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  1. Cofilin-1 levels and intracellular localization are associated with melanoma prognosis in a cohort of patients (�)

    Bracalente, Candelaria; Rinflerch, Adriana; Ibañez, Irene Laura; Garcia, Francisco M.; Volonteri, Victoria; Galimberti, Gastón N.; Klamt, Fabio; Durán, Hebe
    Melanoma is an aggressive cancer with highly metastatic ability. We propose cofilin-1, a key protein ...
    (application/pdf) 24-jun-2018

  2. Manizales, y “El derecho a la ciudad” (�)

    Duque Escobar, Gonzalo
    partiendo del pensamiento de Henri Lefebvre, autor de “El derecho a la ciudad”, veamos cómo podemos ...
    (application/pdf) 23-jun-2018

  3. Seawater carbonate chemistry and calcification in Caribbean reef-building corals (�)

    Enzor, Laura A; Hankins, Cheryl; Vivian, Deborah N; Fisher, William S; Barron, Mace G
    Projected increases in ocean pCO2 levels are anticipated to affect calcifying organisms more rapidly ...
    (text/tab-separated-values, 9480 data points) 24-jun-2018

  4. Bacterial Biomass Production, Extracellular Enzyme Rates, Bacterial Cell Abundances and Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Upwelling System off Peru in Austral Winter 2017 (�)

    Maßmig, Marie; Engel, Anja
    Oxygen minimum zones in the ocean increased during the past 50 years and changed microbial biogeoche ...
    (application/zip, 1 datasets) 22-jun-2018

  5. Stable isotopes, calcareous nannoplankton and benthic foraminiferal records of ODP Sites 208-1262 and 208-1263 on Walvis Ridge (�)

    Thomas, Ellen; Boscolo-Galazzo, Flavia; Balestra, Barbara; Monechi, Simonetta; Donner, Barbara; Röhl, Ursula
    We combine stable isotope, calcareous nannoplankton and benthic foraminiferal records for Ocean Dril ...
    (application/zip, 4 datasets) 20-jun-2018

  6. Basic and other measurements of radiation at station Tateno (2018-03) (�)

    Ijima, Osamu
    (text/tab-separated-values, 1073592 data points) 17-jun-2018

  7. Basic and other measurements of radiation at station Tateno (2018-02) (�)

    Ijima, Osamu
    (text/tab-separated-values, 969696 data points) 17-jun-2018

  8. Basic and other measurements of radiation at station Tateno (2018-01) (�)

    Ijima, Osamu
    (text/tab-separated-values, 1073472 data points) 17-jun-2018

  9. The N-terminal Arg-rich region of human immunodeficiency virus types 1 and 2 and simian immunodeficiency virus Nef is involved in RNA binding (�)

    Echarri, Asier; González, María Eugenia; Carrasco, Luís
    Comparison of the amino acid sequences of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Nef protein and several ...

  10. Gazing at the ultraslow magnetar in RCW 103 with NuSTAR and Swift (�)

    Borghese, Alice; Coti Zelati, Francesco; Esposito, Paolo; Rea, Nanda; De Luca, Andrea; Bachetti, Matteo; Israel, Gian Luca; Perna, Rosalba; Pons, José A.
    of the peculiar source 1E 161348–5055, located at the centre of the supernova remnant RCW 103, which ... erg s−1 cm−2, ∼3 times lower than what observed at the outburst onset, but about one order of

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