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1. (�) Design of rail-to-rail constant gm amplifier using 018 μm CMOS process - Li, Xiaochao; Zhou, Zhixin; Ye, Jun; Guo, Donghu; 李晓潮; 郭东辉
A rail-to-rail and constant gm operational amplifier was introduced with standard 0.18 μm CMOS technology. The constant gm was achieved by the minim μm current selecting circuit. The proposed class
- 23-jul-2015

2. (�) Arctic Siberia: Modern pollen dataset and pollen spectra changes over the last 7,000 years from a lacustrine sediment core (southern Taymyr region) - Klemm, Juliane; Herzschuh, Ulrike; Pestryakova, Ludmila A
Palaeoecological investigations in the larch forest-tundra ecotone in northern Siberia have the pote ...
(application/zip, 2 datasets) - 20-jul-2015

3. (�) Asymptomatic thoracic esophageal duplication cyst in a young adult with bronchiectasis - Tomar, Laxmikant Ramkumarsingh; Mannar, Velmurugan; Pruthi, Sonal; Aggarwal, Amitesh
- 18-jul-2015

4. (�) Depression and Anxiety Following Early Pregnancy Loss: Recommendations for Primary Care Providers - Nynas, Johnna; Narang, Puneet; Kolikonda, Murali K.; Lippmann, Steven
Early pregnancy loss is a shocking and traumatic event for women and their families. Miscarriage usu ...
- 09-jul-2015

5. (�) A Patient with Severe Pulmonary Hypertension for Hip Arthroplasty - Urban, Michael K.; Jules-Elysee, Kethy M.
- 09-jul-2015

6. (�) Site characteristics, and major and trace element composition of sediment cores sampled around the Windmill Islands in 1998 - Gasparon, Massimo; Ehrler, Katharina; Matschullat, Jörg; Melles, Martin
To establish a natural background and its temporal and spatial variability for the area around Casey ...
(application/zip, 4 datasets) - 08-jul-2015

7. (�) Physico-chemical characteristics and ikaite content of brine and ice samples taken during SIPEX and DDU campaigns in East Antarctica, 2007 - Fischer, Michael; Thomas, David N; Krell, Andreas; Nehrke, Gernot; Göttlicher, Jörg; Norman, Marc D; Meiners, Klaus M; Riaux-Gobin, C; Dieckmann, Gerhard
Calcium carbonate precipitation in sea ice is thought to potentially drive significant CO2 uptake by ...
(application/zip, 3 datasets) - 02-jul-2015

8. (�) Hypothermic Oxygenated Liver Perfusion: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Application - Schlegel, A.; Kron, P.; Dutkowski, P.
Dynamic preservation strategies such as hypothermic machine perfusion are increasingly discussed to ...
- 26-jun-2015

9. (�) Abundance and sizes of European oak species (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl., Quercus robur L.) in dependence of neighborhood and environmental factors - Annighöfer, Peter; Beckschäfer, Philip; Vor, Thorsten; Ammer, Christian
Quercus robur L. (pedunculate oak) and Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. (sessile oak) are two European ...
(application/zip, 3 datasets) - 28-jul-2015

10. (�) Current meter measurements during Panarea shallow-water diving campaign - Vielstädte, Lisa; Bigalke, Nikolaus
(text/tab-separated-values, 20970 data points) - 02-jul-2015

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