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    Erazo Munoz, Angela Maria
    La educación, así como los modelos educativos desempeñan un papel fundamental, tanto enla difusión del plurilingüismo, como en la promoción del aprendizaje de lenguas, ycontribuyen a la integración regional, la movilidad académica y el contacto entre lenguas yculturas. Sin embargo, no parece ser una tarea fácil entender las dinámicas de este fenómeno.En la misma linea, esta investigación tuvo como objetivo principal la descripción de losprocesos de comunicación que se han llevado a cabo hasta ahora, en el contexto de laUniversidad Federal de Integración Latinoamericana (UNILA), mediante un estudiosociolingüístico de cuño etnográfico centrado en las experiencias lingüísticas de losestudiantes de este...


    Antônio R. M. Simões
    This study uses linguistic output to identify cognitive processes of language learning, i.e. the internalization of specific language components and metalinguistic or metacognitive learning mechanisms. Given that these processes are present in discourse production, they indicate a significant role of speech production in foreign language learning. Furthermore, they serve as predictors of learning processes and can be used to model learning behavior. The data to support this claim were obtained in analyses of ten native speakers of Spanish learning Brazilian Portuguese in Brazil. We found that linking rules of phonology, which are different in Portuguese and Spanish, can be indicators...

  3. by

    Aaron Francis Ralby
    This dissertation examines the nature of wisdom in medieval Germanic epics, and how this wisdom characterizes epic heroes. Germanic heroes of legend and those destined to rule a people or kingdom were expected to be both wise and brave; but the notion of what constituted wisdom was different in each of the three main surviving Germanic languages and cultures of the Middle Ages: Old English, Old Norse, and Middle High German. This dissertation examines the major epics from each of these three linguistic/cultural groups: Beowulf in Old English, Völsunga saga in Old Norse, and the Nibelungenlied in Middle High German....

  4. in Russian

    Zhanna A; Zhanna A. Glushan; Zhanna A. Glushan
    Quantified numeral subjects in Russian may famously trigger plural or singular verb agreement. Generative accounts (Pesetsky (1982), Franks (1995), Bošković (2006)) tie the variation to Case and the DP/QP distinction. Corpus-based accounts (Revzin (1978), Corbett (2000), Robblee (1993)), in addition to precedence and definiteness/specificity, note a strong correlation between agreement choice and the animacy of a QNP subject. In this paper, I attempt to reconcile the original generalizations in both linguistic traditions by proposing an account whereby (i) the animacy condition on agreement is an argument structure effect (ii) the connection between Nom case and agreement with QNP subjects is...

  5. Atypical Brain Activation During Simple & Complex Levels of Processing in Adult ADHD An

    Fmri Study; T. Sigi Hale; David Geffen; Susan Bookheimer; James J. Mcgough; Joseph M. Phillips; James T. Mccracken
    Objective: Executive dysfunction in ADHD is well supported. However, recent studies suggest that more fundamental impairments may be contributing. We assessed brain function in adults with ADHD during simple and complex forms of processing. Method: We used functional magnetic resonance imaging with forward and backward digit spans to investigate number repetitions and complex working memory function. If pathology is limited to higher cognitive operations, group differences should be confined to the backward condition. Results: During the forward digit span, ADHD participants exhibited greater activation of LH linguistic processing areas and increased activation of right frontal and parietal cortices. During the...

  6. Fuzzy Coherence: Making sense of Continuity in Hypertext Narratives

    Jukka Tyrkkö; Bookwell Oy
    Hypertexts are digital texts characterized by interactive hyperlinking and a fragmented textual organization. Increasingly prominent since the early 1990s, hypertexts have become a common text type both on the Internet and in a variety of other digital contexts. Although studied widely in disciplines like hypertext theory and media studies, formal linguistic approaches to hypertext continue to be relatively rare. This study examines coherence negotiation in hypertext with particularly reference to hypertext fiction. Coherence, or the quality of making sense, is a fundamental property of textness. Proceeding from the premise that coherence is a subjectively evaluated property rather than an objective...

