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1. (�) Acoustics versus natural ventilation in southern Brazilian educational buildings - Marco Losso; Elvira Viveiros
ABSTRACT: Educational buildings have special need for adequate environment, considering some aspects ...
(application/pdf) - 28-ago-2014

2. (�) The 9x7 Wind Tunnel Sonic Boom Measurements and Computational-Experimental Comparisons - Elmiligui, Alaa; Durston, Don; Cliff, Susan E.
No abstract available
(application/pdf) - 22-ago-2014

3. (�) Blind deconvolution in multipath environments and extensions to remote source localization [electronic resource]. - Hossein Abadi, Shima.
localizes the remote sound source. These localization results from STR are less ambiguous than those ...
- 19-ago-2014

4. (�) Acoustics in relation to architecture and building : the laws of sound as applied to the arrangement of buildings / - Smith, Thomas Roger, d.1903.
Includes bibliography.
- 10-ago-2014

5. (�) Sonic Boom Research at Armstrong - Less, James L.
This presentation discusses the current state of supersonic research at NASA Armstrong and how it re ...
(application/pdf) - 09-ago-2014

6. (�) The velocity of sound in a liquid containing gas bubbles / - Karplus, Henry B.; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Chicago Operations Office.; Armour Research Foundation (U.S.); U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
"COO-248 ; UC-80 Special Distribution; TID-4500 (13th Ed., Rev.)"
- 05-ago-2014

7. (�) Perceiving sequential dependencies in auditory streamsa - Kidd, Gerald; Mason, Christine R.; Streeter, Timothy; Thompson, Eric R.; Best, Virginia; Wakefield, Gregory H.
This study examined the ability of human listeners to detect the presence and judge the strength of ...
- 02-ago-2014

8. (�) Temporal weighting functions for interaural time and level differences. III. Temporal weighting for lateral position judgments - Stecker, G. Christopher; Ostreicher, Jennifer D.; Brown, Andrew D.
Temporal variation in listeners' sensitivity to interaural time and level differences (ITD and ILD) ...
- 02-ago-2014

9. (�) Learning, worsening, and generalization in response to auditory perceptual training during adolescencea - Huyck, Julia Jones; Wright, Beverly A.
While it is commonly held that the capacity to learn is greatest in the young, there have been few d ...
- 02-ago-2014

10. (�) Across-frequency envelope correlation discrimination and masked signal detection - Grose, John H.; Buss, Emily; Porter, Heather L.; Hall, Joseph W.
This study compared the dependence of comodulation masking release (CMR) and monaural envelope corre ...
- 02-ago-2014

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