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  1. Etica de la docencia universitaria: la dimensión social en la cultural profesional del profesorado

    López Zavala, Rodrigo
    Taking into consideration, research on professional ethics carried out in Mexico in this xxi century, the oriented, particularly towards university professors, in this article, the social dimension of their professional culture in ethics perspective, is analized, having as empirical reference, the results of studies made among teachers of a northeastern institution of higher education of this country, the Autonomous Uni- EDETANIA 43 [Julio 2013], 147-159, ISSN: 0214-8560 148 Rodrigo López Zavala versity of Sinaloa, identifying features of the institutional discourse, associated to the natural ethic of its finalities. The theoretical supposition present in the problem and that sustains the analysis...

  2. La visión humanista compleja de la libertad como fundamento para la formación y ejercicio ético de la docencia

    López Calva, Juan Martín
    The definition of freedom as self determination in a multidetermined world, developed by Lonergan (1999), and Morin’s visión of freedom as “dependent autonomy” (2005) counterposed to the traditional simplfying vision of freedom as the opossite of dependence and identified to indetermination, are basic to conceive an ethical exercise of teaching that trascends the mere assumption and aplication of deontological codes and responds to the ethical dilemmas that teachers are facing in our times. This article is part of the research project “Ethics, autonomy and self-regulation of teachers: the case of graduate students in Pedagogy of UPAEP” that has as its...

  3. La ética profesional basada en principios y su relación con la docencia

    Hirsch Adler, Ana
    The article is divided in two parts. The first one is about an ethics proposal based in principles in the world of professions. The principles, that constitute a theoretical frame of reference for professional ethics, have been constructed during a long period, especially since the end of the Second World War, with the formulation and approval of different codes that regulate the Medical Sciences research with human beings and the enormous influence that they have achieve in all the other knowledge areas. The second part is about the four basic principles agreed by experts in this thematic field and their...

  4. Dilemas que enfrenta el estudiantado de posgrado en su formación ética como investigador

    Escalante Ferrer, Ana Esther; Ibarra Uribe, Luz Marina
    Since 2006, 16 Mexican universities develops a Project on Professional Ethics in Graduate coordinated by Hirsch, it was found that the areas of social sciences and education have gaps in the discussion of ethics in research. There is any reflection on the most common ethical dilemmas faced by the student in the research process. That is why, during the semester January to June 2011, we used the Grupo Operativo (Task Force) technique, in a study was conducted in a Mexican public university to get the views and attitudes of students about the ethical dilemmas. In a practical course titled “Ethics...

  5. Compromiso de la Universidad en la formación ética de los futuros profesores de secundaria: un modo de inserción curricular

    Ballester Pont, Lucía; Mula Benavent, José Manuel
    This article aims to offer a model of curricular insertion of professional ethics training for future teachers, students of Master of Secondary. It starts from a holistic concept of competence, which results in the recognition of the transversal dimensions and therefore, the ethical dimension. From this framework it’s provided a proposal whose main axes are, on one hand the components of the curriculum according to the LOE, and on the other hand the proposal of the teachers Escámez, García and Martínez about values education in the European Space of Higher Education.

  6. Etica docente del siglo XXI: nuevos desafíos

    Ibáñez-Martín Mellado, José Antonio
    We have seen in the last thirty years a reappearance of ideas that insist in recovering the traditional identity of the teacher, that should not be limited to the teach- EDETANIA 43 [Julio 2013], 17-31, ISSN: 0214-8560 18 José Antonio Ibáñez-Martín y Mellado ing of facts, but must be a master of humanity, having a real care of the students and cultivating the moral life of schools. Care of students is nowadays a different thing, because new technologies have put new problems in the life of students. In the text are identified ten new problems that have the digital natives...

  7. La "terrible palabra" (Escritura y tauromaquia como exigencia ética): A propósito de "sinrazón"

    Gómez Pin, Víctor

  8. El Dojang: escuela de disciplina y moralidad

    Millán, Gonzalo Ariel
    Las  artes  marciales  pueden  ser  definidas  como  historia  en  movimiento.  Pocas  actividades  deportivas  de  popularidad  internacional movilizan corporalmente un repertorio simbólico y práctico de moralidad ética y sensualidad estética  tan  complejo y distintivo de un pueblo como las disciplinas marciales coreanas, en especial el taekwondo y el gumdo. Al igual  que en otros deportes de combate, el gimnasio de artes marciales (dojang) es el lugar donde se producen y reproducen los  valores  y  se  apropian  las  habilidades,  conocimientos  y  reconocimientos  –  títulos,  certificados,  etc.  –  que  legitiman  la  entrega,  corporal  y  social,  de  un  individuo  a  un  disciplina  marcial.  El  presente  artículo  busca  transmitir  al  lector  las  emociones  que  genera  en  un  neófito  la  práctica  de  un  arte  marcial  y  las  tensiones  sociales  y  kinestésicas  que  se  experimentan  como  resultado  de  esta  acción  en  la  moderna  sociedad  coreana.  Asimismo,  explora  algunos  factores  históricos vinculados a su desarrollo y acelerada expansión en apenas medio siglo. 

  9. Ética y feminismo en España: 1960-2010

    Postigo Asenjo, Marta
    The paper addresses the evolution of the Spanish moral and political feminist philosophy, since the beginning of the democratic period in 1978, when women and feminist issues were almost absent at the Philosophy Departments, until the beginning of the 21st century. The topic is divided into three main ethical and political themes: Firstly, the critique of patriarchal reason and the Enlightenment; secondly, issues of applied ethics, such as bioethics and ecofeminism; and, finally, the tension between feminism and multiculturalism, along with issues of global justice.

