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  1. Repoblamiento, actividades productivas y percepción del riesgo en Corral, 50 años después del tsunami de 1960 (�)

    Gutiérrez, Patricia; Peña Cortés, Fernando; Cisternas Vega, Marco
    earthquake and tsunami of 1960 in Corral. The study used three main methods: i) analysis of old aerial ... (IPTs) between 1960 and 2009. The results show the 1960 inundated areas were resettled again and that
    (application/pdf) 20-ene-2017

  2. Recent benthic foraminifera of the Gulf of Guinea (�)

    Timm, Sven
    Recent benthic foraminifera in surface sediments from the continental slope in the Gulf of Guinea (W ...
    (application/zip, 6 datasets) 22-mar-2017


    Samuel Lewis Popkin; Maass Inst Tech; Samuel Lewis Popkin
    Project director, researcher
    (application/pdf) 26-oct-2016


    A. S. Schonheiter; A. W. Wilson; To H. T. Fredeen; T. Fujishima
    production was compared with that of their base population. Gonadotrophin sensitivity was determined ...
    (application/pdf) 14-oct-2016

  5. The Gramineae of Monsoonal and Equatorial Asia. II. Western (�)

    Monsoon Asia; Robert Orr Whyte
    THE STUDY OF THE archaeology (origin, antiquity, and evolution) of a plantfamily calls for an analys ...
    (application/pdf) 11-oct-2016

  6. Summary (�)

    J. F. Skone
    An outbreak of infectious hepatitis occurred in
    (application/pdf) 09-oct-2016


    Kahimma M; Weavers B; Pearse Age Ultrastruc; Ogawa K; Saito T
    and Dr. K. C. Tsou for encouragement and dis-
    (application/pdf) 08-oct-2016

  8. All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten: How Dr. Seuss reinforces management concepts and promotes community citizenship (�)

    Debra R. Comer; Robert L. Holbrook
    The authors recommend that management educators add the works of Dr. Seuss to their repertoire of te ...
    (application/pdf) 07-oct-2016

  9. Electroclad Aluminum on Uranium (�)

    R. M. Schaffert; C. D. Oughton; J. Opt; Soc Am; John G. Beach; Charles L. Faust
    wett ing agent at cur rent densit ies of 0.05 to 0.2 amp/dm 2 and temperatures of 20~176 2. Spect ro ...
    (application/pdf) 07-oct-2016

  10. Session: User Content: Projects (�)

    Thom Gillespie
    e sua mãe, nascida na Bahia, era dona de casa. Os pais se conheceram em Salvador, onde o pai migrou ...
    (application/pdf) 06-oct-2016

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