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  1. www.reumato logiac l in Editorial Medical Ethics, Research and the Pharmaceutical Industry Ética médica, investigación y la industria farmacéutica

    Carlos Abud-mendoza
    The relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and physicians is evermore complex and has called attention on both sides. It is evident that, for many, medical ethics, both in dealings and empathy with patients as with the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the government, which in their current state are undesirable. Therefore, there is an urgent need for guidelines that define the noblest path in order to reach an outcome that benefits the patient. This might be achieved through adequate attitudes and agreement on the part of physicians, by knowing, adapting, and counting with eco-nomic requirements for health expectations, with...

  2. Applications of alignment-free methods in epigenomics

    Luca Pinello; Giosue Lo Bosco
    Epigenetic mechanisms play an important role in the regulation of cell type-specific gene activities, yet how epigen-etic patterns are established and maintained remains poorly understood. Recent studies have supported a role of DNA sequences in recruitment of epigenetic regulators. Alignment-free methods have been applied to identify distinct sequence features that are associated with epigenetic patterns and to predict epigenomic profiles. Here, we review recent advances in such applications, including the methods to map DNA sequence to feature space, sequence comparison and prediction models. Computational studies using these methods have provided important insights into the epigenetic regulatory mechanisms.

  3. Summary

    G. N. Stone; P. G. Willmer
    1. We assess the importance of body mass and the minimum ambient temperature at which foraging occurs in determining the warm-up rates and thoracic temperatures in flight at an air temperature of 22 °C of 55 species of bee (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) from six families adapted to a variety of thermal environments. 2. To control for the effects of taxonomic differences in the relationships between these variables, we use multiple regression incorporated in the phylogen-etic regression method developed by Grafen (1989). 3. The prediction made by May (1976) that for very small heterotherms warm-up rate will correlate positively with body mass...

  4. La felicidad según Max Scheler Happiness according to Max Scheler

    Revista Cuatrimestral; Del Departamento; De Filosofía; Facultad De; Filosofía Y Letras; De La; Universidad De Navarra; Agustín Serrano De Haro
    El amor como motivo ético en la fenomenología de Edmund Husserl Love as an ethical motive in the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl Pilar Fernández Beites 33-67 Razón afectiva y valores: más allá del subjetivismo y el objetivismo Affective reason and values: beyond subjectivism and objectivism Leonardo Rodríguez Duplá 69-96 La esencia y las formas del amor según Max Scheler The essence and the forms of love according to Max Scheler Sergio Sánchez-Migallón 97-120

  5. La filosofía de Sophie de Grouchy: gnoseología, ética, política y feminismo

    Hurtado Simó, Ricardo

  6. We Gather Together’: The Consumption Rituals of Thanksgiving Day

    Melanie Wallendorf; Eric J. Arnould
    Thanksgiving Day is a collective ritual that celebrates material abundance enacted through feasting. Thanksgiving Day both marks and proves to participants their ability to meet basic needs abundantly through consumption. So certain is material plenty for most U.S. citizens that this annual celebration is taken for granted by participants. Not just a moment of bounty but a culture of enduring abundance is celebrated. This article draws on ten data sets compiled over a five-year period. We interpret the consumption rituals of Thanksgiving Day as a discourse among consumers about the categories and principles that underlie American consumer culture. That is,...

  7. Academic cheating and gender differences in Barcelona (Spain) Conducta deshonesta en el aula y diferencias de género en Barcelona (España)

    Mercè Clariana; Mar Badia; Ramon Cladellas; Concepción Gotzens
    El presente estudio expone las características de la conducta deshonesta en el aula, describe sus causas y examina las nefastas consecuencias que tiene para el aprendizaje. Con el fin de analizar el estado de la cuestión en nuestro país, se ha hecho una entrevista psicoeducativa y se ha aplicado un cuestionario a un total de 306 alumnos de último curso de bachillerato, último curso de universidad y último curso de Psicología en Barcelona (España). Se ha comprobado que, igual cómo ocurre en otros países, más de la mitad de los estudiantes reconocen tener el hábito de copiar, y también que...

