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  1. A produção de conhecimento em psicologia: a análise do comportamento

    Tourinho, Emmanuel Zaguri
    This paper discusses radical behaviorist approach to Psychology as a science of behavior, highlighting three sets of issues: a) the notion of knowledge adopted, particularly in its rejection of logical positivist principles, and its accordance to an instrumental and relational view; b) an interpretation of Psychology as a field of knowledge in which philosophical, scientific and applied contents are articulated; and c) a research program of psychological phenomena based on an externalist view of the subject matter and a selectionist conception of causality. The analysis contrasts radical behaviorism to modern conceptions of men, emphasizing its scope and its critical and...

  2. Educação infantil e psicologia: para que brincar?

    Lordelo, Eulina da Rocha; Carvalho, Ana Maria de Almeida
    This paper discusses the role of playing in the curriculum of early education. Following the new LDB (national orientations for Education), we have the task of constructing or reconstructing, in some cases, proposals for early childhood care that meet the developing child’s needs. The change is difficult due to the trend of applying, through analogy, a school model to early childhood education. This trend is evident in the environment organization and in the activities proposed to children. We argue against looking at playing as a vehicle through which the child will achieve schooling goals, representing a vision of childhood only...

  3. Reflexões sobre a atuação do(a) psicólogo(a) em contextos de escolarização formal

    Zanella, André Luiz
    This text presents reflections on the psychologist's performance within educational contexts from the analysis of multiple senses to the relation of this professional with the context and population with whom he/she works. Whit the support of Historical Cultural theory, is presented a possibility to the psychologist's performance to be ample or specific, and the necessary critics about the social role assumed.

  4. Distribuição e atuação dos psicólogos na rede de unidades públicas de saúde no Brasil

    Franco, Anamélia; Mata Varea, Eduardo
    An analysis of data obtained from the Brazilian Health Information System of the Ministry of Health was carried out allowing an overview of the distribution of psychologists in the Unified Health Brazilian System (SUS) and of the services they offer. Professionals of the psychological field comprised 1,0% of the total registered, and just as with other professions the northern region is in greater disadvantage. In addition, the distribution of psychologists per state is not related to the number of habitants or the health unit network. These data make it possible to discuss the adoption of different guiding policies for the...

  5. Psicologia e educação no contexto das secretarias municipais: algumas contribuições para novas práticas

    Belluzzo Brando Cunha, Beatriz; Betini, Gilmara
    The paper reports on our reflection upon the different way psychologists think and act in their practice within the Municipal Educational context. As members of the Education Committee of the Regional Board of Psychologists (Branch of Assis), we have conducted interviews of practicing psy-chologists within the education context. We have found that the practitioners' ac-tions are guided either by the political/ideological model of the city administration or by their academic background. These are characterized by traditional ways of practice and/or shared by other professionals. Such practices have not contributed to changes in the current state of school failure. Therefore, we...

  6. Demandas do processo psicodiagnóstico: considerações teóricas e clínicas sobre as vivências das estudantes de psicologia

    Conte Poletto, Raquel
    In this article there are reflexions derived from the experience as a professor and supervisor of the subject "Techniques of the Infantile Diagnosis" that requires the achievement of a psychodiagnosis. There is a survey and study about some demands involved in the process, trough the examples experienced by the students with the children and their parents.

  7. A Psicologia a serviço do outro: ética e cidadania na prática psicológica

    Freire, José Célio
    This paper proposes an ethical view of the psychological practice in the perspective of Emmanuel Lévinas’s Social Philosophy. It deals with the dispersion of the psychological knowledge, the professional characteristics of the psychologist and the discussion about citizenship and life quality.

  8. Perspectivas em Psicologia Institucional: investigação/intervenção em escolas públicas da Maré

    Dias Fernandes, Ângela Maria; Rozenowicz, Adriana; Moura Freitas, Elaine Cristine de; Pessanha Ferreira, Joseane
    This text intends to present the results of a research done in the public schools of Maré, Rio de Janeiro. The objective of the research was to bring light to the effects of the actions of a social program that was developed in the schools, looking for the construction of an evaluation instrument for social projects based on the perspective of participation and collectivity. The methodology adopted is called investigation/intervention, having Institutional Analysis as base tools. It was possible to apprehend the dynamics of the social relations produced by the insertion of new social actors in the school daily life,...

  9. A "psicologia da arte" no olhar de Osório Cesar: leituras e escritos

    Andriolo, Arley
    This article seeks to contribute to the historical research related to the formation of the psychological thought in Brazil. For this, we analyze Osório Cesar's writings in order to make a synthesis of his theories about the artistic manifestations, especially those associated to the production of the Juqueri Hospital patients from 1925 to 1955. We articulated the emergent ideas in his writings with research done in his own library. We noted the importance of these psychiatrist thoughts, which defined a precise observational method of the works of art in its bipartite constitution, supporting and spreading psychoanalytic ideas.

  10. Os desafios da psicologia frente à questão ecológica: rumo à complexa articulação entre natureza e subjetividade

    Andrade Marçolla, Bernardo
    Starting from the notion of paradigms in science, it is noticed as man and nature are approached as different categories. It is identified a tendency with historical processes that tend to separate society and nature. Starting from this road, the work tries to link these tendencies to the psychic and social phenomenons found in the modernity. While direction, it tries to reflect about the new paradigms in science and the way these imply a new positioning to the relationship man-nature.

  11. A inserção do psicólogo no Programa Saúde da Família

    Cardoso, Claudia Lins
    This article describes the project The Insertion of the Psychologist in the Family Health Program (FHP), which has been carried out since August, 1998, with patients suffering from arterial hypertension and diabetes, in a partnership between the Departamento de Psicologia da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and the Secretaria Municipal de Saúde de Vespasiano, Minas Gerais. The FHP promotes and protects the health of individuals, families and the community, encouraging individual and social actions based especially on prevention. Gestalt-therapy is the clinical approach. Psychologists are included in the team with a view to improving the health of the community through...

