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21. Aproximación al análisis dialectométrico de la entonación entre algunos puntos del dominio lingüístico catalán - Fernàndez Planas, Anna Maria; Roseano, Paolo; Martínez Celdrán, Eugenio; Romera Barrios, Lourdes
This paper presents the results of a dialectometrical analysis of the intonation of broad focus statements and information-seeking yes-no questions in Catalan. The dialectometrical analysis technique aims at gropuing the data basing on the distances among them. The first step of the analysis consists in calculating a distance matrix. Such distances are then represented, by means of Multidimensional Scaling (MDS), in a metric space having the lowest possible number of dimensions. In this space, the proximity between objects is represented with the highest degree of fidelity. Another way of representing the results of the analysis is the dendrogram, a tree...

22. Mesure de la variation prosodique diatopique en portugais européen - Castro Moutinho, Lurdes de; Coimbra, Rosa Lídia; Rilliard, Albert; Romano, Antonio
The need to describe and compare the prosodic features of Romance language varieties has given rise to the international project AMPER (Atlas Multimédia Prosódico do Espaço Românico, cf. Moutinho & Coimbra, 2000, Romano, 2001) in which teams from various phonetic laboratories in Europe and Latin-America have adopted common strategies for corpus formation, collection and analysis. In fact, intonation in Romance languages presents different schemes, diatopically marked, which can be converging or diverging within the same linguistic domain (Contini, 1992; Romano, 2001; Contini , 2008; Contini et al, 2008; Turculeţ, ed., 2008). In this article, we will present the results of analysis...

23. Corpus based prosodic variation in Basque: Y/N questions marked with the particle al - Aurrekoetxea Olabarri, Gotzon; Gaminde Terraza, Iñaki; Iglesias Chaves, Aitor
This paper describes the intonational variation between two generations in three different localities of the Basque Country, using data recorded and organized in the EDAK corpus (Dialectal Oral Corpus of the Basque Language) and analysing the usage of just one type of sentence, namely y/n questions. In the selected localities, there are two morphological ways of constructing this type of sentence: using the morphological marker al before the verb (or between the verb and the auxiliary) or not using it. First, we identify the phonological patterns that exist in these localities. Then, we analyse intergenerational variation, according to the five...

24. Los derechos humanos y el Estado moderno: (¿Qué hace moderno al derecho moderno?) - Correas, Óscar
Este texto tiene por objeto presentar los derechos humanos como derechos subjetivos y, por tanto, como recurso discursivo propio de la sociedad moderna. Los derechos subjetivos son una estrategia discursiva en virtud de la cual los individuos han perdido su contacto con sus compañeros de la sociedad civil, y se encuentran aislados, en relación única con una ficción a la que el propio discurso del derecho llama "estado". Los ciudadanos han sido despojados de la posibilidad de dirigirse a los otros miembros de la sociedad civil y obligados, en sus conflictos con ellos, a dirigirse a funcionarios especiales que se...

25. Recorridos de La mujer sentada. Las tiras cómicas de Copi entre París y Buenos Aires - Plante, Isabel
During the 1960’ –those years marked by the growth of cultural industry and political radicalization in diverse points of the world–  the cultural field was shaped by the tensions between ‘Art’ and ‘minor culture’ or between visual production and political commitment. In this context, the multiple activity of Copi makes him a key case since it fluently traveled trough narrative writing, dramaturgy and graphic humor. Living in Paris since 1962, Copi created for the newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur the character that made this argentine artist famous in France, La Femme Assise (The sitting woman). Conceived for the massive audience of...

26. Two presidents under the gaze of the satirical cartoonist: the case of the political cartoon and its resources in two productions from France and Argentina - Pedrazzini, Ana
By articulating qualitative and quantitative analyses, we have made a bicultural study of linguistic and icono-plastic devices participating in the production of meaning in the satirical press. Therefore we have analyzed 248 political cartoons and strips which refer to presidents Jacques Chirac (1995-2007) and Carlos Menem (1989-1999) in the French satirical weekly Le Canard enchaîné and the Argentinean weekly newspaper supplement Sátira/12 respectively, during two periods of great political importance: the beginning of their first presidential term, and re-election. The analysis of their visual representation, as well as the verbal and visual rhetorical figures used, indicate a similar tendency in...

