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  1. La teoría histórico-cultural de la actividad como artefacto mediador para construir intervenciones e indagaciones sobre el trabajo de psicólogos en escenarios educativos

    Erausquin, Cristina
    The aim is to present categories of Cultural-Historic-Activity-Theory as a tools cage for the building of research and interventions related to Psychologists and other Agents´ work in educational stages. In the frame of central problems of the psycho-educational agenda, as the units of analysis, the Activity Theory is introduced in its first, second and third generation and beyond, as Engestrom depicted its historical development. Similarities and differences are presented between Activity Theory and conceptualizations of different authors of socio-cultural and cultural-historic perspectives, both founded on Vygotsky thought, linked to Development Psychology and to the relational shift in expertice, as Cole,...

  2. Escala de Autoestima Forma 5 (AF5): indagación sobre sus propiedades psicométricas en población Infantil de Córdoba/Argentina

    Imhoff, Débora; Marasca, Roxana; Marasca, María Micaela
    This research examines some psychometric properties of the AF5 Multidimensional Self-Esteem scale (García & Musitu, 1999) in children´s population. This study was carried out with 178.Argentinean children, from 9 to 11 years old, who live in Cordoba city. The sample was selected using a non-random accidental sampling (Grasso, 1999). The questionnaires were applied to each child individually and with a previous parents´ and head teachers’ consent. The results confirm the multidimensional structure supported by the authors. The obtained reference model consists of 5 factors that explain 54% of the variance, with alphas per sub-dimension between α=.85 and α=.61, and satisfactory...

  3. El climaterio femenino: Vicisitudes de las modalidades identificatorias en un grupo de mujeres de la ciudad de San Luis

    Marchisio, Silvina Alejandra; Campo, Claudia Inés
    The present work derives from the UNSL (Universidad Nacional de San Luis) consolidated research project, “Female Climacterium. A Study of the Symbolization Processes of this Complex Emotional Experience in Women from San Luis”.The theoretical framework arises from Bion’s and Meltzer’s conceptualizations, who revise the concept of projective, realistic, hypertrophic identification, adhesive identification, and introjective identification.The general objective of this research work is to study a group of women who are going through climacterium in the identificatory modes mentioned above. The analysis is done from a qualitative perspective, through comprehensive clinical interviews comprising the data obtained from 16 out of a...

  4. Algunas observaciones sobre los problemas metodológicos de la investigación en psicoanálisis

    Escars, Carlos Javier
    This text proposes to address some of the methodological problems facing psychoanalysis, based on the difficulty of framing in traditional design types. The various steps of a qualitative research with the peculiarities of psychoanalysis are compared. Thus, we consider the object and field of research, methods of data collection and systematization of the forms of theorizing, of argument and way of communication that psychoanalysis agreed. Finally, problem of the validity of research in psychoanalysis and the criteria of truth is considerate.

  5. Relevamiento de programas y actividades de atención a la temprana infancia en la ciudad de La Plata

    Borzi, Sonia Lílián; Talou, Carmen Lydia; Sánchez Vázquez, María José; Hernández Salazar, Vanesa; Gómez, María Florencia; Escobar, Silvana
    In this article we present the progress made on our research in identifying programs or activities developed for early childhood intervention in health and education institutions at provincial or municipal level in the area ofLa Plata. Given the importance of preventive and inclusive actions in early childhood, the objective of the study is to identify the institutions which carry on these programs, the population to which they are targeted, the professionals who carry on the programs, the needs identified by them, as well as the valuation they make of their own skills for the matter.The methodology consists on doing a...

  6. Profesionalización de profesores en psicología: seguimiento de egresados de la UNLP

    Cardós, Paula Daniela
    This work presents the research developed within the framework of the Especialización en Docencia Universitaria course at Universidad Nacional de La Plata. The study centered on the processes of professionalization of the Psychology teachers graduated between 2003 and 2008.The aims of this work were: -To identify the work environment in which, most frequently, the Psychology teachers graduated from UNLP start their practice; -To delimit the difficulties or obstacles that Psychology teachers have to face in their practice and the way in which they deal with and solve them; -To identify the instances of education and training chosen by the Psychology...

