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  1. Testing Installed Propulsion For Shielded Exhaust Configurations (�)

    Brown, Clifford A.; Podboy, Gary G.; Bridges, James
    Jet-surface interaction (JSI) can be a significant factor in the exhaust noise of installed propulsi ...
    (application/pdf) 23-feb-2017

  2. Advanced Noise Control Fan: A 20-Year Retrospective (�)

    Sutliff, Dan
    The ANCF test bed is used for evaluating fan noise reduction concepts, developing noise measurement ...
    (application/pdf) 23-feb-2017

  3. (�)

    Vincent, Coralie
    International audience

  4. Laugh Like You Mean It: Authenticity Modulates Acoustic, Physiological and Perceptual Properties of Laughter (�)

    Lavan, N; Scott, SK; McGettigan, C
    Several authors have recently presented evidence for perceptual and neural distinctions between genu ...

  5. Research of corrective techniques using a testbench emulating the degradation of performance in random oceans (�)

    Réal, Gaultier; Cristol, Xavier; Habault, D.; Fattaccioli, Dominique
    International audience

  6. Passive simulation of the nonlinear port-Hamiltonian modeling of a Rhodes Piano (�)

    Falaize, Antoine; Hélie, Thomas
    International audience

  7. Velocity Statistics and Spectra in Three-Stream Jets (�)

    Lowe, K. Todd; Henderson, Brenda; Ng, Wing F.; Ecker, Tobias; Leib, Stewart
    Velocimetry measurements were obtained in three-stream jets at the NASA Glenn Research Center Nozzle Acoustics Test Rig using the time-resolved Doppler global velocimetry technique. These
    (application/pdf) 18-feb-2017

  8. A modal-based approach to the nonlinear vibration of strings against a unilateral obstacle: Simulations and experiments in the pointwise case (�)

    Issanchou, Clara; Bilbao, Stefan; Carrou, Jean-Loïc Le; Touzé, Cyril; Doaré, Olivier
    International audience

  9. Noise Pollution Indicators, In: R.H. Armon, O. Hanninen (eds.), Environmental Indicators (�)

    CAN, Arnaud
    Noise is a major environmental issue, which gave birth in the last decades to extensive research and ...

  10. Laboratory measurements on noise reducing PERS test slabs (�)

    SKOV, Rasmus; ANDERSEN, Bent; BENDTSEN, Hans; Cesbron, Julien
    Forum Acusticum 2014, CRACOVIE, POLOGNE, 07-/09/2014 - 12/09/2014

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