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  1. Ética(s) e educação social

    Vieira, Ricardo; Vieira, Ana Maria

  2. As percepções da qualidade de serviços: uma aplicação do método Servqual nas pousadas de Ouro Preto

    Ramos, Maria Damiana; Teixeira, Luiz Antônio Antunes; Vieira Filho, Nelson A. Quadros
    O setor de hospitalidade vem sendo alvo de constantes mudanças devido a crescente exigência dos clientes. A qualidade passou a ser um item relevante para o turista que, independente do motivo da viagem, espera da pousada em que se hospedará um bom nível de serviços. A cidade de Ouro Preto, pela sua importância histórico-cultural, cria no turista uma grande expectativa, em torno dos atrativos que serão encontrados. Cabe ao setor de hospedagem. buscar atender às necessidades básicas de seus clientes, apoiando-se no bom desempenho de sua equipe. A hospitalidade deve ser exercitada dentro dos mais elevados princípios éticos. Atualmente, as...


    Svenska Instituten; I Athen; Och Rom; Institutum Atheniense; Atque Institutum; Romanum Regni Sueciae
    Studying materials through a chaîne opératoire approach is common practice in studying craft activities. Whilst unravelling a chain of pro-duction can be very rewarding, many issues still arise: can all the steps be captured even when no material evidence is present, i.e. how can we approach production chains in the case of inconsistently or partially pre-served material in settlement contexts? How may the steps that we are able to observe be contextualized in order to inform us about intercon-nected activities? In our research project carried out at Tiryns, Greece, we map certain steps through the production and consumption journey of...

  4. Postgraduate Medical Journal (1987) 63, 1033-1036 Autonomic neuropathy in an alcoholic population

    Fiona Barter; Andrew R. Tanner
    Summary: Autonomic nervous system integrity has been assessed in 30 alcoholic subjects and 30 age-sex matched controls using five simple tests of cardiovascular responses. There was evidence of parasympathetic neuropathy alone in five of the alcoholic subjects (16%) and of combined parasympath-etic and sympathetic neuropathy in an additional six (20%). None ofthe controls showed any abnormality. Within the alcoholic group, those with autonomic neuropathy were older, were more likely to be female and to have established alcoholic liver disease. Symptoms were a poor guide to the presence or absence of autonomic neuropathy.

  5. in These Epigenetic Events

    Valentina Russo; Nicola Bernabò; Oriana Di Giacinto; Ra Martelli; Paolo Berardinelli; Valentina Curini; Delia Nardinocchi; Mauro Mattioli; Barbara Barboni
    Epigenetic modifications consist of reversible changes to DNA that are involved in the regulation of gene expression without affecting its primary DNA sequence. Major epigen-etic mechanisms include DNA methylation, covalent post-translational modifications of histone proteins, and RNA-mediated gene silencing (Vaissière et al. 2008). Alto-gether, these epigenetic mechanisms regulate physiological events and are also involved in the pathological ones, such as cancer (Jones and Baylin 2002). The development of adult organisms depends on several epigenetic reprogramming events. In fact, after fertilization, both parental genomes undergo global demethylation involving non-imprinted sequences to prepare the embryo, after the first divisions, to automatically use...

  6. Correspondence To

    the editor: HemaExplorer: a Web server for easy and fast visualization of gene expression in normal and malignant hematopoiesis The HemaExplorer Web server allows for an easy display of mRNA expression profiles for query genes in murine and human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells that represent consecutive developmental stages along the myeloid differentiation pathway. In addition, it provides the ability to compare gene expression levels in human acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells with expression levels in normal human hematopoietic stem cells and hematopoi-etic progenitor cells. The Web server is freely available at

  7. Cross-cultural differences in academic achievement: Beyond etic conceptions of children’s understanding

    Janìne Bempechat; Eleanor Drago-severson
    This article reviews theory and research on cross-national (Asian vs. American) differences in academic achievement, and shows that cur-rent research: (a) has made claims about achievement motivation with little regard for contemporary theory, and (b) has formed broad as-sumptions about the influence of culture, while paying cursory atten-tion to the cultural contexts of learning. These difficulties cast doubt on the validity of the accumulated findings, and their practical appli-cation in the classroom. We argue that researchers need to integrate the social cognitive approach to achievement motivation—with its fo-cus on beliefs about learning—with principles of cultural psychol-ogy—with their focus on culture...

