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41. Concepciones sobre Heterosexualidad y Actitudes hacia la Disidencia Sexual en Estudiantes de Psicología de Córdoba - Rabbia, Hugo H.; Imhoff, Débora
The study analyzes the conceptions of heterosexuality of Psychology students at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, and explores its associations with attitudes towards homosexuality. An exploratory research design was conducted, mixing qualitative and quantitative approaches, with a non probabilistic sample, 89 students (64 of the initial section of the career and 25 of the final section). Students answered a written self-report about the question: "Heterosexuality, is it natural? Why?". Seven types of conceptions of heterosexuality were identified, four of them based on essentialists views, and three presented socio-constructionist arguments. Data suggests an association between negative attitudes toward homosexuals and essentialists conceptions...

42. Incidencia del Estilo Decisorio Predominante y el Grado de Incertidumbre Cultural en la Efectividad de las Decisiones Tomadas por Militares Voluntarios en Misiones de Paz. - Azzollini, Susana Celeste; Depaula, Pablo Domingo; Piñeyro, Diego Raúl; Torres, José Alejandro
Argentine militaries who voluntarily take part in Peace Keeping Operations, have to take decisions in environments which are influenced by multicultural contexts and uncertainty (Azzollini, Torres, Depaula, Clotet & Nistal, 2010). The effectiveness of their actions requires the use of intuitive and/or analytical processing strategies according to the circumstances. The aim of this work is to analyze the relationships between the predominant decisive style and its effectiveness under different levels of cultural uncertainty. A sample of 116 voluntary servicemen was evaluated in different situations in which such variables were experimentally manipulated. Results show that the subjects with a predominantly analytical...

43. Inventario de Estrategias de Aprendizaje y Estudio: Análisis Psicométrico de una Versión Abreviada - Stover, Juliana Beatriz; Uriel, Fabiana; Fernández Liporace, Mercedes
Se presentan análisis psicométricos de la versión abreviada del Inventario de Estrategias de Aprendizaje y Estudio (Fernández Liporace, Scheinsohn & Uriel, 2010; Uriel, Stover, Scheinsohn, Contini de González & Fernández Liporace, 2009; Weinstein, Schulte & Palmer, 1987) realizados sobre una muestra de estudiantes de nivel medio y universitario de la ciudad de Buenos Aires. Mediante análisis factorial confirmatorio se examinó la dimensionalidad del constructo obteniéndose índices de ajuste adecuados. Como complemento se replicó el análisis en sub-muestras segmentadas según nivel educativo y género y se añadió un procedimiento de bootstrap con 500 sub-muestras aleatorias, encontrándose resultados similares. Se estimó la...

44. Construccion de una Escala de Codependencia - Ayelén Biscarra, María; Brandariz, Romina Antonela; Lichtenberger, Aldana; Peltzer, Raquel; Cremonte, Mariana
Codependency is defined as a dysfunctional pattern of relating to others, present in relatives of those with a substance use disorder or other chronic disease. It is characterized by emotional dependence, extreme focus in the other person, and self-neglect. Aim: to present results of the process of development and validation of a new measure to evaluate codependency. Method: The Argentinean codependency scale was administered to a convenience sample of 347 subjects between 15 and 80 years, in Mar del Plata. AFE was used (main axes extraction method). The number of factors was determined by parallel analysis. Internal consistency was assessed...

45. Validez y confiabilidad de dos pruebas de capacidad de memoria de trabajo: Amplitud Aritmética y Amplitud de Conteo - Barreyro, Juan Pablo; Injoque Ricle, Irene; Burin, Débora I.
Working Memory is a memory system involved in the storage and concurrent processing of information (Baddeley, 2000). Arithmetic Span (Conway et al., 2005) and Counting Span (Conway, et al. 2005) are two traditional verbal working memory capacity tasks. The aim of this article is to present reliability and validity data of Arithmetic and Counting Span Tasks. They were administered, along with Reading Span task, to 88 university students with a mean age of 23.10 years. The reliability analysis showed an excellent internal consistency, and a one factor model with a very good fit to the data was observed using a...

