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  1. Pedagogia e Corte nel Rinascimento Italiano Ed Europeo

    Rossi, Michele
    The research investigates the relationship between humanism and education, not merely from a pedagogical point of view, but also from a historical, political, cultural and anthropological perspective. The main focus is to explore the crucial role played by the court as an ideal environment for experimenting with new pedagogical ideas. In this way, the dissertation challenges the classic point of view proposed by the famous Italian scholar Eugenio Garin, which interprets humanist pedagogy as a product of the civic humanism that developed in the republican Florence. This critical perspective is still prevalent both in Italy and in the United States....

  2. Teacher Inquiry as Transformative Learning: The Work of an Adolescent Literacy Education Study Group

    Riley, Kathleen
    Teacher inquiry communities are an essential part of the teacher research movement. They allow teachers to see new possibilities for themselves and students, often within constrained policy environments. These communities have at their heart the generation of knowledge for improving practice and are sometimes posed as a powerful form of professional development. However, it has been argued that viewing inquiry communities within some of the most prevalent professional development frameworks common in schools limits their transformative potential (Cochran-Smith & Lytle, 2009). This study builds on existing research about inquiry communities to conceptualize inquiry as transformative adult learning. It uses participatory and...

  3. Living proof: Transnational Black youth theorizing racism, justice, and education

    McLoyd, Chike Jamal Brett
    Based on eighteen months of ethnographic research in a high school E.L.L. classroom, this study contributes to the fields of new literacies studies and critical pedagogy by showing how transnational Black youth theorize and negotiate intersections of racism, justice, and education. Drawing on a multidimensional approach for understanding how racism is reproduced and resisted across various domains of power (Collins, 2009), I show on how two young men from Haiti theorize the U.N. and INGO occupation of post-earthquake Haiti; a disjuncture between how Africa and Haiti are (mis)known in the U.S. and students' lived realities in their respective countries of...

  4. Partners in learning: How Millennial students and advisors perceive advising within the first -year seminar

    Herron, Anne J
    Academic advising and first-year seminars are commonly accepted strategies used in the transition of students to college but have led parallel existences on many campuses. This qualitative case study conducted at two small, private comprehensive I colleges explored the perceptions that traditional-age students and first-year academic advisors hold about academic advising embedded within first-year seminars (extended orientation type). The questions that guide this study are: What is the perceived influence of a first-year seminar on the transition from high school to college? What are the perceptions of having an advisor as the instructor of a first-year seminar? What would a...

  5. Teaching creativity and innovation in higher education

    Wyke, Rebecca Martha C
    A principal goal of higher education is to prepare students for the real-world challenges they will encounter upon graduation in their everyday life, in their work and in society. While discipline specific content knowledge is an important component of a college education, a 2010 survey of employers conducted for the Association of American Colleges and Universities reflected the changing expectations of employers for recent college graduates. Approximately ninety percent of employers surveyed said college graduates entering the workplace need a broader set of skills than in the past in order to meet increasingly complex workplace challenges. Among the top four...

  6. A theory on becoming an entrepreneurial leader: A student's developmental journey to a creation-driven mindset

    Newman, Elizabeth Betsy Lavelle
    There is a compelling need to educate more entrepreneurial leaders of the 21st century with new and innovative approaches; and, higher education is poised to respond. Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in fueling local, national, and global economies and in providing prosperous livelihoods to diverse people, communities, and societies. And while entrepreneurial activity is an economic engine, the fuel is entrepreneurially minded people who engage in and lead new venture creation and innovation in organizations. The United States experienced declines in new venture creation, especially among young people; a key source of economic growth and global competitiveness. While young people...

  7. Community-partnered project-based studio pedagogy: Developing a framework and exploring the impact on faculty in art and design higher education

    Corn, Melanie E
    Young would-be artists flock to art schools to learn from masters and immerse themselves in a study of the aesthetic histories, techniques, and theories that will inform their practices. However, the emergence of community-partnered project-based (CP) studio courses at many independent art colleges signals a fundamental shift in art and design higher education. Though room remains for interior-focused individual practice, a growing importance is placed on a curriculum that emphasizes community-partnered, project-based, interdisciplinary, and collaborative service-learning, and the goal of my dissertation research is to better understand this phenomenon, both the experience of teaching these courses and how they might...

