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61. Relación entre autovaloración de consumo de internet y puntuación de adicción a internet en una muestra universitaria - Matas Terrón, Antonio; Estrada Vidal, Ligia Isabel
Con la generalización del acceso a internet se han observado algunos casos de un uso desmedido del mismo. En general, la realización de cualquier actividad de forma excesiva puede derivar en una adicción, afectando gravemente a la vida cotidiana de las personas. El objetivo de esta investigación es analizar la relación entre el nivel de riesgo estimado por el test de Young, con la autopercepción de inferencia del uso de Internet en la vida cotidiana en una muestra universitaria. Participaron 323 alumnos de la titulación de Pedagogía de la Universidad de Málaga (España). Se analizó la correlación entre la puntuación...

62. O Asilo de S. João do Porto: entre a nova pedagogia e o higienismo (1890-1926) - Santos, Maria José Moutinho

63. La educación para el desarrollo humano en un mundo globalizado - Castro Robles, Yolanda
The present reflection establishes the relation between globalizacion and education from the perspective of the human development. In this sense, a conceptual location around the way is made in which it has been included/understood the globalización and its implications in diverse scopes: the social thing, the politician and the economic thing. With base in these referring ones, the analysis locates the education like a specifc scope of incidence of the globalización processes, for which accout of the risks occurs that crosses this scope when not making an understading clear of the glabalización. For that reason, one sets out in this...

64. ¿Hacia una Pedagogía Prenatal? Una propuesta educativa - Hurtado Fernández, Manuel; Cuadrado Nicoli, Sandra; Herrán Gascón, Agustín de la
More and more scientific discoveries show that the prenatal period is a fundamental in human life. In it, the person constructs the bases of your health, your emotions, your balance, your relationship skills, your intelligence, your creativity. It does so by means of physical and psychological materials provided by her mother or her mediated environment. But it is not just that. The mother, his thoughts, his feelings, his way of living, their inner states, may intentionally raise the child before birth. It can promote the awakening of all his latent abilities and early development, whether physical, emotional, intellectual or ethical....

65. Collis B.; New Pedagogies and Re-Usable Learning Objects: Toward a Different Role for an LMS - Betty Collis; Allard Strijker
Abstract While the idea of reusing objects in digital learning environments is not new, continual strides are being made toward improving the prospects of reusability. A major trend in company training settings is to think of reusability in terms of a LMS (learning management systems), but where instructor use and pedagogies are little considered. We describe an approach to re-use based on a pedagogical model that puts learner interaction and contribution in the driving role and which sees LMSs and LCMSs as tools for the instructor or learner. LMSs, LCMSs: Where is the Instructor? There is currently much attention in...

66. Empowering teachers to engage with global citizenship education: a look at formal
Education takes place in an increasingly complex environment characterised by constant change. Many current issues of social and educational interest transcend national boundaries. In this educational climate, schools and teachers are challenged to provide appropriate educational experiences that effectively connect their students to their global identities by engaging them with issues surrounding global citizenship. Teachers tend to have a poorly defined sense of their own global identities. One possibility for extending schools ’ ability to engage with issues of global citizenship is by forming learning partnerships with alternatively resourced and internationally experienced NGOs. An example of such a partnership is...

67. Mistaking Computers for Technology: Technology Literacy and the Digital Divide - Tel Amiel
No other information and communication technology has swept the globe with greater speed than the Internet, having the potential to promote vast social, economic, and political transformations. As new technologies become available the pattern of adoption and diffusion creates disparities in access and ownership. At the most basic this gap is termed the digital divide and its most common antidote has been the computer. To close this divide, sizeable capital has been spent on deploying computer integration into public schools around the globe. This article uses the case of Brazil to analyze the role of computers in schools as tools...

[pt] Nesta dissertação procuramos mostrar que o preconceito e a discriminação; - fatores que geram a violência sofrida pela mulher, pela negra e pela homossexual, no decorrer da história da humanidade -; são ocasionados pela visão de inferioridade que se tem desta tríade. Estes grupos fogem ao padrão ideal antropológico da sociedade ocidental, gerando o não reconhecimento de sua alteridade, e uma rejeição capaz de levar ao assassinato. Analisamos, então, através do pensamento de Emmanuel Lévinas, seguindo a ótica teológica de Luis Carlos Susin, que a grande dificuldade em aceitar o diferente encontra-se na subjetividade fechada do ser. Finalmente, verificamos...

69. La investigación formativa a través del aprendizaje orientado a proyectos: una propuesta de innovación en el Grado de Pedagogía - Vilà Baños, Ruth; Rubio Hurtado, María José; Berlanga Silvente, Vanesa

70. Reclaiming Aboriginal knowledge at the cultural interface. The Australian Education Researcher, 36(2), 55-72. Author contact details: Anthony McKnight: Please cite as - Tyson Yunkaporta; Sue Mcginty
Many studies and papers have explored and critiqued the “what ” and the “why ” of working at the cultural interface of mainstream curricula and local Indigenous knowledge, but this project sought to understand the “how”. Participants went beyond explorations of “cultural items ” and worked in the overlap between the New South Wales Department’s Quality Teaching Framework and Indigenous Pedagogies drawn from local lore, language and the sentient landscape. Indigenous knowledge was used not merely as content, but to provide innovative ways of thinking and problem solving in the field of design and technology. The methodology for the study...

