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1. Enfermar en el extranjero: La pesadilla de Juan y María en Australia - Korstanje, Maximiliano Emanuel
This research examines from a qualitative view the public opinion stance along with the case of Martin that shocked the imaginary after contracting the Gullien-Barre syndrome in Australia. A couple in their honeymoon (Martin and Carolina) has chosen the spending island of Tasmania without knowing the nightmare they will face. Martin sickened a very uncanny virus provoked by an outsider pathogenic organism inoculated in a vaccine against flu. With the passing of days, martin loosened the mobility and was finally hospitalized in emergency. Doctors induced Martin to coma temporarily because his muscles were paralyzed by action of this virus. The...

The problem of landscape identity is particularly present in the view of the current changes in rural land-use patterns, where, as a consequence, the identities of traditional rural societies seem threatened. The problem lies in the perception of spatial identity as a physical phenomenon, while in reality it is an ever evolving relationship. The social conception of the national space is shaped within the processes of communication, and tends inevitably towards uniformity, regardless of its actual geographical diversity. Specific landscapes within national space emerge as representative of the whole, usually appearing as symbolic places or as conceptualized landscape types composed...

3. A Formal Theory of Public Opinion in Conicts - Maria Petrovay
This paper presents a theoretical model of interaction between a government and ordinary people over the issue of public support for war. I assume that interests of the government are not perfectly aligned with those of citizens, but public support is important for the success of war. The government can send, through mass media, signals to ordinary people, in order to secure public support for military actions. I …nd that higher costs of inuencing media make the war less likely and, conditional on its happening, less costly. There is also a positive e¤ect of uncertainty about the costs of war...

4. DOI: 10.1525/sp.2009.56.3.447. Exploring the Connection between Immigration and Violent Crime Rates in U.S. Cities, 1980–2000 - Graham C. Ousey; College Of William; Charis E. Kubrin
A popular perception is that immigration causes higher crime rates. Yet, historical and contemporary research finds that at the individual level, immigrants are not more inclined to commit crime than the native born. Knowledge of the macro-level relationship between immigration and crime, however, is characterized by important gaps. Most notably, despite the fact that immigration is a macro-level social process that unfolds over time, longitudinal macro-level research on the immigration-crime nexus is virtually nonexistent. Moreover, while several theoretical perspectives posit sound reasons why over-time changes in immigration could result in higher or lower crime rates, we currently know little about...

5. PUBLIC OPINION, AND SOCIAL - Influence In Senegal; Carrie Konold; Carrie Konold
publications report the results of national sample surveys on the attitudes of citizens in selected African countries towards democracy, markets, civil society, and other aspects of development. The Afrobarometer is a collaborative enterprise of Michigan State

6. Communist and Post-Communist Studies 39 (2006) 73e99‘‘Don’t knows’ ’ and public opinion towards economic reform: Evidence from Russia - Adam J. Berinsky A; Joshua A. Tucker B
As market reform has spread throughout the globe, both scholars and policy makers have become increasingly interested in measuring public opinion towards economic changes. How-ever, recent research from American politics suggests that special care must be paid to how surveys treat non-respondents to these types of questions. We extend this line of inquiry to a well-known case of large-scale economic reform, Russia in the mid-1990s. Our major finding is that Russians who fail to answer survey questions tend to be consistently less ‘‘liberal’ ’ than their counterparts who are able to answer such questions. This finding has implications both for...

Con este proyecto lo que se quiere destacar, en esencia, es la importancia de la ética en el puesto de trabajo. La administración pública debe servir con objetividad los intereses generales. La transparencia y la imparcialidad deben formar parte de ese servicio también. Si no se fomenta el buen hacer desde dentro de la organización con éstos y otros principios, los ciudadanos perderán la confianza en la administración pública y, por tanto, en los gestores de las mismas. Por tanto, resulta importante que se nos permita ser partícipes en cualquier actividad pública y, de esa manera asegurar que nuestra opinión...

8. Public opinion and government policy in Britain: a case of congruence, amplification or dampening? - Warwick, Paul V.
This article examines postwar government policy in Britain, as reflected in annual budget speeches. Like previous research, it aims to content-analyse these speeches to derive estimates of actual, as opposed to intended, government policy stances. Unlike previous research, it also aims to capture and measure the gap between intentions (as represented in electoral manifestos) and actual policy. This gap cannot be assessed from the final output of the Wordscores content analysis programme (in either the original version or the Martin-Vanberg variation), but it can be teased out of the raw output. This teasing-out process reveals the gap to be very...

9. BQ in the House: The Nature of Sovereigntist Representation in the Canadian Parliament - Lori Young; Éric Bélanger
Authors ’ note: We thank Stuart Soroka for very useful comments on a previous version of this paper and for granting us permission to use his data on oral questions in the Canadian House of Commons. We also thank Maurice Pinard for providing the public opinion data used in this paper. 1

10. Public Opinion – a New Factor Influencing the PRC Press - Martin Brendebach
Two noteworthy developments fuel the increasing importance of the role public opin-ion plays in mainland China's press. One is initiated from above: In an effort to counter corruption, the government has permitted the media to report misbehavior by local officials, which, in turn, has encouraged citizens to increasingly turn to newspa-pers to let them voice their concerns. Another tendency is triggered from below, as an unintended consequence of press commercialization: Since newspapers now rely on advertisement incomes that demand large readerships, audience interests influ-ence editorial decisions to a far greater extent than they did a decade ago. Both factors have...