  8. Editor in Chief: Piero Mella

    Convegno Aidea Giovani; Economia Aziendale Web; Marco Bisogno; Francesca Citro; Convegno Aidea Giovani; Marco Bisogno; Francesca Citro
    La banca etica: il modello VA.R.I.

  9. 1 RN, Bioethics expert. President of

    Juan Carlos Delgado-antolín; Sociedad Madrileña; Ética Enfermera
    essay Integrating values in the care giving activity from the professional point of view

  10. TransFind—predicting transcriptional regulators for gene sets

    Szymon M. Kiełbasa; Holger Klein; Helge G. Roider; Martin Vingron
    The analysis of putative transcription factor binding sites in promoter regions of coregulated genes allows to infer the transcription factors that underlie observed changes in gene expression. While such analyses constitute a central component of the in-silico characterization of transcriptional regulatory networks, there is still a lack of simple-to-use web servers able to combine state-of-the-art prediction methods with phylogen-etic analysis and appropriate multiple testing cor-rected statistics, which returns the results within a short time. Having these aims in mind we de-veloped TransFind, which is freely available at

  11. Idiopathic CD4 T lymphopenia without autoimmunity or granulomatous disease

    Kees C
    A girl presented during childhood with a single course of extensive chickenpox and moderate albeit recurrent pneumonia in the presence of idiopathic CD4 T lymphocytopenia (ICL). Her clinical con-dition remained stable over the past 10 years without infections, any granulo-matous disease, or autoimmunity. Immu-nophenotyping demonstrated strongly re-duced naive T and B cells with intact proliferative capacity. Antibody reactivity on in vivo immunizations was normal. T-cell receptor-V repertoire was poly-clonal with a very low content of T-cell receptor excision circles (TRECs). Kappa-deleting recombination excision circles (KRECs) were also abnormal in the B cells. Both reflect extensive in vivo prolifera-tion. Patient-derived CD34...

  12. Curso: Las virtudes del sabio estoico

    Zamora Calvo, José María
    La tesis de la implicación recíproca de las virtudes constituye un axioma central que vertebra la ética estoica. En un primer momento, parece dar cuenta del carácter inseparable de las virtudes, lo que permite explicar cómo el sabio puede llamarse con pleno derecho virtuoso en todos sus actos, aunque estos parezcan estar delimitados en cada ocasión por una virtud particular - prudencia, moderación, valentía o justicia-. Ahora bien, si partimos de la arquitectura sistemática de la filosofía estoica, la teoría de la implicación recíproca de las virtudes presenta múltiples ramificaciones. En este encuentro trataremos de analizar, mediante la selección de...

  13. Filosofia do Esporte

    No Dimensão Olímpica do dia 20 de agosto, conversamos com o professor Luiz Carlos Bombassaro, da Faculdade de Educação da UFRGS. Ele falou sobre os aspectos filosóficos do esporte, os valores e as questões éticas do olimpismo e a importância do esporte como uma ferramenta para a integração entre os povos.

  14. Los desafios éticos, jurídicos y societales de ciberespacio

    Congress Centre; Principality Of Monaco; Segundo Congreso Internacional
    Informe Final y Actas The ideas and opinions expressed in this document are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UNESCO. Les idées et les opinions exprimées dans ce document sont celles de l’auteur et ne reflètent pas nécessairement les vues de l’UNESCO. Las ideas y opiniones expresadas en este documento son las de los autores y no reflejan necesariamente el punto de vista de la UNESCO. CII-98/CONF.401/CLD.4

  15. Type I Interferons Promote Severe Disease in a Mouse Model of Lethal Ehrlichiosis

    Humanmonocytic ehrlichiosis (HME) is caused by a tick-borne obligate intracellular pathogen of the order Rickettsiales. HME disease can range frommild to a fatal, toxic shock-like syndrome, yet the mechanisms regulating pathogenesis are not well un-derstood.We define a central role for type I interferons (alpha interferon [IFN-] and IFN-) in severe disease in a mouse model of fatal ehrlichiosis caused by Ixodes ovatus Ehrlichia (IOE). IFN- and IFN-were induced by IOE infection but not in re-sponse to a less virulent strain, Ehrlichia muris. The major sources of type I IFNs during IOE infection were plasmacytoid den-dritic cells andmonocytes. Mice lacking the...

