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  1. As Contribuições da Psicologia para o Sistema de Justiça em Situações de Abuso Sexual

    Pelisoli, Cátula; Dell'Aglio, Débora Dalbosco
    This work analyzed the perception of the legal system operators on the role of Psychology in cases of sexual abuse, the elements that influence their decisions and the possibilities for enhancing contributions from Psychology. Fifteen professionals from the State of Rio Grande do Sul legal system (five judges, five legal aid counselors, and five public attorneys). Data were submitted to content analysis with the support of webQDA software and they revealed that Law operators agree on the importance of the role of Psychology in those cases, both in view of possibilities of sexual abuse evidencing and on protecting the victim...

  2. Formação em Psicologia, Demandas Sociais Contemporâneas e Ética: Uma Perspectiva

    Amendola, Marcia Ferreira
    In order to analyze and understand the relationship between graduation in Psychology, the construction of contemporary social demands and ethics, reading of certain moments of history of Psychology in Brazil becomes necessary. A historical path was drawn to understand the relationship between professional training, contemporary social demands, psychological practices, and professional ethics. One considered that professional training became a type of merchandize that aims to tame students in non-articulated techniques with social context and interest. Similarly, this training tends to lead the psychologist not to privilege critical analysis of current overall demands by preparing documents deriving from psychological evaluation nor...

  3. Psicologia, Sexualidade e Deficiência: Novas Perspectivas em Direitos Humanos

    Gesser, Marivete; Nuernberg, Adriano Henrique
    This paper aims at pointing out theoretic-methodological presumptions targeted to an ethical professional and political performance regarding the assurance of sexual and reproductive rights of persons with disability. To that end, in light of the social model of disability, the main barriers that persons with disability have faced concerning the dimension of sexuality will be characterized first. Next, the main progresses in the legislation targeted to assure sexual and reproductive rights will be identified from the approval of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability. Finally, some challenges to psychology for the rupture of an integrative practice and...

  4. Adesão ao Tratamento em Gestação de Alto Risco

    Langaro, Fabíola; Santos, Andrea Hellena dos
    In Brazil, approximately 15% of pregnancies are high risk, the diagnosis of gestational diabetes and hypertension being the most frequent causes of this condition. For the effectiveness of the treatments indicated in those cases, as well as a range of favorable outcomes, the patient's adherence to the recommendations provided by health teams is essential, which makes it essential to the assessment of this indicator. The research presented assessed the adhesion of participants of an interdisciplinary care program of high-risk pregnant women developed by a private general hospital through three instruments: Morisky-Green Questionnaire of adherence to medication, Treatment Adherence Questionnaire, and...

  5. Formação em Psicologia: Discursos e Saberes sobre Experimentações de Gênero

    Melo, Rogério Amador de; Barreto, Danielle Jardim
    Contemporaneously, several discussions and concerns about the "new settings" gender has produced challenges and theoretical debates subtly addressed so far by the media and academia as psychopathological processes, thus requiring new approaches and conceptions about gender issues, the agency relationships that engender diversity and sexual identities and sexualities dissidents. Based on these assumptions, this paper proposes to map out the production of knowledge in the field of psychology, in the utterances produced by subjects in the subjective territory, beyond the effects of this discursive production established in the training of students entered this course.

  6. Integração Saúde e Educação: Contribuições da Psicologia para a Formação de Educadores de uma Creche em Sexualidade Infantil

    Ciaffone, Adriane Costa e Rocha; Gesser, Marivete
    One of the greatest challenges for educators who work in daycare centers is to deal with the expressions of sexuality a school context. The moral, religious, and hygienists discourses still constitute the meaning of sexuality as a phenomenon linked to the adult world and to reproduction. The article here presented is a case study of in-service training of educators from a daycare center. The work was carried out by members of the Family Health Program of Education Through Work (PET Saúde da Família)at a daycare inserted in the area covered where by the team. After identifying the needs, seven workshops...