  8. 1

    Enseñando Derecho Ético; Donald Nicolson
    qué, cómo y porqué. Teaching legal ethics: what, how and why

  9. NEOPLASIA Abundance of cyclin B1 regulates g-radiation–induced apoptosis

    Lisa A. Porter; Gurmit Singh; Jonathan M. Lee
    g-Radiation is a potent inducer of apopto-sis. There are multiple pathways regulat-ing DNA damage-induced apoptosis, and we set out to identify novel mechanisms regulating g-radiation–induced apoptosis in hematopoietic cells. In this report, we present data implicating the cyclin B1 protein as a regulator of apoptotic fate following DNA damage. Cyclin B1 is the regulatory subunit of the cdc2 serine/ threonine kinase, and accumulation of cyclin B1 in late G2 phase of the cell cycle is a prerequisite for mitotic initiation in mammalian cells. We find that abundance of the cyclin B1 protein rapidly increases in several mouse and human hematopoi-etic...

  10. Public Health Ethics: Towards a Research Agenda. Acta Bioethica

    Alison Thompson; Ann Robertson; Ross Upshur
    Abstract: Public health ethics, as distinct from clinical/medical bioethics, is an emerging field of study in academic settings. As part of a larger effort to address what the conceptual and content boundaries of this field are, or ought to be, a group at the University of Toronto hosted an international working symposium to discuss and outline a research agenda for public health ethics. The symposium, which took place in May 2002, was organized into four major areas of ethical concern central to public health: individual rights and the common good; risk and precaution; surveillance and regulation; and social justice and...

  11. IMMUNOBIOLOGY Altered intracellular and extracellular signaling leads to impaired T-cell functions in ADA-SCID patients

    Antonella Tabucchi; Claudio Bordignon; Maria Grazia Roncarolo; Ro Aiuti
    Mutations in the adenosine deaminase (ADA) gene are responsible for a form of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) caused by the lymphotoxic accu-mulation of ADA substrates, adenosine and 2-deoxy-adenosine. The molecular mechanisms underlying T-cell dysfunc-tion in humans remain to be elucidated. Here, we show that CD4 T cells from ADA-SCID patients have severely compro-mised TCR/CD28-driven proliferation and cytokine production, both at the transcrip-tional and protein levels. Such an impair-ment is associated with an intrinsically reduced ZAP-70 phosphorylation, Ca2 flux, and ERK1/2 signaling and to defec-tive transcriptional events linked to CREB and NF-B. Moreover, exposure to 2-deoxy-adenosine results in a stronger inhibition...

  12. HEMATOPOIESIS The ETS family transcription factor PU.1 is necessary for the maintenance of fetal liver hematopoietic stem cells

    Hyung-gyoon Kim; Cristina G. De Guzman; C. Scott Swindle; Claudiu V. Cotta; Larry Gartl; Edward W. Scott; Christopher A. Klug
    PU.1 is a member of the ETS family of transcription factors and is required for the development of multiple hematopoi-etic lineages. PU.1/mice die from hema-topoietic failure at about embryonic day 18.5 (e18.5) and show a complete ab-sence of B cells, mature T cells, and macrophages. This phenotype suggests that PU.1 may function at the level of the hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) or a multi-lineage progenitor. To investigate the role of PU.1 in the regulation of HSCs, PU.1/ embryos were analyzed at various stages of embryonic development. The absolute number and frequency of HSCs were de-termined by flow cytometric analysis of...

  13. TRANSPLANTATION Impact of donor CMV status on viral infection and reconstitution of multifunction

    specific CD8 T cells is essential to the control of CMV infection in CMV-positive recipients (R) after allogeneic hematopoi-etic stem cell transplantation (HCT). Six-color flow cytometry was used to assess the functional profile of CMV-specific CD8 T cells in 62 of 178 R HCT recipi-ents followed virologically for CMV reacti-vation. R recipients receiving grafts from CMV-negative donors (D; D/R) recon-stituted fewer multifunctional CD8T cells expressing tumor necrosis factor- (TNF-), macrophage inflammatory protein-1 (MIP-1), and CD107 in addition to inter-feron- (IFN-), compared with D/R re-cipients. Unlike monofunctional CD8 T cells secreting IFN-, which were abun-dantly generated during CMV reactivation in D/R...

  14. Fair Play, vol.2 n.2, 2014 The Aesthetic Experience of the Combat Athletes in

    Revista De Filosofía; Ética Y Derecho Del Deporte; Rebeca Cardozo Coelho; Lev Kreft
    The research on the aesthetic experience may be focused both on the athlete's perspective and on the observer’s. Although some studies have already emphasized the importance of sportsman’s aesthetic experience, it is exactly in this domain that large gaps in the literature can be perceived. The aim of this study is to understand the aesthetic experience lived by Taekwondo Portuguese National Team athletes, in the combat practice. The research of qualitative nature, with a phenomenological approach, has an exploratory and a descriptive character. The speech of fourteen athletes was collected in semi-structured interviews, and the information was treated from a...

