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  1. RESEARCH ARTICLE Granule Associated Serine Proteases of Hematopoietic Cells – An Analysis of Their Appearance and Diversification during Vertebrate Evolution

    Srinivas Akula; Michael Thorpe; Vamsi Boinapally; Lars Hellman
    Serine proteases are among the most abundant granule constituents of several hematopoi-etic cell lineages including mast cells, neutrophils, cytotoxic T cells and NK cells. These pro-teases are stored in their active form in the cytoplasmic granules and in mammals are encoded from four different chromosomal loci: the chymase locus, the met-ase locus, the T cell tryptase and the mast cell tryptase locus. In order to study their appearance during ver-tebrate evolution we have performed a bioinformatic analysis of related genes and gene loci from a large panel of metazoan animals from sea urchins to placental mammals for three of these...

  2. Phylogenetics Advance Access publication January 21, 2014 RAxML version 8: a tool for phylogenetic analysis and post-analysis of large phylogenies

    Alexandros Stamatakis
    Motivation: Phylogenies are increasingly used in all fields of medical and biological research. Moreover, because of the next-generation sequencing revolution, datasets used for conducting phylogenetic analyses grow at an unprecedented pace. RAxML (Randomized Axelerated Maximum Likelihood) is a popular program for phylogen-etic analyses of large datasets under maximum likelihood. Since the last RAxML paper in 2006, it has been continuously maintained and extended to accommodate the increasingly growing input datasets and to serve the needs of the user community. Results: I present some of the most notable new features and extensions of RAxML, such as a substantial extension of substitution...

  3. RESEARCH ARTICLE Plasticity of primary and s y

    Full list of author information is available at the end of the articleBackground Production of wood biomass is a mandatory trait in any forest tree breeding program regardless of the final use be it pulp and paper, energy, construction or engineered wood products. Understanding the contribution of gen-etic and environmental factors as well as their inter-action in tree growth and adaptation is a prerequisite for accelerating tree domestication to meet the increasing demand for wood [1]. In this context, fast growing trees such as Eucalyptus will play a major role, not only as wood supply, but also as a model...

  4. Database tool Kiwifruit Information Resource (KIR): a comparative platform for kiwifruit genomics

    Junyang Yue; Jian Liu; Rongjun Ban; Wei Tang; Lin Deng; Zhangjun Fei; Yongsheng Liu
    The Kiwifruit Information Resource (KIR) is dedicated to maintain and integrate compre-hensive datasets on genomics, functional genomics and transcriptomics of kiwifruit (Actinidiaceae). KIR serves as a central access point for existing/new genomic and gen-etic data. KIR also provides researchers with a variety of visualization and analysis tools. Current developments include the updated genome structure of Actinidia chinensis cv. Hongyang and its newest genome annotation, putative transcripts, gene expression, physical markers of genetic traits as well as relevant publications based on the latest genome assembly. Nine thousand five hundred and forty-seven new transcripts are de-tected and 21 132 old transcripts are...

  5. RESEARCH ARTICLE Prevalence of Human papill i

    Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is a serious public health problem in many parts of the world and in Poland etic alterations. The main predisposing factors are tobacco and alcohol abuse [3]. An important role in the etiology of Polz-Gruszka et al. Infectious Agents and Cancer (2015) 10:37 DOI 10.1186/s13027-015-0031-zstrong association between the presence of HPV DNA,Lublin, Poland Full list of author information is available at the end of the articlestudies have focused on HPV detection in oral cancer [7]. A more recent study by Syrjänen and Syrjänen showed a * Correspondence: m.polz@umlub.pl1Department of Virology, Medical University of Lublin, ul....

  6. Research Article Targeted gene therapy and cell reprogramming in

    Fanconi Anemia; Yaima Torres; Juan P Trujillo; Rodolfo Murillas; Jose C Segovia; Enrique Samper; Jordi Surralles; Philip D Gregory; Michael C Holmes; Luigi Naldini; Juan A Bueren
    Gene targeting is progressively becoming a realistic therapeutic alternative in clinics. It is unknown, however, whether this tech-nology will be suitable for the treatment of DNA repair deficiency syndromes such as Fanconi anemia (FA), with defects in homology-directed DNA repair. In this study, we used zinc finger nucleases and integrase-defective lentiviral vectors to demonstrate for the first time that FANCA can be efficiently and specifically targeted into the AAVS1 safe harbor locus in fibroblasts from FA-A patients. Strikingly, up to 40 % of FA fibroblasts showed gene targeting 42 days after gene editing. Given the low number of hematopoi-etic precursors...

