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  1. Acústica de salas grandes y pequeñas (�)

    The final degree project is consisted on studying the acoustics of class rooms of differnet dimensions. Study has been carried out on how to improve these class rooms acoustics by using absorbent

  2. Full Gradient Solution to Adaptive Hybrid Control (�)

    Fuller, Chris; Bean, Jacob; Schiller, Noah H.
    This paper focuses on the adaptation mechanisms in adaptive hybrid controllers. Most adaptive hybrid ...
    (application/pdf) 22-abr-2017

  3. (�)

    Vanwynsberghe, Charles

  4. (�)

    Braun, Loïc

  5. Prediction of the vibroacoustic behavior of a submerged shell with non-axisymmetric internal substructures by a condensed transfer function method (�)

    Meyer, V; Maxit, L; Guyader, J.-L; Leissing, T
    International audience

  6. A condensed transfer function method as a tool for solving vibroacoustic problems (�)

    Meyer, Valentin; Maxit, Laurent; Guyader, Jean-Louis; Leissing, Thomas; Audoly, Christian
    International audience

  7. Extreme Low Frequency Acoustic Measurement System (�)

    Zuckerwar, Allan J.; Shams, Qamar A.
    The present invention is an extremely low frequency (ELF) microphone and acoustic measurement system ...
    (application/pdf) 12-abr-2017

  8. Methods and Apparatus for Detecting Defects in an Object of Interest (�)

    Hartman, John K.; Pearson, Lee H
    A method for detecting defects in an object of interest comprises applying an ultrasonic signal incl ...
    (application/pdf) 12-abr-2017

  9. (�)

    Le Magueresse, Thibaut

  10. Audibility of headphone positioning variability (�)

    Paquier, Mathieu; Koehl, Vincent
    9 pages

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