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  1. Cloud optical thickness retrieved from horizontal fields of reflected solar spectral radiance measured with AisaEAGLE during VERDI campaign 2012 (�)

    Schäfer, Michael; Bierwirth, Eike; Jäkel, Evelyn; Werner, Frank; Wendisch, Manfred
    The data contain ten horizontal fields of cloud optical thickness, retrieved from airborne measured ...
    (application/zip, 4 datasets) 25-abr-2017

  2. Theodoric the Goth : the barbarian champion of civilization / (�)

    Hodgkin, Thomas, 1831-1913
    Includes index
    (bib) 10-feb-2017

  3. Incident spectral solar irradiance measured above sea ice at ROV station PS81/566-1 (�)

    Meiners, Klaus M; Arndt, Stefanie
    (text/tab-separated-values, 6877424 data points) 29-mar-2017

  4. Downward spectral solar irradiance as measured in different depths under sea ice (transmitted irradiance) at ROV station PS81/566-1 (�)

    Meiners, Klaus M; Arndt, Stefanie
    (text/tab-separated-values, 7635184 data points) 29-mar-2017

  5. Influence of snow depth and surface flooding on light transmission through Antarctic pack ice, supplementary data (�)

    Arndt, Stefanie; Meiners, Klaus M; Ricker, Robert; Krumpen, Thomas; Katlein, Christian; Nicolaus, Marcel
    Snow on sea ice alters the properties of the underlying ice cover as well as associated physical and ...
    (application/zip, 17 datasets) 21-mar-2017

  6. Performance of 16s rDNA Primer Pairs in the Study of Rhizosphere and Endosphere Bacterial Microbiomes in Metabarcoding Studies (�)

    Beckers, Bram; Op De Beeck, Michiel; Thijs, Sofie; Truyens, Sascha; Weyens, Nele; Boerjan, Wout; Vangronsveld, Jaco
    bacterial communities using 454 pyrosequencing. We evaluated the performance of all selected
    (15; 15; application/pdf) 26-nov-2016

  7. Belowground fungal communities in pioneer Scots pine stands growing on heavy metal polluted and non-polluted soils (�)

    OP DE BEECK, Michiel; RUYTINX, Joske; SMITS, Mark; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco; Colpaert, Jan; RINEAU, Francois
    and a non-polluted soil using 454 pyrosequencing. The fungal communities at both study sites were
    (9; application/pdf) 26-nov-2016

  8. Spectral and broadband albedo transects in the lower ablation zone, Southwest Greenland, June 2013 (�)

    Moustafa, Samiah E; Rennermalm, Asa K; Mioduszewsk, John R; Smith, Laurence C
    The dataset contains high spatial (~10 m posting), temporal (1-2 days), and spectral (1 nm) resoluti ...
    (application/zip, 6 datasets) 05-ene-2017

  9. Colored dissolved organic matter absorption by waters of central-eastern Arctic Ocean (�)

    Gonçalves-Araujo, Rafael; Peeken, Ilka; Bracher, Astrid
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut l ...
    (application/zip, 3 datasets) 09-dic-2016

  10. Remote sensing reflectance spectras during POLARSTERN cruise ARK-XXVI/3 (TRANSARC ) (�)

    Gonçalves-Araujo, Rafael; Bracher, Astrid
    (text/tab-separated-values, 4000 data points) 29-mar-2017

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