  12. "Psicologia das raças" e religiosidade no Brasil: uma intersecção histórica

    Masiero, André Luis
    In this article we will discuss how the afro-descending religious manifestations were viewed by the psychological sciences in Brazil, under the strong influence of the racial theories and eugenics, in the turning of the XIX-XX century.

  13. Especializações em psicologia: subsídios para uma discussão necessária

    Starling, Roosevelt R.
    This paper discusses the proposition of professional specialization areas in psychological practices. With the aim of establishing a conceptual frame of reference for the ensuing discussion, some heuristic, analytical categories are tentatively proposed and a critical analysis of a few formal and/or informal specializations, currently under consideration within the professional milieu, are offered. The author considers that the lack of an unequivocal and epistemologically solid demonstration of the distinctiveness and utility of the proposed specializations and some undesirable effects that a premature breakup could have in the profession advise the postponement of these proposals.

  14. Atitudes frente à avaliação psicológica para condutores: perspectivas de técnicos, estudantes de psicologia e usuários

    Gouveia, Valdiney V.; Silva Falcão, Deusivania Vieira da; Prazeres Vieira da Silva, Maria dos; Camboim Lopes de Andrade, Maria Waleska; Barbosa da Silva Filho, Severino; Monte Fernandes Costa, Danyelle
    This study aimed to know the attitudes towards the psychological assessment for drivers, considering three groups of subjects: technicians, Psychology students, and people who are taking the driving test in order to obtain the CNH (driving license) or to extend it. A total of 196 subjects have completed an Attitude Toward Drivers Assessment Scale, composed of 20 items. Most of them were female (68%), undergraduate students or who had already concluded it (71%), and owned driving license (54%). Their mean age was 28 years old. It was verified that, in spite of the fact that the subjects had a positive...

  15. Formação e atuação em psicologia escolar: análise das modalidades de comunicações nos congressos nacionais de psicologia escolar e educacional

    Neves, Marisa M. Brito da J.; Almeida, Sandra Francesca C. de; Chaperman, Mônica C. L.; Batista, Beatriz de P.
    The following study aims to characterize the evolution of the discussions about the underground education and performance in the area of School Psychology in Brazil. There had been analized 102 works published in Annals of the four National Congresses of School Psychology, promoted for the ABRAPEE, between the years of 1991 and 1998. The works had been grouped in three categories: Theoretical reflections, Reports of Experience and Reports of Research. The data had evidenced a diversification in the production of knowledge in the area of School Psychology, that the period of training experiences are oriented in a more preventive route...

  16. Estresse ocupacional e Síndrome de Burnout no exercício profissional da psicologia

    Leite de Abreu, Klayne; Stoll, Ingrid; Ramos, Letícia Silveira; Aveline Baumgardt, Rosana; Kristensen, Christian Haag
    The aspects linked to occupational stress and burnout syndrome, as well as their relation to the psychologists professional practice are this article scope. The main reason why these syndromes affect the psychology professional is linked to its work relations, that are very close to the contact with suffering people, as well as a sort of identification and affection that can be established between patient and caregiver. Conceptual aspects and causes of these syndromes are discussed, and also the job relations in mental health workers and psychologists, considering Brazil and other countries’ realities.

  17. O político, o público e a alteridade como desafios para a psicologia

    Mata Azerêdo, Sandra Maria da
    The central idea of this essay is that it is necessary to include the political dimension in the study of Psychology, since the individualism that characterizes this discipline helps to maintain inequality and functions as an obstacle to plurality and the ideal of common good. Questions of race and ethnicity must be dealt with the question of racism. The author bases her argument in her own experience as a professor of Social Psychology in a public university, where she adopts Pichon-Rivière's technique of Operative Group as a teaching methodology, considering the power relations in the group.

  18. Da cultura ao inconsciente cultural: psicologia e diversidade étnica no Brasil contemporâneo

    Araujo, Fernando Cesar de
    Many challenges have been thrown to Psychology in the contemporary world. About them, we hope Psychology can understand the new imaginary configuration, which an ordinary subjective perspective isn't able to achieve. In this moment, subjects related to culture and ethnic factors have emerged strongly in Brazil. The recognition of Afro-brazilian's culture is an obrigatory way to psychological knowledge. For that it is to deal with necessary new theoretical concepts - like 'cultural unconscious' - to make more effective the participation of Psychology in these discussions.

  19. A mestiçagem enquanto um dispositivo de poder e a constituição de nossa identidade nacional

    Tadei, Emanuel Mariano
    This article intends to analyze the Brazilian racial issue in a foucaultian view. Instead of facing miscegenation as a natural phenomenon, that is, as a result of a Portuguese predisposition to the ethnic mixture, I worked on the supposition that it is a result of a dispositive of power. After describing and analyzing the participation of Psychoanalysis and Arthur Ramos had in it, I raised the problems that he hands us, nowadays, since it imposes us a certain rationality that is present in an indelible way in the Brazilian racial thought.

  20. Pluralidade racial: um novo desafio para a psicologia

    Oliveira, Caio Maximino de
    This paper aims to determine the causes of racism and discrimination through a psychosocial perspective, demonstrating the cultural roots of prejudiced manifestations and its origins in the myth of the scapegoat. The objective is, thus, to show our almost complete immersion in the dominant ideology, dealing mainly with the concepts of social imaginary, ideology, hegemony and authority and its historical construction. An anti-authoritarian point of view is placed. Through it, Psychology's challenge in getting rid of its manacles, imposed by the dominant ideology, that hinders it from being a science not involved with the dominant classes.

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