46. ¿Matrices Policóricas/Tetracóricas o Matrices Pearson? Un estudio metodológico - Dominguez Lara, Sergio Alexis
The use of product-moment correlation of Pearson is common in most studies in factor analysis in psychology, but it is known that this statistic is only applicable when the variables related are in interval scale and normally distributed, and when are used in ordinal data may to produce a distorted correlation matrix . Thus is a suitable option using polychoric/tetrachoric matrices in item-level factor analysis when the items are in level measurement nominal or ordinal. The aim of this study was to show the differences in the KMO, Bartlett`s Test and Determinant of the Matrix, percentage of variance explained and...

47. Traducción y Validación del Cuestionario de Cogniciones Catastróficas Modificado (CCQ-M): Un estudio preliminar en sujetos varones argentinos - Pereyra Girardi, Carolina I.; Ofman, Silvia Deborah; Cófreces, Pedro; Stefani, Dorina
For cognitive psychology in emotional disorders there is a systematic bias in information processing, resulting in exaggerated and inconsistent assessments of reality. Catastrophic Thinking is a cognitive bias studied by this discipline, due to the important role it plays in the activation of schemas linked to anxiety (Beck, Emery & Greenberg 1985). Given the lack of instruments to assess this cognitive bias in our local environment, the objective of this work is to make preliminary translation and adaptation studies of the Catastrophic Cognitions Questionnaire-Modified by Khawaja et al. (1994) to evaluate its psychometric properties in a male population between 45...

48. Análisis comparado del aprendizaje aversivo. Estudios en anfibios - Puddington, Martin; Muzio, Rubén N.
This article develops with a comparative approach a comprehensive and updated review of studies of aversive learning in amphibians. Most of them used electric shock as aversive stimulus, resulting in inconsistent or negative results. Recent research showed that another class of stimuli (saline solutions highly concentrated or warm water) has been more efficient to produce steady changes in behavior. Some neurophysiological aspects of aversive and fear learning are also discussed. While comparative data from neurophysiological studies in fish is available, there are no references on functional information on the neural basis of aversive learning in amphibians. However, it is known...

49. Estudio del estilo cognitivo de estudiantes de dos carreras: Psicología e Ingeniería. - Díaz Yacusa, Mauricio; Cuevasanta Galati, Diego; Grau Pérez Lasala, Gonzalo; Curione Bulla, Karina
The present study relates university students cognitive styles with their university profile. A total of 311 students either beginning or ending their career at the faculties of Engineering and Psychology from Universidad de la República (Uruguay) participated. The Embedded Figures Test (EFT) was collectively applied to them, thus identifying their degree of field dependence and field independence. Results show significant differences between Engineering and Psychology students towards their cognitive styles. In Engineering students the independence field cognitive style prevails, and this increases in those students who are finishing their career. In Psychology students there are no significant differences in their...

50. Aportes empíricos a la validación y adaptación al español de las Historias extrañas de Happé - Aguilar, María José; Urquijo, Sebastián; Zabala, María Lucia; López, Marcela Carolina
Theory of mind refers to the competence of attributing mind to others, and to predict and understand their behaviour in terms of mental states such as beliefs and desires. One of the main criticisms made ??to instruments measuring TM, is that their results are not reflected in the situations of everyday life. In 1994, Happe created a test trying to overcome the constraints. The aim of this paper was to generate empirical evidence contributing to the validation and Spanish adaptation of the mind theory test named Strange Stories of Happé, used to assess the capability to recognise non literal senses....

