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  1. Avaliação da perturbação de hiperatividade e défice de atenção na adolescência (�)

    Santos, Odete Pereira dos
    A elevada prevalência da Perturbação de Hiperatividade e Défice de Atenção (PHDA) junto da população ...

  2. Multiple attentional sets while monitoring rapid serial visual presentations (�)

    Kawahara, Jun I.; Kumada, Takatsune
    The present study examined whether observers are able to establish multiple attentional sets to conc ...

  3. Behaviorally Relevant Abstract Object Identity Representation in the Human Parietal Cortex (�)

    Jeong, Su; Xu, Yaoda
    cortex in attention. Instead, the human parietal cortex seems to be “content rich” and capable of

  4. Emergence of visual objects involves multiple stages of spatial selection (�)

    Kasai, Tetsuko; Takeya, Ryuji; Tanaka, Sho
    Attention may select objects or perceptual groups as fundamental units. Previous studies with event-related potentials (ERPs) have found that obligatory attention-spreading over spatial regions

  5. Developmental hypothyroidism disrupts visual signal detection performance in rats (�)

    Hasegawa, Masashi; Wada, Hiromi
    dysfunction. The specific effects of developmental hypothyroidism on attention have not been well ... developmental hypothyroidism on attention in rats, and tested the hypothesis that the hypothyroidism has

  6. Time course of spatial and feature selective attention for partly-occluded objects (�)

    Kasai, Tetsuko; Takeya, Ryuji
    Attention selects objects/groups as the most fundamental units, and this may be achieved by an attention-spreading mechanism. Previous event-related potential (ERP) studies have found that attention

  7. Are objects the same as groups? ERP correlates of spatial attentional guidance by irrelevant feature similarity (�)

    Kasai, Tetsuko; Moriya, Hiroki; Hirano, Shingo
    event-related potentials (ERPs) have shown that object-based attention is associated with modulations ... spatial attention. However, these studies only examined the case of perceptually continuous objects

  8. Attending inside or outside: A Japanese-US comparison of spontaneous memory of group information (�)

    Takemura, Kosuke; Yuki, Masaki; Ohtsubo, Yohsuke
    A recent review of empirical evidence disconfirmed the widely-held view that North Americans are les ...

  9. Extrém környezeti tényezők kognitív folyamatokra gyakorolt hatásának vizsgálata eseményhez kötött agyi potenciálok módszerével (�)

    Barkaszi, Irén
    stimuli or stimuli with task-irrelevant features capture attention and distract from the on-going
    (139) 29-ago-2017

  10. The impact of item clustering on visual search: It all depends on the nature of the visual search (�)

    Xu, Yaoda
    Decades of vision research on how people search for a target item among distractor items have always ...

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