27. 'Le vin rouge et l'amour': color rojo, metáforas lingüísticas y traducibilidad - Ravakiniaina Rakotonanahary, Tahirisoa

28. Categorización de las revistas españolas de Lingüística: indicadores sobre trayectoria, apertura de la autoría e internacionalidad en el periodo 2004-2013 - Rodríguez Yunta, Luis
[EN] This working paper presents a model of report for the evaluation of Spanish journals of Human and Social Sciences, based on bibliographic content recorded by the database ISOC of Spanish Council for Scientific Research. The aim of the report is to develop a system of categorization of Spanish scientific journals specialized in the area of ​​knowledge of Linguistics, according to the information gathered in this resource, which is a byproduct.

29. Caracterización de las revistas españolas de Lingüística: Producción científica y perfil temático en el periodo 2004-2013 - Campos Alberca, Julia; Ortega Priego, José Luis; Rodríguez Yunta, Luis
EN] This working paper presents a report of characterization of Spanish journals on Linguistics, based on bibliographic content recorded by the database ISOC of Spanish Council for Scientific Research. The objective is to show as complete as possible a picture of these publications, using the accumulated information in this resource, which is a byproduct. The report includes three types of data: identification of publications, features scientific production profile and predominant theme in their articles.

30. Modeling the cultural evolution of language - Steels, Luc
The paper surveys recent research on language evolution, focusing in particular on models of cultural evolution and how they are being developed and tested using agent-based computational simulations and robotic experiments. The key challenges for evolutionary theories of language are outlined and some example results are discussed, highlighting models explaining how linguistic conventions get shared, how conceptual frameworks get coordinated through language, and how hierarchical structure could emerge. The main conclusion of the paper is that cultural evolution is a much more powerful process that usually assumed, implying that less innate structures or biases are required and consequently that human...

31. Metaphor and Genre: An Approach to improve the learning process of English for Aeronautics - Robisco Martín, María del Mar; Cuadrado Esclapez, Georgina
This study suggests a theoretical framework for improving the teaching/ learning process of English employed in the Aeronautical discourse that brings together cognitive learning strategies, Genre Analysis and the Contemporary theory of Metaphor (Lakoff and Johnson 1980; Lakoff 1993). It maintains that cognitive strategies such as imagery, deduction, inference and grouping can be enhanced by means of metaphor and genre awareness in the context of content based approach to language learning. A list of image metaphors and conceptual metaphors which comes from the terminological database METACITEC is provided. The metaphorical terms from the area of Aeronautics have been taken from specialised dictionaries and...

32. Los componentes categoriales como base para una lexicografía científica Die kategorialkomponent als Grundlage einer wissenschaftlichen Lexikografie Les composants catégoriques au fondement d'une lexicographie scientifique The categorical components a basis to a scientific lexicography I componenti categoriali come base per una lessicografia scientifica - Carlos Cristos, Timoteo Francisco
Es una versión abreviada de mi tesis doctoral “Los componentes categoriales como base para las definiciones lexicográficas”, dirigida por el Prof. Dr. Manuel Alvar Ezquerra. Se ha reducido de 715 a unas 300 páginas, descartando el “Diccionario Sistemático de Insectos”, el Corpus de las entradas de Artefactos e Insectos y numerosas tablas de órdenes y familias de Insectos, que quedan representados por unos pocos ejemplos. La investigación de numerosas definiciones de “artefactos” e “insectos” de varios diccionarios tiene como objetivo descubrir la microestructura y macroestructura semánticas implícitas en las definiciones, detectando los criterios que se siguen en la práctica lexicográfica...

33. Choices over time: Methodological issues in investigating current change - Aarts, B; Wallis, S; Close, J
The fact that English is changing is immediately apparent to a modern reader of, say, eighteenth- or nineteenth-century literature, or indeed to a teenager speaking to an elderly relative. However, as Mair (2006a: 15–21) points out, anecdotal evidence for linguistic change is unreliable. The systematic study of language change requires large, evenly balanced and reliably annotated corpora with texts sampled over a period of time. These considerations are accepted by many linguists working on current changes in English. However, with regard to methodology we observe that within the field of diachronic corpus linguistics there are still a number of issues...

