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  1. Surveys

    Nicholas Sun-keung
    Currently school organizations are under pressure to achieve excellence. There is no exception to this pressure in the schools of Hong Kong. Research into organizational cultures of excellent schools in Hong Kong is seeking evidence for others striving for excellence. Excellent schools are defined as few schools that have many aspects that outweigh their counterparts to a great extent. This study adopted an "etic " view on organizational cultures, in contrast to an "emic " view. An "etic " perspective of culture allows the quantitative assessments of organizational cultures across schools. Furthermore, it renders possible comparisons between the characteristics of...

  2. LYMPHOID NEOPLASIA Suppression of B-cell lymphomagenesis by the BH3-only proteins Bmf and Bad

    Ar Tzankov; Andreas Villunger
    Oncogenic c-Myc is known to balance excessive proliferation by apoptosis that can be triggered by p53-dependent and p53-independent signaling networks. Here, we provide evidence that the BH3-only proapoptotic Bcl-2 family members Bcl-2 modifying factor (Bmf) and Bcl-2 antagonist of cell death (Bad) are potent antagonists of c-Myc–driven B-cell lym-phomagenesis. Tumor formation was pre-ceded by the accumulation of preneoplas-tic pre-B and immature immunoglobulin M–positive (IgM) B cells in hematopoi-etic organs of E-myc/bmf/ mice, whereas E-myc/bad/ mice showed an increase of pre-B cells limited to the spleen. Although the loss of Bad had no impact on the tumor immunophenotype, Bmf deficiency favored...

  3. NF2 gene in neurofibromatosis type 2 patients

    Jessica Zucman-rossi; Elisabeth Ollagnon; Centre Hospitalier; Universitaire Lyon; Jessica Zucman-rossi; Patricia Legoix; Hera Der Sarkissian; Genevieve Cheret; Frederic Sor; Alberto Bernardi; Lucien Cazes; Sophie Giraud; Elisabeth Ollagnon; Gilbert Lenoir; Gilles Thomas
    Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) is an autosomal domi-nant disorder that predisposes to nervous system tu-mors. The schwannomin (also termed merlin) protein encoded by the NF2 gene shows a close relationship to the family of cytoskeleton-to-membrane proteins linkers ERM (ezrin–radixin–moesin proteins). Even though penetrance of the disease is>95 % and no gen-etic heterogeneity has been described, point muta-tions in the NF2 gene have been observed in only 34–66 % of the screened NF2 patients, depending on the series. In order to generate tools that would enable an exhaustive alteration screening for the NF2 gene, we have deduced its entire genomic sequence....

  4. Article Reference Etica e politica nella dottrina luterana dei due regni

    Bondolfi Alberto; Alberto Etica; O Theologos
    Available at:

  5. Magnetoliposomes for controlled drug r frequency magnetic field

    A Francesca Baldelli Bombelli; A Massimo B
    ing etic erri he of l ecr l. L on mag icle toli F s f th yst interest for their potential applications as drug delivery vectors. They are now considered clinically established nanometre-scaled drug. In this framework, although trans-membrane diffusion of headgroup amphiphiles,18 etc. In general, the permeability is correlated to the lateral compressibility19 consistently with the res promoting the diffusion. chieved by using pH-sensitive e-sensitive liposomes via local anical disruption with low r way to tune the permeability magnetic nanoparticles (NPs) es and the modulation of the y applying an external alter-number of investigations has on of superparamagnetic...

  6. CORDOBA- República Argentina.

    Oviedo S; Antonello A; Y Di; Pauli Na; Farmacia Antonello-vilca; Cordoba República Argentina
    Hablar de calidad presupone que es oportuno y posible la verificación de las características o atributos que son propios de un objeto o entidad. Cuando planteamos la Calidad en un servicio de farmacia estamos diciendo que este cumple plenamente con las expectativas de quién se asiste por él. En este reporte acercamos los resultados preliminares de la primera etapa de aplicación del Plan de Calidad y su impacto en el crecimiento del servicio farmacéutico. Del análisis de los resultados obtenidos se desprende que para el éxito definitivo del plan, es de suma importancia la consolidación de la relación Farmacéutico –...

