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1. Presented By - Joseph Amikuzuno
To Africa, whose development is eminent with increasing transparency and fairness in global trade policy & To Helen, Benedict and Catherine with Love Spatial price transmission or market integration measures the degree to which geographically separated markets share long-run market information on homogenous commodities. One very contentious issue in Ghana is the concern about the implications of trade liberalization for spatial price transmission and integration of local tomato markets i.e. whether or not price linkages between tomato markets in Ghana improved following the countries adoption of trade liberalization policy in the mid 1980s. Opposed to this contention is the view...

Although largely overlooked in much of the previous research on political tolerance, I argue that contextual factors, specifically state-level features, play a significant role in influencing individual tolerance judgments. Drawing from extant theories of public opinion, international conflict, and political institutions, I seek to further our understanding of the determinants of political tolerance by trying to answer the following question: What accounts for the significant differences in political tolerance levels across countries? While models using individual-level predictors account for some of the disparity in tolerance levels, a substantial amount remains unexplained. I assert that several macro-level theoretical frameworks offer compelling...

3. Radek Trnka, The Macrotheme Review 2(4), Summer 2013 The Macrotheme Review A multidisciplinary journal of global macro trends Environmental Barriers and Protected Areas: Obstacles for Investment, or New Opportunities? - Radek Trnka
Structural development in the European protected areas is limited, because of conservational laws and conservational restrictions. Construction industry often applies push strategy in the purpose to break some rules or to obtain permissions for new structural projects. Such activities are negatively perceived by local communities and may evenly lead to local protests and consequent damage of reputation as well as public opinion. The present study aims to suggest a general investment strategy that utilizes natural potential of protected areas and, at the same time, respects borders of officially protected areas. The key idea is to make a shift from a...

4. The Macrotheme Review A multidisciplinary journal of global macro trends IMAGE OF THE MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN IN U.S. NEWSPAPERS - Nevin Arvas
This paper examines newspaper coverage of Middle Eastern women from 2001 to 2008. The findings indicate that two well-established American newspapers, namely the New York Times and the Washington Post, portray the Middle Eastern negatively. It seems that cross-cultural communication is difficult between the United States and the Middle East due to cultural issues and language barriers. Moreover, differences among religions and value systems have a significant impact on the image of the Middle Eastern women in the public opinion over here.

5. Analyzing Top Technical Women for Repeated Mindsets, Life Experiences, and Career Navigation - Julie L. Gill
The purpose of this thesis is to discuss and discover why some women are so successful in the computing fields when public opinion continues to hold that computing is not a women’s field because there are so few women in computing. The roots for this shortage begin in the American educational system, “Nationwide only about 20 percent of the bachelor's degrees in computer science go to women, ” according to a November 11, 2011 NPR story titled “Addressing the Shortage of Women in Silicon Valley”. This shortage is well noted and heavily researched, Plausible solutions have been proposed and it...

6. QUT Digital Repository:
© Copyright 2006 Emerald PublishingLegitimating organisational decisions: A study of media framing of the Australian Government’s legitimacy strategy and public opinion on the war in Iraq This study investigates how organisations seek to legitimate their decisions by tracking the relationship between press releases issued by the Australian government to support their involvement in the Iraq war, media framing of news stories about this issue, and public opinion. Using a qualitative content analysis of government press releases and media coverage, and the results of Newspoll opinion polls, the study showed that despite shifts in the framing of the stories, public opinion...

7. Does Casework Build Support for a Strong Parliament? Legislative Representation and Public Opinion in Morocco and Algeria - Lindsay J. Benstead
This work is dedicated to the nearly two thousand study participants who generously shared their time and perspectives. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Although this dissertation is an early iteration of what I hope will become a more refined and complete work, it nevertheless represents a satisfying endpoint of more than four years of research and writing. I am grateful to the countless people in Morocco, Algeria, the United States, and Canada, as well as in a handful of other countries, whose support and assistance made this mile marker possible. Among them, Nancy Krumel came to know most about the richness of my...