34. Students' viewpoint on engineering subjects taugh in English - Heras Cisa, F. Xavier de las; Lao Luque, Concepción; Fortuny Santos, Jordi; Alsina Aubach, Montserrat
The European Educational Institutions have the challenge and the commitment to enhance multilingual competence and teaching curricular subjects in a foreign language is seen as one of the most promising alternatives. In that context, professors teaching different engineering subjects at the School of Engineering of the UPC at Manresa (EPSEM) have been involved in projects aiming at analyzing the current linguistic situation and developing some on-line open access materials using CLIL as a strategy. They formed the u-Linguatech Research Group on Multilingual Communication in Science and Technology in order to provide such resources in an effective and efficient way. In...

35. El Pluralismo lingüístico en el estado autonómico / Alberto López Basaguren. - López Basaguren, Alberto.

36. A bayesian approach to genome/linguistic relationships in native south americans - Amorim, Carlos Eduardo Guerra; Machado, Rafael Bisso; Ramallo, Virgínia; Bortolini, Maria Cátira; Bonatto, Sandro Luis; Salzano, Francisco Mauro; Hunemeier, Tábita
The relationship between the evolution of genes and languages has been studied for over three decades. These studies rely on the assumption that languages, as many other cultural traits, evolve in a gene-like manner, accumulating heritable diversity through time and being subjected to evolutionary mechanisms of change. In the present work we used genetic data to evaluate South American linguistic classifications. We compared discordant models of language classifications to the current Native American genome-wide variation using realistic demographic models analyzed under an Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) framework. Data on 381 STRs spread along the autosomes were gathered from the literature...

37. Gramáticas lógicas: resolución de problemas en lenguaje natural - García Serrano, Ana
Esta tesis tiene por objeto estudiar las posibilidades de realizar en castellano tareas relativas a la resolución de problemas con sistemas basados en el conocimiento. En los dos primeros capítulos se plantea un análisis de la trayectoria seguida por las técnicas de tratamiento del lenguaje natural, prestando especial interés a los formalismos lógicos para la comprensión del lenguaje. Seguidamente, se plantea una valoración de la situación actual de los sistemas de tratamiento del lenguaje natural. Finalmente, se presenta lo que constituye el núcleo de este trabajo, un sistema llamado Sirena, que permite realizar tareas de adquisición, comprensión, recuperación y explicación de conocimiento en castellano con sistemas basados en el conocimiento. Este sistema contiene...

38. Segregation and the Quality of Government in a Cross-Section of Countries - Alesina, Alberto; Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina
We provide a new compilation of data on ethnic, linguistic, and religious composition at the subnational level for a large number of countries. Using these data, we measure segregation of groups within the country. To overcome the endogeneity problem that arises because of mobility and endogenous internal borders, we construct an instrument for segregation. We find that more ethnically and linguistically segregated countries, i.e., those where groups live more spatially separately, have a lower quality of government; there is no relationship between religious segregation and governance. Trust is an important channel of influence; it is lower in more segregated countries.

Do envolvimento dos pais na vida escolar dos filhos, depende, em boa parte, também o envolvimento e aproveitamento escolar dos alunos (Henderson, 1987, Epstein, 1987, Davies, 1993, Zenhas, 2006, Sanches, 2007). Muitas crianças e jovens imigrantes têm insucesso escolar porque os currículos e os professores não estão preparados para respeitar e valorizar as diferenças linguísticas e culturais (Marques, 1997). Como consequência dessa inadaptação escolar, surge a desmotivação, o insucesso escolar, a ausência e o abandono escolar precoce. Para que o sucesso escolar dessas crianças e jovens se concretize é necessária a intervenção e colaboração de várias parcerias no processo do...

40. Evaluating the impact of some linguistic information on the performances of a similarity-based and translations-oriented Word Sense Disambiguation method - Rakho, Myriam; Constant, Matthieu
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