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21. REALL: Rubric for the evaluation of apps in language learning - Martín-Monje, Elena; Arús-Hita, Jorge; Rodríguez-Arancón, Pilar; Calle-Martínez, Cristina
Rubrics, or documents for standardized assessment have been generalized in education in the past decade, and several benefits can be drawn from their use: a more objective assessment, a clear understanding of the criteria used, a homogenization of expectations and desirable features, etc. Thus, there have been several attempts to create rubrics for evaluating educational apps (see, for example, Avatar Generation, 2012 or Santiago, 2012) but not much has been done specifically in the field of Foreign Language Teaching (FLT). Our contribution seeks to fill that gap by presenting a rubric which includes criteria that are educational but also linguistic.

22. Fostering intercultural competence through contextualized texts in EFL settings - Arús Hita, Jorge; Bárcena-Madera, Elena; Rodríguez-Arancón, Pilar
Intercultural competence and language proficiency are mutually dependant for effective foreign language learning/teaching. This paper puts forward a methodological proposal in which each lesson includes a carefully designed text which includes lexicogrammatical features that help relate the linguistic production to choices made at the extralinguistic level, and thus foster the development of cultural competence. The exploitation of the lesson’s script is done through fully contextualized activities which gradually familiarize learners with the use of the lexicogrammar for the negotiation of a specific situation proper to the target culture, and thus brings them up to act as interculturally competent speakers. The...

23. A pedagogic assessment of mobile learning applications - Arús-Hita, Jorge; Rodríguez-Arancón, Pilar; Calle-Martínez, Cristina
This paper provides an examination of both the qualities and limitations of the most salient MALL (Mobil Assisted Language Learning) applications available at the moment by assessing their features from a pedagogic point of view. Operating systems like Google’s open source Android, Apple’s iOS, and Microsoft’s Windows 7, are getting more sophisticated all the time and now have the potential to dramatically change ESL. These devices support individual and collaborative learning and are used by methodologists, linguistic engineers and technological enterprises to develop technology which assists students to learn anytime and anywhere. As a consequence, a large amount of applications...

24. Temporalidad y representación de las violencias privadas en tres novelas colombianas Cóndores no entierran todos los días (1971) de Gustavo Álvarez Gardeazábal, Estaba la pájara pinta sentada en el verde limón (1975) de Albalucía Ángel y Los ejércitos (2007) de Evelio José Rosero - Quintero Dueñas, Gina Paola
La literatura Colombiana del siglo XX estuvo mediada por la violencia política, en la cual novelas como Cóndores no entierran todos los días (1971) de Gustavo Álvarez Gardeazábal, Estaba la pájara pinta sentada en el verde limón (1975) de Albalucía Ángel y Los ejércitos (2007) de Evelio José Rosero han sido catalogadas como Novelas de Violencia y en donde dichos estudios no se ha contemplado los diferentes universos novelescos que entrañan las violencias de tipo privado expresas por medio de la palabra, la acción, el gesto y los lenguajes extra lingüísticos. Aspectos como la violencia al interior de la familia, las...

25. Feminismo y género en "La hembra de la lengua": ponencias sobre discurso y género de Zuleikha Abu Risha - Haidar, Larosi; Al Duweiri, Hussein
This work is intended to approach to the Jordanian researcher, Zuleikha Abu Risha, based on her work The Female of the Language: Papers on Discourse and Gender, which summarizes the concerns and worries of the author in the field of critical and linguistic research. In 1996, Abu Risha published her first book on the subject, which, somehow, brought a revolution and challenge towards the prevailing masculine discourse.

26. ¿Deporte, Deporte Moderno, “Deporte Moderno” o Sport? - Lugüercho, Sergio Horacio
Son muchos los autores que se han dedicado a investigar la génesis del deporte, en términos generales se pueden advertir dos posturas antitéticas. Por un lado encontramos a quienes entienden al deporte como un hecho casi natural, que se relaciona a factores orgánico funcionales, que ha existido desde siempre y que ha ido cambiando conjuntamente con la sociedad y cultura donde acaeció, por lo tanto el estudio de sus orígenes debe remontarse a tiempos prehistóricos. Por otro lado se podrían reunir a quienes entienden que el deporte es una práctica corporal producto de la construcción social, que surge en Inglaterra...

