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1. (�) Elastomeric Structural Attachment Concepts for Aircraft Flap Noise Reduction - Challenges and Approaches to Hyperelastic Structural Modeling and Analysis - Turner, Travis L.; Su, Ji; Moore, James B.; Sreekantamurthy, Thammaiah
Airframe noise is a significant part of the overall noise of transport aircraft during the approach ...
(application/pdf) - 18-jul-2014

2. (�) Open Rotor Tone Shielding Methods for System Noise Assessments Using Multiple Databases - Bahr, Christopher J.; Thomas, Russell H.; Lopes, Leonard V.; Van Zante, Dale E.; Burley, Casey L.
Advanced aircraft designs such as the hybrid wing body, in conjunction with open rotor engines, may ...
(application/pdf) - 18-jul-2014

3. (�) System Noise Assessment and the Potential for a Low Noise Hybrid Wing Body Aircraft with Open Rotor Propulsion - Bahr, Christopher J.; VanZante, Dale E.; Lopes, Leonard V.; Burley, Casey L.; Thomas, Russell H.; Gern, Frank H.
An aircraft system noise assessment was conducted for a hybrid wing body freighter aircraft concept ...
(application/pdf) - 18-jul-2014

4. (�) A Flight Research Overview of WSPR, a Pilot Project for Sonic Boom Community Response - Wiley, Scott L.; Waggoner, Erin R.; Cliatt, Larry James; Flattery, Ashley K.; Jones, Thomas P.; Haering, Ed
In support of NASAs ongoing effort to bring supersonic commercial travel to the public, NASA Dryden ...
(application/pdf) - 18-jul-2014

5. (�) Subscale Acoustic Testing: Comparison of ALAT and ASMAT - Counter, Douglas; Houston, Janice D.
The liftoff phase induces acoustic loading over a broad frequency range for a launch vehicle. These ...
(application/pdf) - 18-jul-2014

6. (�) Force Limiting Vibration Tests Evaluated from both Ground Acoustic Tests and FEM Simulations of a Flight Like Vehicle System Assembly - Waldon, James; Hunt, Ron; LaVerde, Bruce; Smith, Andrew
Marshall Space Flight Center has conducted a series of ground acoustic tests with the dual goals of ...
(application/pdf) - 18-jul-2014

7. (�) Measuring stimulus-frequency otoacoustic emissions using swept tones - Kalluri, Radha; Shera, Christopher A.
Although stimulus-frequency otoacoustic emissions (SFOAEs) offer compelling advantages as noninvasiv ...
- 02-jul-2014

8. (�) A comparison of spectral magnitude and phase-locking value analyses of the frequency-following response to complex tones - Zhu, Li; Bharadwaj, Hari; Xia, Jing; Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara
Two experiments, both presenting diotic, harmonic tone complexes (100 Hz fundamental), were conducte ...
- 02-jul-2014

9. (�) Relation of distortion-product otoacoustic emission input-output functions to loudness - Rasetshwane, Daniel M.; Neely, Stephen T.; Kopun, Judy G.; Gorga, Michael P.
The aim of this study is to further explore the relationship between distortion-product otoacoustic ...
- 02-jul-2014

10. (�) The effect of overall level on sensitivity to interaural differences of time and level at high frequencies - Dietz, Mathias; Bernstein, Leslie R.; Trahiotis, Constantine; Ewert, Stephan D.; Hohmann, Volker
For high-frequency complex stimuli, detection thresholds for envelope-based interaural time differen ...
- 02-jul-2014

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