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  1. Análisis filosófico y teológico de la mentira desde la teoría de los actos de habla

    Vide Rodríguez, Vicente
    In the current philosophical scene we have different semantic theories oftruth. Moreover, the majority of perpetrators of moral theology closely followthe thought of San Agustin and Santo Tomas de Aquino, by defining the lie as alanguage that is contrary to their own thinking with the intention to deceive. Itmust be integrated in the philosophical and theological analysis of the lie theory ofspeech acts (Austin, Searle and Habermas, among others), since lying is not justits phrase dimension. It presents, in addition, a phrase force and communicativeintent, since it can reinterpret the classical principles of the amphibole or mentalconstraint, answers with double...

  2. La metáfora en los textos de divulgación médica: un estudio sobre el cáncer

    Pastor Durán, Míriam
    La lingüística cognitiva ha demostrado que la metáfora es una herramienta básica para la estructuración del pensamiento y la transmisión del conocimiento, ya que permite expresar algo desconocido en términos de algo conocido. De hecho, la metáfora está muy presente en el lenguaje de la vida cotidiana, pero también cumple una función muy importante en el ámbito de los lenguajes de especialidad. Es por esto que en el presente trabajo se ha abordado el tema de la metáfora en los textos de especialidad, y más concretamente, en los textos de divulgación médica sobre el cáncer. Para ello se han analizado...

  3. Informativeness, Timing and Tempo in Lexical Self-Repair

    Plug, L
    This paper presents a study of the temporal organization of lexical repair in spontaneous Dutch speech. It assesses the extent to which offset-to-repair duration and repair tempo can be predicted on the basis of offset timing, reparandum tempo and measures of the informativeness of the crucial lexical items in the repair. Specifically, we address the expectations that repairs that are initiated relatively early are produced relatively fast throughout, and that relatively highly informative repairs are produced relatively slowly. For informativeness, we implement measures based on repair semantics, lexical frequency counts and cloze probabilities. Our results highlight differences between factual and...

  4. (In)competências linguísticas em crianças com atraso de linguagem

    Silva, José António Teixeira Borges Pereira da
    Pós Graduação em Educação Especial - Domínio Cognitivo e Motor

  5. Do conhecimento gramatical ao conhecimento didático no ensino da gramática : perceções de docentes do 1º Ciclo do Ensino Básico

    Silva, Cristina Vieira; Pereira, Íris
    O ensino gramatical, ainda que contemplado nos documentos curriculares oficiais para o Ensino Básico e considerado como um domínio transversal a toda a educação linguística, tem vindo a ser identificado como uma área desafiante para muitos docentes portugueses, nomeadamente os do 1.º Ciclo. A escolha do quadro metodológico de investigação para dar conta da problemática sob estudo (perceções destes profissionais acerca do ensino e aprendizagem do conhecimento gramatical) recaiu sobre o estudo de caso coletivo. Apresentamos os resultados de um inquérito por questionário, recolhidos junto de 171 docentes do 1.º Ciclo do Ensino Básico, visando identificar (i) a importância atribuída...

  6. Perceções de mestrandos na área de formação de professores sobre educação linguística

    Silva, Cristina Vieira

  7. Adaptación cultural, validación y valores de referencia del "Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile" en España

    Gándara Gafo, Berta
    Objectives: To culturally adapt, validate and obtain the normative values of the Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile in Spain. Methodology: The cultural adaptation was done using of a process of direct and reverse translation, cognitive interviews about its understanding, revision by an expert linguist and the analysis of repeatability in a monolingual and bilingual sample. The reliability has been secured by an analysis of the inner consistency and the Pearson correlation. The discriminating validity has been developed among people with schizophrenia disorder and with an average development. The normative values have been obtained from 787 people. Result: The cultural adaptation required some...

  8. Procedural Learning and Individual Differences in Language

    Lee, Joanna C.; Tomblin, J. Bruce
    The aim of the current study was to examine different aspects of procedural memory in young adults who varied with regard to their language abilities. We selected a sample of procedural memory tasks, each of which represented a unique type of procedural learning, and has been linked, at least partially, to the functionality of the corticostriatal system. The findings showed that variance in language abilities is associated with performance on different domains of procedural memory, including the motor domain (as shown in the pursuit rotor task), the cognitive domain (as shown in the weather prediction task), and the linguistic domain...

