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21. La relación entre política y ética en Charles Péguy - Kankindi, Antoinette K.

22. L’epidemia di ADHD negli USA - J. M. Stolzer Phd
normalità, vengono oggi abitualmente definiti come patologici da chi ha interessi legittimi nella promozione dell’uso di psicofarmaci nella popolazione infantile ed adolescenziale. Il disturbo da deficit di attenzione con iperattività (ADHD) rappresenta la “malattia mentale ” più diagnosticata tra i bambini statunitensi al giorno d’oggi. A circa il 99 % dei soggetti diagnosticati come colpiti da ADHD vengono prescritte dosi giornaliere di metilfenidato per porre sotto controllo i comportamenti indesiderati. Questo articolo contesta apertamente sia la validità scientifica che l’attendibilità degli attuali strumenti di diagnosi dell’ADHD e mette in discussione l’etica implicita nella prescrizione di sostanze pericolose e che possono...

23. Facework as a Chinese conflict-preventive mechanism—A cultural/ discourse analysis - Wenshan Jia
Goffman’s model of facework and Brown and Levinson’s politeness theory have been found inadequate in helping understand communicative behaviors of Far Eastern peoples for their culturally biased etic perspectives. This paper synthesizes an emic framework of Chinese facework on the basis of a critical review of significant literature. Chinese facework is conceptualized as a typical Chinese conflict-preventive mechanism and a primary means to cultivate harmonious human relations in Chinese social life. This mechanism is identified through a micro-interpretation of a naturally occurring interactive episode among a group of Chinese professors and students in the United States. The results indicate that...

24. $rec.titulo
Spinal cord compression due to extramedullary hematopoiesis is a well-known complication in a number of hematological diseases. Most of the patients present with progressive paraparesis due to the slow expansion of the extramedullary hematopoi-etic tissue. The authors report a case of chronic myeloprolifera-tive disorder with spinal extramedullary hemato-poiesis presenting with acute paraplegia. Chronic myeloproliferative disorder is an uncommon cause of spinal cord compression, especially when associated with acute paraplegia. The authors discuss the path-omechanism of this unusual presentation.

Based on equity theory and sociocultural conditions, this study depicts the Israeli system of societal equity from the perspective of the ethos of halutziut (Jewish pioneering). This ethos, which underscores the individ-ual’s contribution to the enhancement of collective goals, has created a correspondence between hierarchi-cally valued signifiers of societal contribution (e.g., military service) and social groupings defined along gender, ethnic, age, and professional lines. This study used multivariate analysis, and Powell’s technique for measuring and spatially portraying respondents ’ perceptions of societal equity. Results supported the expected pioneering hierarchy of groupings, mainly among Jewish respondents. Arab respondents differed in their...

26. tional Ethics Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects, prepared by the - John Harris; Key Bioethics
The principles of medical ethics and medical research Os princípios da ética médica e da pesquisa médica

27. Developmental Fate Determination and Marker Discovery in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology
fines cells (LSK) with long term reconstituting potential. In contrast, poorly characterized LSK cells fail to recon-stitute lethally irradiated recipients. Relative quantifica-tion mass spectrometry and transcriptional profiling were used to characterize LSK and LSK cells. This approach yielded data on>1200 proteins. Only 32 % of protein changes correlated to mRNA modulation demonstrating post-translational protein regulation in early hematopoi-etic development. LSK cells had lower expression of protein synthesis proteins but did express proteins asso-ciated with mature cell function. Major increases in eryth-roid development proteins were observed in LSK cells; based on this assessment of erythroid potential we showed them to be...

28. Effective Leadership and Culture in Iran: An Empirical - Ali Dastmalchian; Mansour Javidan; Kamran Alam
On analyse dans cet article les caractéristiques du leadership efficace en Iran, puis on envisage les liens possibles entre ce profil de leadership et les dimen-sions culturelles du pays. A partir des données fournies par 300 managers provenant de plus de 60 organisations relevant de trois secteurs industriels, on commence par utiliser les dimensions du projet GLOBE pour évaluer la culture iranienne dont les scores sont comparés a ̀ ceux d’autres pays. S’appuyant a ̀ la fois sur l’emic et l’etic du leadership, les auteurs développent sept dimen-sions du leadership: encourageant, dictatorial, visionnaire, familial, modeste, loyal et réceptif. Ils soutiennent...