  8. Mexican immigrant fathers and their children: An investigation of communicative resources across contexts of learning

    Gallo, Sarah L
    Situated in a recently established Mexican immigrant community in Pennsylvania, this dissertation investigates naturally occurring interactions in homes and school to reveal how Mexican immigrant fathers' participation shapes and is shaped by their young children's schooling. Drawing upon ethnographic and linguistic anthropological methods, I investigate participants' communicative repertoires, or how they deploy language and literacy resources in Spanish and English to meet their educational goals. This research examines three critical issues. First, how Mexican immigrant fathers' orient to models of fatherhood and married life from their upbringings in Mexico as well as their journey into family life in the US....

  9. Teacher inquiry as transformative learning: The work of an adolescent literacy education study group

    Riley, Kathleen
    Teacher inquiry communities are an essential part of the teacher research movement. They allow teachers to see new possibilities for themselves and students, often within constrained policy environments. These communities have at their heart the generation of knowledge for improving practice and are sometimes posed as a powerful form of professional development. However, it has been argued that viewing inquiry communities within some of the most prevalent professional development frameworks common in schools limits their transformative potential (Cochran-Smith & Lytle, 2009). ^ This study builds on existing research about inquiry communities to conceptualize inquiry as transformative adult learning. It uses...

  10. Examining small "c" creativity in the science classroom: Multiple case studies of five high school teachers

    Lasky, Dorothea Shawn
    As the US continues to strive toward building capacity for a workforce in STEM fields (NSF, 2006), educational organizations and researchers have constructed frameworks that focus on increasing competencies in creativity in order to achieve this goal (ISTE, 2007; Karoly & Panis, 2004; Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2007). Despite these recommendations, many teachers either do not believe in the relevance of nurturing creativity in their students (Kaufman & Sternberg, 2007) or accept the importance of it, but do not know how best to foster it in their classrooms (Kampylis et al., 2009). Researchers conclude that teachers need to revise...

  11. Fostering critical literacy with high school students through ethnodrama

    Hobson, Sarah
    This study utilized a practitioner inquiry methodology to examine the relationship between an ethnodrama pedagogy and fostering critical literacy with high school students. Ethnodrama involves the dramatic analysis and representation of ethnographic data (Mienczakowski, 1995). In this classroom, I conceptualized ethnodrama as the situating of multiple individual stories in relation to each other and on behalf of larger sociocultural understandings about social conflicts. ^ This study draws upon frameworks for literacy as critical social practice, for adolescent literacies as hybrid and multimodal, and for drama and inquiry pedagogies as particularly suited for building upon adolescent literacies and co-constructing knowledge with...

  12. Writing relationships, weaving words: How teachers construct knowledge in a graduate education course

    Cook-Sather, Alison Mary
    This teacher-research study was conducted in a semester-long, graduate course in education for pre- and inservice, K-12, language arts teachers in 1993. Using theoretical frameworks and research on critical and feminist theory, knowledge construction, professional development, literacy, and school writing, the study explores how five female participants used writing to build relationships with me, with one another, and with their students. As a teacher researcher, I used qualitative research methods--drawing on participants' writing, my own reflective journal, and interviews--to construct three series of case studies through which I analyzed teacher-student and student-student relationships as sites for the construction of knowledge...

  13. Lost in suburbia? Conversations with teachers of color about their experiences in suburban schools

    Lee, Vera Jeannie
    The main purpose of this study is to explore the socialization and teaching experiences of eight teachers of color in two suburban high schools that are located within the same school district. The central research questions that guide the study are: How do teachers of color talk about their socialization and teaching experiences in two predominantly European American high schools? How do these experiences intersect with issues of race/ethnicity, cultural differences, and identity? The study utilized a qualitative research design that was co-constructed with the participants. The two main instruments used to collect data were weekly one-on-one semi-structured interviews with...

