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41. Combined use of focalized meditation and group psychological intervention in patients with terminal chronic renal failure - Enma Taimara Cisneros Acosta; Aymara Reyes Saborit

Background: chronic renal failure is within the first 35 death causes in the country within the last five years.

Objective: to determine the effectiveness of the combined use of the group psychological intervention with the focalized meditation (FM) in the psychological rehabilitation of patients suffering from terminal chronic renal failure who underwent hemodialysis treatment in “Juan Bruno Zayas” General Hospital in Santiago de Cuba from January to June, 2014.

Methods: a pre-test, post-test and control group intervention was carried out. The study sample was divided into three groups: one for the group psychological intervention (GPI), another one for the focalized meditation FM)...

42. Leer para comprender: Diez años de estudios sobre los procesos lectores - Cuadro, Ariel
The reading process constitutes at present day one of most important competencies involved in human development. The introduction of this monographic issue brings to light the research lines we have been working on throughout ten years of studies in psychology of the reading processes. Investigations conducted both locally and internationally are presented. Contributions emerged from these studies turn out to be fundamental for the understanding of the reading processes from a cognitive perspective, providing tools that enable us to instruct strategic readers who are capable of being part of the knowledge society

43. Retos en la formación del psicólogo/a comunitario/a en las américas - Serrano García, Irma
The aim of this lecture is to provide basic information regarding Community Psychology followed by: - the value base of this discipline in Community Psychology training programs in the Americas - results of a study carried out by Irma Serrano-García, Kattia Walters Pacheco and Verónica Carvallo Messa regarding value-based training in programs in the Americas, and - other challenges that programs in community psychology face linked to value based training, as well as presenting some recommendations

44. Aportes de una ciencia matemática a la investigación en psicología: algunas reflexiones desde la docencia - Andina, Orual; Sucazes, Daniel

45. Manual de estadística para psicología vol. 2. Estadística inferencial - García Pérez, Reina Coral

46. Psicología Comunitaria hoy: Del pensar al hacer en sociedades complejas - Berroeta Torres, Héctor; Wiesenfeld, Esther; López, Verónica

47. La Psicología Social Comunitaria en América Latina: ¿Consolidación o crisis? - Wiesenfeld, Esther
How has Latin American Community Social Psychology (CSP) contributed to the accomplishment of the goals, values and characteristics that marked its birth? Have its developments been consistent with these orientations? Do they remain? Which have been its accomplishments and the relevance of the fundaments for achieving them?. This article addresses these questions, based on previous critical reviews on part of Latin American psychosocial community production. We confront CSP"s discourse regarding the field"s aspirations, with contributions derived from the discipline"s action, exemplified with reviews" results. This dialogue between discourse and action was organized based on CSP"s double commitment: academic and social....

48. El quehacer de la Psicología Comunitaria: Coordenadas para una cartografía - Berroeta Torres, Héctor
A distinctive feature of the interactions between Community Psychology practitioners and government agents is that they are diverse and confusing. Internal tensions and contradictions arise that make reconciliation difficult within a rigid disciplinary framework. Using international reports on disciplinary action, theoretical principles and the institutional context in which interactions take place, this paper proposes an attempt to map these actions over an expanded discipline field obtained by superimposing three central concepts: individual/community, improvement/transformation and dependence/autonomy. In order to apply this mapping, we used the results of six Chilean research reports. We discuss their scope and comment on the implications of...

49. La Psicología Social Comunitaria ante los cambios en la sociedad contemporánea: De la reificación de lo común a la articulación de las diferencias - Montenegro Martínez, Marisela; Rodríguez Ferreira, Alicia Raquel; Pujol, Joan
The consolidation of post-Ford capitalism weakens community ties. It also makes social intervention a technical and bureaucratic endeavor and makes the consolidation of the common space that sustains collective action difficult. Community action should incorporate concepts and practices to apply in complex, diverse and delocalized contexts. The rhizome help us understand community in terms of heterogeneity and diversity, becoming a heuristic tool to promote community events aimed more at articulating differences than at reifying common knowledge. This approach would shift the focus from the tension between "sameness-difference" to pursue of equity and social transformation that characterizes Community Social Psychology.

50. Psicología Comunitaria hoy: Orientaciones éticas para la acción - Winkler Müller, María Inés; Alvear, Katherine; Olivares, Bárbara; Pasmanik V., Diana
We present the results of a study about the ethical dimension in the practice, training and research in community psychology (CP) in Chile between 2008 and 2011. We intentionally used a variety of sources of information production. 93 subjects - users, students and psychologists- participated in this study; and 194 documents - syllabuses, theses and codes- were analyzed. A combination of a qualitative method, survey techniques and analytical strategies produced as a relevant result the need to set specific ethical guidelines to guide the practice, training and research in CP, which we propose as a corollary.

51. El auto-cuidado activo y su importancia para la Psicología Comunitaria - Cantera, Leonor; Cantera, Frances M.
The purpose of this article was to invite the reader to reflect on the importance of active self-care during education and as a practitioner at the community level. As a starting point, there is a lack of learning modules oriented towards self-care and emotional management. We also review values that began and still maintain the discipline, as well as the key points in the specific problem of violence in couple relationships. By using a hypothetical case, we signal the importance of incorporating active self-care and emotional management in the discipline‘s educational programs. We understand that this contributes to improve the...