  9. Auditory attention strategy depends on target linguistic properties and spatial configurationa)

    McCloy, Daniel R.; Lee, Adrian K. C.
    Whether crossing a busy intersection or attending a large dinner party, listeners sometimes need to attend to multiple spatially distributed sound sources or streams concurrently. How they achieve this is not clear—some studies suggest that listeners cannot truly simultaneously attend to separate streams, but instead combine attention switching with short-term memory to achieve something resembling divided attention. This paper presents two oddball detection experiments designed to investigate whether directing attention to phonetic versus semantic properties of the attended speech impacts listeners' ability to divide their auditory attention across spatial locations. Each experiment uses four spatially distinct streams of monosyllabic words,...

  10. Judgments of Social Awkwardness from Brief Exposure to Children with and without High-Functioning Autism

    Grossman, Ruth B
    We form first impressions of many traits based on very short interactions. This study examines whether typical adults judge children with high-functioning autism (HFA) to be more socially awkward than their typically developing (TD) peers based on very brief exposure to still images, audio-visual, video-only, or audio-only information. We used video and audio recordings of children with and without HFA captured during a story-retelling task. Typically developing adults were presented with 1-second and 3-second clips of these children, as well as still images, and asked to judge whether the person in the clip was socially awkward. Our findings show that...

  11. Real-time processing of ASL signs: Delayed first language acquisition affects organization of the mental lexicon

    Lieberman, Amy M.; Borovsky, Arielle; Hatrak, Marla; Mayberry, Rachel I.
    Sign language comprehension requires visual attention to the linguistic signal and visual attention to referents in the surrounding world, whereas these processes are divided between the auditory and visual modalities for spoken language comprehension. Additionally, the age-onset of first language acquisition and the quality and quantity of linguistic input and for deaf individuals is highly heterogeneous, which is rarely the case for hearing learners of spoken languages. Little is known about how these modality and developmental factors affect real-time lexical processing. In this study, we ask how these factors impact real-time recognition of American Sign Language (ASL) signs using a...

  12. The effects of selective attention and speech acoustics on neural speech-tracking in a multi-talker scene

    Rimmele, Johanna M.; Golumbic, Elana Zion; Schröger, Erich; Poeppel, David
    Attending to one speaker in multi-speaker situations is challenging. One neural mechanism proposed to underlie the ability to attend to a particular speaker is phase-locking of low-frequency activity in auditory cortex to speech’s temporal envelope (“speech-tracking”), which is more precise for attended speech. However, it is not known what brings about this attentional effect, and specifically if it reflects enhanced processing of the fine structure of attended speech. To investigate this question we compared attentional effects on speech-tracking of natural vs. vocoded speech which preserves the temporal envelope but removes the fine-structure of speech. Pairs of natural and vocoded speech...

  13. The Development of Coordinated Communication in Infants at Heightened Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Parladé, Meaghan V.; Iverson, Jana M.
    This study evaluated the extent to which developmental change in coordination of social communication in early infancy differentiates children eventually diagnosed with ASD from those not likely to develop the disorder. A prospective longitudinal design was used to compare 9 infants at heightened risk for ASD (HR) later diagnosed with ASD, to 13 HR infants with language delay, 28 HR infants with no diagnosis, and 30 low risk infants. Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM) analyses revealed that ASD infants exhibited significantly slower growth in coordinations overall and in gestures coordinated with vocalizations, even relative to HR infants with language delay. Disruption in the development of gesture-vocalization coordinations may result in...

  14. English, Spanish and Ethno-Racial Receptivity in a New Destination: A Case Study of Dominican Immigrants in Reading, PA

    Oropesa, R.S.
    Scant information is available on experiences with language among immigrant populations in new destinations. This study provides a multi-dimensional portrait of the linguistic incorporation of Dominican immigrants in the “majority-minority” city of Reading, Pennsylvania. The results show that daily life for most largely occurs in a Spanish-language milieu, but English proficiency and use in social networks is primarily a function of exposure to the United States. This is consistent with the standard narrative of assimilation models. At the same time, negative experiences with the use of both English and Spanish suggest that the linguistic context of reception is inhospitable for...