O estudo de gêneros textuais tem sido de grande importância para o ensino das línguas materna e estrangeira, sobretudo, para o ensino da escrita. Entretanto, avaliações do efeito de pedagogias baseadas em gênero na aprendizagem ainda são escassas (JUSWIK et al, 2006; TARDY,2006; CHENG, 2006). O presente estudo avalia o impacto de um curso baseado em gê-neros textuais para o ensino da escrita em inglês para alunos de inglês como segunda língua no contexto universitário norte-americano. O curso adotou a visão australiana de gênero textu-al (MARTIN, 1989; 1993) e a pedagogia do Movimento do Abs-trato para o Concreto (MAC) baseada...

72. Fenomenología de la fe y antropología en Edith Stein: En miras de una pedagogía empática - Céspedes Solís, Pablo
This paper addresses the philosophical and historical contexts of early twentieth-century Europe, particularly Germany, in order to better understand the life, work and thought of Edith Stein (Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross).  A primary analysis of Stein’s work in philosophical anthropology and the phenomenology of faith and pedagogy will be presented, followed by a reflection on her possible contribution to Latin American social science and literature.

73. Teatro como acontecimento: La importancia del error y del inacabamiento de las cosas en la pedagogía teatral - Calderón Gómez, Juan Carlos
This reflection includes part of my methodological experience used in my teaching position at the University of Costa Rica. We intend to demonstrate how dramatic pedagogical processes contribute to foster thoughtfulness, playfulness and the awareness of the importance of teamwork.

74. 1 IMPACTING PEDAGOGIES & ENHANCING TEACHER MORALE - Choy Kum; Yoke Joyous; Khoo Sharon Faith; Joseph Marilyn
In the 21st century, teachers are constantly challenged to equip the next generation with the attributes of a life-long learner – to make the paradigm shift from ‘instruction delivery ’ to ‘facilitating learning’. (This is currently the educational landscape in Singapore due to the nation’s call for ‘Teach Less Learn More’.) As a result, the pedagogical challenge for teachers is overwhelming. Could teachers ever meet the escalating demands effectively and confidently? The IDEAS Project (Innovative Designs for Enhancing School Achievement), initially grounded in the work of Newmann and Wehlage (CORS Wisconsin-Madison), offers a process that enables teachers to examine their...

75. pedagogies in pre-service teacher education - Nicola Carr
knowledge building communities and authentic

76. Meanings Emerging in Practice for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students: An Early Years Multiliteracies - Beryl Exley
This article has been anonymously peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in the International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, an international, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on issues and trends in pedagogies and learning in national and international contexts. ISSN 1833-4105. © Copyright of articles is retained by authors. As this is an open access journal, articles are free to use, with proper attribution, in educational and other non-commercial settings. This paper reviews the characteristics of changing education in new times (Castells, 2000, 2001; McNaughton, 2002). It draws attention to the complex nature of teachers’ work when working with linguistically and culturally...

77. Université catholique de Louvain - Joëlle Vanhamme; Dirk Snelders; Tu Delft; Pédagogie Commentaire
L'intérêt d'utiliser des instructions audiovisuelles dans le cadre d'un design expérimental à tâches complexes et multiples: illustration par un cas réel

78. De lo innato a lo condicionado: una apropiación del arte infantil - GARCIA GOMEZ, ANALIA
Este trabajo final de grado es un proyecto pictórico que consiste en la realización de cinco cuadros de 100 x 81 cm, que se pueden disponer de forma individual o en políptico. Para ello, partimos de la recolección de dibujos infantiles, a través de talleres de pintura/dibujo libre, realizados en el colegio público 9 d’Octubre de Tavernes Blanques, con niños y niñas de entre seis y doce años. Una vez seleccionados y analizados los dibujos, se incorporaron en una composición más compleja y a la realización de una obra personal. El objetivo principal del proyecto es conciliar pictóricamente la visión...

79. Sello y rasgos distintivos del egresado del programa de la facultad de derecho de la universidad de la costa - CUC - Guerrero Simanca, Wilman Rafael
En este artículo, originado de la investigación científica realizada en un estudio de impacto laboral aplicado a los graduados del Programa de Derecho de la Universidad de la Costa en 2013, se expone la construcción de un proceso de autoevaluación dentro de la permanencia, constancia, cultura administrativa y pedagógica para que de esta manera se formulen planes de mejoramiento y acciones estratégicas encaminadas a fortalecer debilidades, a partir de una metodología propicia definida con un enfoque cualitativo, bajo un tipo descriptivo, prospectivo, exploratorio, con técnicas de encuesta e instrumentos cuestionarios, tomando como población los egresados del programa y una muestra de 220 egresados que diligenciaron de regreso 190...

80. Designing Globally Networked Learning Environments Visionary Pedagogies, Partnerships, and Policies - Doreen Starke-meyerring
I would like to begin by thanking the conference organizers for inviting me to join you here today and to share my research on globally networked learning environments. What I share with you here today is what I have learned through my work with many, many colleagues and students for whose collaboration I am deeply grateful. I would also like to acknowledge the support for this work from McGill University in the form of a teaching and learning grant and from the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication in the form of a research grant. For several years...

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