  16. Research Article Targeted gene therapy and cell reprogramming in

    Fanconi Anemia; Yaima Torres; Juan P Trujillo; Rodolfo Murillas; Jose C Segovia; Enrique Samper; Jordi Surralles; Philip D Gregory; Michael C Holmes; Luigi Naldini; Juan A Bueren
    Gene targeting is progressively becoming a realistic therapeutic alternative in clinics. It is unknown, however, whether this tech-nology will be suitable for the treatment of DNA repair deficiency syndromes such as Fanconi anemia (FA), with defects in homology-directed DNA repair. In this study, we used zinc finger nucleases and integrase-defective lentiviral vectors to demonstrate for the first time that FANCA can be efficiently and specifically targeted into the AAVS1 safe harbor locus in fibroblasts from FA-A patients. Strikingly, up to 40 % of FA fibroblasts showed gene targeting 42 days after gene editing. Given the low number of hematopoi-etic precursors...

  17. Quartet inference from SNP data under the coalescent model

    Julia Chifman; Laura Kubatko
    Motivation: Increasing attention has been devoted to estimation of species-level phylogenetic relationships under the coalescent model. However, existing methods either use summary statistics (gene trees) to carry out estimation, ignoring an important source of variability in the estimates, or involve computationally intensive Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms that do not scale well to whole-genome datasets. Results: We develop a method to infer relationships among quartets of taxa under the coalescent model using techniques from algebraic statistics. Uncertainty in the estimated relationships is quantified using the nonparametric bootstrap. The performance of our method is as-sessed with simulated data. We then...

  18. The Ballistocardiogram in Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus

    E. Rakel; Thomas G. Skillman; John R. Braunstein; Me F Situdy
    Bacllisto(caidiogiraphi ( studies were made in 41 patients; with diabetes since childhood. A high incidence of abnormalities was observed. The possible diagnostic anird prognostic implications are discussed. IIE high incidence of arteriosclerosis in juveneile dial)etes is. well known. White recently reported that 88 per cent of her lar(ge series of 1072 cases had evideiice of cal-cified arteries after 29 years of diabetes.i It is evident that todav vaseular disease is the iost importallt pathologic complication of the younog dial)etic, and that coroniary athero-sclerosislplays a signtificant part in this pie-ture. The purpose of this; rel)ort is to describe the ballistocardiogralplic abnormalities...

  19. Perspective Donor cell leukemia: insight into cancer stem cells and the stem cell niche

    Catherine M. Flynn; Dan S. Kaufman
    Donor cell leukemia (DCL) is a rare compli-cation of hematopoietic cell transplanta-tion (HCT). Its incidence has been re-ported between 0.12 % and 5%, although the majority of cases are anecdotal. The mechanisms of leukemogenesis in DCL may be distinct from other types of leuke-mia. Possible causes of DCL include on-cogenic alteration or premature aging of transplanted donor cells in an immuno-suppressed person. Although many stud-ies have recently better characterized leu-kemic stem cells, it is important to also consider that both intrinsic cell factors and external signals from the hematopoi-etic microenvironment govern the devel-opmental fate of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). Therefore,...


    Edvaldo Luiz; Ramalli Jr. I; Wanli Hoi; Mônica Alvesii; Eduardo Melani Rochaiii
    Progress in animal experimentation ethics. A case study from a brazilian medical school and from the international medical literature1 Progresso na ética em experimentação animal. O estudo de caso de uma escola médica brasileira e da literatura médica internacional

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