  15. Without his shirt off he saved the child from almost drowning: interpreting an uncertain input

    Frazier, Lyn; Clifton, Charles
    Unedited speech and writing often contains errors, e.g., the blending of alternative ways of expressing a message. As a result comprehenders are faced with decisions about what the speaker may have intended, which may not be the same as the grammatically-licensed compositional interpretation of what was said. Two experiments investigated the comprehension of inputs that may have resulted from blending two syntactic forms. The results of the experiments suggest that readers and listeners tend to repair such utterances, restoring them to the presumed intended structure, and they assign the interpretation of the corrected utterance. Utterances that are repaired are expected...

  16. Ancient crops provide first archaeological signature of the westward Austronesian expansion

    Crowther, A; Lucas, L; Helm, R; Horton, M; Shipton, C; Wright, HT; Walshaw, S; Pawlowicz, M; Radimilahy, C; Douka, K; Picornell-Gelabert, L; Fuller, DQ; Boivin, NL
    The Austronesian settlement of the remote island of Madagascar remains one of the great puzzles of Indo-Pacific prehistory. Although linguistic, ethnographic, and genetic evidence points clearly to a colonization of Madagascar by Austronesian language-speaking people from Island Southeast Asia, decades of archaeological research have failed to locate evidence for a Southeast Asian signature in the island's early material record. Here, we present new archaeobotanical data that show that Southeast Asian settlers brought Asian crops with them when they settled in Africa. These crops provide the first, to our knowledge, reliable archaeological window into the Southeast Asian colonization of Madagascar. They...

  17. Subtitling and dubbing songs in musical films

    Gato, Martha García
    ABSTRACTAudiovisual translation (AVT) is a type of translation subjected to numerous constraints. Until now, many studies have been carried out about subtitling and dubbing in films. In musical films, which have been less studied, language transfer is mainly made through songs and, due to their characteristics, their translation is additionally constrained. This article provides some insights into some elements that make translation of songs for dubbing and subtitling a complex task using songs from the musical film My Fair Lady. RESUMENLa traducción audiovisual (AVT) es un campo de la traducción sujeto a numerosos condicionantes. Hasta la fecha se han desarrollado múltiples...

  18. Análisis de la metáfora en el discurso de toma de posesión del Presidente Barack Obama (20 de enero de 2009)

    Romero, Isabel Duque; Salinas, Ernestina Salcedo
    Este artículo se centra en el análisis de la metáfora en el discurso de toma de posesión del Presidente de Estados Unidos, Baraca Hussein Abana, el 20 de enero de 2009, pretende hacer un estudio de la forma como transmitíó su mensaje mediante la utilización del recurso lingüístico de la metáfora. Para llegar a tal análisis se consideran los planteamientos fundamentales de la Longi setica Cognitiva en torno a la metáfora, se indaga sobre los procesos de pensamiento que ocurren durante el uso de Sta., se hace una aproximación a la misma en los procesos de traducción de una lengua...

  19. Factores culturales y de bilingüísmo en los procesos de transferencia tecnológica

    Rodríguez, Edgar Mauricio
    En el siguiente artículo se analizarán aspectos relacionados con la cultura y el bilingüismo que inciden en los procesos de transferencia tecnológica. La forma como se analizan estos elementos deja entre ver la realidad de manejos de ciertos términos como el bilingüismo, que por años, han hecho creer que su relevancia e incidencia es limitada. Por el contrario, lo que se ha encontrado al respecto hasta el momento, es que si bien es cierto que elementos culturales y lingüísticos inciden de una manera representativa en la adaptación y transferencia tecnológicos, su relación con el manejo de una o dos lenguas...

  20. Étude pilote sur l’analyse des stéréotypes linguistiques du mot «apprendre» et ses représentations chez les enseignants colombiens de fle

    , Jenny Katherine Moreno Moreno
    RESUMÉÉCet article a pour but de reconstruire la signification lexicale du mot « apprendre » à travers les représentations linguistiques réalisé par une audience de dix enseignants colombiens de FLE, et la Sémantique des possibles argumentatifs (SPA), une approche en analyse des discours. Nous construirons d’abord la dimension argumentative du mot en utilisant 4 niveaux proposés par la SPA: le noyau (les traits de catégorisation), les stéréotypes (les blocs d’argumentation interne), les possibles argumentatifs (les blocs d’argumentation externe) et les déploiements discursifs (les séquences argumentatives). Ces derniers composants seront validés à l’aide d’un questionnaire possédant les associations les plus attachées...

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