52. Intervención comunitaria con mujeres a partir de la actuación en Red en Psicología Comunitaria: Una experiencia en una comunidad de Brasil - Ferreira Moura Jr., James; Gilmário Rebouças Júnior, Francisco; Braga Alencar, Alana; Sampaio Maciel de Oliveira Porto, Ana Kariny; Melo de Pinho, Ana Maria; de Sousa Gadelha, Ana Karina; Morais Ximenes, Verônica
This article presents the process of developing a community group of women based on a process of networking in Community Psychology in a community of, Fortaleza, Brazil. The actions sought to strengthen the residents based on a community health perspectuve, the public health policy, the third sector and the university. A qualitative study was performed through the use of participant observation, field notes and focus groups with six women who were part of a community group of self-esteem developed by external agents. Data was analyzed through theme analysis. Results show that the activities promoted strengthening the identities of the women...

53. Procesos y construcciones: Un análisis de contenido de las metáforas en dos revistas de Psicología - González de Requena, Juan A.
Major metaphors that shape the discursive field of psychology have been researched (Leary, 1990), but the analysis of metaphorical backgrounds of discipline should be constantly updated, because of the historical mobility of tropes and horizons of meaning that shape the psychological lexicon. This research aims to analyze the main metaphorical foci in the vocabulary of contemporary psychology, as they appear in scientific research papers in two mainstream Chilean journals. A qualitative content analysis of 104 articles in two Psychology journals published in Chile was performed. The results allow us to recognize a particular dialectic between naturalizing and psychologizing of the...

54. Políticas hacia el liderazgo directivo escolar en Chile: Una mirada comparada con otros sistemas escolares de América Latina - Weinstein, José; Hernández, Macarena
El propósito de este artículo es realizar una revisión de los estudios críticos referidos a la producción de conocimiento y a la práctica profesional en el campo de la selección de personal. Los estudios fueron seleccionados y analizados de acuerdo con las categorías propuestas por Pulido-Martínez y Sato (2013) para el análisis crítico de la psicología en referencia al mundo del trabajo. Se presentan ejemplos de las maneras en las que el análisis crítico ha sido conducido por los investigadores tanto al interior como al exterior de la disciplina. El panorama compuesto sirve de guía para aquellos interesados en el...

55. Las nuevas dinámicas del conocimiento científico y su impacto en la Psicología Latinoamericana - Gallegos, Miguel; Berra, Martina; Benito, Ezequiel; López López, Wilson
This paper analyzes the various transformations that took place in the new ways to produce scientific knowledge in the last decades, with the purpose of identifying their repercussions on the specific field of Psychology in Latin America. First, we review the different theoretical stances emerging from the Sociology of Science field, which provide an account of the changes that took place in the context of scientific research around the world. Then, we perform a retrospective analysis of the evolution of Psychology in Latin America, with emphasis on topics that underwent substantial changes, such as scientific publications, research education, research agendas,...

56. Entrevista al Dr. en Psicología (UNLP) Ariel Martínez sobre su tesis doctoral: "Identidad y cuerpo. Auto-percepciones de sujetos no conformes al género" - Martínez, Ariel; Clavellino, Marcos Sebastián
El Dr. en Psicología de la UNLP Ariel Martínez, en el programa Radiofotos de FM 107.5 Radio Universidad, dialoga con el periodista Marcos Clavellino y explica el contenido de su tesis doctoral para que los oyentes puedan conocer su investigación.

57. ¡Marte es divertido! Sobre humor, apreciación y emociones en niños - Ruiz Gurillo, Leonor
Este artículo tiene como objetivo proponer un acercamiento pragmático a la apreciación del humor. La bibliografía sobre psicología ha mostrado que los niños disfrutan de las historias divertidas, humorísticas y fantásticas. Sin embargo, la apreciación del humor ha sido escasamente investigada desde una perspectiva productiva. Nuestro corpus está compuesto por 149 narraciones humorísticas de escolares de nueve y diez años . Así, los informantes de nuestro corpus se sitúan en el estadio 5 de acertijos y chistes (McGhee, 2002), lo que representa un punto de inflexión hacia el humor adulto. Concretamente, los niños desarrollan un sentido del humor (Thorson y...

58. The personality box: interpretações visuais inspiradas em personalidade e cultura - Amores, Arianne
O presente projecto teve como objectivo a criação de representações visuais inspiradas na personalidade e cultura de dez sujeitos, utilizando uma grande variedade de meios e linguagens visuais na forma de packaging. O design visual evoluiu para englobar a auto-expressão e a liberdade artística, e desde a sua criação tem trabalhado para as massas. Mas e se o design visual trabalhasse apenas para uma pessoa de cada vez? Como iria isso, eventualmente, alterar as suas premissas do design visual? A partir do conceito de personalização, este projecto tem intenção de definir a essência da actividade do designer visual, argumentando que...

59. Fusão entre artes: manipulação da imagem de um prato de cozinha - Reis, Fábio
O projeto pretende ser a demonstração que a imagem de um prato de cozinha, quando manipulada, pode traduzir uma interpretação, transmitindo sensações e emoções diferentes. As várias abordagens definidas na criação do documento permitem identificar a possibilidade existentes de uma imagem de um prato de cozinha manipulada. Serão abordados no projeto os tópicos: cultura visual, cozinha, design editorial, manipulação de imagens, como perguntar, o olhar para imagens, a cor como elemento de criação de um prato de cozinha, a psicologia da arte e a semiótica. O projeto é apresentado em forma de livro de receitas, intitulado 'Fusão entre artes'. Concluindo,...

60. $rec.titulo - Bernardo Gonçalves Marques, Ermelinda Maria; Escola Superior de Saúde do Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, Guarda, Portugal; Sánchez, Carmen Serdio; Facultad de Educación de la Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca; Vicario, Beatriz Palacios; Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca

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