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  1. Apatite fission crack data from the Eisenhauer Range, Antarctica (�)

    Prenzel, Jannis; Lisker, Frank; Elsner, Martin; Schöner, Robert; Balestrieri, Maria Laura; Läufer, Andreas L; Berner, Ulrich; Spiegel, Cornelia
    The Eisenhower Range is a N-S trending mountain range in the Transantarctic Mountains (TAM) adjacent ...
    (application/zip, 2 datasets) 22-abr-2017

  2. FROM TO (�)

    (If applicable)
    (application/pdf) 26-oct-2016

  3. OR (�)

    Of Baryons; Rodolfo A. Frino
    A numeric formula for the masses of composite particles made of three quarks (baryons) is presented. ...
    (application/pdf) 07-oct-2016

  4. 1 What Forty Years of Research Says About the Impact of Technology on Learning: A Second-Order Meta-Analysis and Validation Study (�)

    Rana M. Tamim; Robert M. Bernard; Eugene Borokhovski; Philip C. Abrami; Richard F. Schmid
    This research study employs a second-order meta-analysis procedure to sum-marize 40 years of researc ...
    (application/pdf) 07-oct-2016

  5. SEE PROFILE (�)

    Mace M Schuurmans; Elvis Irusen; See Profile; Daphne C Richter; James R Joubert; Haylene Nell; Mace M Schuurmans; Elvis M Irusen; Tiervlei Trial Centre; Karl Bremer
    Diagnostic value of post-bronchodilator pulmonary function testing to distinguish between stable, m ...
    (application/pdf) 04-oct-2016


    Thomas L. Endrusick
    The opinions or assertions contained herein are the private views of the author(s) and are not to be ...
    (application/pdf) 03-oct-2016

  7. Original Contribution Enhancing the American Society of Clinical Oncology Workforce Information System With Geographic Distribution of Oncologists and Comparison of Data Sources for the Number of Practicing Oncologists (�)

    M. Kelsey Kirkwood; Suanna S. Bruinooge; Michael A. Goldstein; Dean F. Bajorin; Michael P. Kosty
    Purpose: The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2007 workforce report projected US oncolog ...
    (application/pdf) 29-sep-2016

  8. Parent-adolescent processes and reduced risk for delinquency: The effect of gender for Mexican-american adolescents (�)

    Sonia Cota-robles; Wendy Gamble
    Using a U.S. sample of 454 adolescents of Mexican descent from two-parent families, this study inves ...
    (application/pdf) 28-sep-2016

  9. On the origins (�)

    M. Delgado A; A. Marcosb; A. Tizón C; A. Carrillod; A. Santose; B. Balerdi F; B. Suberviola G; E. Curielh; E. Fernández-mondejar I; R. Fernández A

  10. Sciences (�)

    Joseph Zeidner; Cecil Johnson; Yefim Vladimirsky; Susan Weldon; J. Zeidner; Zita M. Simutis; J. Zeidner; Peter Greenston
    Research accomplished under contract
    (application/pdf) 16-sep-2016

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