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  1. Effects of a Conversation-based Intervention on the Linguistic Skills of Children with Motor Speech Disorders who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication

    Soto, G; Clarke, MT

  2. Italian Occupational Nomenclature

    Rodgers, Emily
    This paper examines the social and linguistic significance of gendered occupational nouns in Italian. The history of feminism in Italy is important in understanding the effort it took for women to have the rights, in particular the workplace rights, that they have today. Examining nouns used to refer to women in certain occupations reflects this movement and the rate of its evolution. Some occupational nouns have variant forms, one or two that mark the female gender and one that marks the masculine but is used for males and females in the occupation. This is true particularly for nouns referring to...

  3. Early literacy and comprehension skills in children learning English as an additional language and monolingual children with language weaknesses

    Bowyer-Crane, C; Fricke, S; Schaefer, B; Lervag, A; Hulme, C
    Many children learning English as an additional language (EAL) show reading comprehension difficulties despite adequate decoding. However, the relationship between early language and reading comprehension in this group is not fully understood. The language and literacy skills of 80 children learning English from diverse language backgrounds and 80 monolingual English-speaking peers with language weaknesses were assessed at school entry (mean age = 4 years, 7 months) and after 2 years of schooling in the UK (mean age = 6 years, 3 months). The EAL group showed weaker language skills and stronger word reading than the monolingual group but no difference...

  4. La variación lingüística en subtitulación: el caso de las restricciones en Los amores imaginarios de Xavier Dolan

    Bolanos-Garcia-Escribano, A

  5. Les matériels pédagogiques pour la formation linguistique de base des résidents étrangers adultes en France : supports identitaires d'un groupe professionnel ?

    Coulbaut-Lazzarini, Amélie; Bergere, Amandine
    El sector profesional de la formación lingüística básica en Francia sigue siendo poco claro y complejo. Este artículo quiere demostrar que los materiales utilizados por los formadores dan una unidad o casi una identidad a lo que se debe llamar un “grupo profesional”. Basado en el trabajo de la lingüística, y especialmente en la perspectiva de la sociología de las profesiones, este artículo analiza los materiales pedagógicos producidos y utilizados por los formadores. Son estudiados particularmente los principios educativos, los ejercicios incluidos en este material al igual que el nivel de adecuación de estos dos aspectos los cuales son representativos...

  6. “Until I Became a Professional, I Was Not, Consciously, Indigenous”: One Intercultural Bilingual Educator’s Trajectory in Indigenous Language Revitalization

    Hornberger, Nancy H
    Drawing from long-term ethnographic research in the Andes, this paper examines one Quechua-speaking Indigenous bilingual educator’s trajectory as she traversed (and traverses) from rural highland communities of southern Peru through development as teacher, teacher educator, researcher, and advocate for Indigenous identity and language revitalization across urban, periurban, and rural spaces. Neri Mamani grew up in highland Peru and at the time I met her in 2005 was a bilingual intercultural education practitioner enrolled in master’s studies at the Program for Professional Development in Bilingual Intercultural Education for the Andean Region (PROEIB-Andes) at the University of San Simón in Cochabamba, Bolivia....

  7. Competence and Performance in Distributive/Collective Interpretations of Quantifiers in Child English and Spanish

    Oates, Morgan
    Crosslinguistically, children who are otherwise linguistically mature tend to assign a collective interpretation to quantifiers that are typically construed as distributive (each/cada) by adults; similarly, in distributive contexts, children accept quantifiers that adults interpret as collective (some/unos, the/los). The Pragmatic Scale Hypothesis proposes that collective and distributive meanings sit on a pragmatic scale, anchored by each/cada, which represents the distributive extreme of the scale with meaning derived through entailment. In contrast, some/unos and the/los derive meaning through a conversational, scalar implicature that is generated by virtue of the weaker informativeness of these quantifiers, relative to the stronger informativeness of each/cada....

  8. The Acoustic Change Complex for Measuring Speech Perceptual Performance in Normal Hearing Listeners in Noise, Cochlear Implant Users, and Second Language Listeners

    Brint, EM
    A series of experiments recorded the acoustic change complex (ACC) to a broad range of speech stimuli. The ACC is an electrophysiological response to an acoustic change within an on-going stimulus. Recordings were obtained from normal hearing (NH) listeners in noise, cochlear implanted (CI) listeners, and second language listeners. Chapter 2 presented a mixture of transitions between four vowels and four fricatives in quiet and at three noise levels to NH listeners. We investigated how the ACC was affected by noise, and how the ACC relates to individuals’ behavioural speech-in-noise ability. Chapter 3 details a CI study using the same...

  9. Pastoralist Settlement and the Anthropogenic Savannah: the archaeo-ecology of Mili Sita, Kenya

    Boles, OJC
    Pastoralism has long been regarded difficult subject matter for archaeology, particularly in eastern Africa. Ephemeral settlements are presumed to leave little physical residue, such that reconstructions of pastoralist ethno-histories have relied on often-vague distributions of material culture. Cultural-stratigraphic approaches are limited in their capacity to explore the lifeways and social dynamics behind material expressions. As a consequence, our knowledge of how herding spread into the region and the historical development of the specialised stock-keeping communities seen today is hindered by a methodological incapacity to address what are arguably the fundamental drivers of pastoralist daily experience: mobility and landscape ecology. This...