  7. El psicólogo en el contexto escolar: relaciones entre formación y práctica profesional

    Compagnucci, Elsa Rosa; Cardós, Paula Daniela; Denegri, Adriana; Iglesias, Irina; Scharagrodsky, Carina; Tarodo, Paula Verónica
    “The psychologist in educational context: relationship between formation and professional practices” Project (2010-2011) had the purpose to investigate the professional knowledge construction of the psychologist graduated at UNLP who is labor inserted in educational context. Related to this process, the focus was the relationship between formation and professional practices.The study centered in the professionalization process of the psychologists who work at educational context, particularly of those who develop their jobs at the General Direction of Educational and Culture of the Buenos Aires Province.The investigation was placing us into the value that labor insertion and professional trajectories “in context” assumed in...

  8. Nuevas configuraciones familiares: niñas, niños y adolescentes adoptadas/os por parejas del mismo sexo

    Giannasi, Aldana
    This paper to present focuses on the implications and modifications that brings to the institution adoptive the possibility that NNA may be granted in adoption to same-sex couples, with the enactment of the civil marriage act not26.618 (passed on July 15, 2010) that allows for the possibility of adoption to those who wish to form a family. In many of these discussions arises if the upbringing by same-sex couples is suitable for the growth, development and subjective constitution of the NNA and if ensures the best interests of the same in the light of the guiding principles established by the...

  9. Epistemología y psicoanálisis: una lectura sobre la concepción freudiana de la realidad

    Azcona, Maximiliano
    This paper is part of a research journey that aims at elucidating the philosophical assumptions that lie under Sigmund Freud’s research method. In the first part, some ontological conjectures on which his thought is supported are inferred from the reading of Freudian texts. In the second part, the contradictions of his posture in relation to scientific knowledge are argued and his position with respect to truth is discussed. Finally, the need for a metatheoretical approach to psychoanalytical theories is considered.

  10. Desempeño en lectura y escritura en la escolaridad primaria básica

    Querejeta, Maira
    This paper has aimed to examine the performance in reading and writing of elementary school children in the city of La Plata. His interest lies in the importance that acquires to achieve proficient levels of literacy to respond to the demands of current society and in consideration of the high difficulties rates reported. 90 children of 1° to 6° grade were evaluated with standardized tests of reading and writing. The most relevant results report a significant progression in mean scores by school level, with a higher performance in reading than in writing. However, we found a percentage of children with...

  11. Apuntes para una biografía de Bela Székely (1892-1955)

    Hopfengärtner, Johanna
    Despite his extensive journalistic and academic activity, the analyst, journalist and psychologist Bela Székely left very few data about his personal and professional life. The reconstruction of his biography seems a puzzle with pieces coming from different sources that more than once result contradictory. This paper gathers information available in Spanish, German and Hungarian in order to place future research on the life and work of this multifaceted figure upon a reliable historical background. The early years of his stay in Argentina (1938-1942) will be discussed in detail. It is a period in which the professional fate of Bela Székely...

  12. Categorización fonológica por infantes de 9 a 12 meses de edad aprendices del español: Laboratorio de Infantes, Facultad de Psicología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

    Falcón, Alberto; Alva Canto, Elda Alicia; Franco Rodríguez, Antonio
    Infants become sensitive to phonological regularities that are more consistent in their language input, even before they make their first word-object association. This sensibility enhances the development of perceptual abilities that will serve as the basis for language acquisition. The aim of this research was to evaluate in Spanish learning infants, basic cognitive abilities for the phonological categorization of words that coincide in their initial or final segment. The head-turn preference procedure was used in two experiments with infants from 9 to 12 months of age. Infants listened to two types of lists of CVCV words. Items in the experimental...

  13. La comprensión infantil de la muerte: Una mirada desde lo real, lo posible y lo necesario

    Lenzi, Alicia María; Tau, Ramiro
    This article refers to a Doctoral investigation on the child´s development understanding of death, and it is focused on the concepts of the real, the possible and the necessary corresponding to Piaget’s last investigations. Even though this is a theoretical discussion, a few previous studies about the understanding of death are mentioned, punctuating some of the methodological problems linked to the distinction made between suggested and spontaneous child beliefs. We present several facts from our pilot study on children between the age of 5 and 10 years old. These are used as an illustration in the discussion over the possibility...