  7. Non-hematopoietic tumor cell lines express stem cell factor and display c-kit receptors

    M. Turner; Krisztina M. Zsebo; Frank Martin; Fredrick W. Jacobsen; Larry G. Bennett; Virginia C. Broudy
    Human stem cell factor (SCF) acts in the presence of other growth factors t o stimulate the growth of primitive hemato-poietic progenitor cells. These effects are performed by activation of the SCF receptor, e-kit. Because of the potential use of SCF in patients undergoing chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation, the effect of SCF on nonhematopoi-etic tumors requires investigation. To determine whether human tumor cell lines display c-kit receptors, we performed binding experiments with 1251-SCF on a breast carcinoma cell line (Du4475), a gastric carcinoma cell line (KAT0 Ill), a melanoma cell line (HlT144), as well as two small cell lung...

  8. Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction for Early Diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis in Stem Cell Transplant Recipients:

    Ready For Prime Time; P. H. Chandrasekar
    Toxoplasmosis is an uncommon but often fatal opportunistic infection that occurs after receipt of an allogeneic hematopoi-etic stem cell transplant (HSCT). A 20-year study of 2000 HSCT recipients in North America found only 12 cases of tox-oplasmosis, 10 of which were diagnosed at autopsy [1]. Thus far, there have been ∼150 reported cases of this protozoan in-fection in HSCT recipients worldwide [2– 4]. The exact frequency distribution of toxoplasmosis in different countries is un-known; because the disease mostly occurs with reactivation of the latent parasite, the varying seroprevalence in different geo-

  9. A vida no Facebook : modos de subjetivação de transplantados renais

    Roso, Camila Castro
    O desenvolvimento científico e tecnológico nos campos da saúde e da vida produziu novos métodos investigativos, técnicas antes desconhecidas, medicamentos mais eficazes e o controle de doenças tidas como fora de controle. O transplante renal é reconhecido como a melhor opção terapêutica para pessoas com doença renal crônica em estágios avançados. Implantes, transplantes, novos medicamentos permitem a sobrevivência de doentes que estariam destinados a morrer em pouco tempo. A tecnologia se mostra onipresente em todos os momentos da vida cotidiana, como um híbrido, colonizando nossos corpos, numa íntima relação entre o orgânico e o artificial. A subjetividade pode ser (re)inventada...

  10. Stability of Perfectly Matched Layers, Group Velocities and Anisotropic Waves

    Bécache, Eliane; Fauqueux, Sandrine; Joly, Patrick
    Perfectly Matched Layers (PML) are a recent technique for simulating the absorption of waves in open domains. They have been introduced for electromagn- etic waves and extended, since then, to other models of wave propagation, including waves in elastic anisotropic media. In this last case, some numerical experiments have shown that the PMLs are not always stable. In this paper, we investigate this question from a theoretical point of view. In the first part, we derive a necessary condition for the stability of the PML model for a general hyperbolic system. This condition can be interpreted in terms of geometrical...

  11. $rec.titulo

    cells and next-generation sequencing will help sort out the cell-intrinsic molecular lesions that may lead to new imatinib-style therapies. But, let’s not forget about the neighborhood. That tumors cleverly alter their own environ-ment by recruiting their own vasculature has led to therapies such as bevacizumab.9 And, clinging tightly to a protective home as leuke-mia cells do likely represents another front we must conquer to improve clinical success. In-deed, increased CXCR4 expression on human AML cells is associated with inferior prognosis.10 Whether plerixafor is an effective agent by which to accomplish this in AMLwill require a phase 3 study in which...

  12. Critical thinking and alternatives for transformation in Latin America

    Raquel Sosa Elízaga
    Abstract: The reasons of the loss of sovereignty of Latin American countries in favor of a neocolonial order are analyzed critically in the text. One sets out to evaluate alternatives to decolonize the social thought and to contribute to a true democratic and sovereign exercise upon reconsidering the historical, collective and ethical dimensions of social life in our subcontinent. Key words: sovereignty, democracy, social thought, social life. Resumen: En el artículo se analizan críticamente las razones de la pérdida de soberanía de los países latinoamericanos a favor de un orden neocolonial. Se propone evaluar alternativas para descolonizar el pensamiento social...

