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  1. Documentation of sites of ACER pollen and charcoal database (�)

    ACER project members; Sanchez Goñi, Maria Fernanda; Desprat, Stéphanie; Daniau, Anne-Laure
    (text/tab-separated-values, 384 data points) 21-feb-2017

  2. Seawater cadmium concentrations of sediment core MD99-2198 (�)

    Poggemann, David-Willem; Hathorne, Ed C.; Nürnberg, Dirk; Frank, Martin; Bruhn, Imke; Reissig, Stefan; Bahr, André
    (text/tab-separated-values, 82 data points) 18-feb-2017

  3. Age control points of sediment core SO136-003/MD06-2990 (�)

    Rippert, Nadine; Tiedemann, Ralf
    (text/tab-separated-values, 86 data points) 19-feb-2017

  4. Stable isotope ratios and CaCO3 content of sediment core MD90-963 (�)

    Bassinot, Franck C; Beaufort, Luc; Vincent, Edith; Labeyrie, Laurent D; Rostek, Frauke; Müller, Peter J; Quidelleur, Xavier; Lancelot, Yves
    collected by the French R/V Marion Dufresne during the SEYMAMA expedition. Over the last 1500 kyr, coarse
    (text/tab-separated-values, 2846 data points) 03-ene-2017

  5. (Table 2) Termination depths and age estimations of various sediments cores (�)

    Raymo, Maureen E
    (text/tab-separated-values, 174 data points) 20-ene-2017

  6. (Table S3) Isotopic data and Cd/Ca ratios in benthic foraminifera from sediment core MD88-768 (�)

    Rosenthal, Yair; Boyle, Edwards A; Labeyrie, Laurent D
    (text/tab-separated-values, 68 data points) 21-dic-2016

  7. (Table S2) Isotopic data and Cd/Ca ratios in benthic foraminifera from sediment core MD88-769 (�)

    Rosenthal, Yair; Boyle, Edwards A; Labeyrie, Laurent D
    (text/tab-separated-values, 156 data points) 21-dic-2016

  8. Paleoceanographic analysis of sediments from the Norwegian Sea (�)

    Dreger, Derek
    Two ultra-high resolution IMAGES sediment cores from the SW continental slope of the Barents Sea and ...
    (application/zip, 5 datasets) 15-dic-2016

  9. (Table S2) The reconstructed sea surface temperature (SST) over the eastern equatorial Pacific (�)

    Zhang, Yancheng; Zhang, Xu; Chiessi, Cristiano Mazur; Mulitza, Stefan; Zhang, Xiao; Lohmann, Gerrit; Prange, Matthias; Behling, Hermann; Zabel, Matthias; Govin, Aline; Sawakuchi, André O; Cruz, Francisco W; Wefer, Gerold
    Abundant hydroclimatic evidence from western Amazonia and the adjacent Andes documents wet condition ...
    (text/tab-separated-values, 88 data points) 12-feb-2017

  10. SOCAT V4 metadata list with links to data in original SOCAT format and cruise documentation files (�)

    Bakker, Dorothee C E; Pfeil, Benjamin
    (text/tab-separated-values, 72800 data points) 16-feb-2017

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