29. rtmen - Sheba Devan; Venkat R. Subrama
South e Tech de tha expre etic ar osity, cal so 218 # A ived N impedance response has been determined numerically and analytically.6 Rangarajan6 presented the analytical solution for the of the setup shown in Fig. 1 could be measured by using a bipoten-Socie.00 ©cylindrical pore model using dilute solution theory and discussed some of the limiting cases of his solution. He indicated that under certain conditions the regions controlled by activation and diffusion become distinct. Several papers have been published based on the macroscopic model.7-10 Paasch et al.7 presented a generalized model for imped-ance of a macroscopically homogeneous...

30. Comining phylogenetic data with co-regulated genes to identify regulatory motif. Bioinformatics - Ting Wang; Gary D. Stormo
Motivation: Discovery of regulatory motifs in unaligned DNA sequences remains a fundamental problem in computational biology. Two categories of algorithms have been developed to identify common motifs from a set of DNA sequences. The first can be called a ‘multiple genes, single species’approach. It proposes that a degenerate motif is embedded in some or all of the otherwise unrelated input sequences and tries to describe a consensus motif and identify its occurrences. It is often used for co-regulated genes identified through experimental approaches. The second approach can be called ‘single gene, multiple species’. It requires orthologous input sequences and tries...

31. PUBLIC HEALTH ETHICS: TRADITION, PROFESSION, AND VALUES* - Lawrence O. Gostin; Ética De; La Salud; Pública Tradición; Profesión Y Valores
Abstract: This article asks the difficult questions — what is public health? and what is public health ethics? The article also recognizes that even though public health and biomedical ethics overlap, they have distinct aspects. The article examines the unique population-based perspective of public health and how it can be distinguished from patient-centered biomedical ethics. Additionally, public health scholars and practitioners often use ethical analyses with other forms of reasoning, particularly law and human rights. The article, therefore, explores the relationship among public health ethics, public health law and human rights. The various meanings of each form of reasoning are...

32. Issues and new directions in global consumer psychology - Durairaj Maheswaran; Sharon Shavitt
Although there is growing interest in cultural differences in consumer behavior, focused and systematic consumer research on the topic is still in its infancy. The conceptual and methodolog-ical issues that are central to conducting cross-cultural research, including selecting or blending emic and etic research approaches, achieving measurement equivalence, expanding the cultural constructs and geographical regions under investigation, and understanding mediating pro-cesses, are addressed. In the process, the progress that has been made in addressing these issues in consumer psychology is reviewed and a number of priorities for future research in this impor-tant domain are suggested. It is well known that...

33. Updating Article Acupuntura na Enfermagem brasileira: dimensão ético-legal Acupuncture in Brazilian Nursing Practice: Ethical and legal dimensions - Leonice Fumiko; Sato Kurebayashi; Taka Oguisso; Fernandes De Freitas
The objective of this study was to reflect on the legal and ethical aspects for the practice of acupuncture by nurses in Brazil. There is a need for nurses to be involved on a task force to create legal regulations and establish the scope of practice of acupuncture. This will prevent the restriction of the practice of acupuncture only to a specific health care professional group.

34. JL: Tissue-specific alternative splicing of TCF7L2. Hum Mol Genet 2009 - Ludmila Prokunina-olsson; Cullan Welch; Ola Hansson; Neeta Adhikari; Laura J. Scott; Nicolle Usher; Maurine Tong; Andrew Sprau; Amy Swift; Lori L. Bonnycastle; Michael R; Zhi He; Richa Saxena; Brennan Harmon; Olga Kotova; Eric P. Hoffman; David Altshuler; Leif Groop; Michael Boehnke; Francis S. Collins; Jennifer L. Hall
Common variants in the transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene have been identified as the strongest gen-etic risk factors for type 2 diabetes (T2D). However, the mechanisms by which these non-coding variants increase risk for T2D are not well-established. We used 13 expression assays to survey mRNA expression of multiple TCF7L2 splicing forms in up to 380 samples from eight types of human tissue (pancreas, pancrea-tic islets, colon, liver, monocytes, skeletal muscle, subcutaneous adipose tissue and lymphoblastoid cell lines) and observed a tissue-specific pattern of alternative splicing. We tested whether the expression of TCF7L2 splicing forms was associated with single...

