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  1. (�)

    Fedotenkova, Mariia

  2. Object Removal in Panoramic Media (�)

    MacQuarrie, A; Steed, A
    popular image and video format. While the capture of panoramic media is well understood, editing still poses many challenges. In this paper we explore object removal in 360° images. First, a method is
    (text) 27-may-2017

  3. Classify-normalize-classify : a novel data-driven framework for classifying forest pixels in remote sensing images (�)

    Souza, César Salgado Vieira de
    of image data, often collected by orbital remote sensing platforms. However, variations in the ... built from several images. This work introduces a novel supervised classification framework, called
    (application/pdf) 26-may-2017

  4. Slic-Seg: Slice-by-slice Segmentation Propagation of the Placenta in Fetal MRI using One-plane Scribbles and Online Learning (�)

    Wang, G; Zuluaga, MA; Pratt, R; Aertsen, M; David, AL; Deprest, J; Vercauteren, T; Ourselin, S
    Segmentation of the placenta from fetal MRI is critical for planning of fetal surgical procedures. Unfortunately, it is made difficult by poor image quality due to sparse acquisition, inter-slice
    (text) 27-may-2017

  5. Fuzzy Cognitive Map for Visual Servoing of Flying Robot (�)

    Amirkhani, Abdollah; Shirzadeh, Masoud; Papageorgiou, Elpiniki; Mosavi, Mohammad R.
    This study aims to use the image-based visual servoing (IBVS) method for smart control of a flying ... vision-based systems. In this article, it is assumed that image characteristics lie within the field
    (6; application/pdf) 24-may-2017

  6. Interface cerveau-machine hybride pour pallier le handicap moteur (�)

    François, Cabestaing; Alban, Duprès; José, Rouillard
    National audience

  7. Comparisons of discrete and continuous propagators for the modelling of low tropospheric propagation (�)

    Zhou, Hang; Chabory, Alexandre; Douvenot, Rémi
    International audience

  8. Probabilistic VOR error due to several scatterers — Application to wind farms (�)

    Douvenot, Rémi; Claudepierre, Ludovic; Chabory, Alexandre; Morlaas, Christophe
    International audience

  9. Modeling the impact of solar parks on VHF aeronautical communications (�)

    Galiègue, Hélène; Chabory, Alexandre
    International audience

  10. (�)

    Benarab, Djamel-Eddine

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