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1. (�) Statistics for college and university libraries for the fiscal year ... - Princeton University. Library.
Mode of access: Internet.
- 10-abr-2015

2. (�) Participatory action research in learning commons design planning - Margaret Brown-sica; Karen Sobel; Erika Rogers
. Originality/value – The paper could be useful to libraries who are examining their services, environment, and technology. It is of interest to libraries that want to use user-centered design and PAR
- 31-mar-2015

3. (�) Handbuch für universitäts- und studien-bibliotheken sowie für volks-, mittelschul- und bezirks-lehrerbibliotheken Österreichs : Mit einer sammlung von gesetzen, a.h. entschliessungen, verordnungen, erlässen, acten und actenauszügen / - Grassauer, Ferdinand, 1840-1903.
Mode of access: Internet.
- 24-mar-2015

4. (�) Overwhelmed to Action: Digital Preservation Challenges at the Under-resourced Institution - Rinehart, Amanda; Prud'homme, Patrice; Huot, Andrew
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the importance of beginning digital preservation e ...
- 01-feb-2015

5. (�) The library and the graduate school / - Ford, Guy Stanton, 1873-1962.
"Read at the meeting of the Association of American universities, November 7, 1913, at urbana, Illin ...
- 13-ene-2015

6. (�) 1 Quality metrics in academic libraries: Striving for excellence - Leoné Tiemensma
Quality in academic libraries is a multi-dimensional construct. Quality management and quality assurance is part of measuring performance excellence. Libraries are services. To improve service
(application/pdf) - 12-ene-2015

7. (�) U.S. academic libraries: understanding their web presence and their relationship with economic indicators - Orduña Malea, Enrique; Regazzi, John J.
The final publication is available at Springer via
- 02-feb-2015

8. (�) What information sources do engineering students use to - Eugene Barsky; Annette Berndt; Carla Paterson
address authentic socio-technical problems? Findings and conclusions.
(application/pdf) - 13-dic-2014

9. (�) REFEREED ARTICLE Information literacy assessment: a case study at Miami University - Eric Resnis; Katie Gibson; Arianne Hartsell-gundy; Masha Misco
Purpose – The purpose of this case study, created by a faculty learning community (FLC) on research ...
(application/pdf) - 13-dic-2014

10. (�) Margaret Brown-Sica and Karen Sobel Participatory action research - Erika Rogers
in learning commons design planning
- 13-dic-2014

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