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  1. A Failure of Communication on the Cross-Cultural Campus

    Lorraine Brown
    This article reports findings from an ethnographic study into the adjustment experience of a group of postgraduate international students at a university in the South of England. Friendship emerged as a major theme in this study; of particular importance to students was the desire and failure to achieve contact with host nationals. An absence of host contact was a source of deep disillusionment for students who understood the positive impact of host friends on linguistic and cultural knowledge. A lack of host contact was attributed by students to indifference on the part of the host community, and in the extreme...

  2. Dictogloss: The Role of Reconstruction Tasks on Noticing

    Nesrin Oruç
    The idea that noticing captures a key role in second language acquisition, made the practitioners in the field search for ways of promoting noticing. In order to focus the learners ’ attention to the form in the input, different attention gathering techniques, procedures and activities have been used. This study is an investigation of the role of dictogloss; a reconstruction activity popularized recently, as a task in promoting noticing. Two groups of Intermediate Turkish learners of English language (n=42) were given a pre-test before they were presented the same linguistic form by traditional Present-Practice-Produce method. The difference in the educational...

  3. THE NEUROSCIENCES AND MUSIC II I—DISORDERS AND PLASTICITY Reducing Linguistic Information Enhances Singing Proficiency in Occasional Singers

    Magdalena Berkowskaa; Simone Dalla Bellaa
    In this study we examined the effect of reducing linguistic information on singing proficiency in occasional singers. Thirty-nine occasional singers were asked to sing from memory and to imitate three familiar melodies with lyrics and on the syllable /la/. Performances were analyzed with an acoustically based method yielding objective measures of pitch and temporal accuracy. Results obtained in production and imitation tasks revealed increased accuracy (e.g., fewer pitch interval errors and contour errors) when occasional singers produced melodies on a syllable as compared to singing with lyrics. This effect may be the result of reducedmemory load and/ormotor entrainment. Key words:...

  4. Egalitarianism; Hate Speech; *Offensive Speech

    Catalano Tim; Tim Catalano
    Many instructors are planning to teach their writing classes in the networked computer classroom. Through the use of electronic mail, course listservs, and chat programs, the instructor is offered the opportunity to facilitate a more egalitarian classroom discourse that creates a strong sense of community, not only between students, but also between students and instructors. Unfortunately, some inflammatory and offensive discourses appear over the network, including such words as "bitch " or "fag. " Another far more subtle and far more problematic discourse also exists which does not necessarily seek to offend, but does seek to create a patriarchal discourse...

  5. The Use of Technology In-and-Outside of Second Language Classrooms: The Need for Teacher Training in Technology

    Mi Sun Park
    Research has shown that the use of technology can be a pioneering and innovative means of language learning and teaching. Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) provides learners with individualized instruction, naturalistic linguistic environment, and greater opportunities to actively engage in interaction with peers and teachers A number of studies (see Bhatia & Ritchie, 2009 for more details) have reported that students in the CALL setting tend to show less negative affect but higher levels of interest, motivation, and participation in learning the target language. However, such encouraging findings were observed primarily with students who had positive attitudes toward technology, as pointed...

  6. $rec.titulo

    ensure consistency of instruction and procedure throughout all 20 classrooms. It is important to note that while the program itself was highly structured, some measure must be given to the proper assignment of students to conditions. From the results of this research, it has been found that the student acting as tutor must have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter presented to the tutee. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Lee Epstein is presently functioning as a child-school psychologist in private practice in I^ouisville, Ky., andholdsan adjunct faculty position at Indiana University Southeast in the Division of Education. His major professional interests...