  14. Los cuerpos del sistema sexo/género: Aportes teóricos de Judith Butler

    Martínez, Ariel
    This paper presents some general ideas on the sex/gender distinction and its impact on defining the concept of body in feminist theory. Given Judith Butler’s conceptualizations, intersex body ambiguity and certain subversive bodily acts, arguments that question sexual dimorphism as natural are provided. Along these lines, an essentialist and constructivist approach regarding the body is made, as discussed by Luce Irigaray and Judith Butler. Finally, it is concluded that there is a need for discussion about the category of sex as a way of redefining the numerous conceptualizations that involve the dimension of body.

  15. La ética y deontología profesional en el proceso de formación académica de los alumnos de la Facultad de Psicología (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)

    Sánchez Vázquez, María José
    This article analyzes the situation in respect of the area Ethics and Professional Ethics of students of the Faculty of Psychology, National University of La Plata. Presents a synthesis of research developed at study postgraduate (Specialization in Higher Education, UNLP). The objective it was to show the importance of including theoretical and applied knowledge of ethics in undergraduate education through an exploratory study of the opinions, values and expectations of students in these terms. All subjects agree on the importance on this knowledge and accentuate its mandatory inclusion in the curriculum, according to professional requirements of social responsibility and citizen...

  16. Luis María Ravagnan: psicología y filosofía : Del bergsonismo a la fenomenología existencial

    Dagfal, Alejandro
    This article summarizes the intellectual history of Luis María Ravagnan, one of the most productive authors of Argentine Psychology around the 1950s. His conception of Psychology, closely related to Philosophy, clearly distinguished him from many of his contemporaries, more interested in psychoanalysis or in applied psychology. Nevertheless, the role he played in the reception of French thought in general and of existential phenomenology in particular placed him in a zone of intersections that was central in the construction of psychological discourse during the 1960s.

  17. La enseñanza de la psicoterapia de la Tercera Fuerza en la UNLP

    González, Eliana Noemí
    This paper analyzes the education received by clinical psychologists in Psychology Undergraduate Programs, specially related to “Third Force” psychotherapy’s approache. National University of La Plata Program of Psychology is analized, considering both the former phenomenological and existential tradition, as well as one of the most important existential psychologist, Luis María Ravagnan was member of the Faculty there. Some courses’ syllabus of such program are analyzed, considering in each one, theoretical foundations, contents and references along the period 1980 and 1997.

  18. Tres tesis acerca del inconciente en el Coloquio de Bonneval de 1960: Lacan, Laplanche, Politzer

    Viguera, Ariel
    This paper studies from a historical and epistemological context the emergence of one of the main thesis of the thought of Jean Laplanche: that about the Realism of the Unconscious –explicit for first time in collaboration with Serge Leclaire in the Colloquium organized by Henri Ey in Bonneval 1960– in confrontation with the ideas of Georges Politzer and Jacques Lacan. At that meeting, which was in fact the sixth symposium coordinated by H. Ey, the topic of the call was “the nature of the unconscious”. There, Laplanche presents a collaboration with Leclaire entitled The unconscious: a psychoanalytic study, which marks...

  19. Ideología y ciencia en la psicología argentina: las configuraciones de un "themata" (1958-1975)

    García, Luciano Nicolás
    This article proposes the concept of themata to analyze the ways that scientific and political criteria were articulated in the Argentinian psychology from 1958 to 1975. In this period the themata ideology/ science was fundamental in establishing the epistemological status of psychological knowledge in psychiatry, psychoanalysis and psychology. This themata was modulated by the Marxist affiliation of some of the principal authors of those disciplines. From the framework of the intellectual history and the history of sciences are analyzed the epistemological considerations of José Bleger, the communist pavlovian psychiatry, and the psychoanalytic structuralist psychology, in order to understand the role...

  20. "Elaboración, gestión y evaluación de proyectos sociales. Intervención social y programación (vol. I). Planificación y actuación estratégica de proyectos sociales (vol. II)" de Tomás Fernández García y Laura Ponce de León Romero

    Ramos Cantó, Juana
    Las dos obras que se presentan son sendos tomos de una propuesta de contenidos teóricos y prácticos para la realización de proyectos sociales, habiendo sido elaboradas por una colectividad de autores de diferentes disciplinas, tales como la sociología, economía, antropología, psicología y principalmente el trabajo social. La mayoría de los autores son docentes universitarios, que imparten materias relacionadas con el trabajo social, perspectiva muy presente en ambas obras, siendo esta visión de gran utilidad para la consulta y orientación de la planificación, diseño, implementación y evaluación de proyectos relacionados con la intervención social. Todos estos aportes están dirigidos a profesionales,...

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