  15. Atravesamientos ético-legales en el ejercicio de la profesión del psicólogo inserto en el ámbito de lo forense

    Urios, Romina
    Al presentar las diferentes áreas temáticas y ámbitos de inserción laboral del psicólogo en lo forense, nos encontramos con que las diferentes instituciones y espacios en los que se puede trabajar, están atravesados por normativas específicas que regulan el quehacer de los sujetos implicados por esa normativa. Para el psicólogo que trabaja en lo forense, resulta fundamental conocer las leyes y poder vislumbrar en su texto, aquellos puntos que resultan centrales a la hora de pensar en las posibles intervenciones. Es por esto que en este escrito, se tomarán algunos conceptos centrales que atraviesan las leyes que utilizamos en la asignatura–que están...

  16. Dynamic Article LinksC<CrystEngComm

    sm an ica sen T le N s fo DT dra cre ona ual ani tha Magnetic measurement of hexangular FeWO4 microcrystals showed a small ferromagnetic ordering at erarchical architectures are of me intensive research topics. rtant properties and potential ous fields,9–13 such as photo-ions, optical fibers, scintillator etic properties, and catalysts. een synthesized by previous al solid-state route,14 the spray ski method.16 These need high-ditions. Therefore,many recent veloping facile methods for the ngstates to improve the perfor-mance of potential applications. For example, Yu et al. prepared

  17. Linezolid vs Daptomycin for Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci: The Evidence Gap Between Trials and Clinical Experience

    James A. Mckinnell; Cesar A. Arias
    Bloodstream infections due to vancomycin-resistant enterococcal species (VRE-BSI) can be a lethal complication for hospital-ized patients. VRE-BSI principally affects vulnerable patient populations, including complex postsurgical and internal medi-cine patients withmultiple comorbid con-ditions [1–6]. VRE-BSI has particularly high attributable mortality in hematopoi-etic stem cell transplant recipients, liver transplant recipients, oncology patients, and other critically ill hospitalized popu-lations [5–13]. Despite the high human and economic burden of VRE-BSI, the optimal treatment

  18. o o,. 'm. UNCLASSIFIED

    Apr J Perez; R G Berggreen Dacw--c; El Eeeeeeeiien; Eheeeih Eieeeeeeeeeiiee; St. Louis District L; Repot Dcumntaton; Ageread Instructions
    '"Original contains color plates: All eTIC reproduoV& ions will be in bla4k whiteo

  19. VASCULAR BIOLOGY Etv2/ER71 induces vascular mesoderm from Flk1PDGFR primitive mesoderm

    Martin Lars Jakt; Hiroshi Tarui; Shin-ichi Nishikawa
    Etv2 (Ets Variant 2) has been shown to be an indispensable gene for the develop-ment of hematopoietic cells (HPCs)/endo-thelial cells (ECs). However, how Etv2 specifies the mesoderm-generating HPCs/ ECs remains incompletely understood. In embryonic stem cell (ESC) differentiation culture and Etv2-null embryos, we show that Etv2 is dispensable for generating primitive Flk-1/PDGFR mesoderm but is required for the progression of Flk-1/ PDGFR cells into vascular/hematopoi-etic mesoderm. Etv2-null ESCs and em-bryonic cells were arrested as Flk-1/ PDGFR and failed to generate Flk-1/ PDGFR mesoderm. Flk-1/Etv2 early embryonic cells showed significantly higher hemato-endothelial potential than the Flk-1/Etv2 population, suggesting that Etv2 specifies...

  20. Alternativas de implementación de comunicaciones TCP/IP/ETHERNET en SoPCs

    Ortíz Cuadrado, Alberto
    La elaboración del presente Trabajo Fin de Grado busca acercar el mundo de las comunicaciones e Internet al mundo de la lógica reprogramable, estructurando y estableciendo procedimientos detallados para diseñar sistemas de comunicaciones Ethernet con TCP/IP en diferentes sistemas implementados en FPGAs. Éste es un mundo que ha experimentado uno de los mayores crecimientos en los últimos 30 años. La principal meta que se pretende alcanzar en este TFG consiste en la comprobación de la portabilidad de aplicaciones de comunicación entre distintos dispositivos denominados SoPCs, basados todos en FPGAs. Este trabajo, desarrollado en el Centro de Electrónica Industiral (CEI) de...

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