  10. La Escuela de Valencia: Ética y Hermenéutica

    Sánchez Pachón, Javier
    Having the University of Valencia as the epicentre, an intellectual movement comprised of a researchers's team closely connected to moral phylosophy arises. Said movement uses both the ethical's kantian root and the critical hermeneutics as a tool and transfers ethics to the fields society claims. Adela Cortina leads this team that uses the citizens and civil society as the coexistence's autor, making Ethics into public ethics and practical phylosophy into applied ethics.

  11. La ética del héroe de Fernando Savater

    Nogueroles Jové, Marta
    This article seeks to expose the ethical thought of Fernando Savater in its initial period, based in two works: The Hero's Task and Invitation to ethics, both written almost at the same time. These works of our author helped to establish the civic conscience of democratic Spain that, in the early eighties, was still dragging some of the ballets of Catholic Franquist national State

  12. Javier Muguerza: ética, razón, utopía, disenso

    Ramos Centeno, Vicente
    Javier Muguerza, one of the main representatives of the ethical-political thought of current Spanish philosophy, dialogues and debates with all the great contemporary thought. In his works he started off from analytical philosophy to oppose the official scholastic of his time. Confirming soon the reduction of reason in that philosophy, from there on he developed works that contain four main concepts: ethics, reason, utopia, dissent. This article analyses the development of these concepts throughout his works, as well as his rejection of natural law (he bases human rights on dissent) and the concept of human nature that he replaces by that of human condition.

  13. El diálogo abierto entre la ética y la política en el pensamiento de Aranguren

    del Llano, Cristina Hermida
    Aranguren is an intellectual, among others, who has played an important role for the restoration of a Spain in which it is possible to think in another manner in order to achieve an illustrious, liberal, democratic Spain. His course was not linear, but dialectic, passing through various states, among which the Ethics opened to Politcs constitutes the true epicenter of his thinking. From a first stage of open dialogue with Protestantism and existentialism, Aranguren moved onto a second phase, in which his central concerns arose with the problems of neopositivism and Marxism. The eleven years he spent in academic exile...

  14. Una ética.... Ante Antonio Ordóñez

    Gómez Pin, Víctor

  15. El profesorado de Secundaria y su compromiso con la ética docente

    García López, Rafaela
    The article aims to justify the need for training in ethics teaching at Secondary teachers with a systematic and explicit model and not leaving it to chance. For such a justification is used to analyze some current problems that is faced with secondary teachers and require a commitment by the same ethical beyond their technical training. It attempts to demonstrate the need to configure a new profile of secondary professional, based on two excellent works by Tribe and Perrenoud, which include, as necessary, ethical competence. It concludes by highlighting some aspects of the practical dimension of teaching ethics, especially its...

  16. Principales valores de la ética de la investigación que se promueven en el posgrado de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

    Hirsch Adler, Ana
    This article is about the Research Project about Professional Ethics, which began in 2003 and is still being developed in the Research Institute about the University and Education of the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM). It refers principally to the third phase of the research carried on in 2009. In that year, an interview guide, with eight questions, was constructed and applied to the forty program coordinators of postgraduate studies in the university in reference to professional ethics. We present the information that the coordinators answered to the question about the principle values of ethics research. We also compared...

  17. Luis Miguel Rondón y María Luisa Taboada (coords).:: Voces para la ética del trabajo social en tiempos trémulos

    Pacheco Mangas, Javier

  18. Anarquismo y anarcosindicalismo en América Latina.

    GOMEZ-MULLER, Alfredo
    En diversas sociedades de América Latina, el anarquismo y el anarcosindicalismo llegaron a ser, a principios del siglo XXX, la expresión mas creativa de la critica social, dejando profunda huella en la historia social, política e intelectual del continente. En Colombia, las ideas anarquistas, presentes desde la segunda mitad del siglo XIX, proporcionaron coherencia y orientación a la protesta social, hasta la huelga de las Bananeras de 1928. En esta segunda edición, un nuevo y extenso prefacio propone una reflexión sobre el significado ético-existencial del anarquismo, esto es, sobre la relación entre la critica anarquista de la cotidianidad y la...

  19. Adaptación transcultural del “CAP Score” para definir momento de suspensión de antibiótico en pacientes con neumonía adquirida en la comunidad de leve a moderada

    Bernal Vargas, Mónica Alejandra
    Traducir y adaptar transculturalmente el cuestionario “CAP Score” a castellano colombiano. Métodos: Se consiguió la autorización para la adaptación transcultural del cuestionario “CAP score”, se llevaron a cabo las recomendaciones del ISPOR y EORTC, siguiendo las siguientes fases: Traducción directa, conciliación, traducción inversa, armonización, obtención de versión provisional en español colombiano y aplicación de este en prueba piloto. La prueba piloto se realizó en un hospital público de segundo nivel en Bogotá previa aprobación por los comités de ética e investigación institucionales. Resultados: Se realizaron las modificaciones sugeridas por los traductores de la fase de traducción directa, en la traducción inversa...

  20. Test and analysis of ETIC system based on building thermal comfort experiment

    Zhang, Lili; Xu, Ong-Tie; 张丽丽
    Conference Name:2011 International Conference on Electric Technology and Civil Engineering, ICETCE 2011. Conference Address: Lushan, China. Time:April 22, 2011 - April 24, 2011.

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