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1. Nonresponse issues in public policy experiments : with emphasis on the health insurance study / - Morris, Carl N.; Rand Corporation.; United States. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare.
"Prepared for the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare."

2. America's Schizophrenic Immigration Policy Race, Class, and Reason - Ogletree, Charles J.
The historical purpose of American immigration policy was to provide a haven for those fleeing persecution and those seeking prosperity, as well as to satisfy workforce and frontier-expansion needs. However, a survey of U.S. immigration policy reveals that this historical purpose has been distorted and abandoned, if in fact it ever represented our nation's goal. This essay evaluates and critiques the effect that race and politics have had on immigration policy and enforcement, and on the public opinion that shapes our immigration priorities. This essay specifically questions whether immigration laws are equitably applied, without regard to the race or ethnicity...

3. Should 16-year-olds be allowed to vote in Westminster elections? Public opinion and electoral franchise reform - Birch, Sarah; Clarke, Harold D.; Whiteley, Paul
Britain has a long and often celebrated history of progressively expanding the electoral franchise. In recent years, the idea has been advanced to allow 16-year-olds to vote in general elections. This article uses data from a July 2013 national survey to examine public attitudes on this topic. These data show that less than one person in six favours lowering the voting age, with a large majority preferring the status quo. Younger—but not the youngest—people, men, working class and lower income persons, self-identified members of the ethnic majority and Scots tend to be most favourably disposed towards lowering the voting age....

4. Eutanasia: Encuesta de opinión a médicos internistas y pediatras. Medellín, segundo semestre 1998 - Sánchez P, Daniel; Cuartas S, Esteban; Duque G, Ana María; Peláez R, Natalia
This is a descriptive cut-type study, performed during 1998 in the city of Medellin, amongst Internist and Pediatricians with the purpose of determinating their knowledge, opinions and practices of euthanasia. From the total amount of internists and pediatricians (403) registered in 1997 Hospital and Medical phonebook, 118 were inquiered, representing 29.28%. 83% were male, 63.2% under the age of 50, 54% graduated from medical school at the Universidad de Antioquia, 52.5% were internists and 89% classified themselves as christians. The great majority claimed to know euthanasia's definition, and most of them would agree with its use under certain special circumstances;...

5. Great words of great men and women who shape public opinion [electronic resource]. - Minnesota Editorial Association.
Cover title: 4000 miles through Canada : excursion 1898 : what the members of the Minnesota Editorial Association can say in twenty words.

6. Public opinion on the Chignecto ship railway and the Baie Verte canal [electronic resource] / - Ketchum, H. G. C. (Henry George Clopper), 1839-1896

7. The Georgian Bay canal [electronic resource] : a few evidences of public opinion. - Canadian Federation of Boards of Trade and Municipalities.
Date from text.

8. Effect of third parties on public opinion after class idea subsides [electronic resource]. - Smith, Alexander, 1866-1928.
Cover title.

9. The American commonwealth [electronic resource] / - Bryce, James, 1838-1922.
Includes publisher's list (v. 2)

10. The Canadian Pacific railway--an appeal to public opinion against the railway being carried across the Selkirk Range [electronic resource] : that route being objectionable from the danger of falls from glaciers and from avalanches; also, generally on other matters / - Kingsford, William, 1819-1898
Electronic reproduction.

11. A thoroughly British legislature wanted, or, in other words, Legislation combining patriotism and popularity [electronic resource] : seeing that British public opinion in the government is our only security ... / - Buchanan, Isaac, 1810-1883.
In double columns.

12. The gibbet of Regina [electronic resource] : the truth about Riel : Sir John A. Macdonald and his cabinet before public opinion / - One who knows
Pref. signed: Napoléon Thompson.

13. Letters of "Colonist" on the government of public opinion [electronic resource] : the Macdonald-Cartier and the Cartier-Macdonald administration, their victim and their defenders .. - Dawson, Samuel Edward, 1833-1916.
Electronic reproduction.

14. The Jewish Society of New York [electronic resource] : arraigned at the bar of public opinion / - Burns, Robert, 1789-1869.
'"Judex damnatur quum nocens absolvitur"--Publius Strus.'

15. Message from the president of the United States, transmitting copies of certain documents obtained from a secret agent of the British government, employed in fomenting disaffection to the constituted authorities, and in bringing about resistance to the laws, and eventually, in concert with a British force, to destroy the union of the United States [electronic resource]. - Madison, James, 1751-1836.; Henry, John, ca. 1776-1853.; United States.
John Henry was employed by Sir James Craig in 1809 to travel to New England to obtain information on the two political parties and public opinion concerning the probability of war with Great Britain.

16. How can Canadian universities best benefit the profession of journalism, as a means of moulding and elevating public opinion? [electronic resource] : a collection of essays /
Includes bibliographical references.

17. The Essex Junto and the British spy, or, Treason detected [electronic resource]. - Henry, John, ca. 1776-1853.
Includes letters from John Henry, employed by Sir James Craig in 1809 to travel to New England to obtain information on the two political parties and public opinion concerning the probability of war with Great Britain.

18. Campañas de propaganda en dictadura y democracia: referendos y elecciones de 1947 a 1978 - Romero, Fernando
El trabajo consiste en el estudio de cuatro referendos. Se analiza cada uno de los referendos y las circunstancias de la situación política en cada momento. "Ley de Sucesión - 6 julio 1947.- Nos acercamos a la España de 1947, donde gobierna el General Franco, victorioso de su golpe de estado y guerra civil. Hemos encontrado documentos manuscritos del propio convocante referente a esa Ley que va a proponer a sus súbditos. En otros archivos, referencias a su campaña de propaganda en radio y octavillas; y en las hemerotecas, decenas de anuncios en toda la prensa española. Se evidencian así...

19. Bagua, un anno dopo. La figura del “politico indigeno” come nuova strategia mediatica del movimento indigeno peruviano - Romio, Silvia
After the experience of the massacre in Bagua ( Peruvian Amazon) on June 2009, the AIDESEP dramatically learned its level of vulnerability against the possibility of the Peruvian state. During this year, the taking of conscience sacrificing activities has led the association to an elaboration of a deep change in the political strategy : we can translate it as an extension of the fight for the recognition of the indigenous population’s rights across the border of the Amazon Rainforest, trying to create a relationship with the Andeans communities and the public opinion.

20. Opinions citizens to the drug policy in six cities of latin america - García Sánchez, Miguel; Ortiz Riomalo, Andrés Mauricio

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