelo ensino dos códigos linguísticos visuais – os quais constituem as imagens criadas e difundidas pelos diversos meios de comunicação. Dessa forma, este artigo propõe uma abordagem arte-educativa que auxilie os indivíduos na...

  8. O Estado Novo e sua relação com os imigrantes: a língua como defesa dos valores nacionais

    Bueno, Alexandre Marcelo
    Lorsqu’il cherche à imposer l’ idée d’homogénéité culturelle brésilienne, le texte d’Oliveira Viana analysé dans ce travail construit une image négative de certains groupes d’immigrés considérés “non assimilables”. Dès lors la voie est ouvert à la construction d’un discours intolérant et, plus spécifiquement, à l’intolérance linguistique.

  9. A linguagem das ladainhas de capoeira: por um estudo semiótico

    Carmona Leite, Daniel
    This article analyzes the structures that can be foreseen through the linguistic and musical parts of the ladainhas of capoeira. The studies about song made by Tatit play a very important role to this examination. At the same time, it is a first step to the establishment of the specific structures that are recurrent inside this song's gender.

  10. A instância lingüística do leitor

    Silva, Fernando Moreno da
    This article has the aim to reflect over the process of reading under the enunciation point of view. Understanding the different levels of enunciation (enunciator / enunciatee, narrator / narratee, interlocutor / interlocutee) is also comprehending the role of the reader in the production of the discours, as a coproductor, found in the concept of the subject of enunciation.

  11. O conceito peirceano de metáfora e suas interpretações: limites do verbocentrismo

    Ferraz Jr, Expedito
    This paper aims to discuss the concept of metaphor as an iconic sign, as it was proposed by Charles Sanders Peirce in his Theory of Signs. Next to a brief introduction consisting in recalling the description of the hypoicons (signs whose representative function is based on the similarity between the representamen and its object), we consider the strong tendency to what we call the verbocentric reading of the Peircian metaphor, evidenced in some essential works for the dissemination of semiotic studies. With this expression, we refer to the exclusive, or even preferential, linkage of the metaphorical iconic sign to the...

  12. Signo, significação e discurso

    Baquião, Rubens César
    This paper intends to present the foundations of the greimasian semiotic theory and their new theoretical developments. We also introduce the linguistic concepts proposed by Saussure and Hjemslev and their development in semiotics of passions and in tensive semiotics. To demonstrate the application of the theory, a publicity text is analyzed. This text is organized around the figure of Jesus Christ. The notion of Christ’s spiritual power in western society enables the understanding and the integration of internal and external values in the concept of man. The divergent values represented by the self and the other – fundamental concepts in...

  13. O narrador recusado por Saramago

    Leite Jr, José
    Two statements made by Portuguese writer José Saramago motivate this article. In thesestatements, he rejects the existence of a narrator who does not identify with the author. Saramago apparentlyquestions the theories of enunciation, which emphatically separate the author as a person from the narrator,who only gains meaning inside the limits of the text. Therefore, a confusion arises between what is ofontological nature and what is of linguistic nature. However, an analysis of these declarations in light ofGreimasian semiotics and discourse categories allows one to infer that he considers the activity of the authoras an artistic work. As a Marxist, Saramago...

  14. Inteligencias múltiples en alumnos de la Universidad Americana de Asunción

    Ruiz Diaz Morales, Daniela
    Howard Gardner (1999) describe la capacidad intelectual de las personas como un “conjunto de habilidades, talentos o capacidades, entendidas como un potencial biopsicológico  para procesar información que se activa en un marco cultural concreto para resolver problemas o crear productos. Identifica ocho inteligencias distintas: musical, cinético-corporal, lógico-matemática, lingüística, espacial, interpersonal, interpersonal y naturalista. Este trabajo tuvo como Objetivo General: Analizar las habilidades de Inteligencias Múltiples y las expectativas académicas presentes en los alumnos del 2do. Semestre en las Carreras de Marketing y Publicidad e Ingeniería Comercial, durante el Segundo periodo Académico 2015, en la Sede Central de la Universidad Americana....

