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1. (�) Consensus on biomarkers for neuroendocrine tumour disease. - Oberg, K; Modlin, IM; De Herder, W; Pavel, M; Klimstra, D; Frilling, A; Metz, DC; Heaney, A; Kwekkeboom, D; Strosberg, J; Meyer, T; Moss, SF; Washington, K; Wolin, E; Liu, E; Goldenring, J
meeting of multidisciplinary experts in neuroendocrine tumours assessed the use of current ... fulfilled these criteria and there is insufficient information to support the clinical use of miRNA or
- 02-may-2016

2. (�) Dimensions of parental alcohol use/problems and offspring temperament, externalizing behaviors, and alcohol use/problems. - Kendler, KS; Gardner, CO; Edwards, A; Hickman, M; Heron, J; Macleod, J; Lewis, G; Dick, DM
BACKGROUND: Alcohol consumption (AC) and alcohol problems (AP) are complex traits. How many factors ...
- 02-may-2016

3. (�) The Prevalence of Tobacco, Hubble-Bubble, Alcoholic Drinks, Drugs, and Stimulants among High-School Students - Roghayeh Alaee; Parvin Kadivar; Shahram Mohammadkhani; Gholamreza Sarami; Sara Alaee
Introduction: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of tobacco, hubble- ...
- 01-may-2016

4. (�) The Prevalence of Substance Use among Bandar Abas Azad Islamic University Students - Hamid Mardani; Aliakbar Sheikhi; Javad Kavosian
substance use (included: opium, alcohol, cigarette, Hubble bubble) among Bandar Abas azad Islamic ... stratified random sampling. For gathering data the prevalence substance use questionnaire was used. Results
- 01-may-2016

5. (�) The relationship between individual and family religiosity with substance abuse - Sepideh Makarem; Zahra Zanjani
the role of people beliefs about the causes of substance use/ non-use in this area, the relationship ... substance use was explored. Method: Study sample included 270 students (128 females and 142 males) from the
- 01-may-2016

6. (�) Structural Model of Drug Use among Students: The Role of Spirituality, Social Modeling and Attitude to Drugs - samira yavari; robabe nuri; hamid reza hasan Abadi
, spiritual well-being, and incentives for drug use. Similarly, the effect of religious struggle on cigarette ... use, particularly cigarette and tobacco that are considered as the gateway to other drugs.
- 01-may-2016

7. (�) On the Relationship of Attitudes towards Substance Abuse with Irrational Beliefs and Academic Procrastination - abolghasem yaghoobi; hossain mohagheghi; ladan amiri; keivan sfandiari
Academic Procrastination (1984) and Rahmati’s Attitude to Drug Use (2001). Results: The results ... towards drug use. In addition, regression analysis showed that irrational beliefs and academic
- 01-may-2016

8. (�) International Direct Real Estate Risk Premium in a Multi-Factor Estimation Model - Addae-Dapaah, K
We estimate international risk premiums for North and South Asia and US direct real estate by using ... the risk premiums for North and South Asia are higher than that for the US. Finally, our results show
- 30-abr-2016

9. (�) Hydroelectric Dams: The First Responses from Giant Otters to a Changing Environment - Analice Maria Calaça; Odair José Faedo; Fabiano Rodrigues De Melo
The construction of hydroelectric dams has been cited as one of the threats faced by giant otter pop ...
- 30-abr-2016

10. (�) Culture as a Resource in Nation-Building. The Case of Macedonia - Slaveski, Stojan; Popovska, Biljana
Together with history, culture represents one of the most basic aspects of the fabric of everyday life. It gives us a sense of identity and tells us who we are, where we come from and where we are
- 30-abr-2016

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