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1. (�) Evolution of thermokarst in East Siberian ice-rich permafrost - Morgenstern, Anne; Ulrich, Mathias; Günther, Frank; Roessler, Sebastian; Fedorova, Irina; Rudaya, Natalya A; Wetterich, Sebastian; Boike, Julia; Schirrmeister, Lutz
Thermokarst lakes and basins are major components of ice-rich permafrost landscapes in East Siberian ...
(application/zip, 2 datasets) - 17-mar-2016

2. (�) Palliser Rockslide cosmogenic 36Cl exposure ages (raw data) and erosion effect on the cosmogenic - Sturzenegger, Matthieu; Stead, Doug; Gosse, John; Ward, Brent; Froese, Corey
This paper presents the results of a combined study, using cosmogenic 36Cl exposure dating and terre ...
(application/zip, 2 datasets) - 18-dic-2015

3. (�) (Table 1) Sound velocity, wet-bulk density, and acoustic impedance of some indurated sediment from DSDP Leg 64 Holes - Einsele, Gerhard
selected samples from standard drilling. Volumetric shrinkage dropped to low values at 100 to 400 meters
(text/tab-separated-values, 60 data points) - 20-mar-2016

4. (�) Granulometry, geochemistry, amino acids, radiocarbon ages and paleomagnetics of samples from Heidemann Valley - Colhoun, Eric A; Kiernan, Kevin W; McConnell, Anne; Quilty, Patrick G; Fink, David; Murray-Wallace, Colin V; Whitehead, Jason M
A Pliocene (2.6-3.5 Ma) age is determined from glacial sediments studied in a 20m long, 4 m deep tre ...
(application/zip, 6 datasets) - 25-ago-2015

5. (�) Alteration and vein logs of ODP Holes 152-917A and 152-918D - Teagle, Damon AH; Alt, Jeffrey C
This data report provides a systematic documentation of the low-temperature alteration associated wi ...
(application/zip, 4 datasets) - 13-abr-2015

6. (�) Paleomagnetic reconstructions of sediments at ODP Sites 135-840 and 135-841 - Sager, William W; MacLeod, Christopher J; Abrahamsen, Niels
Ridge, the remanent arc. We undertook to address these questions by taking paleomagnetic samples from sediment cores drilled on the Tonga Arc at Sites 840 and 841, orienting the samples in azimuth, and
(application/zip, 6 datasets) - 13-abr-2015

7. (�) Density, permeability, formation factor, resistivity and conductivity properties of ODP Leg 139, Leg 158 and Leg 169 sites - Iturrino, Gerardo J; Davis, Earl E; Johnson, Joel; Gröschel-Becker, Henrike M; Lewis, Trevor J; Chapman, David; Cermak, Vladimir
samples from the Bent Hill area of the Middle Valley on the northern Juan de Fuca Ridge. Thermal conductivity measurements were also made on samples from the Trans-Atlantic Geotraverse (TAG) hydrothermal
(application/zip, 4 datasets) - 09-ene-2016

8. (�) Index properties and shear and compressional wave velocities of minicores from ODP Leg 169 sites - Gröschel-Becker, Henrike M
The results of 72 index properties analyses and 29 high-pressure velocity experiments on samples of ... presented. The large sample set was subjected to shore-based index properties measurements from which
(application/zip, 2 datasets) - 13-abr-2015

9. (�) Physical properties, velocity and attenuation characteristics, and mineralogy of gabbros from ODP Hole 176-735B - Iturrino, Gerardo J; Ildefonse, Benoit; Boitnott, Greg
work based on dredged samples and inversion of rare element concentrations in basalts dredged from ... ranging between 0.4% and 8.8%, with the majority of the samples having values less than 3.8
(application/zip, 2 datasets) - 09-ene-2016

10. (�) Stress tests of ODP Site 131-808 sediments - Feeser, Volker; Moran, Kate; Brückmann, Warner
oedometer tests were performed on six whole-round core samples recovered from Site 808 from depths between 173 and 705 mbsf. Samples from five depth intervals were subjected to a triaxial test program
(application/zip, 3 datasets) - 09-ene-2016

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