  15. Peut-on combattre l'illettrisme ? [Aspects sociolinguistiques de l'inégalité des chances à l'école]

    Labov, William
    Can Illiteracy be Fought? Throughout the world, inequality of opportunity is considerably worsened whenever there is a large gap between the language that children possess on entering the school system and the language used in teaching. That is why one of aim of linguistic research on African-American Vernacular (AAV) is to improve the teaching of reading to black children from the urban ghettos of the United States. In learning to read, these children simultaneously confront several kinds of difficulties : the opposition between the values applying in the street and the values of school ; the rarity of social, economic...

  16. a problemática do colóquio: práticas de discussão desde a perspectiva filosófica na escola primária e secundária: desafios e especificidades

    Tozzi, Michel
    This colloquium was organized in partnership with the Bureau des Innovations de la Direction de l‟Enseignement Scolaire and the academic coordinators of the Academies of Montpellier, Caen and Creteil. The General Inspectorate of Philosophy was invited to attend and to participate in the event. It represents an important moment in the collective reflection on a recent French innovation: sharing new practices in the area of teaching philosophy in primary and secondary schools. There are at least five challenges for these practices, which makes the teacher's role more complex: 1) The linguistic challenge, given that they are based primarily on oral...

  17. A ubiquidade publicitária em não-lugares sob o olhar da Linguística Sistêmica Funcional: o caso da Avenida Paulista em São Paulo

    Martins, Martha Julia; Ferreira Junior, José
    O legado, em processo de construção, a ser deixado, para as gerações futuras, pelos registros publicitários, na Avenida Paulista, sinaliza para a indução ao consumo exacerbado.  O ato de transformar um espaço público em um não-lugar civil é o foco principal deste texto, cuja ferramenta de análise é a Linguística Sistêmica Funcional, em diálogo com olhar crítico em relação à supremacia mercantil na visualidade da paisagem pública urbana.

  18. El ascenso del Alma Nacional de Roma: Recursos retóricos y lingüísticos

    Sparisci, Luciana
    El propósito del siguiente trabajo será conocer cómo desde la fundación de Roma hasta el imperio, la conjunción de elementos mítico-legendarios y religiosos permite interpretar, en las páginas de la literatura latina, la tensión hacia el "ascenso" de la urbs y de sus líderes. Con el análisis de algunos autores se pretenderá revisar los recursos retóricos y lingüísticos válidos para testimoniar el afán ideológico y el amor patrio en el proceso de exaltación de Roma.

  19. La experiencia de la traducción como apropiación simbólica y práctica ritual en los nasa, Colombia

    Tocancipá Falla, Jairo
    In general terms, the idea of translating offers a conventional sense of bridging the linguistic gaps between different languages. However, the implications of undertaking such a task among ethnic groups are rarely examined, at least in a practical sense that transcends the plane of a mere understanding of the words. This thoughtful article seeks to document the experience of translating a book from English into Spanish (the latter being a generalized language amongst the Nasa people in southwestern Colombia) and its symbolic and ritual appropriation. The article argues that this type of experience shows a way of understanding and appropriating...

  20. Evidências linguístico-culturais de resistência na literatura infantil póscolonial: Literatura surda e ondjaki

    Gomes Sampaio, Sonia Maria; Gotti Pissinatti, Larissa
    Este artigo identifica as representações linguístico-culturais de resistência na narrativa Adão e Eva dos autores Lodenir Karnopp e Fabiano Rosa, da literatura surda e na obra Ynari: a menina de cinco tranças do autor angolano Ondjaki. Para tanto, usamos a abordagem comparativista trazendo as evidências de resistência nas obras a partir dos estudos pós-coloniais. Na primeira parte do artigo contextualizamos as obras e após abordamos o termo resistência a partir dos estudos pós-coloniais e, em seguida adentramos na análise das obras. A fim de delimitar os elementos de análise para comparação das obras, fizemos uso de alguns aspectos da topoanálise elencados...

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