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  1. Castillo gómez, Antonio i Amelang, James S. (dirs.) Serrano Sánchez, Carmen (ed.) (2010) Opinión pública y espacio urbano en la Edad Moderna Gijón: Ediciones Trea, 543 p.

    Amor López, Silvia

  2. Los medios y la institucionalización del sistema de partidos. Análisis comparado en América Latina

    Ponce, Matías
    The goal of this article is describe the relationship between the level of institutionalization of party systems and the citizen trust in the media as intermediaries of political message in 18 countries in Latin America The comparative methodology is based on data from the Americas Barometer 2012 (Latin-American Public Opinion Project) and the Index of Party System Institutionalization of Jones (2005). There's a dialogue with respect to classical theoretical frameworks for understanding political Communications, cause we draw an association between trust in the media and the level of party system institutionalization. However, the role that the theory ascribes to the...

  3. To Test or Not? Singular or Multiple Heritage?

    Hochschild, Jennifer L.; Sen, Maya
    DNA ancestry testing may seem frivolous, but it points to two crucial questions: First, what is the relationship, if any, between biology and race? Second, how much and why do people prefer clear, singular racial identities over blurred, mixed racial self-understandings, or the reverse? We posit that individuals of different racial or ethnic backgrounds will have different levels of support for this new technology. In particular, despite the history of harm caused by the biologization of race, we theorize that African Americans will be receptive to the use of DNA ancestry testing because conventional genealogical searches for ancestral roots are...

  4. Questions de politique

    Bourdieu, Pierre
    Questions on the Political It has been known to political scientists for some time that the phenomena of electoral apathy or of failure to respond to questions on political opinion poils tend to vary in terms of sex, age, level of education, profession, place of residence and political preference. This aspect of political behavior here inspires a reflection regarding the social conditions of possibility of the production of an individual response to inquiries about politics. It is the problem, in other words, of the minimal competence needed by individuals to be able to identify their own views with those included...

  5. Análisis normativo de la violencia de género en el espacio del derecho penal español y peruano: el discurso necesario para el fomento de la igualdad

    Gonzales Miranda, Jorge Antonio; González Dugo, Irene
    This research aims at the comparative analysis of legal and media aspects of gender violence in Spain and Peru. Here we discuss the characteristics of the criminal law in both countries and the role of media as drivers discourse of equality between men and women. Although both countries seeking gender violence through the criminal law provisions, treating them and public opinion in the society.

  6. Summary of responses to issues raised by public comment in reference to Site selection criteria for a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility /

    Illinois Low-Level Radioactive Waste Task Group.
    "December 19, 1996."

  7. Evaluation of the 2006 Thanksgiving Click It or Ticket Campaign in Illinois, November 6 - December 10, 2006 /

    Illinois. Division of Traffic Safety. Evaluation Unit.
    Evaluates the impact of the "Click It or Ticket" campaign (April 2007) by using statewide public opinion and observational surveys of licensed Illinois drivers.

  8. Evaluation of the 2006 Illinois "Click It or Ticket" Campaign, April 24-June 18, 2006 /

    Illinois. Division of Traffic Safety. Evaluation Unit.
    Evaluates the impact of the "Click It or Ticket" campaign (May 2006) by using statewide public opinion and observational surveys of licensed Illinois drivers.

  9. Attitudes of Illinois citizens toward solid waste and the environment.

    Sigler, Jeanne.; Illinois. Institute for Environmental Quality.
    Mode of access: Internet.

  10. Protagonistas y públicos de la comunicación científica

    Semir, Vladimir de
    La comunicación entre la ciencia y la sociedad es de suma importancia: informa al gran público sobre cuestiones relacionadas con la ciencia y la tecnología; informa a la ciencia acerca de las percepciones y expectativas sociales; pone la experiencia científica a disposición del público; tiene un impacto en el diseño de políticas y en la creación de programas; afecta a la legitimidad de la investigación y desempeña una función destacada en el gobierno de la ciencia, la tecnología y el riesgo. En el texto se hace una síntesis histórica de la divulgación y periodismo científicos. Se señala que en la educación, información y formación de opinión pública en torno a las ciencias, la...

