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  1. Quelques méthodes et résultats récents en théorie de la contrôlabilité exacte

    Haraux, Alain
    Dans cet article de synthèse, on rappelle d'abord la méthode HUM de J.L. Lions qui établit un lien commode entre observabilité et contrôlabilité exacte des systèmes distribués décrits par une équation d'évolution du deuxième ordre en temps. On s'intéresse ensuite à la contrôlabilité interne, ponctuelle ou spectrale de divers systèmes usuels (membranes ou cordes vibrantes, poutres et plaques). Un accent particulier est mis sur l'utilisation récente d'outils élaborés d'analyse harmonique, avec un effort de pédagogie et parfois des démonstrations remaniées par rapport aux articles originaux.

  2. Editorial Researching High Quality Pedagogical Practices in Mathematics Education: Shifting beyond identifying and

    Leicha A. Bragg; Colleen Vale; Gaye Williams
    You could read MTED Issue 16(2) from the perspective of a walk down a Mathematics Education Memory Lane. There are reminders of a transmission pedagogy in mathematics education (Adam and Chigeza), and some of what we have focused on over time to improve the quality of mathematics education: developing conceptual understanding (Stohlmann, Cramer, Moore and Maiorca), using assessment as a pedagogical tool (Wallace), building student personal characteristics to enhance their learning opportunities (Clarke, Roche, Cheeseman and van der Schans), increasing students ’ idiosyncratic participation in mathematics learning that can increase their engagement (Marshman and Brown), and overcoming the disengagement of...

  3. Publication Details

    J. Herrington; R. Oliver; A. Herrington; Ron Oliver; Anthony Herrington
    Many teachers, when faced with the task of creating an online course, or adapting an existing course to an online format, are overwhelmed by both the affordances of the technology and by the need to create learning environments that do not simply replicate outmoded pedagogies in a new form. This chapter describes a useful framework for teachers and developers to guide the design of more authentic online learning environments. The chapter describes nine characteristics, derived largely from situated learning theory, and provides a practical and extended example of how the framework might be applied in the design of an online...

  4. Council for Renewal of Higher Education

    United Kingdom; Uniserve Science
    This is the third year of our international collaborative newsletter about tertiary teaching in the life sciences. Three years seems to be a long time these days in academia but one thing stays constant and that is the need to review and appraise the way we teach our discipline. This newsletter is one of the ways we in the international teaching arena can share our experiences and ideas, our successes and failures in order to inform and support our peers around the world. The contents of this newsletter are a smorgasbord of activities from Sweden, the UK and Australia. There...

  5. Medical education in Korea: The e-learning

    Joungho Han; Available From Joungho Han; Kyong-jee Kim; Joungho Han; Ie Byung Park; Changwon Kee
    This article reports the latest development in e-learning in Korean medical education. The Korean Consortium for e-Learning in Medical Education was formed for collaboration in providing quality online learning resources for medical schools around the nation. This e-learning strategy is aimed at improving the quality of medical education at the national level by providing students with equal access to quality learning resources and fostering students ’ self-directed learning and, in doing so, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of developing online learning resources by sharing necessary resources among the medical schools. The consortium also plans to share e-learning content with medical...

  6. $rec.titulo

    In the information age, students must learn to navigate and evaluate an expanding network of informa-tion. Highly effective teachers model this process of information analysis and knowledge acquisition by con-tinually learning through collabora-tion, professional development, and studying pedagogical techniques and best practices. Many teachers have extended their learning by developing online professional learning networks (PLNs). PLNs connect teachers to oth-er individuals worldwide who can of-fer support, advice, feedback, and col-laboration opportunities. PLNs also allow teachers to collect information from various Web sites and access it in one organized area so they can ef-ficiently stay up to date on the latest...