8. American Association for Public Opinion Research House Effects in a Household Transportation Telephone Survey* - J. Neil Russell; Jonaki Bose
Interviewer effects have been studied extensively in the literature while fewer studies have focused on “house effects”, or the effects of multiple survey firms collecting data on the quality of survey data. The limited number of house effect studies may stem from fewer situations of multiple survey firms collecting data during the same time period and from the same population of inference. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) sponsored the Omnibus Household Survey (OHS), which provides various transportation measures. Two commercial survey firms contracted by BTS collected OHS data, and this provided a unique opportunity to study this phenomenon. For...

9. The polls—trends: Public opinion on energy policy: 1974–2006 - Toby Bolsen; Fay Lomax Cook
Abstract In recent years, energy policy has become an increasingly salient political issue in the United States. Rising gas prices, coupled with regional energy shortages and a growing recognition of the connection between U.S. energy supplies and national security, have led to calls for legislative action. Part of developing a national energy policy lies in understanding public opinion about existing energy sources, public support for various energy strategies, and what the public might be willing to do in order to conserve energy and reduce U.S. reliance on foreign oil. In this review, we report trends in public opinion from 1974...

10. DOI 10.1007/s12108-009-9079-9 Sociologists in the Press - Matthias Revers; M. Revers
Abstract Stimulated by debates on public sociology in the recent years I studied contributions of sociologists in daily newspapers in Austria. Although sociologists are rather present in the Austrian press, I argue this remains without noticeable effects on public opinion formation; the topics sociologists write and talk about are rather arbitrary and they lack factual content. Although my data refers to sociologists in the Austrian press, the study’s conclusions might be true to the wider sociological community: Through such exposure, a public profile of sociology cannot evolve. Furthermore, the article discusses criteria that prevent and complicate the relationship between sociologists...

11. Preaching to the converted? An analysis of the UK public for space exploration - Entradas, M; Miller, S; Peters, HP

12. Cambio Climático e Información Pública en la Administración General del Estado español: Su gestión, marco legal e imprevisiones en situaciones de emergencia - Ibáñez Peiró, Ángel
In spite of the increasing amount of data that inform us of the possible causes that have contributed to climate change, the solution to the problem has not been identified or achieved yet. In the beginning it looked like a scientific and technical problem as climate change is attributed to the production and accumulation of greenhouse gases. However, time has shown that this issue is totally linked to public perception and public opinion. The effect of mass media upon the public has a great influence. Experts on climate change are criticizing those who are skeptical of the causes. According to these experts,...

13. Movies and the state of the union - Grieveson, L
The United States marks the completion of the Panama Canal with two international expositions in California, celebrating the remarkable technological achievement of the creation of a passage across the continent between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The expositions seek to fashion a national self-identity marked by technological advancement and a new position of hemispheric and international leadership. The canal radically reduces the time it takes to transport trade across the United States (shortening the route from coast to coast by as much as 8,000 miles and thirty days). Business and government forces use the canal to conquer South...

14. La política exterior argentina ante conflictos internacionales: los casos de la Guerra del Golfo Pérsico y del showdown estadounidense en Afganistán - Ferreri, Cristián Alejandro
Este trabajo propone un análisis de los procesos de toma de decisiones de la política exterior argentina en dos instancias claves en los últimos veinte años de evolución del sistema internacional: la Guerra del Golfo Pérsico y el showdown estadounidense en Afganistán, posterior a los ataques terroristas sufridos por la potencia norteamericana el 11 de septiembre de 2001. A partir del estudio de variables tales como los contextos externo e interno de las decisiones; la relación bilateral entre Argentina y Estados Unidos; las personalidades y estilos de liderazgo político de Carlos Menem y Fernando De la Rúa; y el peso...