  10. Cross-linguistic comparability in CorpAfroAs

    Mettouchi, Amina; Savà, Graziano; Tosco°, Mauro
    International audience

  11. Functional domains and cross-linguistic comparability

    Frajzyngier, Zygmunt; Mettouchi, Amina
    International audience

  12. From CorpAfroAs to CorTypo: Corpora and Cross-Linguistic Comparability

    Mettouchi, Amina
    International audience

  13. Contribuição da avaliação do processamento auditivo na investigação das dificuldades de aprendizagem

    Nunes, Cristiane Lima; Pereira, Liliane Desgualdo; Carvalho, Graça S.
    O processamento auditivo central está relacionado com a capacidade do indivíduo analisar e interpretar os eventos acústicos recebidos pelo sistema auditivo, os quais estão intrinsecamente relacionados com o desenvolvimento da linguagem e da aprendizagem. Neste estudo aplicámos oito testes de avaliação do processamento auditivo (PA) em crianças dos 10 aos 13 anos e comparámos os resultados com o desempenho académico é linguístico. A amostra foi constituída por 51 crianças organizadas em 4 grupos: com bom desempenho académico ou com fraco desempenho académico; e com presença ou com ausência de perturbação da comunicação. A análise estatística mostrou que dois dos testes aplicados (teste MSV e teste PD) discriminam...

  14. Apathy and Reduced Speed of Processing Underlie Decline in Verbal Fluency following DBS

    Foley, JA; Foltynie, T; Zrinzo, L; Hyam, JA; Limousin, P; Cipolotti, L
    Objective. Reduced verbal fluency is a strikingly uniform finding following deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson’s disease (PD). The precise cognitive mechanism underlying this reduction remains unclear, but theories have suggested reduced motivation, linguistic skill, and/or executive function. It is of note, however, that previous reports have failed to consider the potential role of any changes in speed of processing. Thus, the aim of this study was to examine verbal fluency changes with a particular focus on the role of cognitive speed. Method. In this study, 28 patients with PD completed measures of verbal fluency, motivation, language, executive functioning, and...

  15. Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia: linguistic and conceptual factors

    Ward, J; Simner, J

  16. Does it matter what you call it? Lay beliefs for overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, and post-viral fatigue syndrome

    McDermott, MR; Bendle, C; Griffin, M; Furnham, A
    © 2016, Springer Publishing Company.The study reported here examines variation in beliefs about how best to overcome a health complaint when it is nominally designated in one of 3 different ways, namely, as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), or as post.viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS). In a repeated measures design, the participant sample (n = 140) was presented with an adapted version of Knapp and Karabenick's (1985) questionnaire which asks respondents to rate the degree to which single-item coping strategies would be most useful for overcoming each of the 3 designated complaints. Factor analysis of the coping items produces...

  17. 'Confabulation' in narrative discourse by schizophrenic patients.

    Kramer, S; Bryan, KL; Frith, CD
    There are many clinical reports of confabulation by schizophrenic patients. This study provides evidence of a form of confabulation by schizophrenic patients in tasks which do not include a memory component. It uses a linguistic framework to analyse the components of this confabulation.

  18. Um estudo do uso de locuções prepositivas em textos do banco de redações do UOL

    Carra, Sara Augusto
    Este trabalho analisa as locuções prepositivas presentes em redações de quem pretende fazer vestibular. O referencial teórico centra-se nos trabalhos de Blüdhorn (2001), Castilho (2012), Ilari et al. (2015) e Pastor (1996), além de gramáticas tradicionais que descrevem a Língua Portuguesa. A fim de verificar como as locuções prepositivas estão sendo utilizadas em contexto real de uso linguístico, mais especificamente com o objetivo de verificar se o sentido que veiculam está de acordo com o previsto nos trabalhos de linguistas, de gramáticos e em dicionários da Língua Portuguesa estabelecemos como corpus da pesquisa 50 (cinquenta) redações recolhidas no Banco de...

  19. O ingliding característico do falar de Porto Alegre (RS) : um estudo de produção, percepção e atitudes

    Oliveira, Samuel Gomes de
    Este trabalho retoma etapas anteriores (BATTISTI, 2013; BATTISTI e OLIVEIRA, 2014) do estudo de ingliding de vogais em sílabas tônicas (né~néah, agora~agoahra) do falar de Porto Alegre (RS) com o objetivo de testar os resultados, até então encontrados, em nova etapa de análise. Verificam-se condicionadores linguísticos da aplicação de ingliding, sob hipótese de que o processo decorra de marcação de frase entoacional, com efeitos de marcação duracionais e melódicos (FROTA, 1998), e tenda a ocorrer em vogais médias abertas. Do ponto de vista social, testam-se resultados de estudo de percepções e atitudes (OLIVEIRA, 2015) que revelam tendência a considerar o...

  20. Colaboração na produção escrita em segunda língua : uma proposta de revisão por pares para a aula de língua inglesa em uma escola com currículo bilíngue

    Bolzan, Daniele Blos
    Pesquisas têm indicado que o diálogo colaborativo poderia ser o lugar onde o uso da língua e a aprendizagem da língua poderiam coocorrer (SWAIN, 1997), tornando-se uma atividade social e cognitiva (SWAIN, 2000). A prática de revisão por pares proporciona a seus participantes um tipo de aprendizagem colaborativa, com foco na escrita, que permite a interação entre os alunos e que os leva à co-construção de conhecimento. Ela tem como objetivo auxiliar no desenvolvimento da autonomia dos aprendizes, levando-os de um estágio de dependência para outros estágios de inter e independência, em um processo contínuo de tomada de controle para...

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