  11. La production de l'idéologie dominante

    Bourdieu, Pierre; Boltanski, Luc
    The production of the dominant ideology. This article consists of group of documents and analyses which treat single subject from different perspectives : the social philosophy predominant among those who occupy positions of power. This new "dominant ideology" is considered simultaneously as product and as mode of production. 1) The Encyclopedia of Received Opinions. Here the commonplaces current in the places of power are presented in the form of an encyclopedia or dictionary. Each entry, corresponding to one of the key words of this ideology, comprises one or several citations taken from one or another of the analyzed works which...

  12. Reforma judicial de 1964

    Echavarría Olozaga, Hernán
    En 1964, al presentar ante el Congreso la Reforma de la Justicia de ese año, el Ministro de justicia doctor Alfredo Araújo Grau, dijó estas palabras: "Al cabo de muchos años de estudios y tanteos, se ha logrado por fin estructurar la Administración de Justicia colombiana. La vieja aspiración, expresada unánimemente por la opinión pública, se ha trocado en realidad. No creo ser iluso, ni optimista, al predecir que por virtud de los nuevos ordenamientos jurídicos el país entrará en una promisoria etapa de paz, de orden y seguridad. Todo lo cual ha sido y será posible gracias a la política...

  13. La construcción del chavismo en la prensa latinomericana

    Poliszuk, Federico
    En la actualidad la prensa y los medios en general constituyen una institución central en la producción y circulación de los discursos públicos a tal punto que no existe discurso político que no pase por los medios. Aún más, se han convertido en actores políticos cuyo protagonismo es central en la construcción discursiva del escenario contemporáneo latinoamericano y argentino. Dicho protagonismo es corroborado por su influencia en el sistema político y su peso en la construcción de la llamada “opinión pública”. Una de las modalidades de esta intervención en gran parte de la prensa escrita de Latinoamérica y una parte...

  14. Neville Chamberlain’s Umbrella: ‘Object’ Lessons in the History of Appeasement

    Gottlieb, J.V.
    Neville Chamberlain’s umbrella was ubiquitous during the Munich Crisis and in its aftermath, as material object, as commodity, and as political emblem that came to represent the temperament and character of the ‘Man of Peace’ who had brought relief to the world by striking a ‘gentleman’s peace’ with Hitler on 30 September 1938. This culminated in the damning portrayal of the Prime Minister as the ‘Umbrella Man’ in ‘Cato’s’ Guilty Men (1940). Throwing the spotlight on the material object of the umbrella can illuminate the popular dimension of these highly charged diplomatic events, and offer some insight into how foreign...

  15. The Uncertain Future of Nuclear Energy

    Bunn, Matthew G.; von Hippel, Frank; Diakov, Anatoli; Ding, Ming; Katsuta, Tadahiro; McCombie, Charles; Ramana, M.V.; Suzuki, Tatsujiro; Voss, Susan; Yu, Suyuan
    In the 1970s, nuclear energy was expected to quickly become the dominant generator of electrical power. Its fuel costs are remarkably low because a million times more energy is released per unit weight by fission than by combustion. But its capital costs have proven to be high. Safety requires redundant cooling and control systems, massive leak-tight containment structures, very conservative seismic design and extremely stringent quality control. The routine health risks and greenhouse-gas emissions from fission power are small relative to those associated with coal, but there are catastrophic risks: nuclear-weapon proliferation and the possibility of over-heated fuel releasing massive quantities...

  16. The Importance of Image Management for a Good Society

    Nita, Mircea Aurel
    The paper deals with the importance of managing the image of a private or public organization and of any government, especially. There are underlined two important matrix used in the image and communication field and in the management field. The paper shows how these two matrices can be applied by a Government that wants to lead the mass people to a good society. Comparison and analogy are used as scientific methods together with the direct experience of the author as a private manager of the first private television after 1989, SOTI TV. For a good society, the Government must search...

  17. Focus Group Study of Public Opinion About Paying Living Kidney Donors in Australia

    Tong, Allison; Ralph, Angelique F.; Chapman, Jeremy R.; Wong, Germaine; Gill, John S.; Josephson, Michelle A.; Craig, Jonathan C.

  18. Acerca de los conceptos de publicidad, opinión pública, opinión de la mayoría y sus relaciones recíprocas

    Garzón Valdés, Ernesto

  19. El mito de la opinión pública

    Zimmerling, Ruth

  20. "Opinión pública libre" y medios de comunicación social en la argumentación jurídica del tribunal constitucional español

    Saavedra López, Modesto

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