The past decade has brought trade liberalization out of the shadow of debate among economists and into the glare of public opinion. In addition to the completion of the Uruguay Round of GATT and the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) at the international level, the 1990s have witnessed both the initiation and the strengthening of

12. Media Coverage of Organized Crime: Impact on Public Opinion? 1 Table of Contents - Judith Dubois
Available on the Infoweb at:

13. Speaking for the public: representation and audience participation during the 1997 British general election campaign - J. Curtice; R. Davis
Audience participation programs are designed to provide interaction between politicians and voters. Through their questions politicians can be provided with a valuable gauge of public opinion. But for this to happen participants need to be representative of the general public. Previous US research suggests this is not the case, but this failure may be caused by that country's commercialized media structure. Callers to the premiere British election phone-in program, entitled Election Call and broadcast by the non-commercial BBC, are compared with members of the general public to determine whether its participants are socially and politically representative of the general public....

14. Politics and the Equilibrium of Fear: Can Strategies and Emotions interact - Arthur Lupia; Jesse Menning
for helpful advice. Researchers from many scientific disciplines seek improved explanations of social behaviors. The results of such explorations are not only new concepts but also refined understandings of the conditions under which more established concepts apply. Political scientists engage in many such explorations. One set of these endeavors is called “Political Psychology.” Another falls under the rubric of game theory. Political psychologists turn to research on human thought and perception from other disciplines to inform and motivate their work. An interesting attribute of political psychology is that there are no widely accepted guidelines for what it means to engage...

15. Measurement of Political Discussion Networks: A Comparison of Two `Name Generator‘ Procedures.‖ Public Opinion Quarterly 73(3 - Casey A. Klofstad; Scott D. Mcclurg; Meredith Rolfe
Abstract Social scientists use two different methods for collecting in-formation on the people with whom individuals discuss politics. Some surveys ask respondents to provide information about the people with whom they discuss “important matters, ” while other studies ask for in-formation specifically on the individual’s political discussants. Drawing on three of the most recently collected sources of data on this subject, we compare social network data that have been collected in these two different ways. The majority of our results show that the network data provided by survey respondents are very similar regardless of which net-work generator procedure is used....

16. La puesta en escena de la comunidad: La Plaza Seregni y la "Estrategia por la vida y la convivencia" - Remedi, Gustavo
Partiendo de nociones tales como espacio público —en tanto lugares de encuentro social accesibles a la ciudadanía donde se ponen en juego símbolos, afectos, ideas del mundo y de la vida y se conforma la opinión pública—, de teatro y teatralidad social —y de categorías analíticas e interpretativas del análisis teatral— y del análisis de signos y discursos verbales y no verbales, proponemos interpretar la concepción, diseño, realización y uso de la Plaza-­‐Parque Líber Seregni (construida en 2012 y erigida en modelo a replicar en el marco de una “Estrategia por la vida y la convivencia”) en tanto guión y...

17. Nunavut: The Still Small Voice of Indigenous Governance1 - Peter Jull
Nunavut, ‘our land ’ in the Inuit language, is 2,000,000 sq. km. of treeless tundras, coasts, and islands occupying one-fifth of all Canada’s land area. C. 29,000 people, 85 % of them Inuit, make up the population. Most of the non-Inuit are short-term residents, e.g., teaching and technical staff. Caribou are important food in many areas, especially the south-west mainland where great herds migrate from south to north and back annually from their winter range. No less important is the land-fast sea ice on which Inuit hunt, travel, and camp for much of the year, and the floe edge rich...

18. JOURNAL OF BLACK STUDIES / MAY 2002Michelson / THE BLACK REPARATIONS MOVEMENT THE BLACK REPARATIONS MOVEMENT Public Opinion and Congressional Policy Making - Melissa R. Michelson; Melissa R. Michelson
The online version of this article can be found at:

19. After 'Peak Oil', 'Peak Gas ' Too - A. M. Samsam Bakhtiari
The concept of 'Peak Oil ' has finally found its way to the receptive minds of educated public opinion. On the March 18/19 weekend, it even did erupt on TV screens worldwide as CNN aired its documentary "We Were Warned: Tomorrow's Oil Crisis". However, some energy analysts have found a way to belittle 'Peak Oil ' by advancing that in case of an oil production peak, natural gas would simply take over —in other words, gas would timely fill the energy gap between an oil-driven world and the for-ever supply of bountiful hydrogen. Both the gas take-over and the hydrogen...

20. Peer reviewed article Contraception and sexuality after termination of pregnancy: a comparison between Lugano - Geneva; F. Bianchi-demichelia; E. Perrin B; F. Lüdickea; A. Campanaa
have the lowest abortion rates worldwide, less than 10 per 1000 women of reproductive age [1]. In Switzerland, this rate is estimated as 8.3 per 1000 women between the ages of 15 and 44 years [2]. In other Western European countries as well as in the United States and Canada, the rates are between 10–23 per 1000 women [1]. These recent data show the importance of access to contraceptive methods for women, prevention of abortion, and social control of the demographic evolution [1, 2]. Termination of pregnancy (TOP) is a well-studied topic that causes controversies and divides public opinion. Depending...

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