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1. (�) New algorithm to determine true colocalization in combination with image restoration and time-lapse confocal microscopy to MAP kinases in mitochondria - Villalta, JI; Galli, S; Iacaruso, MF; Antico Arciuch, VG; Poderoso, JJ; Jares-Erijman, EA; Pietrasanta, LI
a standard method. Indeed, the few methods currently available are only accurate in images with particular ... between images that is suitable for a wide variety of biological situations. To proceed, the
- 19-oct-2014

2. (�) Pastoral Landscape - Lorrain, Claude; Claude Lorrain
Two men standing in a stream, two other men standing on the bank. There are many oxen crossing the s ...
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

3. (�) Untitled - Allsburg, Scott Van; Scott Van Allsburg
A group of varying sizes of cones on a table.; toned gelatin silver print; 20.16 cm x 14.92 cm (7 15 ...
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

4. (�) Untitled - Klug, Les; Les Klug
Woman holding a paint roller on a stick in the air in the middle of a field, top of the photograph l ...
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

5. (�) Daniel Intervening on Behalf of Susanna - Collaert I, Hans; Hans Collaert I
A large gathering of figures looks toward a young male figure gesticulating to the crowd on the righ ...
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

6. (�) Hou Chi Minh with cigarette and large leaf, meeting with Voroshilov, Vietnam, 1957 - Baltermants, Dmitri; Dmitri Baltermants
Hou Chi Minh and Kliment Voroshilov meeting in Vietnam. The Vietnamese prime minister and president ...
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

7. (�) Cuban Barbershop - Baltermants, Dmitri; Dmitri Baltermants
a reflection of the street over some of the image.; gelatin silver print; 40.64 cm x 50.8 cm (16 in. x
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

8. (�) School Recess, Cuba, 1970 - Baltermants, Dmitri; Dmitri Baltermants
A group of young children in Cuba. The title states that they have been let out for recess, and the ...
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

9. (�) Ray God and Cat, Ica, Peru - Bridges, Marilyn; Marilyn Bridges
A black and white aerial landscape image of a desert valley. The walls and ridges of the downward-sloping desert are marked with a series of ancient Peruvian characters.; gelatin silver print; 60.96
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

10. (�) Haystack #1, from "Haystack Series R L 69-231" - Lichtenstein, Roy; Roy Lichtenstein
This print has a white background with a pattern of bright yellow dots covering its surface. Yellow ...
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

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