  7. Basic linguistic composition recruits the left anterior temporal lobe and left angular gyrus during both listening and

    D. K. Bemis; L. Pylkkänen
    Language is experienced primarily through one to two mediums— spoken words and written text. Although substantially different in form, these two linguistic vehicles possess similar powers of expression. Consequently, one goal for the cognitive neuroscience of language is to determine where, if anywhere, along the neural path from sensory stimulation to ultimate comprehension these two processing streams converge. In the present study, we investigate the relationship between basic combinatorial operations in both reading and listening. Using magnetoencephalography, we measured neural activity elicited by the comprehension of simple adjective– noun phrases (red boat) using the same linguistic materials and tasks in...

  8. Expert System for Employees Performance Appraisal in IT Organizations

    Ashima Aggarwal; Gour Sundar; Mitra Thakur
    Abstract — Performance Appraisal of employees plays a very critical role towards the growth of any organization. It has always been a tough task for any industry or organization as there is no unanimous scientific modus operandi for that. Performance Appraisal system is used to assess the capabilities and productiveness of the employees. In assessing employee performance, performance appraisal commonly includes assigning numerical values or linguistic labels to employees performance. However, the employee performance appraisal may include judgments which are based on imprecise data particularly when one employee tries to interpret another employee‟s performance. Thus, the values assigned by the...

  9. FORUM

    Response To Balari; Derek Bickerton
    Adam’s Tongue, as its title surely indicates, is about the transition from the alingual state that characterizes all other species to something that might qualify as a genuine precursor of language, thereby opening the road for (not, pace Balari & Lorenzo—henceforth B&L—making “inevitable”) the subsequent development of true language. It is thus illogical to complain, as B&L do, that it lacks explana-tions of “agreement, questions, anaphora ” and similar components of full human language; inevitably, given the book’s scope, such features of later development are touched on briefly, if at all. The book’s secondary goal is to explain why human...


    Centro De; Laylla Donata Cardoso; Esta Dissertação; Laylla Donata Cardoso; Mestre Em Letras; Opção Língua; Inglesa Lingüística Aplicada; Dr. José Luiz Meurer

  11. Recommended Citation

    Christopher Hutton; Christopher Hutton
    The tangle of colonial modernity: Hong Kong as a distinct linguistic and conceptual space within the global common law

  12. Dalhousie Journal of Interdisciplinary Management NetSpeakWrite: A New Breed of Communication

    Amy Paterson
    extremely interested in the role of libraries in education and hopes to be a writer and a school librarian. This paper was originally written as part of the Information in Society MLIS course. Abstract: This paper examines the recent linguistic phenomena of texting and instant messaging, paying particular attention to the unique linguistic properties exhibited in digital communications. Through an examination of the use and influence of TextSpeak, I conclude that its demonstrated linguistic patterns are unique in conforming to a written standard, rather than the verbal conventions of other languages. Based on these conclusions, I recommend that this new...

  13. Peculiarities of Mental Space in Modern Linguistics

    Maryet Pshimafovna Akhidzhakova; Irina Viktorovna Arkhipova; Aleksandra Yuryevna Baranova; Aleksandr Nikolaevich Novikov
    The article considers the principles of intellectualism and anthropocentrism, correlating to the classical approaches of G.W.F. Hegel, W. Humboldt, I. Kant, Plato, A. Potebnja, G. Shpet and developed by M. Mamardashvili, N. Chomsky. Mental space is characterized by a specific systematicity for which some dominant areas, mental spheres, mental phrasemes verbalized at lexical, semantic and structural levels are essential. The author’s bilingual consciousness is capable of forming grammatically correct structures including a feedback to an initial intention and assessing of an obtained result by its content while respecting the scientific traditions of the theory of denoting. Such mental space usually...

  14. Grammar Teaching Revisited: EFL Teachers between Grammar Abstinence and Formal Grammar Teaching

    Ahmad Nazari; Negah Allahyar; Negah Allahyar; Universiti Sains Malaysia
    Abstract: The study of English language teachers ’ cognitions and its relationship to teachers ’ classroom practices have recently been the focus of language teaching and teacher education (Borg, 2006 & 2010). However, rarely have the studies delved into teachers’ knowledge about grammar (reviewed by Borg, 2001) or investigated the relationships between teachers ’ knowledge about grammar and teachers ’ actions (Borg, 2003; Sanchez, 2010). Moreover, these studies have been mostly conducted by English native speaker researchers who do not necessarily have the same cultural or linguistic background of the participants in the studies (Andrew, 2001 cited in Sanchez, 2010,...


