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  1. Nuevas virilidades en los adolescentes de la época

    Tanevitch, Gabriel
    En dirección a la adolescencia (2015) Jacques-Alain Miller se interroga ¿qué es la adolescencia en psicoanálisis? Nos orienta diciendo que en psicoanálisis nos ocupamos esencialmente de tres cosas: la salida de la infancia, la diferencia de los sexos y en tercer lugar, dice lo que llamaría sin gustarle la expresión, el “desarrollo de la personalidad”, los modos de articulación del yo ideal y el ideal del yo, es decir, todo lo que es presentado en “Introducción del narcisismo” de Freud. El momento puberal es un momento en el que, en efecto, el narcisismo se reconfi gura. Ahora bien, ¿cómo pensar las...

  2. Psicología y Educación: Presente y Futuro

    Castejón, Juan Luis (coord.)

  3. Análisis estructural y desarrollo de una versión breve de la versión en español del Inventario de Ansiedad ante Exámenes (TAI-E) en universitarios de Lima

    Dominguez Lara, Sergio Alexis; De la Cruz Contreras, Freddy
    The aim of the present study is to examine the internal structure of the Test Anxiety Inventory-Spanish version (TAI-S) and have a brief version. It was assessed of a sample of 376 Peruvian university students (73.1% women) between 16 and 55 years old (M = 20.71). The internal structure of TAI-S was analyzed by using structural equation modeling (factorial confirmatory analysis) and the short version was obtained on the basis of a Bifactoral model and conceptual approaches. Four models were evaluated: orthogonal, oblique, bifactor and one-dimensional. As the result, the TAI-S is constituted by a single dimension. Likewise, the short...

  4. Aumento de la retención universitaria. Proyecto e-learning “Psicólogos en la Llama”

    Garrote Yáñez, David; Fernández Vázquez, Alfonso
    La transición a la universidad es una de las principales dificultades de los jóvenes emergentes. Las consecuencias negativas de un mal afrontamiento pueden desembocar en el abandono de la educación superior. Un grupo de estudiantes de psicología diseñó e implementó un proyecto e-learning para la mejora de la vida universitaria del alumnado de esta titulación. Este estudio describe el proyecto Psicólogos en la Llama y evalúa la percepción de los estudiantes de esta iniciativa en su vida universitaria.

  5. Avaliação formativa em Psicologia: Instrumento para análise de material instrucional

    Queiroga, Fabiana; Borges Andrade, Jairo Eduardo; Miranda, Rodrigo Araújo de
    Text books for undergraduation are seldom the focus of formative evaluation. The goal of this study was to develop and validate for the Brazilian context an instrument for data collection in formative evaluation. Brazil has scarce attempts of this nature. Participants of the study were psychology and management undergraduate students in a federal public university. Data collected with these participants were submitted to an exploratory factor analysis and the results have pointed out evidences of construct validity. The instrument may be useful for the evaluation of instructional materials. This study may contribute for the strengthening of the process of formative...

  6. Psicologia e modos de trabalho no contexto da reforma psiquiátrica

    Sales, André Luis Leite de Figueiredo; Dimenstein, Magda
    This study considers the work forms of psychologists in the context of the Centres for Psychosocial Care - CAPS. The investigation focused the knowledge about the psychiatric reform and the way that professionals perceive themselves as workers in this area. Specifically, the objective was to know how psychologists have conducted their daily work and how the deinstitutionalized care proposal has affected them. The paper discusses the relationship between these aspects, the care provided and the possibilities to mobilize them in favor of the psychiatric reform for the deinstitutionalization of madness.

  7. A Psicologia na área rural: Os assentamentos da reforma agrária e as mulheres assentadas

    Vasquez, Gislayne Cristina Figueiredo
    The purpose of this article is to describe the participation of the author in the ITESP Foundation (Institute of Land of the State of São Paulo - Brazil), dealing with groups of women, who are landless settlers. Weekly meetings were held during a period of 18 months. Each meeting lasted two hours and they were open to all who were willing to participate. The methods applied at the meetings were based on Pichon- Rivière and Bleger’s theories on group work. It was also applied a technique called “club of wisdoms”, used by Brazilian therapists when working with psychotic patients. Many...

  8. Psicologia comunitária e política de assistência social: Diálogos sobre atuações em comunidades

    Ximenes, Verónica Morais; Paula, Luana Rêgo Colares de; Barros, João Paulo Pereira
    This article aims at the outline of theoretical-methodological dialogues between community psychology praxis and the social assistance area, specifically concerning the proposal of Basic Social Protection of strengthening social and community companionship in the assisted families’ territory. Therefore, they present the outlines of the social assistance current policies which situate central elements of the Basic Social Protection. The contributions of community psychology are pointed out for reading and for the accomplishment of collective work in the life territory of the families, giving priority to the problematization of their daily processes and to the enlargement of social bonds ruled in collaboration...

  9. Formação em Psicologia no Brasil: Um perfil dos cursos de graduação

    Lisboa, Felipe Stephan; Barbosa, Altemir José Gonçalves
    A documental study was made to describe Brazilian psychology undergraduation programs using public information available in a Ministry of Education’s Database of undergraduation institutions. 396 programs were identified and most of them were held in private universities with profit objectives located in the interior of the country and in the southern-eastern region. The classes are taught in a single period of the day, their duration is 10 semesters and their timetable has 4000 hours. The programs usually adopt the half-year term and had medium scores in national exams. A huge, quick and disorderly expansion of the undergraduation programs has been...

