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1. (�) Joseph Interpreting the Dreams of Pharoah's Servants - Hallé, Nöel; Nöel Hallé
This painting shows the interior of a large prison room. There is a thick stone wall and iron gratin ...
(jpeg) - 21-nov-2014

2. (�) Planeamento de restauro de corredores fluviais na bacia do Rio Grande - Mestre, Débora Jesuíno
bodies, by implementing the Predicted Ecological State methodology. This methodology allows the division
- 07-feb-2014

3. (�) PREDICTION - Mi L-hdbk; Ma Int. \inability
1. Thls maintainability handbook. developed b} the I)epartn)cnt of
(application/pdf) - 11-dic-2013

4. (�) Velocity-density systematics for basalts at DSPD Leg 54 Holes - Warren, Nick; Rosendahl, Bruce R
Precise velocity and density measurements at atmospheric and elevated pressures have been obtained o ...
(application/zip, 3 datasets) - 21-ago-2014

5. (�) Multi-ethnic reference values for spirometry for the 3-95-yr age range: the global lung function 2012 equations - Quanjer, PH; Stanojevic, S; Cole, TJ; Baur, X; Hall, GL; Culver, BH; Enright, PL; Hankinson, JL; Ip, MSM; Zheng, J; Stocks, J; Function, ERSGL
- 17-jun-2014

6. (�) Geochemical analyses and Delta47 values in shallow water corals - Saenger, Casey; Affek, Hagit P; Felis, Thomas; Thiagarajan, Nivedita; Lough, Janice M; Holcomb, Michael
Geochemical variations in shallow water corals provide a valuable archive of paleoclimatic informati ...
(application/zip, 7 datasets) - 10-nov-2014

7. (�) Benthic foraminiferal d18O and Mg/Ca studies of sediment cores off tropical NW Africa - Huang, Enqing; Mulitza, Stefan; Paul, André; Groeneveld, Jeroen; Steinke, Stephan; Schulz, Michael
Benthic foraminiferal d18O and Mg/Ca of sediment cores off tropical NW Africa are used to study the ...
(application/zip, 3 datasets) - 02-ago-2014

8. (�) (Table 3) Planulina ariminensis d18O and Mg/Ca, the predicted d18O of calcite and the calcification temperature of core top samples, as well as temperature, salinity, Delta[CO3**2-]calcite of bottom waters - Huang, Enqing; Mulitza, Stefan; Paul, André; Groeneveld, Jeroen; Steinke, Stephan; Schulz, Michael
(text/tab-separated-values, 150 data points) - 20-jul-2014

9. (�) Geochemistry of ODP Leg 135 vitrophyric rhyolite samples - Ewart, Anthony; Griffin, William L
In-situ proton-microprobe analyses are presented for glasses, plagioclases, pyroxenes, olivines, and ...
(application/zip, 12 datasets) - 07-abr-2013

10. (�) Geochemistry of ODP Leg 135 basalts - Allan, James F
Cr-spinels in cores drilled during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 135 exhibit wide variations in composi ...
(application/zip, 3 datasets) - 07-abr-2013

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