    Clare Henderson Deborah Fraser
    ABSTRACT Gardner (1983, 1993) has long argued that education privileges certain intelligences, primarily the linguistic and the logical-mathematical. As the arts tend to emphasise ways of knowing outside these intelligences, their marginalised status is exacerbated. A recent two-year project in eight primary schools on dance, drama, music and visual art found that the non-verbal aspects of each art form warranted serious attention to investigate what it means to learn in the arts. In this paper we describe and discuss the results of an aspect of action research in dance from this larger research project. We demonstrate how movement can be...

  16. TeI Aviv University

    Yosef Grodzinsky
    The focus of this paper is the syntactic deficit in agrammatic aphasia. The specific issue is the extent to which prepositions are impaired in this syndrome. This category is of particular interest because of the unique role its members play in the grmmar. This is the organization of the paper: First, several descriptive generalizations are esamined criti-cally, and arguments against them are advanced. Then, a new hypothesis is formulated, stated in terms of current linguistic theory. This hypothesis views the deficit as being partial from a syntactic point of view. The relevant notion to account for the data (ix., partitioning...

  17. The Genesis of the Pronoun *ngali in Australia

    Geoffrey N. O'grady
    The grand historical panorama which unfolds in R.M.W. Dixon's major new work, The LanguageA ofAustralia (1980), is quite breath taking. This prolific linguist is to be heartily congratulated on having produced a work which will enable the lay reader to apprec iate the scope of the linguistic diversity within Australia, and which at the same time will be of great value to the specialist linguist. Yet the picture which the writer paints of the routes through which this diversity unfolded is, to put it in a nutshell, too stupendous. He would have us believe, no less, that he has been...

  18. Dedication

    Darwish Ghuloom; Hussein Yousef Al-amadidhi
    To my parents and my wife with love and gratitude This thesis embodies the result of an investigation into two linguistic variables: the (d3) and the (Q) in QD. The basic issue tackled is this: are variations observed in these variables rule governed? If so, are they linguistic or non-linguistic? A close examination of the data has shown that the variables are governed to a great extent by the class of lexical item containing the variaoles. Moreover they have demonstrated co-variation with paralinguistic factors such as social group membership, age, level of education and style. The social motivation for change...

  19. The Syntax and Semantics of Prepositions in the Task of Automatic Interpretation of Nominal Phrases and Compounds: A Cross-Linguistic Study

    Roxana Girju
    In this article we explore the syntactic and semantic properties of prepositions in the context of the semantic interpretation of nominal phrases and compounds. We investigate the problem based on cross-linguistic evidence from a set of six languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Romanian. The focus on English and Romance languages is well motivated. Most of the time, English nominal phrases and compounds translate into constructions of the form N P N in Romance languages, where the P (preposition) may vary in ways that correlate with the semantics. Thus, we present empirical observations on the distribution of nominal phrases...

  20. Natural Phonology: Universal principles for the study of language (insiders meet outsiders). Paper presented at Special Session of 2007 ICPhS

    Katarzyna Dziubalska-kołaczyk
    Ever since Jakobson (or, shall we say, Plato?) linguists have been searching for universals (e.g. [1]). Their views on the role of universals in language and linguistics have varied widely, though. In this session we want to concentrate on the question of the existence of universal principles for the study of language. Natural Phonology has always advocated (cf. e.g. [2], [3], [4]) the holistic view on language, both in the sense of analyzing language structures (against ‘splendid isolation ’ of any structure) as well as in the sense of seeing language as part of the universe. The latter means that...

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