  7. $rec.titulo

    Hereditary erythrocytosis and thrombocytosis with an autosomal-dominant pattern are linked to mutations in the erythropoietin or thrombo-poietin (TPO; MPL) receptors (de la Chapelle et al., 1993; Kralovics et al., 1997; Ding et al., 2004), respectively, or to a dysregulation of the synthesis of these two cytokines (Wiestner et al., 1998). These syndromes differ from classical myeloproliferative disorders (MPDs) by the low incidence of early and late complications. They recapitulate the chronic administration of recombinant growth factors (i.e., TPO and erythropoietin). The G-CSF receptor (G-CSF-R) is also a type I cytokine receptor that binds G-CSF, the main cytokine that regulates granu-lopoiesis....

  8. $rec.titulo

    miR-19a acts as an oncog ng po m etic and epigenetic alterations have been reported to be lung, breast, hepatic, and pancreatic cancer [2-7]. Cur-Feng et al. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 2014, 33:67 model [8]. miR-125b was reported to suppressDepartment of Urology, Suining Central Hospital, 127 Deshengxi Road, Chuanshan District, Suining 629000, P R Chinaincluded in the tumorigenesis and progression of blad-der cancer [1]. Recently, the applications of microRNAs (miRNAs) as potential biomarkers and therapy targets have been widely investigated in many kinds of cancers. rently, the aberrant expression of miRNAs has been ob-served in bladder...

  9. La ética de los robots

    Estamos en un momento en que los robots empiezan a sustituir a los humanos en muchas actividades. Esto abre un nuevo campo reflexivo dentro de la ética, porque tenemos que pensar en cómo vamos a relacionarnos con las máquinas, qué papeles les asignaremos o qué cambios van a producirse a partir de ahora. Este artículo trata de abordar todos estos problemas que se le presentan a la filosofía y que, sin duda, son de máxima actualidad.

  10. Técnica, ética y mejoramiento humano: acerca de la constitución tecno-lógica del ser

    Osorio García, Sergio Néstor; Macraigne ., Steve
    La comunicación presenta un avance de investigación del proyecto HUM 1517: la Bioética como ética de la responsabilidad planetaria, que indaga sobre un nuevo horizonte epistemológico para fundamentación de la Bioética tal y como fuera diseñada por el bioquímico norteamericana Van Rensselaer Potter. De allí se deriva un programa de fundamentación epistemológica que nos permite preguntarnos por el papel de la bioética en la perspectiva del mejoramiento técnico de la humanidad. El mejoramiento de la humanidad sólo se puede entender si tenemos en cuenta la esencia tecno-lógica del ser humano, y si aseguramos el objeto del mejoramiento: la supervivencia la...

  11. Filosofía del derecho y humanismo en dialogo con la espiritualidad. Apuntes para una ética solidaria de los derechos humanos

    Ortega Cabrera, Agustín
    This paper presents some reflections we have made in the field of Humanities and Philosophy Department at Loyola University, where we carry out research tasks. In the research on «Human rights and social transformation» and «Cultural Ignatian Matrix». We believe that these reflections and notes from a humanist thought, with an interdisciplinary dialogue, solidarity ethics can provide some clues for Philosophy of Law. Which contribute to the promotion of human rights, social justice and dignity.

  12. Límites éticos y jurídicos de la investigación biomédica

    Rivas, Paco
    The advance of science has created a new way of approaching the study of the human being through biomedical research techniques and their protection, with focused issues, genetic engineering, assisted human reproduction, mechanisms of artificial fertilization, transplants organ and, in general, in the various processes in the context of biomedical research. The present review lets you put a framework on various general aspects that regulate and influence biomedical research in general, and the various existing to it, combining the legislative limits, and ethical aspect.

  13. Cuestiones éticas en el paciente crítico: participación de la familia

    Martínez Hernández, Juan; Vera Escolar, Flori; Ballester Zapata, María del Carmen; Vázquez Guerrero, María del Carmen
    The patient’s critical state suffers a serious condition of his health which can be life-threatening, although potentially curable, being the family/companions the ones who sometimes have to make some ethical decisions, due to the lack of the patient’s competence/ability. Descriptive retrospective study about the ethical aspects in relation to the informed consent (IC); in the adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU); study period: June 2006 – June 2007. Epidemiological – clinical variables, obtained from the documents of the IC; description and comparison of measurements and percentages. In conclusion, the encephalopathy/coma of the patient, the invasive mechanic ventilation, the limitation of the therapeutic effort...

