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1. (�) Religious Groups as Interest Groups: The United States Catholic Bishops in the Welfare Reform Debate of 1995–1996 and the Health Care Reform Debate of 2009–20101 - Anne Marie Cammisa; Paul Christopher Manuel
interest groups? What tactics do they use? How successful are they? Under what conditions is success or
- 06-feb-2016

2. (�) A survey of computer use in Scottish primary care: general practitioners are no longer technophobic but other primary care staff need better computer access - Libby Morris; Jo Dumville; Malcolm Campbell; Frank Sullivan
Objective To describe the use of computing systems by primary care staff in ... A survey of computer use in Scottish general practices was carried out by the Scottish
- 05-feb-2016

3. (�) Barriers to ambulatory EHR: who are 'imminent adopters' and how do they differ from other physicians? - Nir Menachemi
Objective Despite existing knowledge regarding electronic health record (EHR) barri ...
- 05-feb-2016

4. (�) Identification of high-quality consultation practice in primary care: the effects of computer use on doctor–patient rapport - Nick Booth; Paul Robinson; Judy Kohannejad
If the practitioner uses a clinical computer during consultation with the patient there may be ... multitask at this level. Clinicians can use specific communication skills to manage the consultation
- 05-feb-2016

5. (�) Knowledge creation as an approach to facilitating evidence informed practice: Examining ways to measure the success of using this method with early years practitioners in Camden (London) - Brown, C; Rogers, S
This paper has three key aims. First it examines the authors’ attempts to use knowledge creation ... approached the idea of measuring evidence use and our engagement with two separate measurement scales
- 04-feb-2016

6. (�) Basic measurements of radiation at station Langley Research Center (2016-01) - Denn, Fred M
(text/tab-separated-values, 312436 data points) - 05-feb-2016

7. (�) PHYLA NODIFLORA (VERBENACEAE): A REVIEW - Bashir Ahmad Chaudhary; Mehreen Jabeen; Umair Jillani; Muhammad Uzair

Phyla nodiflora (Verbenaceae) has been used in folk medicine f ...
- 04-feb-2016

8. (�) The Kansas case of K.M.H.
US law concerning the legal status of known sperm donors
- Nancy G. Maxwell
) within the context of an increasing body of US case law that addresses the legal status of known sperm ... article begins with an explanation of US parentage law and then reviews and synthesizes the cases
- 03-feb-2016

9. (�) Model for determining the load or carrying capacity of rivers and riverbanks for recreational use - Otero, I.; Ezquerra, A.; Navarra, M.; Sendra, P.
demand for recreational use. This methodology will help planners and legislators in their decision-making. We also propose a methodology for assessing the recreational use of riverbanks, tested in
- 03-feb-2016

10. (�) A Study on Pattern of Alcohol Use using AUDIT among the College Students in a Medical College of North India - Varsha Chaudhary, Rashmi Katyal, Shailendra Pratap Singh, Hari Shankar Joshi, Deepak Upadhyay, Arun Singh
use by medical students poses risks to them and can also have serious consequences on their ... prevalence of alcohol use among the undergraduates of Rohilkhand Medical College , Bareilly and the
- 03-feb-2016

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