  7. (120) Speeches/Conference Papers (150)

    Mahmoud F. Moore
    The increasing linguistic and cultural diversity of U.S. public schools requires teachers to be more sensitive to how symbols and figures of speech are used to maintain an effective cross-cultural communication. The purpose of this paper is to address and discuss the role of sociocultural factors that shape the insights and perspectives of diverse students in the process of interacting with others. Diverse students come to the classroom with a limited vie- of the use of English figures of speech and language symbols; they also employ culturally-bound symbols and figures of speech that cause miscommunication in the target language. Teachers...


    Glenn Wilson; Kathy Mccloskey; Iri S Davi S
    The CTS L i n g u i s t i c Processing task is a standardized loading task t h a t places va r iab le demands upon mental resources associated w i t h t h e manipulat ion and comparison o f l i n g u i s t i c

  9. Popular article Indian Journal of Science and Technology

    Ancient Indian Sciences are embedded in Vedas, Puraanas, Epics and Classics. It has been formulated as interesting and dramatic narratives for laymen, while for intellectuals, it is encrypted science. Scientific concepts occur as scattered intermittent episodes dur-ing the course of the main storyline of ancient Indian texts. A brief background of atmospheric science during the Vedic period has been provided at the outset. This prompted the post – Vedic scholars like Aarya Bhatta, Varaaha Mihira and others to compile and compose treatises like the Aarya Bhattiyam, Brihat Samhita, etc, that were dedicated to Sciences exclusively. Among all the ancient Indian...

  10. DESCRIPTORS *Cohesion (Written Composition; Compensation (Concept); Content Area Reading; *Difficulty Level;

    Ainisor Freekody; Peter Anderson; Richard C; Grade Intermediate; Grades Prior Learning
    Two experiments assessed the effects of text cohesion and schema availability on sixth grade children's comprehension of social studies passages that varied in vocabulary d*fficulty. The purpose of the experiments was to teat the Cosipensation hypothesis within the interactive theory of reading, which assume * that reading involves many complementary levels of analysis and states that when one source of knowledge about the meaning of a text element is inoperative, other sources of knowledge may provide alternative ways of determining meaning. In the first experiment, 75 sixth grade students read texts that varied in cohesion (the linguistic features contributing to...

  11. Is Language the Ultimate Artefact?1

    Michael Wheeler
    Andy Clark has argued that language is “in many ways the ultimate artifact ” (Clark 1997, p.218). Fuelling this conclusion is a view according to which the human brain is essentially no more than a pattern-completing device, while language is an external resource which is adaptively fitted to the human brain in such a way that it enables that brain to exceed its unaided (pattern-completing) cognitive capacities, in much the same way as a pair of scissors enables us to “exploit our basic manipulative capacities to fulfill new ends ” (Clark 1997, pp.193-4). How should we respond to this bold...

  12. Linguistics

    Robert D. Fiorentino; Doctor Of Philosophy
    This dissertation addresses a foundational debate regarding the role of structure and abstraction in linguistic representation, focusing on representations at the lexical level. Under one set of views, positing abstract morphologically-structured representations, words are decomposable into morpheme-level basic units; however, alternative views now challenge the need for abstract structured representation in lexical representation, claiming non-morphological whole-word storage and processing either across-the-board or depending on factors like transparency/productivity/surface form. Our cross-method/cross-linguistic results regarding morphological-level decomposition argue for initial, automatic decomposition, regardless of factors like semantic transparency, surface formal overlap, word frequency, and productivity, contrary to alternative views of the lexicon positing...

  13. Translation Combined with Multimodal Activities in the English as a Foreign

    Revista Brasileira; Linguística Aplicada; De Oliveira Branco; Belo Horizonte Brasil; Campina Grande; Paraíba Pb; Palavras-chave Tradução; Intersemiótica Multimodalidade Ensino
    How to cite Complete issue More information about this article Journal's homepage in Scientific Information System

  14. The Pragmatic Values of Evidential Sentences

    Christopher Davis; Christopher Potts; Margaret Speas; Umass Amherst
    Lewis (1986a:§5)1 articulates and explores a trio of important general theses con-cerning pragmatic values: (1) Pragmatic values are i. irreducibly distinct from semantic denotations; ii. sometimes specific to individual clause types; and iii. appropriately modeled with probabilities. Lewis (1976, 1986b) concentrates on material conditionals, arguing that their se-mantic values are propositional but that their pragmatic values are given by con-ditional subjective probabilities. Thus, from the start, the general theses (1) were linked to close linguistic analysis involving both semantic and pragmatic consider-ations. One comes away from Lewis’s papers with the sense that they could form the cornerstone for a successful...