15. Damaged corporate reputation: Can celebrity Tweets repair it? - Norel, Nienke D. van; Kommers, Piet A.M.; Hoof, Joris J. van; Verhoeven, Joost W.M.
These days, many corporations engage in Twitter activities as a part of their communication strategy. Corporations can use this medium to share information with stakeholders, to answer customer questions, or to build on their image. In this study we examined the extent to which celebrity Tweet messages can be used to repair a damaged corporate reputation, and how this message should be designed and what celebrity should be ‘used’. In two experiments, a 2 × 2 (attractive celebrity versus intelligent celebrity) × (personal message versus general message) design was used. In total, 163 respondents first expressed their feelings regarding the two...

16. La opinión pública tucumana y el proceso de integración regional (1983-1989) - Torres, María Alejandra
Los estudios referidos a la relación entre la opinión pública y la política exterior argentina constituyen aún hoy un campo escasamente explorado en el ámbito académico. Entre otras razones esto se debió al escaso interés que despertaba esta temática en la mayor parte de la población. “Tradicionalmente el grueso de la sociedad argentina no se sentía atraída por los problemas de relaciones exteriores, no estaba suficientemente informada acerca de los mismos y no proyectaba sobre ellos demasiadas expectativas”. El objetivo de este trabajo es analizar la posición de la opinión pública tucumana sobre la reorientación de la política exterior radical hacia...

17. Interdisciplinary Studies of Political Behavior: From Election to Protests - Paxton, Pamela; Jenkins, Craig; Beck, Paul; Beaulieu, Emily; Crenshaw, Ed; Gunther, Richard; Hughes, Melanie; Maher, Tom; Nisbet, Erik; Slomczynski, Kazimierz; Tomescu-Dubrow, Irina
The conference brings together noted scholars in the fields of democracy, politics and protest, and cross-national methodology, to contribute – via lectures, presentations and discussions in a multidisciplinary forum – to our understanding of democracy and political participation around the world.  The workshop is devoted to key technical issues of data comparability assessment following the harmonization of data from international public opinion survey projects.

18. Radio studies - Oliveira, Madalena; Portela, Pedro Jos?? Ermida Figueiredo Fernandes; Santos, Lu??s Ant??nio Martins
[Introdution] Communication studies are almost one hundred years old, which means they are more or less contemporary to the radio age. Encouraged by Lipmann???s arguments on ???public opinion???, this research field became particularly essential in the century of mass media and more recently of digital new media and social networks. Although developed with significant enthusiasm, especially in the second part of the 1900???s, communication sciences have always been much more focused on the press and on TV than on radio. As a matter of fact, audio media has always been neglected by academics. There is already a long tradition of...

19. Public attitudes towards genetic testing revisited: comparing opinions between 2002 and 2010 - Henneman, Lidewij; Vermeulen, Eric; van El, Carla G; Claassen, Liesbeth; Timmermans, Danielle R M; Cornel, Martina C
Ten years after the Human Genome Project, medicine is still waiting for many of the promised benefits, and experts have tempered their high expectations. Public opinion on genetic testing has generally been favourable but is this still the case? The aim of this study is to compare public experiences, beliefs and expectations concerning genetic testing over the years (2002 vs 2010). A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was conducted using the Dutch Health Care Consumer Panel in 2002 and 2010. Responses to questions in identical wording were compared. In 2002 and 2010, 817 (63%) and 978 (70%) members responded, respectively. Awareness and...

20. Lógicas de rechazo a la democracia en América Latina : más allá de una aproximación dicotómica al apoyo a la democracia - Recabarren Silva, Lorena
Diversos trabajos académicos, estudios de opinión pública así como la cotidiana realidad de América Latina, ponen de relieve la importancia de continuar con los esfuerzos por ampliar y profundizar nuestro entendimiento acerca de la legitimidad democrática en la región. Esta investigación se propone contribuir en ese sentido, extendiendo el debate en relación con las razones que argumentan los ciudadanos para no apoyar de manera incondicional la democracia, sugiriendo la existencia de lógicas de rechazo a la democracia de diversa naturaleza: una de tipo instrumental y otra autoritaria. Este trabajo avanza en la discusión proponiendo una nueva tipología de apoyos a la democracia, fundada en un concepto legitimidad democrática...

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