  14. Vivir para morir: educación y ética sobre el final de la vida

    Casado Rodríguez, Aroa; Jiménez Flores, Javier
    Through a sociocultural analysis intend to reflect on the issues that lead the human being to be, as an end in itself, against its end of life. So we want invite to reflection on why we live as we live, we die as we die. To do this we will focus on Nietzsche and his aphorism of eternal return that leads to not ignore the past which we inherited moral values linked to a religious traditions, ethics and educational determined education have been used together but will interest every moment. Ultimately, it is necessary to adapt, being death from an individual...

  15. Ideas para el debate

    Saldívar, Américo
    La idea del buen vivir, el «sumak kawsay» («buen vivir» en quechua);  de calidad de vida, más que de nivel de vida, status y consumos suntuarios es «la posibilidad de vincular al hombre con la naturaleza desde una visión de respeto, porque es la oportunidad de devolverle la ética a la convivencia humana, porque es necesario un nuevo contrato social en el que puedan convivir la unidad en la diversidad, porque es la oportunidad de oponerse a la violencia del sistema»  y a sus elementos más devastadores: de mercado a tope, desequilibrios, de crecimiento a toda costa, de degradación, y...

  16. Los comités de ética asistencias como promotores de salud

    Ventura, T.; Babiano, Belén; Nebot, M.; Quintanilla, M.A.; Vela, P.
    The objective of the Healthcare Ethics Committees (CEA) is to improve the quality of healthcare, that is be helpful in making reasonable and prudent decisions on ethical problems in clinical practice. Should also be health promoters in the sense of promoting the exercise of freedom and responsibility of people in their lifestyles. Moreover, they must be promoters of building values that contribute to a better health, understood as "complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease".

  17. La naturaleza práctica de la filosofía de la educación

    Altarejos Masota, Francisco
    L'herència kantiana, reforçada amb l'historicisme de Dilthey, explica la constitució de la Filosofia de l'Educació com a interpretació de l'acció i del pensament educatiu, conformant-se com "filosofies" de l'educació per abocar finalment a una "filosofia de les filosofies de l'educació" o filosofia analítica de l'educació. Però hi ha una altra possibilitat: la Filosofia de l'Educació entesa com a filosofia pràctica, a la manera del saber ètic en Aristòtil, és a dir, un saber de l'acció educativa constituït des de la formalitat teleològica o de la fi.

  18. El concepte de racionalitat en tecnologia educativa

    Sarramona, Jaume
    L'anàlisi epistemològic de la tecnologia educativa ha de fer-se sota la doble perspectiva de la naturalesa del coneixement científic i del fenomen educatiu. Tal anàlisi resulta especialment necessari en aquests moments, quan estan en profunda revisió dels principis que van fonamentar la tecnologia educativa en els seus començaments. En aquest treball es presenten inicialment les set notes que, segons el parer de l'autor, caracteritzen la tecnologia educativa actual: 1) racionalitat, 2) sistematisme, 3) planificació, 4) claredat de metes, 5) control, 6) eficàcia i 7) optimització. No obstant això, només es desenvolupa la primera d'elles, la racionalitat, que és la que...

  19. La educación mundialista

    Fontan Jubero, Pere
    En l'intent d'educar els nens en una consciència de ciutadania mundial s'ensopega amb l'obstacle de la sobirania il·limitada que s'atribueixen alguns estats. Partint de la idea d'un federalisme mundial que realitzaria la unitat planetària, i basant-se en una idea ètica de justícia universal, s'arriba a un programa pedagògic d'educació mundialista, que és una educació integral propugnada per l'Institut d'Estudis Mundialistes.

  20. Mejora de la Calidad en la Resolución de Casos por el Comité de Ética (CEA) del Sector de Teruel con la aplicación de estrategias narrativas

    Gómez Cadenas, Concha; Herrero Vicente, Jesús; Pereyra Grustán, Lorena; García Sanz, Montse; Agudo Rodrigo, Marta C.; Herrando Vicente, Victoria; Carod Benedico, Etel
    We will try to answer the question: Why narrative tool is important and useful to deliberate on the CEA? In our CEA, we used the Deliberative Method of Professor Diego Gracia (MDDG), and in this method the narrative appears as a essential requisite. When we have a problem and we seek advice, first we need to be understood, and to do that, we tell a story, we narrate in a natural way the facts, and we hope you will understand that there are values behind them. It happens that often we are not able to see the values, (ours and many more...

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