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    Asociación Española De Psicología; Vicente González-le; Pedro García; Livia Morán; Asociación Española; Psicología Conductual; Granada España; Juan Carlos Sierra; Stephen N. Haynes; Michael W. Eysenck; Gualberto Buela-casal
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    Edward Bolles
    For a substantial period of time, researchers have studied the effects of spaced learning on memory, and numerous studies show the benefits of distributed learning in the classroom. However, despite the ubiquitous presence of evidence in literature and the overwhelming number of em-pirical learning experiences, both students and professors often fail to acknowledge what scientific investigations have shown. The aim of this review paper is to synthesize information about cognitive memory and how the research findings in this field can benefit the learning process if applied both to content distribution and to revisiting this content after a period of time....

  3. Ensino de psicologia na formação de professores : uma aproximação com diálogos possíveis

    Machado, Cassio Andrade; Costa, Luciano Bedin da
    Diante da dimensão de cada ciência, se faz necessário elaborar propostas curriculares para o direcionamento do ensino desses campos científicos. Quais seleções foram realizadas para pensar a colaboração da psicologia na formação de professores? Com essa inquietação como norte, elaborou-se um estudo descritivo sobre as disciplinas de Psicologia na Faculdade de Educação da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, por meio das ementas fornecidas pela secretaria da Faculdade. A análise dos documentos revelou a clara falta de sistematização, e a semelhança entre as formações em diferentes Licenciaturas foi apenas uma das questões abordadas na discussão do trabalho, que buscou...

  4. Qualidade de vida, percepção de saúde, resiliência, auto-regulação e suporte social nos adolescentes portugueses com a doencça crónica

    Santos, Teresa Cristina
    Tese de Doutoramento em Psicologia na área de especialidade Psicologia da Saúde

  5. Experiências de (in)justiça com os professores e comportamentos de desvio na adolescência

    Sanches, Ana Cristina Pires
    Tese de Doutoramento em Psicologia na área de especialidade Psicologia Social

  6. A comparison of fixed-step-size and Bayesian staircases for sensory threshold estimation

    Alcalá Quintana, Rocío; García Pérez, Miguel Ángel
    Fixed-step-size (FSS) and Bayesian staircases are widely used methods to estimate sensory thresholds in 2AFC tasks, although a direct comparison of both types of procedure under identical conditions has not previously been reported. A simulation study and an empirical test were conducted to compare the performance of optimized Bayesian staircases with that of four optimized variants of FSS staircase differing as to up-down rule. The ultimate goal was to determine whether FSS or Bayesian staircases are the best choice in experimental psychophysics. The comparison considered the properties of the estimates (i.e. bias and standard errors) in relation to their cost...

  7. Bayesian adaptive estimation of arbitrary points on a psychometric function

    García Pérez, Miguel Ángel; Alcalá Quintana, Rocío
    Bayesian adaptive methods have been extensively used in psychophysics to estimate the point at which performance on a task attains arbitrary percentage levels, although the statistical properties of these estimators have never been assessed. We used simulation techniques to determine the small-sample properties of Bayesian estimators of arbitrary performance points, specifically addressing the issues of bias and precision as a function of the target percentage level. The study covered three major types of psychophysical task (yes-no detection, 2AFC discrimination and 2AFC detection) and explored the entire range of target performance levels allowed for by each task. Other factors included in...

  8. Fixed vs. variable noise in 2AFC contrast discrimination: lessons from psychometric functions.

    García Pérez, Miguel Ángel; Alcalá Quintana, Rocío
    Recent discussion regarding whether the noise that limits 2AFC discrimination performance is fixed or variable has focused either on describing experimental methods that presumably dissociate the effects of response mean and variance or on reanalyzing a published data set with the aim of determining how to solve the question through goodness-of-fit statistics. This paper illustrates that the question cannot be solved by fitting models to data and assessing goodness-of-fit because data on detection and discrimination performance can be indistinguishably fitted by models that assume either type of noise when each is coupled with a convenient form for the transducer function....

  9. A model for the time-order error in contrast discrimination.

    Alcalá Quintana, Rocío; García Pérez, Miguel Ángel
    Trials in a temporal two-interval forced-choice discrimination experiment consist of two sequential intervals presenting stimuli that differ from one another as to magnitude along some continuum. The observer must report in which interval the stimulus had a larger magnitude. The standard difference model from signal detection theory analyses poses that order of presentation should not affect the results of the comparison, something known as the balance condition (J.-C. Falmagne, 1985, in Elements of Psychophysical Theory). But empirical data prove otherwise and consistently reveal what Fechner (1860/1966, in Elements of Psychophysics) called time-order errors, whereby the magnitude of the stimulus presented...

  10. Resultados: Ciencias Sociales (Pedagogía, Psicología y Filosofía)

    Cotán Fernández, Almudena

  11. As Implicações da Psicoterapia Pessoal na Formação em Psicologia

    Faes Kichler, Giselda; Barcellos Serralta, Fernanda
    This study aimed to investigate undergraduate students perceptions of personal psychotherapy, as well as its influence in Psychology training. The investigation was divided into two stages: 1) quantitative survey about the experience and importance of personal psychotherapy among psychology internship students (n = 59); 2) testimonials concerning personal psychotherapy and its relation to the psychologist training, obtained from four students who were undergoing personal psychotherapy. Quantatiive data were analysed with descriptive statistics procedures and qualitative data with content analysis. It was verified that a vast majority of interns (84.7%) has done or were doing personal psychotherapy, and 98.3% of respondents...

