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to analyse a load cell machined with an optimized notch profile using the digital image correlation
- 01-ago-2014

2. (�) Applications of GRID in clinical neurophysiology and Electrical Impedance Tomography of brain function. - Fritschy, J; Horesh, L; Holder, D; Bayford, R
epilepsy using wavelets and the computationally demanding task of non-linear image reconstruction ... be restarted. Future work will be to use these methods in non-linear EIT image reconstruction of
- 31-jul-2014

3. (�) Measurement of electrical current density distribution in a simple head phantom with magnetic resonance imaging. - Gamba, HR; Bayford, R; Holder, D
and brain) and a ring made of dental grade plaster of Paris (to simulate the human skull). Images of ... produced using a magnetic resonance imaging technique. These images indicate that the skull is likely
- 31-jul-2014

4. (�) Frequency-difference EIT (fdEIT) using weighted difference and equivalent homogeneous admittivity: validation by simulation and tank experiment - Jun, SC; Kuen, J; Lee, J; Woo, EJ; Holder, D; Seo, JK
- 31-jul-2014

5. (�) Photogrammetric Analysis of a Heritage Ceiling - MacDonald, L; Hosseininaveh, A; robson, S
60 cm below the ceiling. Images from the cameras were captured simultaneously by purposedeveloped software in a laptop computer at floor level. A series of image pairs was acquired at each location
- 30-jul-2014

6. (�) Three-dimensional imaging of hold baggage for airport security - Kolokytha, S; Speller, R; robson, S
This study describes a cost-effective check-in baggage screening system, based on "on-belt tomosynth ...
- 30-jul-2014

7. (�) Color reflectance and XRF drill core scanner data of ANDRILL core AND-2A - Kuhn, Gerhard; Hoffmann, Stefan; von Eynatten, Hilmar
(application/zip, 6 datasets) - 30-jul-2014

8. (�) A imagem digital como dispositivo de apropriação dos modos de subjetivação contemporâneos - Kirst, Patrícia Beatriz Argôllo Gomes; Fonseca, Tania Mara Galli
O artigo “A imagem digital como dispositivo de apropriação dos modos de subjetivação contemporâneos” ...
(application/pdf) - 28-jul-2014

9. (�) Susceptibility artefact correction using dynamic graph cuts: Application to neurosurgery. - Daga, P; Pendse, T; Modat, M; White, M; Mancini, L; Winston, GP; McEvoy, AW; Thornton, J; Yousry, T; Drobnjak, I; Duncan, JS; Ourselin, S
results in geometric and intensity distortions of the acquired image. The use of these distorted images for neuronavigation hampers the effectiveness of image-guided surgery systems as critical white
- 01-ago-2014

10. (�) (Table S4) Oxygen and silicon stable isotopes of diatom silica of sediment core MD01-2416 - Maier, Edith; Méheust, Marie; Abelmann, Andrea; Chapligin, Bernhard; Stein, Ruediger; Meyer, Hanno; Tiedemann, Ralf
(text/tab-separated-values, 131 data points) - 29-jul-2014

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