27. Angloamericanismos en el léxico económico - Herrera Soler, Honesto
En este trabajo no vamos a hacer un estudio exhaustivo de todos los extranjerismos que aparecen en la prensa, tan sólo vamos a considerar los angloamericanismos que podrían incluirse dentro del campo semántico del léxico económico. El utilizar el término de angloamericanismo por el de anglicismo no tiene otra razón de ser que considerar a la lengua de origen en toda su extensión, ya que los préstamos y calcos que están llegando al léxico económico no sólo se asocian con la "City" sino principalmente con "Wall Street". Bien es verdad que en ocasiones el angloamericanismo no nos llega directamente sino...

28. Sustaining innovation and improvement in the treatment of childhood cancer: lessons from high-income countries. - Pritchard-Jones, K; Pieters, R; Reaman, GH; Hjorth, L; Downie, P; Calaminus, G; Naafs-Wilstra, MC; Steliarova-Foucher, E
Cancer in children and adolescents is rare and biologically very different from cancer in adults. It accounts for 1·4% of all cancers worldwide, although this proportion ranges from 0·5% in Europe to 4·8% in Africa, largely because of differences in age composition and life expectancy. In high-income countries, survival from childhood cancer has reached 80% through a continuous focus on the integration of clinical research into front-line care for nearly all children affected by malignant disease. However, further improvement must entail new biology-driven approaches, since optimisation of conventional treatments has in many cases reached its limits. In many instances, such...

29. Vita et Sito de Zychi di Giorgio Interiano: Trascrizione e commento dell'editio princeps del 1502 - Crifó, Francesco; Schweickard, Wolfgang
The Vita et Sito de Zychi of Giorgio Interiano which appeared in 1502 has received little attention so far. This paper provides a historical and linguistic classification, detailed information about the existing editions and translations and their reception as well as a complete annotated transcription of the Editio princeps from 1502.

Plan de l'article

1 Dati bio-bibliografici
2 Tratti linguistici del testo
3 L'edizione Ramusio
4 L'editio princeps del 1502: trascrizione e commento13
Edizioni e traduzioni (in ordine cronologico)
Studi e testi

30. Fórmulas rutinarias de rechazo en español y sus equivalencias en alemán - Larreta Zulategui, Juan Pablo
Although routine formulas are relevant linguistic phenomena in the teaching of foreign languages and bilingual lexicography, contrastive studies in the language pair German-Spanish are almost non-existent, except for the extensive work of Igor Sosa. This contribution intends to analyse contrastively one type of routine formulas: rejection formulas. For this purpose, according to the nature of these units, we establish a tertium comparationis where pragmalinguistic criteria predominate, although supplemented by other factors relating to morphosyntactic and lexical features of the formulas. By means of the contrastive procedure, we first analyse in detail the Spanish units through the established criteria and in...

31. Notas sobre las interferencias lingüísticas del catalán en el español de Cataluña: Verbos y usos verbales - Selfa Sastre, Moisés
The Spanish used in Catalonia presents, mostly in oral contexts, but also often in writing, cases of lexical calques and literal translations from the other official language with which it coexists in this geographical area: Catalan. In this paper, we deal with the verbs and verbal usages in the Spanish language used in Catalonia, in which interference phenomena appears in the speech of our informants. The examples found and hereby literally transcribed spring from conversations held with native Spanish speakers in Catalonia. As we will explain in this paper, this phenomenon, the interference of Catalan in the Spanish used in...

32. Enérgeia in trasformazione: Elementi analitici di linguistica migrazionale - Prifti, Elton
For a suitable description of the linguistic change in contacts caused by migration it is necessary to systematically consider the four aspects of language as knowledge, activity, product and identity. The focus of this paper is placed on the perception of language as activity, or as enérgeia. It aims to describe the dynamics of enérgeia in migration-caused contacts as well as the main analytical elements and preliminary distinctions concerning linguistic behavior, such as the classification of speakers into generations, the identification of varieties of contact according to their communicative importance (primary, secondary, tertiary varieties) as well as the main choice...