  7. Tiered Classrooms at St. Olaf College: Faculty and Student Perceptions of Three Different Designs

    Mary M. Walczak; David G. L; Van Wylen
    attempted to create learning spaces to accommodate classes of 50-100 students and a variety of teaching pedagogies. In this study, we compared three different 72-seat classrooms furnished with half-round tables for four, straight tables, or a serpentine shaped table with crests that seat four students. We found that faculty preferred the learning environment of the half-round tables for all pedagogies. Students preferred the half-round tables for group work or a combination of group work and lecture, but preferred the straight tables for lecture classes.

  8. instruction

    Chan Mei Yuit; Yap Ngee Thai; Universiti Putra Malaysia
    In recent years, writing instructors have started to adopt pedagogies that integrate classroom writing with happenings outside the classroom (see Weisser, 2001; Flower, 2008; Mathieu, 2005). The goal of writing instruction is no longer limited to competence in terms of language, style and techniques, but is expanded to encompass civic literacy. This orientation of writing especially at university level intertwines with the aim of higher education to produce individuals who are empowered to contribute towards a better world through participation in public discourse. In a study conducted at Universiti Putra Malaysia, 1,400 students were required to write publicly in an...

  9. PUB TYPE Dissertations/Theses Doctoral Dissertations (041) Tests/Questionnaires (160)

    Robert C; Pub Date; Teacher Attitudes
    The focus of this study is the ongoing need for empirical examination of current strategies for encouraging faculty participation in distance education. The study examined the growth in faculty participation in Internet-based distance teaching at 31 state-supported colleges and universities, members of the State University of New York Learning Network distance education consortium, over the period from 1998-2000. It compared the variety and perceived effectiveness of the institutional strategies used to encourage participation. Survey responses were received from 75 faculty members and 43 administrators at the 31 institutions. Findings suggest that faculty who have taught Internet-based distance education courses believe...


    Kim Koh
    The changes in the provincial achievement assessments reflect the government’s initiatives to provide every child with the opportunity to master core subject areas and contemporary competencies. The success of these initiatives requires Alberta teachers to be competent in using authentic assessment and assessment for learning (AfL) strategies. Assessment curriculum in preservice teacher education plays a pivotal role to prepare student teachers to become assessment literate. Using Lee Shulman’s signature pedagogies, this paper aims to discuss the rationale for and the benefits and challenges of adopting a Problem-based Learning (PBL) approach in an assessment course taught at the University of Calgary.

  11. 20 HAYAT MESSEKHER Perspectives Framing the Problem of Identity in Composition and TESOL Studies: A Sampler

    Hayat Messekher
    This article looks at how the intricate issue of identity has been addressed and framed in composition and TESOL studies (C&T). It reviews five articles and a book as a sampler to explore identity research in various contexts ranging from the problematic rise of identity in second-language acquisition (SLA) research in 1997, which represented a paradigm shift in SLA research, to other research deal-ing with second-language (L2) learners ’ identity, identity in a teacher training program (i.e., identity of student teachers), and finally, teacher identity as a trans-formative pedagogy. Cet article étudie la façon dont a été abordée et présentée...

  12. Sociedad Iberoamericana de Pedagogía Social

    Pedagogía Social; Revista Interuniversitaria; Sociedad Iberoamericana De Pedagogía; Caride Gómez; José Antonio Castiñeiras; Juan José; Lorenzo Rodríguez Fernández; Miguel Ángel; Sevilla España; José Antonio; Caride Gómez; Juan José; Lorenzo Castiñeiras; Miguel Ángel; Rodríguez Fernández
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  13. A Social Justice Perspective on Strengths-based Approaches: Exploring Educators ’ Perspectives and Practices

    Morgan Gardner; Deborah Toope
    What does it mean to engage in strengths-based (SB) approaches from a social justice perspective? In this paper we explore the accounts of educators who work with youth experiencing social and educational barriers to describe what it might mean to engage in SB practices from a social justice perspective. Using data generated from interviews, we draw on educators ’ perspectives and reported practices to inform our conceptual understanding of a SB social justice approach. We propose that a social justice perspective of SB educational work involves at least four interconnecting sets of practices: recognizing students-in-context, critically engaging strengths and positivity,...