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    Universidade Técnica; De Lisboa; Instituto Superior; De Economia; E Gestão; Teresa Maria; Raposo Dias; De Oliveira; Correia De Lacerda; Orientação Doutor; José Manuel; Cristóvão Veríssimo; Presidente Doutora; Maria Margarida; Melo Coelho Duarte; Técnica De Lisboa; Teresa Raposo; Dias Oliveira; Correia Lacerda; Orientador Prof; Doutor José; Manuel Veríssimo
    Do ponto de vista conceptual, a liderança transformacional tem sido apontada como fundamental para o desenvolvimento de estratégias focadas no interesse comum da comunidade, incluindo a ética como elemento necessário na análise estratégica. Estudando estas dinâmicas, podemos construir uma estrutura de análise, que incorpore as empresas como agentes principais no processo de desenvolvimento sustentável. Este trabalho de investigação tem por objectivo principal analisar o impacto que o constructo completo de liderança transformacional, com a inclusão da integridade ética, tem ao nível da implementação de estratégias de responsabilidade social. Para o efeito, foi realizado um inquérito às maiores empresas portuguesas, durante...

  15. Reflecting on the Tensions Between Emic and Etic Perspectives in Life History Research: Lessons Learned

    James L. Olive
    Abstract: I utilized a life history methodology in this study through which written and oral narratives were obtained from six postsecondary students who self-identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Queer (LGBQ). Through this narrative process, I endeavored to understand how past events and behaviors shaped the participants ' identities and their sense of resiliency. During the data analysis process, I experienced tension between etic and emic categories and themes. Consequently, I struggled to maintain an inductive position throughout the coding process. This article provides an overview of this process and seeks to add to the discussion regarding etic and emic...

  16. Sigvardsson M. The roles of transcription factors in B lymphocyte commitment, development, and transformation

    Emma Smith; Mikael Sigvardsson
    Abstract: Studies of normal blood cell develop-ment and malignant transformation of hematopo-etic cells have shown that the correctly regulated expression of stage- and lineage-specific genes is a key issue in hematopoesis. Experiments in trans-genic mice have defined a number of transcription factors such as SCL/Tal, core-binding factor/acute myeloid leukemia, and c-myb, all crucial for the establishment of definitive hematopoesis and devel-opment of all blood cell lineages. Other regulators such as IKAROS, E47/E2A, early B cell factor, Sox-4, and B cell-specific activator protein (Pax-5) appear crucial, more or less selectively, for B lym-phopoesis, allowing for detailed analysis of the de-velopment of...


    De Bioética; Asociación Española; Bioética Ética; Gatti Chiara; La Cuestión; De La; Discapacidad En; El Debate Post-humano; Observaciones Críticas
    The question of disability in the post-human debate. Critical remarks

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  19. 3BP2 deficiency impairs the response of B cells, but not T cells, to antigen receptor ligation

    Miguel A. De La Fuente; Lalit Kumar; Bao Lu; Raif S. Geha
    The adapter protein 3BP2 is expressed in lymphocytes; binds to Syk/ZAP-70, Vav, and phospholipase C- (PLC-); and is thought to be important for interleukin-2 gene transcription in T cells. To define the role of 3BP2 in lymphocyte development and function, we generated 3BP2-deficient mice. T-cell development, prolif-eration, cytokine secretion, and signaling in response to T-cell receptor (TCR) ligation were all normal in 3BP2/ mice. 3BP2/ mice had increased accumulation of pre-B cells in the bone marrow and a block in the progression of transitional B cells in the spleen from the T1 to the T2 stage, but normal numbers of...

  20. $rec.titulo

    Red Revistas; Científicas América Latina; El Caribe; España Y Portugal; Sistema De Información Científica; Auxiliadora Trevizan; Maria Costa Mendes; Isabel Amélia Hayashida; Miyeko De Godoy; Simone Nogueira; Maria Suely; São Paulo Brasil; English Version; La Búsqueda; Del Compromiso; Actitudinal Tendencia; De La Conducta; A Busca; Pelo Comprometimento; Atitudinal Tendência; Da Conduta
    La búsqueda del compromiso actitudinal: tendencia de la conducta ética del enfermero gerente Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP, vol. 43, núm. 3, septiembre, 2009, pp. 721-725

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