35. Copyright © by the Southern Rural Sociological Association COCOA FARMING IN GHANA: EMIC EXPERIENCE, ETIC INTERPRETATION - Francis Danquah; Southern University; Stephen K. Miller
This paper develops the tension between emic and etic analysis, recounting the experience of life on a cocoa farm in Ghana, from the perspective of an urban youth with familial connections to the rural community. The dual perspective of living in the city along with frequent visits to and summer sojourns on the farm provided an “outsider’s ” perceptions of the rural culture. Yet even these dual emic perspectives were insufficient to bring recognition of the underlying economic realities of cocoa bean production that depended partly on migrant labor. That etic insight came later in the United Kingdom, when studying...

36. Analysis of antibodies against components of the autonomic nervous system in diabetes mellitus - C. R. Stroud; S. R. Heller; J D. Ward; C A Hardisty; A. P. Weetman
Antibodies to autonomic nervous system structures immunofluorescence, but of 14 IDDM patients with thyroid antibodies, 12 had autonomic nervoushave previously been detected using a complement fixation immunofluorescence test in the sera of system antibodies detected by either immunofluo-rescence or ELISA (p<0.005 compared to patientspatients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus without thyroid antibodies). To further characterize the autoantigen(s), immunoblotting was performed.(NIDDM). These antibodies might play a role in the aetiology of autonomic neuropathy. Sera from 45 An adrenal antigen corresponding to 74 kDa was detected in sera from three patients, only one ofIDDM, 40 NIDDM and...

Abstract--The chemical and mineralogical properties of six soils previously believed to be developed from coastal plain sediments were found to be significantly influenced by thin loess overlays and admixtures. The study included two profiles each of the Atwood, Lucedale and Savannah series. Atwood formed pri-marily in deep loess over coastal plain sediments, Lucedale showed definite loess influence to a depth of 10 in. and possible mixing to a greater depth, whereas the Savannah indicated the presence of slight loess to a depth of 20 in. Both the Atwood and Lucedale soils are well drained, whereas Savannah is moderately well drained...

38. Genetic characterization and relationships of traditional grape cultivars from Transcaucasia and Anatolia - Jose ́ F. Vouillamoz; Patrick E. Mcgovern; Ali Ergul; Giorgi Tevzadze; Carole P. Meredith; M. Stella Gr
We present here the first large-scale genetic characterization of grape cultivars from Transcau-casia and Anatolia. These regions where wild grapes still grow in nature have been cultivating wine and table grapes for thousands of years and are considered the cradles of viticulture. Using 12 nuclear microsatellite markers, we genotyped 116 accessions of traditional grape cul-tivars from Armenia, Georgia and Turkey and we detected 17 identical genotypes and six homonymy cases, mainly within each national germplasm. Neighbour-joining analysis of gen-etic distance showed that each germplasm could have multiple origins and although they are now separated, they might have some common ancestors....

39. A&M - Tern U
tant, affec etic pr bolic as obs pose 685 A eived heating the resulting core-shell nanoparticles. te Le 20.00A collection of nanoparticles with a nonmagnetic shell surround-ing a magnetic core have the potential to exhibit giant magnetore-sistance GMR, a dramatic change of resistance in an applied magnetic field, applicable to sensor materials. The required antifer-romagnetic coupling between magnetic particles, such as Co, can

40. Charles Ephrussi, Isaak Babel e Hermann Broch : três destinos emblemáticos do fracasso da 'educação estética-e-ética do homem' - Rosenfield, Kathrin Holzermayr Lerrer
Este artigo trata dos engodos da ideia schilleriana de educação estética entre 1900 e 1945, quando as tensões geradas pela crescente complexidade social e política torna evidente a incapacidade de cumprir as promessas de harmonização inerente à ideia de cultura humanística que remonta ao classicismo de Weimar e ao Romantismo. A ilusão e o fracasso desse ideal foram particularmente catastróficos para as comunidades, famílias e indivíduos judaicos que compreenderam esse ideal humanístico como uma garantia para a assimilação. Três personagens ilustram esse fracasso em contextos bem diversos (França, Rússia/União Soviética, Austria): o caso da família Ephrussi, de Isaak Babel e...

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