  14. Toma de decisión en los jugadores de fútbol

    De Rose, Leandro
    En la atmósfera del fútbol actual, tan global y equilibrado, la valoración sobre la capacidad para tomar decisiones ha cobrado gran protagonismo, resonando cada vez con mayor asiduidad cual condición vinculada al rendimiento. El consenso general concibe a las aptitudes físicas y técnicas como condiciones necesarias pero ya no más suficientes. Hoy el reclamo esta centrado en la urgente necesidad de formar jugadores inteligentes. La inteligencia perseguida en el futbolista es una inteligencia táctica, situacional, íntimamente vinculada a una eficiente interpretación y empleo de las variables tiempo y espacio. La existencia de una tendencia a fragmentar para simplificar ha sido...

  15. $rec.titulo

    Loisy, Catherine; Bénech, Pierre; Amandine, Raze
    DevSup est une action financée par une convention établie entre l’ENS de Lyon et la DGESIP (Direction générale pour l'enseignement supérieur et l'insertion professionnelle) du MENESR (Ministère de l’éducation nationale, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche). Nous remercions vivement la MIPNES (Mission de la pédagogie et du numérique pour l'enseignement supérieur) qui a soutenu ce projet depuis son lancement, notamment Claude Bertrand, Patricia Arnault, et Geneviève Lameul, nos interlocuteurs, avec qui une collaboration fructueuse s’est développée. Nous remercions également les enseignants et les services d’appui des universités qui ont accepté de participer à cette expérimentation.Les objectifs de DevSup sont...

  16. DevSup : évaluation de la mise en place d’un dispositif d’accompagnement à la mise en œuvre d’une approche-programme.

    Loisy, Catherine; Sanchez, Eric; Diakhaté , Diarra
    DevSup est un projet de recherche et développement qui vise d’une part à caractériser le développement professionnel des enseignants du supérieur du point de vue de leurs pratiques pédagogiques intégrant le numérique, d’autre part à concevoir un dispositif pour soutenir ce développement. Le déploiement de ce dispositif concerne l’ingénierie de formation et l’ingénierie pédagogique. Pour ce qui concerne la première, le projet promeut une approche-programme au sein de l’équipe pédagogique ; pour ce qui concerne la seconde, le projet cherche à contribuer au développement professionnel des enseignants, notamment en soutenant l’intégration du numérique et la mise en place d’une approche...

  17. Resultados: Ciencias Sociales (Pedagogía, Psicología y Filosofía)

    Cotán Fernández, Almudena

  18. La poiesis en la facilitación del aprendizaje para el uso de tic en educación superior

    Padilla Beltrán, José Eduardo; Rincón Caballero, Diego Armando; Lagos Sandoval, José Arturo
    En la actualidad, las universidades y demás instituciones de educación superior, han asumido el reto de ir integrando aspectos de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación para prestar atención al papel del estudiante como arquitecto de su propio aprendizaje. En ese sentido, la problemática de un modelo pedagógico coherente a estas prácticas emergentes, ha incentivado diversos estudios acerca de perspectivas pedagógicas flexibles que consideren los roles y funciones de los docentes y educandos para aproximarse al conocimiento de una forma significante. Por ello, el manuscrito presenta desde un enfoque cualitativo en relación a la teoría fundamentada, una interpretación...

  19. Pedagogía Feminista y Formación del profesorado para una ciudadanía transformadora: proyecto piloto

    Martínez Martín, Irene; Blanco García, Montserrat

  20. La pedagogía del castigo: discriplina y correcciones en los colegios menores de Salamanca

    Martín Sánchez, Miguel Ángel
    Although they came into being with the best of intentions, over the years the colleges resorted to significant abuses that continued over time, and the primitive rules were increasingly failing. Despite all the efforts of the rectors and collegial authorities to impose discipline and control, vices and a lack of discipline started to surface among the pupils very early on. These vices were severely punished by the rectors and authorities of the college. Any lack of discipline was penalized: problems during meals, quarrels, disputes, profanity, perjury, insults, lack of courtesy, etc. It was an educational system in which each student was punished for his infraction considered individually,...

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