  15. DR-LINK: A system update for TREC-2

    Elizabeth D. Liddy; Sung H. Myaeng; Elizabeth D. Liddy; Sung H. Myaeng
    The theoretical goal underlying the DR-LINK System is to represent and match documents and queries at the various linguistic levels at which human language conveys meaning. Accordingly, we have developed a modular system which processes and represents text at the lexical, syntactic, semantic, and discourse levels of language. In concert, these levels of processing permit DR-LINK to achieve a level of intelligent retrieval beyond more traditional approaches. In addition, the rich annotations to text produced by DR-LINK are replete with much of the semantics necessary for document extraction. The system was planned and developed in a modular fashion and functional...

  16. Constructing a ‘third space ’ for EFL learners: Where language and cultures meet

    Efforts have been made by language educators and researchers to use computer technology to assist L2 learners ’ growth in either linguistic or intercultural competence. Nonetheless, web-based environments devoted to developing both types of competences in tandem are new and experimental. The purpose of this project, which involves the collaboration of EFL educators and computer engineers in Taiwan, is to establish an innovative web-based environment to support students in tertiary levels to develop both types of competences. This web-based EFL learning environment experiments with a few main features: (1) instead of reading articles about a foreign culture, the users of...

  17. Printed in Great Britain Pergamon Press plc The Compound Verb in Munda:

    An Area; Typological Overview; Peter Edwin Hook
    A study of six Munda languages shows that the syntactic category cornpound verb (which alternates with simple verb) may be identified in each one of them. However, while com~und verbs in South Munda form systems which closely resemble those found in adjacent Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages, North and Central Munda feature compound verbs of a very different sort. The South Munda type seems to have arisen as the result of cross-linguistic diffusion from its neighbors while that in North and Central Munda owes its origin to independent developments. The compound verb is one of the syntactico-semantic phenomena common to most...

  18. journal of visual culture Daughter’s Tongue: The Intimate Distance of Translation

    Joanne Morra
    Translation is, for Gayatri Spivak, the most intimate act of reading. Working from accented and autoethnographic film, video and installation work, I examine what is at stake in the intimate act of a daughter translating her mother’s tongue. I am specifically concerned with representations of psychical, geographic and linguistic displace-ments within these artistic practices as a means of understanding subject formation, gendered agency, and the politics and poetics of race and ethnicity. By focusing on Chantal Akerman’s News from Home (1976) and Mona Hatoum’s Measures of Distance (1988), I suggest that the translation of one’s mother’s tongue can be thought...


    И Сопоставительного; Paul Ariste; Karl Lepa; Helgi Liin; Ilmar Mullamaa; Пауль Аристэ; Карл Лепа; Хельги Лийн; Ильмар Мулламаа; Олег Мутт; Юхан Тулдава (ответст; Paul Ariste
    jaandes on avaldatud rida uurimusi üldise, kõrvutava ja germaani keeleteaduse alalt. Autoriteks on TRÜ õppejõud ja külalisautorid, sealhulgas dr. J. 0. Askedal Oslo Ülikoolist. Сборник "Linguistica " публикуется начиная с 1969 г.

  20. Rule-based search in text databases with nonstandard orthography

    Thomas Pilz; Wolfram Luther; Norbert Fuhr; Ulrich Ammon
    In this article, we describe our interdisciplinary project ‘Rule-based search in text databases with nonstandard orthography (RSNSR) ’ in support of the conserva-tion of cultural heritage, especially for the German reception of the philosopher Nietzsche. We present a rule-based fuzzy search engine that allows users to retrieve text data independently of its orthographical realization. The rules used are derived from statistical analyses, historical publications, linguistic principles, and expert knowledge. Our Web-based tool is intended for experts as well as interested amateurs. Along with its present features, further functions are currently worked out. Among them are automatic rule derivation and finer...

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