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161. The Impending Revolution in Undergraduate Science Education - Robert L. Dehaan
There is substantial evidence that scientific teaching in the sciences, i.e. teaching that em-ploys instructional strategies that encourage undergraduates to become actively engaged in their own learning, can produce levels of understanding, retention and transfer of knowl-edge that are greater than those resulting from traditional lecture/lab classes. But widespread acceptance by university faculty of new pedagogies and curricular materials still lies in the future. In this essay we review recent literature that sheds light on the following questions: • What has evidence from education research and the cognitive sciences told us about undergraduate instruction and student learning in the sciences?...

162. Empresas y Derechos Humanos. O cómo llevar la pedagogía crítica al aula de español como lengua extranjera - Ospina García, Santiago
This paper presents a case study on critical pedagogy carried out with students from the Collège Européen Franco Allemand of Sciences Po Paris in Nancy. Its main aim was to help students (future members of corporations and international organizations) become aware the violation of Human Rights by some transnational corporations in Latin America. It also sought to get students to think critically so that they are able to analyze specific problems, try to find solutions and get involved in the middle run by coming up with possible solutions. The conclusions of this case study reveal that it is possible to teach languages critically, which confirms that by...

163. Curadoria de conteúdo : contributo para o estudo do processo de curadoria de conteúdo e do seu potencial para a gestão pessoal do conhecimento - Silva, Maria Paula Barbosa da
Dissertação de Mestrado em Pedagogia do E-Learning apresentada à Universidade Aberta

164. Modelos de rediseño de acciones formativas en el entorno virtual de enseñanza-aprendizaje. Diseño y experimentación de estrategias metodológicas de integración de los entornos institucionales y abiertos - Marín Juarros, Victoria Irene
Esta tesis doctoral se orienta a la mejora de los procesos de enseñanza-aprendizaje en la universidad mediante el desarrollo de diferentes propuestas de estrategias metodológicas de integración didáctica de los entornos virtuales de la institución educativa (campus virtuales) y de las herramientas y servicios web que los alumnos y profesores emplean en su día a día para aprender de una manera más informal (redes sociales, blogs,...). Estas estrategias se ponen en práctica en diferentes asignaturas de estudios de grado de la Universidad de las Islas Baleares (Educación Primaria, Derecho, Química y Pedagogía), que validan el profesorado y alumnado implicado. Los...

165. Multimodality Pedagogies: A Multiliteracies Approach
Abstract: This paper draws on outcomes of a case study which explored changes in teachers ’ literacy pedagogies as a result of their participation in a purpose-driven teacher professional learning project. The teachers sought to develop classroom responses which were cognisant of multimodal shifts resulting from an increasingly digitised, networked communications environment. Recognising the powerful influence of the teacher on student outcomes, the study sought to investigate teacher learning as a means for influencing print-based literacy pedagogies to incorporate multimodality literacy practices. Four teachers engaged in participatory action research, researching their literacy pedagogies in light of the New London Group’s...

166. Problem Based and Studio Based Learning: Approaches to Promoting Reform Thinking among Teacher Candidates - Susie Burroughs Phd; Kay Brocato Phd; Dana Franz Phd
Problem based learning (PBL), which originated in medical schools in the 1960s, and studio based learning (SBL), which can be traced to apprenticeship designs of the Middle Ages, are pedagogies that are now being utilized across various disciplines of study. PBL is premised on the idea that when students independently research issues related to a problem and then reconvene in a large group to analyze what has been discovered about the issues, the students collectively learn more and learn more deeply about the problem under scrutiny. SBL is similar to PBL with a primary exception being that the learning occurs...

167. The content of this report is the responsibility of: - Elizabeth S. Charles; Nathaniel Lasry; Chris Whittaker; Dr. Elizabeth; S. Charles
Graduation des pédagogies sociotechnologiques This research is supported by le ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport dans le cadre du Programme d’aide à la recherche sur l’enseignement et l’apprentissage ( PAREA)

Much of what teachers need to know to be successful is invisible to lay observers, leading to the view that teaching requires little formal study and to frequent disdain for teacher education programs. The weakness of traditional program models that are collections of largely unrelated courses reinforce this low regard. This article argues that we have learned a great deal about how to create stronger, more ef-fective teacher education programs. Three critical components of such programs include tight coher-ence and integration among courses and between course work and clinical work in schools, extensive and intensely supervised clinical work integrated with...

