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1. (�) Uses and Trade - Stefan Bogdanov; William Shakespeare
The honeybags steal from the humble-bees And for wax tappers crop their waxen thighs And light them ...
(application/pdf) - 01-feb-2015

2. (�) Therapeutic Community in a California Prison Treatment Outcomes After 5 Years - Sheldon X. Zhang; Robert E. L. Roberts; Kathryn E. Mccollister
Therapeutic communities have become increasingly popular among correctional agencies with drug-invol ...
(application/pdf) - 01-feb-2015

3. (�) use in New Zealand households - A Pollard Bsc(hons; B James Msc(eng
Multi-disciplinary investigation of energy
(application/pdf) - 01-feb-2015

Abstract. We here present rudiments of an approach to geometric actions in noncommutative algebraic ...
(application/pdf) - 01-feb-2015

5. (�) - André De Palma; Kiarash Motamedi; Nathalie Picard; Paul Waddell
A model of residential location choice with endogenous housing prices and traffic for the Paris regi ...
(application/pdf) - 01-feb-2015

6. (�) APPLIED ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 6(4): 61-68. - C. Subramanian; C. Ramesh; Kumar M. C. Sathyanarayana
category. Use of litter cover categories was (67%) in <40 % and the use of litter depth was in <4 cm
(application/pdf) - 01-feb-2015

7. (�) 171 © 2008, Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments An analysis of reporting pain and distress recognition and alleviation in scientific journal publications - Leah M. Gomez; Kathleen M. Conlee
reporting requirements and animal use policies influence this reporting. Two randomly selected articles involving animal use that potentially caused pain and / or distress were chosen from recent
(application/pdf) - 31-ene-2015

8. (�) cover change and economic development in the Florida Everglades - Robert Walker
Urban sprawl and natural areas encroachment: linking land
(application/pdf) - 31-ene-2015

9. (�) Evaluation of two years ofmass chemotherapy against ascariasis in Hamadan, Islamic Republic of Iran - Mohammad Fallah; Akbar Mirarab; Farzad Jamalian; Ahmad Ghaderi
Objective To evaluate the mass treatment of ascariasis in rural areas of Hamadan Province, Islamic R ...
(application/pdf) - 31-ene-2015

10. (�) Editor The Natural Language of Interactive Systems - R. L. Ashenhurst; Henry Ledgard; John A. Whiteside; Andrew Singer; William Seymour
The work reported here stems from our deep belief that improved human engineering can add significantly to the acceptance and use of computer technology. In particular, this report describes an
(application/pdf) - 31-ene-2015

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