  14. "I am not done yet": Literacy, identity work and narrative exploration in a women's drug treatment writing classroom

    Evans, Kelley A
    In recent years women with addictions have moved from positions of relative invisibility to become one of the most stigmatized populations in social imagery. Much of this societal condemnation is leveled directly at poor mothers and women of color, and few outlets exist for women to construct alternative images of themselves that take into account issues of racism and sexism affecting their lives. The ways in which poor women with addictions are labeled and portrayed have implications for the field of adult education because many participate in adult literacy classrooms in treatment centers and community education programs.^ Conducted over one...

  15. Black men teaching: The identities and pedagogies of black male teachers

    Brockenbrough, Edward Allyn
    While a chorus of teacher education programs, urban school districts, and educational scholars has called for more black male teachers to serve as role models and father figures for black students, the amount of empirical research on what it means for black male teachers to meet these expectations remains relatively small. The extant body of work, while certainly addressing important concerns, has left heteropatriarchal and racially essentialist assumptions of the roles of black male teachers largely unchallenged. Grounded in life history narrative inquiry and informed by black masculinity studies and critical educational theory, this study reveals how dominant cultural and...

  16. Educational Resources and Impediments in Rural Gansu, China

    Hannum, Emily; Kong, Peggy
    This report seeks to provide a portrait of schools serving rural communities in northwest China, and to shed light on factors that encourage and discourage school persistence among children in this region. To achieve these goals, we analyze a survey of rural children and their families, schools, and teachers in Gansu province. The project interviewed children in the year 2000, when children were 9 to 12 years old, and again four years later. In part one of the paper, we provide a descriptive overview of the material, human, and cultural resources available in sampled primary and middle schools. Where possible, we...

  17. Banque de Brevets : petits exercices avec résultats : théorie des poutres (résistance des matériaux), dynamique des structures, incertitudes, mathématiques, mécanique des solides déformables, modélisation des solides, mécanique des fluides, pédagogie par CRAIES et ceintures

    Génevaux, Jean-Michel
    Engineering school

  18. O ensino da língua materna : uma perspectiva sociolingüística

    Guy, Gregory R.; Zilles, Ana Maria Stahl
    A educação e a pedagogia adequadas devem se fundar numa apreciação acurada tanto da realidade psicológica da aquisição da linguagem, quanto da realidade social da comunidade em que se situa. Tomando-se práticas pedagógicas observadas nos Estados Unidos e no Brasil, discute-se o fato de que o ensino da língua materna nem sempre leva em conta este princípio, seja por desconsiderar o processo de aquisição da linguagem pela criança, seja por ignorar a variação lingüística pela imposição da língua padrão. Não menos importante, desconsidera-se que o que se chama de padrão é essencialmente a variedade da língua usada pelas classes sociais...

  19. Le courant des "pédagogies actives" dans l'enseignement supérieur : une évolution postmoderne ?

    Lemaître, Denis

  20. $rec.titulo

    ALEXANDRE JOURNEAU, Véronique; De Pablo, Elisabeth; STOCKINGER, Peter; Legrand, Valérie; Mareglia, Laura; FRIZON, Mahalia
    Le Colloque Voix contemporaines, organisé les 18 et 19 mai 2010 à la Maison de la recherche de l’université Sorbonne-Nouvelle, par l’ED Arts & Médias (Paris 3) et l’Observatoire musical français (Paris 4). Ce colloque regroupe une douzaine de conférences relatives aux voix parlées et chantées de notre temps, de la physiologie à la pédagogie, comme de l’interprétation à la critique ou à divers modes d’expression spécifiques (cri, jazz-poem, théâtre musical…).Créé en 1989, l’Observatoire Musical Français (OMF) – regroupant quelque 20 permanents et une cinquantaine d’associés – a consacré l’essentiel de ses travaux à la musique des XIXe et XXe...

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