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  1. Culture of Indian white prawn (Penaeus indicus) brooders from adolescent shrimps using natural diet in the captivity (�)

    Ghofleh Marammazi, J.
    The shrimp farming success in the future will greatly depend upon increasing supplies of healthy and ...
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

  2. Growth of Skeletonema costatum Cleve under different light regimes (�)

    Shams, L.; Seyfabadi, J.; Matinfar, A.; Ebrahimzadeh, H.
    Light impact on growth of Skeletonema costatum at 20 treatments of light regimes including combinati ...
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

  3. Feasibility study on mariculture of Gracilaria corticata in Chabahar coastal waters (�)

    Hosseini, M.R.; Abkenar, A.M.
    Due to approaching the method of marine algae (G. corticata) mariculture in the Chabahar waters (loc ...
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

  4. Effects of added artificial substrate on the growth and survival of juvenile Indian white prawn (Penaeus indicus) (�)

    Jahedi, A.; Abedian, M.; Marammazi, J.
    The effects of added artificial substrates on juveniles of Indian white prawn (Penaus indicus) were ...
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

  5. Survey on gregarine infection of marine broodstocks and cultured shrimp in the Choebdeh Area of Abadan, Iran (�)

    Tamjidi, B.; Kor, N.M.
    Gregarines are protozoa that occur within the digestive tract and tissues of various invertebrate an ...
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

  6. Effect of the timing of initial feeding on growth and survival of Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus) larvae (�)

    Kordjazi, Z.; Kamali, A.; Nazari, R.M.; Yaghmaii, F.
    Effect of the timing of first feeding (9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 days post hatch) with a live food (Artem ...
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

  7. Effects of salinity on growth and survival of Indian white shrimp (Penaeus indicus) (�)

    Paghe, E.; Abedian, A.M.; Marammaazi, J.
    This study was conducted the optimum salinity for culture of White Indian shrimp juvenile (Penaeus i ...
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

  8. Parasitic worm of digestive tracts of Emys orbicularis in pond culture of sturgeon fingerling in Gorgan province, Iran (�)

    Pazooki, J.; Aghaeei Moghadam, A.A.
    During one months study on 33 digestive tracts of Emys orbicularis, caught from pond culture of stur ...
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

  9. Acorn meal as a pellet binder and its effects on chemical carcass characteristics in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) (�)

    Shadnoush, G.R.; Shadnoush, F.; Taheri Mirghaed, A.
    A complete random design involving four diets was conducted to determine the effects of acorn meal a ...
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

  10. Site selection for coldwater fish culture using GIS in Golestan province of Iran (�)

    Banafi, M.; Kamali, A.; Salman Mahiny, A.R.; Kiabi, B.
    In an attempt to provide a scientific basis and to discern data gaps for sustainable aquaculture ... the areas. We found that some parts of the province are amenable to the expansion of the aquaculture
    (application/pdf) 17-jul-2018

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