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1. (�) What information sources do engineering students use to - Eugene Barsky; Annette Berndt; Carla Paterson
address authentic socio-technical problems? Findings and conclusions.
(application/pdf) - 13-dic-2014

2. (�) REFEREED ARTICLE Information literacy assessment: a case study at Miami University - Eric Resnis; Katie Gibson; Arianne Hartsell-gundy; Masha Misco
Purpose – The purpose of this case study, created by a faculty learning community (FLC) on research ...
(application/pdf) - 13-dic-2014

3. (�) Margaret Brown-Sica and Karen Sobel Participatory action research - Erika Rogers
in learning commons design planning
- 13-dic-2014

4. (�) 1 Topics and Features of Academic Medical Library Tutorials - Rozalynd P. Anderson; Steven P. Wilson; Felicia Yeh; Betty Phillips; Mary Briget Livingston; Rozalynd P. Anderson; Steven P. Wilson; Felicia Yeh; Betty Phillips; Mary Briget Livingston
This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the School of Medicine Library at Scholar ...
- 13-dic-2014

5. (�) Work of the Web Weavers: Web Development in Academic Libraries - Maira Bundza; Patricia Fravel; Vander Meer; Maria A. Perez-stable; Maira Bundza; Patricia Fravel; Vander Meer; Maria A. Perez-stable
This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the University Libraries at ScholarWorks at WMU. It has been accepted for inclusion in University Libraries Faculty & Staff Publications
- 13-dic-2014

the context of digital environment of academic libraries in the USA via their job titles ..., that more than two-third of the ads required academic or digital library experience, and that the
(application/pdf) - 13-dic-2014

7. (�) A mobile future for academic libraries
mobile devices in academic libraries. Findings – Most college students own cell phones and laptops and ...; this possibility can be embraced by academic libraries that seek to be strong partners in the
(application/pdf) - 05-dic-2014

8. (�)
level of performance in this competitive global environment. Academic libraries are facing many ... revolution. The paper discusses the impact of emerging changes on academic libraries. It discusses the
(application/pdf) - 30-nov-2014

9. (�) Purposeful Mentoring in Academic Libraries - Ross, Kevin
mentors, mentees, and academic libraries, with a special focus on minorities and generational ... many academic libraries, but librarians should be mindful that these mentoring processes must be
(application/pdf) - 26-nov-2014

10. (�) Eliminating traditional reference services in an academic health sciences library: a case study - Schulte, Stephanie
health sciences library? SETTING: The analysis was done at an academic health sciences library at ... services were eliminated at one academic health sciences library without negative impact on
- 13-nov-2014

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