51. Prevalencia de juegos de apuestas, síntomas depresivos y distorsiones cognitivas en jóvenes universitarios - del Valle Vera, Belén; Caneto, Florencia; Tuzinkievich, Francisco Benjamín; Garimaldi, Javier Alejandro
The aim of this paper was to analyze the presence of depressive symptoms and cognitive distortions in a sample of undergraduate students and investigate the possible relationship with severity of gambling disorders. To this aim, a sample of 277 local students (66.8 % women) between 18 and 35 years completed the South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS), a Gambling Prevalence Questionnaire, the Gambling Belief Questionnaire Spanish Version (GBQ-S) and the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). No differences in depression symptoms were found depending on gambling frequency and SOGS´s scores. The presence of cognitive distortions in less severe forms of gambling disorders was...

52. Consecuencias verbales y emergencia de conducta creativa - Carpio Ramírez, Claudio Antonio; Pacheco Chávez, Virginia; Morales Chávez, Germán; Carranza Coello, Jamillet Jazmin; Pacheco Lechón, Linda; Rodríguez Medina, Raúl Narayanam
The effects of different types of verbal consequences were evaluated in second order conditional discrimination tasks on creative behavior emergence in four experimental groups. In the first group, it was specified only if the responses were correct or incorrect. For the second group, it was specified the particular stimulus selected and if that response was correct or incorrect. For the third group, it was specified the relationship between selected comparative stimulus (CoS) and the matching stimulus (MS) and if the answer was correct or incorrect. For the fourth group, it was specified if the relation MS-CoS was equal or not...

53. Identificación de analogías de pertenencia e inclusión en adultos jóvenes - Parra Cuamba, Imelda; Villuendas González, Erwin Rogelio
Current research data on identifying analogies between word pairs has often overlooked the implications of the type of relations used. However, although the identification of different types of relations clearly involves distinct processes, not enough attention has been given to the identification of these differences. This study aimed to compare two semantic relations (analogies of belonging and inclusion) regarding the accuracy and response time in identification. 79 college students (age 18-26) participated. Data analysis revealed a better performance and reduced response time to detect analogies of the belonging type. The theoretical implications of these findings are discussed.

54. A procura da reparação através da narrativa em Primo Levi - Martins, Ana Margarida Peres Palma
Dissertação de Mestrado em Psicologia Clínica

55. Psicologia do desenvolvimento em portugal e espanha: Temas de pesquisa, orientações teóricas, tendências emergentes. - Lourenço, Orlando
Como indicado em título, esta comunicação pretende apresentar o «estado da arte» da Psicologia do Desenvolvimento em Portugal e Espanha e, contribuir, assim, para a aproximação dos psicólogos dos dois países no contexto europeu. Está dividida em três partes. Na primeira parte, intitulada «Se queres ir longe, tem uma teoria!», fazem-se algumas considerações teóricas sobre o fenómeno do desenvolvimento, por um lado, e apresenta-se o que seria uma «concepção forte de desenvolvimento», por outro. Na segunda parte, cujo titulo é «Temas de pesquisa e orientações conceptuais», referem-se as principais linhas de investigação e orientações teóricas da pesquisa desenvolvimentista em cada um dos dois...

56. Efecto de la inteligencia emocional y flujo en el trabajo sobre estresores y bienestar psicológico: análisis de ruta en docentes - Millán de Lange, Anthony Constant; García-Álvarez, Diego de J.; D'Aubeterre López, María Eugenia

57. Campus Saúde - s/d
Porto Alegre, UFRGS, Campus Saúde Vista aérea , Instituto de Psicologia

[pt] Alteração de currículo do Curso de Formação de Psicólogos.

[pt] Proposta de modificações no Currículo de Graduação em Psicologia.

60. El proceso creativo en el taoísmo y en la psicología occidental - Mastrodoménico Brid, Hugo
Through some analogies between eastern thinking, especially that of the ancient Chinese Taoism, and some contemporary schools of psychology related to the gestaltic neo-humanism and the so called trans-personal psychology, this paper presents and discusses the main findings of psychology on the creative process, the personality traits of highly creative subjects and the psychosocial circumstances that usually favor the appearance of creativity.Draw a line in space and now you have one side and the other. Think about something and I will tell you that the opposite also exists with its measure of truth. Justify “being” to me, and I will...

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