  7. Exercer a Postura Crítica: Desafios no Estágio em Psicologia Escolar

    Machado, Adriana Marcondes
    Undergraduate students of the Psychology Course at the Institute of Psychology of the University of São Paulo, perform internships in educational institutions when attending the disciplines related to the area of School Psychology. Imbued with a critical stance interns face demands for treatment, prevention and adaptation, and they comprehend the historical production of these demands. But in many cases, interns believe these claims are wrong, and thus fail to realize the multiplicity of elements that constitutes them and the forms and to act in its production. The objective of this paper is to present a course of study emphasizing the...

  8. Psicologia e Análise Institucional: Contribuições para os Processos Formativos dos Agentes Comunitários de Saúde

    Zambenedetti, Gustavo; Piccinini, Carlos Augusto; Sales, André Luis Leite de Figueiredo; Paulon, Simone; Silva, Rosane Azevedo Neves da
    To construct a public health care system guided by integrity and humanization of attention demands transformation of the traditional ways of health care and, consequently, of the formative processes of its workers. Psychology, from a perspective of institutional analysis, can develop tools that provide new trials relating to formative processes in health. The purpose of this article is to present a research-intervention held with Community Health Agents of Family Health teams of a district-run municipality of Porto Alegre, RS. The research included a process of training in health, consisting of four thematic modules: Relation of mental health/illness; Use of alcohol...

  9. Meta, mega e retroanálises correlacionais: Comparando dados primários em Psicologia

    Pinheiro, Igor Reszka; Cruz, Roberto Moraes
    In an attempt to promote the transformation of information into knowledge, this article compares meta-analyses with two of its variants, mega-analyses and retro-analyses, techniques developed to summarize and compare results that are not very accurate or contradictory. While meta-analyses refer to the synthesis of results of different primary researches. mega-analyses refer to the synthesis of results collected by primary researches and retroanalyses, to the recreation and posterior synthesis of that data. Using a simulation, Study 1 pairs the average trends from meta, mega and retroanalyses regarding nine different configurations that vary according to the number of studies used and the...

  10. Subjetividades, globalização e urbanização: Novos objetos da Psicologia Social Brasileira nos Simpósios da ANPEPP

    Hüning, Simone Maria; Guareschi, Neuza M. F.; Reis Barbosa, Carolina; Azambuja, Marcos Adegas de
    Our goal is to discuss the history of creating new objects in the field of brazilian social Psychology, particularly the processes of urbanization, globalization, computerization of society and its interfaces with subjectification processes. This discussion is the result of a research done on the abstracts of the Proceedings of the Symposium of the National Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Psychology (Anais dos Simpósios da Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Psicologia - ANPEPP), covering the period 1988-2010. Our methodology proposes a genealogy of Brazilian social Psychology. We use the Foucauldian perspective on history, knowledge and subjectiveness as...

  11. Desenvolvimento do Questionário de Motivações para Revelar/Não Revelar a Parentalidade Não-Genética por Doação de Gâmetas

    Marques Ferrer, Cristina; Galhardo, Ana; Cunha, Marina; Couto, Margarida
    Introduction: Parenting is a highly valued social role. However, for couples dealing with infertility this role can involve fertility treatments, and for some of them donor-assisted reproduction. For couples who use third party reproduction, another concern can emerge: tell the child about the donor conception, or preserve secrecy. Although arguments for decision-making have been studied, in Portugal research on this topic is scanty. Objectives: The current study sought out to develop the Motivations for Disclosing/Not Disclosing Non-genetic Parenthood through Gamete Donation (QMRDG), which is designed to assess motivations that influence the decision-making process of parents who use gamete donation regarding disclosure...

  12. Búsqueda de disonancias en discursos y prácticas sobre música

    D'Antoni, Maurizia; Rojas González, José Manuel
    El ensayo se propone problematizar el tema de los “actos culturales” en música con los cuales se complementan ceremonias oficiales y aperturas de eventos en la Universidad de Costa Rica, planteando la existencia de una disonancia entre los contenidos académicos que se trabajan y la función y el significado de la música ejecutada en esas ocasiones. Lo anterior se hace utilizando como ejemplo la ceremonia del otorgamiento del Doctorado honoris causa a Aníbal Quijano en la Universidad de Costa Rica. Se examina el significado del concepto de disonancia en la teoría musical y en la psicología y se discute sobre...

