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1. (�) - Roquis, David
- 05-may-2016

2. (�) Regulation of Microtubule Dynamics in Axon Regeneration: Insights from C. elegans [version 1; referees: 3 approved] - Ngang Heok Tang; Andrew D. Chisholm
The capacity of an axon to regenerate is regulated by its external environment and by cell-intrinsic ...
- 05-may-2016

3. (�) Dense genomic sampling identifies highways of pneumococcal recombination - Chewapreecha, C; Harris, SR; Croucher, NJ; Turner, C; Marttinen, P; Cheng, L; Pessia, A; Aanensen, DM; Mather, AE; Page, AJ; Salter, SJ; Harris, D; Nosten, F; Goldblatt, D; Corander, J; Parkhill, J; Turner, P; Bentley, SD
Evasion of clinical interventions by Streptococcus pneumoniae occurs through selection of non-suscep ...
- 04-may-2016

4. (�) - Lhuillier-Akakpo, Maoussi
- 04-may-2016

5. (�) Invasion genetics of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas in the British Isles inferred from microsatellite and mitochondrial markers - Lallias, Delphine; Boudry, Pierre; Batista, Frederico; Beaumont, Andy; King, Jonathan W.; Turner, John R.; Lapegue, Sylvie
The Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, native to northeast Asia, is one of the most important cultur ...
(application/pdf) - 03-may-2016

6. (�) Effects of Air Pollution and Blood Mitochondrial DNA Methylation on Markers of Heart Rate Variability - Byun, Hyang‐Min; Colicino, Elena; Trevisi, Letizia; Fan, Tianteng; Christiani, David C.; Baccarelli, Andrea A.
Background: The mitochondrion is the primary target of oxidative stress in response to exogenous env ...
- 03-may-2016

7. (�) Recent advances in the genetics of testicular failure - Seung-Hun Song; Koji Chiba; Ranjith Ramasamy; Dolores J Lamb
. In this review, we focus on the genetics of testicular failure and provide an update on the advances in the study of genetics of male infertility.
- 03-may-2016

8. (�) University Students’ Reflections on Representations in Genetics and Stereochemistry Revealed by a Focus Group Approach - Inger Edfors; Susanne Wikman; Brita Johansson Cederblad; Cedric Linder

Genetics and organic chemistry are areas of science that students regard as difficult to learn ... representations in introductory chemistry and genetics courses. Our analysis of eight focus group
- 03-may-2016

9. (�) Sex-Specific Effects of Adiponectin on Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and Incident Cardiovascular Disease. - Persson, J; Strawbridge, RJ; McLeod, O; Gertow, K; Silveira, A; Baldassarre, D; Van Zuydam, N; Shah, S; Fava, C; Gustafsson, S; Veglia, F; Sennblad, B; Larsson, M; Sabater-Lleal, M; Leander, K; Gigante, B; Tabak, A; Kivimaki, M; Kauhanen, J; Rauramaa, R; Smit, AJ; Mannarino, E; Giral, P; Humphries, SE; Tremoli, E; de Faire, U; Lind, L; Ingelsson, E; Hedblad, B; Melander, O; Kumari, M; Hingorani, A; Morris, AD; Palmer, CN; Lundman, P; Öhrvik, J; Söderberg, S; Hamsten, A; IMPROVE Study Group,
BACKGROUND: Plasma adiponectin levels have previously been inversely associated with carotid intima- ...
- 02-may-2016

10. (�) Dissecting quantitative traits in mice. - Mott, R; Flint, J
efficient to test candidate genes and variants, these advances significantly enhance the mouse genetics
- 02-may-2016

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