33. Detection of Naming Convention Violations in Process Models for Different Languages - Leopold, Henrik; Rami-Habib, Eid-Sabbagh; Mendling, Jan; Guerreiro Azevdo, Leonardo; Baião, Fernanda Araujo
Companies increasingly use business process modeling for documenting and redesigning their operations. However, due to the size of such modeling initiatives, they often struggle with the quality assurance of their model collections. While many model properties can already be checked automatically, there is a notable gap of techniques for checking linguistic aspects such as naming conventions of process model elements. In this paper, we address this problem by introducing an automatic technique for detecting violations of naming conventions. This technique is based on text corpora and independent of linguistic resources such as WordNet. Therefore, it can be easily adapted to the broad set of languages for...

34. “some kind of thing it aint us but yet its in us”: David Mitchell and Russell Hoban - Eve, Martin Paul
This paper appraises the debt that David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas owes to the novels of Russell Hoban, including, but not limited to, Riddley Walker. Over the course of a varied career as a wartime radio operator, an illustrator and then novelist, Russell Hoban wrote sixteen adult novels (in multiple senses of “adult”) and at least fifty children's books. His masterpiece, however, is Riddley Walker, a strange, phonetically written novel set far into a dystopian future where the quest to regain the nuclear technology that caused the world's cataclysm is back in motion. More to the point, Mitchell has clearly indicated...

35. Partnerships in Research: Doing Linguistic Ethnography With and For Practitioners - Bezemer, Jeff

36. Hearing loss and auditory processing ability in people with aphasia - Rankin, E; Parker, A; Newton, C; Bruce, C
Background: Hearing loss can add to the linguistic deficits present in aphasia to make comprehension of speech difficult. Although some studies document a relatively high prevalence of hearing loss in adults with aphasia, many people with aphasia do not have their hearing tested. Self-reported disability measures offer a possible alternative to pure-tone audiometry when this service is not readily available.Aims: This study aims to investigate the prevalence of hearing loss in a group of people with aphasia and to determine the usefulness of self-reported measures to screen for hearing impairment.Methods & Procedures: Hearing ability was measured using pure-tone audiometry and...

37. Roberto Valdeón, ed. (2010): Translating Information. Oviedo: Ediciones de la Universidad de Oviedo, 218 p. - Martín Ruano, María del Rosario
De manera generalizada, tanto en los estudios especializados sobre el tema como en la conciencia de la ciudadanía lega, la globalización se asocia a una disponibilidad ilimitada de información. En la visión imperante, este caudal informativo circula y viaja libremente integrado en un vertiginoso tráfico de enunciados que ignoran o mágicamente salvan fronteras de todo tipo, entre ellas políticas, sociales, culturales, lingüísticas y hermenéuticas. Y, si bien es cierto que en comparación con otras épocas, los medios tecnológicos de la era digital han multiplicado exponencialmente la información que está al alcance de la población, también lo es que, en ese...

38. ¿Cómo traducen traductores y profesores de idiomas? Estudio de corpus - Rodríguez-Inés, Patricia
PACTE, a research group from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, has been carrying out empirical and experimental research on translation competence (TC) for over a decade. In relation to the translation process, our research has both validated our TC model and yielded data on the specificity of the competence and on the differences between direct and inverse translation. We have now studied the translation product from the perspective of corpus linguistics. A corpus comprising direct and inverse translations performed by professional translators and foreign-language teachers as part of a PACTE experiment on TC forms the basis for the analysis presented...

39. Subtitling Language Diversity in Spanish Immigration Films - Higes Andino, Irene de
In Spain, the growing number of films depicting characters in multicultural settings bears testimony to the demographic changes experienced by Spanish society since the late 1980s. From a translational point of view, these films attract attention of researchers because of the presence of immigrant characters that use their mother tongue in addition to the language(s) of their host society. In this paper we present the results of the second stage of a research on the linguistic diversity in Spanish films starring immigrants. While the first stage dealt with the original audiovisual texts, we focus on their subtitled versions in two...

40. This and That in the Language of Film Dubbing: A Corpus-Based Analysis - Pavesi, Maria
Recent research in audiovisual translation has focussed on the language of both original and translated dialogue, revealing different degrees of alignment between fictional dialogue and spontaneous conversation. In this context, demonstratives deserve special attention as they are major means to highlight segments of the current discourse and extra-linguistic reality in speech and may play a significant role in cinematic language as well. Furthermore, demonstratives are an area of dissimilarity between languages, with their translation being potentially subject to interference from the source to the target text. Through a quantitative corpus-based approach, this study explores to what extent demonstratives occur in...

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