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  1. Immunohistochemical study of the endocrine cells in the stomach and pyloric caeca of the mountain trout, Salmo trutta macrostigma (�)

    Gençer Tarakçi, B.; Bayrakdar, A.; Yaman, M.
    The endocrine cells of Salmo trutta macrostigma stomach and pyloric caeca have been investigated usi ...
    (application/pdf) 25-abr-2018

  2. State of Mnemiopsis leidyi (Ctenophora: Lobata) and mesozooplankton in Iranian waters of the Caspian Sea during 2008 in comparison with previous surveys (�)

    Bagheri, S.; Niermann, U.; Sabkara, J.; Mirzajani, A.; Babaei, H.
    Mnemiopsis leidyi which was accidentally introduced into the Caspian Sea in 1999 and since then has ...
    (application/pdf) 25-abr-2018

  3. Seasonal variations of fat and fatty acid composition in muscle tissues of Mediterranean octopuses (�)

    Ayas, Deniz
    The effects of seasons on lipid and fatty acid profiles of muscle types (mantle and arm) of Mediterr ...
    (application/pdf) 25-abr-2018

  4. Reproduction biology of chub living in Lake Hafik (�)

    Unver, B.; Kekilli, S.
    In this study, the reproductive biology of chub population in Hafik Lake was investigated. 242 samples were caught between April and November 2009. The age of S. cephalus samples were found to range
    (application/pdf) 25-abr-2018

  5. Increased HEXIM1 expression during erythroleukemia and neuroblastoma cell differentiation (�)

    Turano , M.; Napolitano , G.; Dulac , C.; Majello , B.; Bensaude , O.; Lania , L.

  6. Stepwise RNP assembly at the site of H/ACA RNA transcription in human cells (�)

    Darzacq , X.; Kittur , N.; Roy , S.; Shav-Tal , Y.; Singer , R.; Ut , Meier

  7. Gene expression within a dynamic nuclear landscape (�)

    Shav-Tal , Y.; Darzacq , X.; Singer , R.

  8. Xenopus egg extracts as a model system for understanding the role of topoisomerase II in the chromosome cycle. (�)

    O Germe T , Hyrien

  9. Proliferating human cells hypomorphic for Orc2 and pre-RC formation have a defect in p53 activation and CDK2 kinase activation. (�)

    Jk , Teezr; Machida , Y.; Labit , H.; Novac , O.; Hyrien , O.; Marheineke , K.; Zannis-Hadjopoulos , M.; Dutta , A.

  10. Broadening of DNA replication origin usage during metazoan cell differentiation (�)

    Dazy , S.; Gandillon , O.; Hyrien , O.; Mn , Prioleau

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