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  1. Karyotypic changes through dysploidy persist longer over evolutionary time than polyploid changes (�)


  2. Centrosomes and cilia in human disease (�)

    Bettencourt-Dias, Mónica; Hildebrandt, Friedhelm; Pellman, David; Woods, Geoff; Godinho, Susana A.
    The deposited article is a post-print version (NIH-PA Author Manuscript) and has been submitted to p ...

  3. Influence of ultrasonographers training on prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart diseases: a 12-year population-based study. (�)

    Pézard, Philippe; Bonnemains, Laurent; Boussion, Françoise; Sentilhes, Loïc; Allory, P.; Lépinard, C.; Guichet, Agnès; Triau, Stéphane; Biquard, Florence; Leblanc, M.; Bonneau, Dominique; Descamps, Philippe
    International audience

  4. Aurora kinases, aneuploidy and cancer, a coincidence or a real link? (�)

    Giet , Régis; Petretti , Clotilde; Prigent , Claude
    International audience

  5. Inducing segmental aneuploid mosaicism in the mouse through targeted asymmetric sister chromatid event of recombination. (�)

    Duchon , Arnaud; Besson , Vanessa; Pereira , Patricia Lopes; Magnol , Laetitia; Hérault , Yann
    International audience

  6. Clinical-grade production of human mesenchymal stromal cells: occurrence of aneuploidy without transformation. (�)

    Tarte , Karin; Gaillard , Julien; Lataillade , Jean-Jacques; Fouillard , Loic; Becker , Martine; Mossafa , Hossein; Tchirkov , Andrei; Rouard , Hélène; Henry , Catherine; Splingard , Marie; Dulong , Joelle; Monnier , Delphine; Gourmelon , Patrick; Gorin , Norbert-Claude; Sensebé , Luc
    International audience

  7. The incidence of myelodysplastic syndromes in Western Greece is increasing. (�)

    Avgerinou, C; Alamanos, Y; Zikos, P; Lampropoulou, P; Melachrinou, M; Labropoulou, V; Tavernarakis, I; Aktypi, A; Kaiafas, P; Raptis, C; Kouraklis, A; Karakantza, M; Symeonidis, A
    Descriptive epidemiology of the myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) is always interesting and may reveal ...
    (text) 12-may-2017

  8. In case you missed it: the Prenatal Diagnosis editors bring you the most significant advances of 2016 (�)

    Van Mieghem, T; Bianchi, DW; Levy, B; Deprest, J; Chitty, LS; Ghidini, A

  9. Genetic studies on human lymphoblastoid lines: isozyme analysis on cell lines from forty-one different individuals and on mutants produced following exposure to a chemical mutagen. (�)

    Povey, S; Gardiner, SE; Watson, B; Mowbray, S; Harris, H; Arthur, E; Steel, CM; Blenkinsop, C; Evans, HJ

  10. Mouse oocyte, a paradigm of cancer cell. (�)

    Terret, M-E; Chaigne, A; Verlhac, M-H

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