  12. Cuidado Ambiental em Tempos de Sustentabilidade: Relação Entre Compromisso Pró-Ecológico e Orientação de Futuro

    Diniz, Raquel Farias; Pinheiro, José Q.
    In order to explore some of the psychological dimensions that are part of a sustainable lifestyle, in the present research were investigated relationships between indicators of pro-ecological commitment (Ecocentric and Anthropocentric Environmentalism scales) and temporal orientation (Consideration of Future Consequences scale), and their associations with self-reported practices of environmental care. 380 college students participated, most were female (77%), with a mean age of 22 years old (SD = 3.66). The results were consistent with previous studies, albeit with modest statistical indices. The association between pro-ecological commitment, stronger in case of ecocentrism, and future time orientation was corroborated. There were clear...

  13. Evolución de la Psicología Ambiental en el Contexto de PSICAMB. Análisis de las Contribuciones a los Congresos Entre 1986 y 2013

    Aragonés Tapia, Juan Ignacio; Valera, Sergi
    In the present article, a concise review is done about the academic and institutional circumstances and about some of the events that led to the formation of the Asociación de Psicología Ambiental (PSICAMB) and its first years. Alongside this, the article focuses on the papers that have been presented throughout the twelve conferences and biannual congresses held to the present day. For this purpose, an analysis of the content of the 1065 titles presented during these events. Concerning the participation level, it is easy to observe that it´s growing in number of works presented as well as in the authors...

  14. Sistemas Agroflorestais: Ressignificação de Vivências em Assentamento Rural Periurbano

    Soares da Silva, Ana Paula; de Oliveira Tassara, Eda Terezinha
    The present work aims at investigating how rural settlers in agrarian reform, while implanting an agroforestry system, experience new uses for natural resources and how this experience brings on new meanings to the subjects and their relationship with the city. Data were collected through a qualitative approach, privileging participant observation and topic guide oriented interviews carried out with 5 men and 2 women in a settlement located in the peri-urban area of Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo). Results show subjects surprised by the high productivity, the decrease in labor time, the economy in hydro resources and, consequently, it also shows the...

  15. Psicologia Comunitária e Técnicas para o Trabalho com Grupos: Contribuições a Partir da Teoria Histórico-Cultural

    Aragão Pinheiro, Francisco Pablo Huascar; Pereira Barros, João Paulo; Rodrigues Colaço, Veriana de Fátima
    The paper discusses group techniques used by the community psychology from historical-cultural theory. Points of convergence between community psychology and cultural-historical theory are highlighted, because both recognize the social-historical nature of man. The concepts of symbolic mediation and Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) are relevant to the issues raised. The idea of dialogue is presented, as well as techniques applied on group facilitation. This techniques show themselves effectives to make possible discussions about community issues as well as for the sharing of abilities, knowledge and ideas that supports actions intended to produce changes in local realities. It is argued that...

  16. Fatores desencadeantes em dermatoses crônicas de crianças com perfis internalizante e externalizante segundo relato materno

    Guimarães Dias, Natália; Caserta Gon, Márcia Cristina; Audibert Henrique, Caroline; Araújo Barros, Lorrana Muriéli; da Costa Calheiros, Taís
    Mothers are responsible for the health care of children with chronic dermatoses. Therefore, it is important to know the triggering events of symptoms according to maternal assessment and if there is a relationship of that attribution to the type of disease and behavioral profile of children. Reports of 13 mothers of clinic children (internalizing and/or externalizing profile of CBCL) and with atopic dermatitis, vitiligo or psoriasis were analyzed. Five categories (environmental, biological and genetic, situational, from the child’s interaction with mother/father and emotional factors) were compared by (1) type of dermatosis and (2) child’s profile. There was attribution to environmental, biological and genetic (atopic dermatitis),...

  17. Avaliação de uma Capacitação para Profissionais de Psicologia que Trabalham com Vítimas de Abuso Sexual

    Pinto Pizarro de Freitas, Clarissa; Habigzang, Luisa Fernanda; Koller, Silvia Helena
    This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a Social Technology of Professional Training for an Intervention involving victims of sexual abuse (STPT-SA) by assessing the impact and learning transfer levels. Thirty-two psychologists (94% female) participated in this research, with a mean age of 35.5 years (SD = 10.7). The impact and learning transfer levels were evaluated at two moments, at the end of instructional modules and after the end of the STPT-SA. High levels of impact and learning transfer were observed in the first and second assessments. These findings suggest that STPT-SA is an effective intervention for professional training...

  18. A Capital Sin: Dispositional Envy and its Relations to Wellbeing

    Sociedad Interamericana De Psicología; Organismo Internacional; Taciano L. Gouveia; Valdiney V; Sociedad Interamericana De Psicología; Austin Organismo Internacional; Taciano L. Milfont; Valdiney V. Gouveia
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  19. Association between the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) and mortality in

    Asociación Española De Psicología; Asociación Española; Psicología Conductual; Granada España
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  20. Analysis of the critical moments in the league ACB 2007-08 Revista de Psicología del Deporte

    Rafael M. Navarro; Alberto Lorenzo; Miguel A. Gómez; Jaime Sampaio
    KEY WORDS: analysis of the game, critical moments, basketball. ABSTRACT: The aim of this paper was to identify the variables that determine winning or losing in the critical moments of the basketball games. A total of forty one critical moments were analyzed, corresponding to 30 games of the regular season from the Spanish Professional League (ACB, season 2007-2008). Games were selected according to the definition of critical moments (described in the available literature), which corresponded to overtime and the last 5 minutes of games with score differences equal or below to six points. The results revealed better values in the...

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