  10. De outras tecituras possíveis em Psicologia do Trabalho

    Tubino, Carmela de Lima; Pedruzzi-Reis, Marcia Giovana; Silva, Rosane Neves
    This study propose to debate an traineeship experience in Psychology of Work, that began with the questions from a strangeness founded in the encounter with practices and crystallizes speeches related with the work of a psychologist inside of an organization. For this reflection, we used the functional attendance (fa) practice, realized with workers considered “problem-employees”, like an analyzer that tensions crystallizes intervention strategies centered in individual conflicts of the worker. Throughout our experience, we saw that the listening of the employees could be an access road to the work relationships, since the workers occupied a place of a spokesman of...

  11. Estágio supervisionado em Psicologia Escolar: Desmistificando o modelo clínico

    Lima, Maria de Fátima Evangelista Mendonça
    The aim of this report is to present the practice of supervised training in educational psychology at the UFMS, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, as developed in the CEINFS (Centers for Infant Education) of Campo Grande, MS. The training had as objectives: knowledge and analysis of the institucional space of infant education, recognition of the specificity of the activity of psychologists and the planning of interventions. The practical period of training was developed by weekly visits to the institutions of approximately 2:00 h and weekly supervision of 4:00 h lesson. It mainly points the presence of crystallized behaviors...

  12. O papel do diretor escolar na implantação de uma cultura educacional inclusiva

    Silva, Claudia Lopes da; Leme, Maria Isabel da Silva
    The present work investigates the school principal’s role in the construction of an inclusive schooling culture. The approach is theoretically based on Vigotski´s cultural-historical psychology. The research aims to establish relationships between the school democratization process and the implantation of an inclusive school culture, through the school principal’s action. It was considered the hypothesis that the principal exerts decisive influence on the way the school culture is constituted, what can facilitate or not the school inclusion. The research includes the concepts of school culture, inclusive education and inclusive environment as a way of establishing the school’s context relevance to the...

  13. A abordagem psicológica da problemática dos desastres: Um desafio cognitivo e profissional para a psicologia

    Mattedi, Marcos Antonio
    This article approaches the contributions of Psychology for the constructions of safer communities and it sustains that appropriate psychological interventions in the production of security are the result of the way Psychology represents insecurity and the way communities are structure. The development of this argument is based on two analytical procedures: the first consists on the presentation of the way insecurity is pictured, considering three research traditions: the hazards’ studies, the disasters’ studies and the risks’ studies. The second refers to the presentation of the transformations that mark modern society development in the two last decades, in order to establish...

  14. A invenção do ressentimento no século XIX e os desafios da psicologia social no século XXI

    Elsirik, Marisa Faermann; Trevisan, Juliano Fontana
    We are living in the beginning of the XXI century under the effects of a profusion of discourses - scientific or not - that emphasize more and more a division between the social and the individual aspects. The fact that people get increasingly self-centered to the detriment of the social aspect is a movement that could has been stressed during the XIX century. Beyond the true or false characteristics of this evidence, it is our aim to consider the historical conditions that favour the emergence of this discourse in our reflection on the concept of resentment, showing a social aspect...

  15. Formação de multiplicadores para a prevenção das DST/AIDS numa universidade espanhola

    Moskovics, Jenny Milner; Calvetti, Prisla U.
    HIV/AIDS has been one of the most alarming public health problems, what makes necessary the investment in prevention and assistance actions to control the propagation of the infection. This paper aims at presenting the experience report on a qualification course developed for Brazilian psychologists with students of the Master en Psicología Clínica y de la Salud, from the Universidad Autônoma de Madrid (UAM). The course was held for 15 hours and lasted three weeks, with workshops on sexuality, STD/AIDS, drugs and project planning. Activities were accomplished based on a participative and problem-solving methodology. Techniques about vulnerability, prevention, health promotion and...

  16. Pedro Moreno, doctor en Psicología y autor del libro "Abrirse a la vida": «El sufrimiento es una gran escuela para aprender sobre nuestra mente, que es la fuente interior de la felicidad auténtica»

    Ripol, Bibiana

  17. Importancia de la Psicología en el envejecimiento

    González Rodríguez, Inés

  18. El lapsus del sexo

    Dessal, Gustavo
    El Lurie Children´s Hospital (Chicago) posee en la actualidad uno de los servicios más avanzados en el abordaje multidisciplinario del GID (siglas en inglés para Trastorno de la Identidad de Género) en la infancia y la adolescencia. Está integrado por especialistas en pediatría, urología, endocrinología, psiquiatría, psicología, terapia familiar, educadores sociales y consultores sobre los presupuestos éticos del enfoque. Aunque el hospital pionero en esta problemática ha sido el Boston Children´s Hospital, el de Chicago posee actualmente la ventaja de reunir en un mismo servicio las distintas y complementarias aproximaciones terapéuticas a estos casos. Un riguroso y concienzudo protocolo permite...

  19. Prólogo

    Ríos, Christian
    Presentación de los contenidos de la revista.

  20. Aprendizaje colaborativo y auto-regulación en aprendices noveles

    Sáiz-Manzanares, M.C.; Marticorena Sánchez, R.
    El estudio del desarrollo metacognitivo es uno de los grandes retos de la Psicología Cognitiva. La reflexión sobre la propia práctica y el análisis del error son herramientas que permiten el éxito y la autonomía en el aprendizaje. Este proceso está directamente relacionado con la aplicación de las estrategias de auto-regulación. Para incrementar dichas estrategias el profesor tiene varias herramientas entre las que destaca el feedback orientado a la resolución de una tarea. Asimismo uno de los instrumentos más eficaces para lograrlo es el uso de rúbricas. Esta metodología es particularmente importante en el aprendizaje de nuevas materias que implican...

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