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1. (�) Acoustical Science and Technology
- 06-abr-2014

2. (�) Technical Acoustics
- 06-abr-2014

3. (�) Inner-ear sound pressures near the base of the cochlea in chinchilla: Further investigation - Ravicz, Michael E.; Rosowski, John J.
The middle-ear pressure gain GMEP, the ratio of sound pressure in the cochlear vestibule PV to sound ...
- 02-abr-2014

4. (�) Localizing the sources of two independent noises: Role of time varying amplitude differences - Yost, William A.; Brown, Christopher A.
Listeners localized the free-field sources of either one or two simultaneous and independently gener ...
- 02-abr-2014

5. (�) Sensitivity of bilateral cochlear implant users to fine-structure and envelope interaural time differencesa - Noel, Victor A.; Eddington, Donald K.
Bilateral cochlear implant users have poor sensitivity to interaural time differences (ITDs) of high ...
- 02-abr-2014

6. (�) Effects of dynamic range compression on spatial selective auditory attention in normal-hearing listeners - Schwartz, Andrew H.; Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara G.
Many hearing aids introduce compressive gain to accommodate the reduced dynamic range that often acc ...
- 02-abr-2014

7. (�) Effect of mismatched place-of-stimulation on the salience of binaural cues in conditions that simulate bilateral cochlear-implant listening - Goupell, Matthew J.; Stoelb, Corey; Kan, Alan; Litovsky, Ruth Y.
Although bilateral cochlear implantation has the potential to improve sound localization and speech ...
- 02-abr-2014

8. (�) Rate and onset cues can improve cochlear implant synthetic vowel recognition in noise - Mc Laughlin, Myles; Reilly, Richard B.; Zeng, Fan-Gang
Understanding speech-in-noise is difficult for most cochlear implant (CI) users. Speech-in-noise seg ...
- 02-mar-2014

9. (�) Comparison of two channel selection criteria for noise suppression in cochlear implants - Hazrati, Oldooz; Loizou, Philipos C.
The performance of current channel selection criteria used in cochlear implant (CI) devices (e.g., m ...
- 02-mar-2014

10. (�) Blind binary masking for reverberation suppression in cochlear implants - Hazrati, Oldooz; Lee, Jaewook; Loizou, Philipos C.
A monaural binary time-frequency (T-F) masking technique is proposed for suppressing reverberation. ...
- 02-mar-2014

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