169. Estrategia de aula para la enseñanza del concepto ambiente y sus dimensiones desde la pedagogía Muiskanoba - Cruz Herrera, Angela Carolina

The use of Short Blended Online Training (SBOT) for the development of Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) is a promising approach to facilitate the use of e-learning by academics. Adult learners prefer the blend of pedagogies such as the presentation, demonstration, practice and feedback if they are structured and instructor-led with an efficient training length. In this paper, we suggest that SBOT has the potential to create a highly preferred environment for training if adult learning principles are considered. The study explores the evaluation of this mode of training by using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The results show a...

171. Supporting Collaborative Learning Activities with SCORM - Albert Ip; Ric Canale
This paper investigates the data elements required to fully and flexibly support a broad range of collaborative learning activities and proposes extensions to the SCORM data model to enable support for collaborative learning designs within SCORM. The analysis is partly based on a range of well established collaborative learning designs that cannot be implemented within the SCORM 1.2 specification. Educational technology standards should ideally offer teachers and students the greatest possible pedagogical flexibility, and encourage the full exploration of new pedagogies as well as offering other benefits through standardisation. The proposed extensions would enable support for collaborative activities delivered from...

172. Un modelo educativo anacrónico y aburrido - Duque Escobar, Gonzalo

173. El consumo de información en didáctica de la lengua y la literatura - Haba Osca, Julia; Peredo Hernández, Joan; Osca Lluch, Julia
Se analizan los hábitos de publicación y de citación de los investigadores españoles que trabajan en la disciplina de Didáctica de la Lengua y la Literatura, a través de los trabajos que han sido incluidos en la base de datos Arts and Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI), que han sido realizados por investigadores que trabajan en instituciones españolas. El objetivo del estudio es identificar algunas de las características que definen su actividad científica y ofrecer un mapa científico de los autores y las revistas más utilizadas por los investigadores. Los resultados ponen de manifiesto que la revista Porta Linguarum es la...

174. Estrategias de divulgación científica para Colombia - Duque Escobar, Gonzalo

175. Una nueva sociedad, el desafío para un cambio sostenible - Duque Escobar, Gonzalo

176. La inclusión laboral de jóvenes con diversidad funcional intelectual: una mirada desde la pedagogía inclusiva - Negri Cortés, María Isabel; Leiva Olivencia, Juan José

177. Tesis doctorales en enfermería. Redes académicas, líneas de investigación y cuestiones de género - Domínguez Rodríguez, Virginia; López Ferrer, Mayte; Planells, Ester
La oportunidad del trabajo propuesto radica en que nos encontramos en un momento que supone un hito para la profesión enfermera. La creación del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior, la implantación del Grado en enfermería y las posibilidades de realización de másteres académicos oficiales, abren las puertas a los profesionales enfermeros para desarrollar una carrera investigadora, que incluirá entre sus hechos más relevantes la defensa de una tesis doctoral. Un análisis de las tesis doctorales enfermeras leídas en España hasta el presente nos permite conocer en profundidad el grado de desarrollo de la disciplina hasta este momento, teniendo en cuenta...

178. Todo lo que siempre quiso saber sobre la evaluación, pero no se atrevió a preguntar: a propósito de una encuesta - Juan Herrero, Joaquín de; Pérez Cañaveras, Rosa María; Girela López, José Luis; Martínez Ruiz, Noemi; Soto, José Luis; Castillejo, Adela; Segovia Huertas, Yolanda; Soto Sánchez, Cristina; Torrús Tendero, Diego; Vizcaya Moreno, María Flores; Romero Rameta, Alejandro; Gómez Torres, María José; Herrero Santacruz, Josefa; Martínez Lorente, Antonio
La evaluación es un proceso sistemático, continuo e integral destinado a determinar hasta qué punto han sido alcanzados los objetivos educativos. En ella se aúnan dos actividades fundamentales: medir y emitir juicios de valor a partir, de los datos. Sin embargo, a pesar de la claridad de estos conceptos la forma de evaluar a los alumnos todavía sigue plagada de importantes contradicciones entre los profesores, lo que manifiesta unas conductas didácticas alejadas de lo que debiera ser una pedagogía basada en la evidencia. El objetivo de este trabajo es evidenciar las citadas discrepancias, entre los agentes del proceso de enseñanza...

179. Pedagogías en primera persona: Tejiendo una autoetnografía desde los aprendizajes de la tierra. - Montenegro González, Catalina

180. Tomás de Aquino: filosofia e pedagogia - Lauand, Luiz Jean
This article discusses the connection between philosophy and education in Thomas Aquinas. In his Philosophical Anthropology there are three aspects very important for education today: the affirmation of matter as an essential in human being, the primacy of prudentia over the cardinal virtues and his philosophia negativa (and theologia negativa). The intrinsec union spirit-matter, anima forma corporis has important pedagogical consequences, both in intellectual and in moral education. And it is the basis for his Treatise On Prudence, which presupposes his negative perspective too.


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