  13. El paradigma de los sexos en México a la luz de los derechos humanos y constitucionales

    Barragán Cisneros, Velia Patricia; García Rosas, Elías
    El paradigma de los sexos en México, como en muchos pueblos del mundo, está profundamente enraizado en las estructuras sociales, jurídicas y políticas; los estereotipos de lo masculino y lo femenino han constituido un factor desencadenante de la violación a los derechos de todas aquellas personas cuya sexualidad es diferente. Los aportes actuales de la medicina y de la psicología dejan al descubierto la falsedad de dicho paradigma o, al menos, que tenemos que cuestionarlo de cara a otras disciplinas y esto importa básicamente al derecho y su ciencia, en orden a la protección de los derechos humanos y constitucionales...

  14. ¿Cómo hacer análisis cualitativo? : Utilizando la grounded theory para conocer percepciones y construcciones sobre la violencia de género en la pareja por parte del sistema jurídico penal

    Puigdevall Cabrera, Eva; Albertín Carbó, Pilar
    El següent article pretén mostrar com realitzar anàlisis de dades qualitatives, concretament utilitzant la Teoria Fonamentada o Grounded-Theory (Glaser i Strauss, 1967). Partim d’un a investigació realitzada en el marc del Treball Final de Grau de Psicologia de la Universitat de Girona. En aquesta investigació es realitzaren tres entrevistes obertes a professionals del món jurídico-penal, obtenint informació sobre les percepcions i construccions que tenen sobre la violència de gènere a la parella. Els resultats s’analitzen a través del mètode de comparacions constants, detallant els passos des de la creació de codis o categories substantives, fins arribar a les categories teòriques o...

  15. Desenvolupament de les competènces transversals d'intervenció: disseny del seminari de 4t curs de Psicologia

    Chaves, Antonio; Farriols Hernando, Núria; Fernández, Victoria; Vilaregut, Anna; Cabré, Víctor; Bruna, Olga; Ros, Eulàlia; Pacheco Pérez, Meritxell; Cano, Maribel; Corbella, Sergi

  16. Ensenyar a escriure textos acadèmics a la Universitat: el guiatge i la revisió col·laborativa del projecte de recerca als estudis de Psicologia

    Castelló Badia, Montserrat; Pardo Estruch, Marta; Fuentealba, María Olga

  17. El desafío de prevenir la violencia

    Radosinsky, Alicia; Sánchez, Alicia; Cambareri, Cecilia; Montero, Virginia; Orias, Lorena; Lazzarino, Gabriela; Calandri, Silvina; Iseas, Celeste; Valdez, Laura; Alberdi, Milagos; Avico, Mariana
    Proyecto en su séptimo año de ejecución, subsidiado por la UNLP y el Voluntariado Universitario e incorporado como Programa Estable de la FCM destinado a la promoción de la salud, prevención de las violencias, concientización y protección de los derechos en la comunidad. Ejecutado por la FCM, coparticipan Bellas Artes, Humanidades, Psicología y Trabajo Social e involucra en sus actividades, prácticas curriculares y extensionistas. Propuesta participativa e intersectorial, que convoca y suma a las organizaciones sociales, centros de salud, escuelas, ONGs, grupos y comunidad; e interdisciplinaria, pues incluye a equipos de salud, estudiantes, graduados recientes y docentes, favoreciendo la integración...

  18. Mostra-me amor: Estilos de vinculação e esquemas desadaptativos precoces na violência no namoro adulto

    Ribeiro, Inês do Amaral
    Dissertação de Mestrado realizada apresentada no ISPA – Instituto Universitário para obtenção de grau de Mestre na especialidade de Psicologia Clínica

  19. Famílias em terapia: Um caso de violência conjugal

    Matias, Catarina Mateus
    Dissertação de Mestrado apresentada no ISPA – Instituto Universitário para obtenção de grau de Mestre na especialidade de Psicologia Clínica.

  20. Informe encuesta problemática consumo de Sustancias Psicoactivas (SPA)

    Ruiz Durántez, Eduardo; Salazar Marmolejo, Laura
    El presente estudio tuvo como objetivo caracterizar de manera general el problema que representa el consumo de SPA entre los estudiantes de pregrado de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Palmira y utilizar esta información como insumo para dimensionar las intervenciones y lineamientos futuros, que la Universidad como institución pueda implementar.

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