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1. (�) Observation of manganese nodules and crusts in the Blake Plateau area - Hawkins, L K
Visual observations of manganese deposits on the Blake plateau from a manned submersible indicate th ...
(text/tab-separated-values, 16 data points) - 28-nov-2015

2. (�) Statistical Analysis for Performance Evaluation of Image Segmentation Quality Using Edge Detection Algorithms - T. Venkat Narayana Rao; Dr. A. Govardhan; Syed Jahangir Badashah
Edge detection is the most important feature of image processing for object detection, it is ... infer images. Segmentation is central to the successful extraction of image features and their ensuing
- 28-nov-2015

3. (�) Wavelet based Non LSB Steganography - H S Manjunatha Reddy; K B Raja
messages hidden in a host data are digital image, video or audio files, etc, and then transmitted ... cover image is segmented into 4*4 cells and DWT/IWT is applied on each cell. The 2*2 cell of HH band
- 28-nov-2015

4. (�) A Robust Method for Image Watermarking Using Block Differencing LSB Substitution - Sandeep Kumar; Kulbhushan Singla
selects the best block of image for watermark embedding by comparing luminance value of colored image ... require the original image as in the case of many digital watermarking methods. The experimental
- 28-nov-2015

5. (�) Selfie sebagai Perangkat Citra Diri Masyarakat Urban - Kusrini -

Selfie as a Tool of Urban Society’s Self Image. Selfie is one of the phenomena that iseasily found ... directed to theformation of self-image. The photographs uploaded are used to form a positive or
- 28-nov-2015

6. (�) Citra Budaya Melalui Kajian Historis dan Identitas : Perubahan Budaya Pariwisata Bali Melalui Karya Seni Lukis - Willy Himawan
Culture Image Trough Historical and Identity Study: Change of BaliTourism Culture By Means of Paintings ... society and the modern culture broughtby tourism drag one another. The image of tourism stereotype becomes
- 28-nov-2015

7. (�) Analysis of an EMST-based path for 3D meshes - Itier, Vincent; Tournier, Nicolas; Puech, William; Subsol, Gérard; Pedeboy, Jean-Pierre
International audience
- 27-nov-2015

8. (�) 3D extraction of the relief of road surface through image analysis - KHOUDEIR, Majdi; Bringier, Benjamin
International audience
- 27-nov-2015

9. (�) New Image Watermarking scheme for Information Security - V. Lokeswara Reddy; P. Asif Ahamad; P. Salman Khan; P. Vivekananda
hide information, for example numbers or text, in digital media, such as images, video or audio. The ... permanently marked. In this new image watermarking scheme the embedding process is done by using Bit
- 27-nov-2015

10. (�) Automated CAD for Nodule Detection for Magnetic Resonance Image Contrast Enhancement - K.R.Ananth; Dr. S.Pannerselvam
Contrast is a measure of the variation in intensity or gray value in a specified region of an image. In all applications concerning image acquisition, followed by processing of images, successful pre
- 27-nov-2015

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