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1. (�) A CMOS MEMS Humidity Sensor Enhanced by a Capacitive Coupling Structure - Jian-Qiu Huang; Baoye Li; Wenhao Chen
complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) microelectromechanical system (MEMS) humidity sensor. The humidity sensor was fabricated by a post-CMOS process. Silver nanowires were dispersed onto the top of
- 26-may-2016

2. (�) Analysis of Mn nodules from cruise GH72-2 - Takeda, Hideo; Maruyama, Shuji; Yamakado, Norio; Inoue, Eiji; Iso, Miyoji; Matsumoto, Sakae; Suzuki, Taisuke; Usami, Takeshi; Tsurusaki, Katsuya; Handa, Keiji; Matsumoto, Eiji; Yuasa, Makoto
The GH72-2 shipborne survey was carried out in the northwest Pacific during 31 days under the 'Basic ...
(application/zip, 2 datasets) - 22-may-2016

3. (�) Radiation fluxes, soil heat flux, air temperature, soil temperature and soil moisture at dwarf shrubs and wet sedges in Kytalyk, NE Siberia - Juszak, Inge; Eugster, Werner; Heijmans, Monique MPD; Schaepman-Strub, Gabriela
shrubs conducted less heat resulting in a 17 cm shallower active layer as compared to sedges. This
(application/zip, 10 datasets) - 22-may-2016

4. (�) The application of a novel detector for X-ray diffraction study of breast cancer - Zheng, Y
to make this procedure possible was finding a suitable X-ray detector. A novel CMOS APS X-ray .... This detector was later proven to be suitable for mammography guided XRD, with a 12.8 cm × 13.1 cm
- 14-may-2016

5. (�) Analysis of Subthreshold Current Reset Noise in Image Sensors - Nobukazu Teranishi
To discuss the reset noise generated by slow subthreshold currents in image sensors, intuitive and s ...
- 26-may-2016

6. (�) Age model and stable isotopes of sediment cores from north-central Chile and south-central Chile - Bernhardt, Anne; Hebbeln, Dierk; Regenberg, Marcus; Lückge, Andreas; Strecker, Manfred R
Terrigenous sediment supply, marine transport, and depositional processes along tectonically active ...
(application/zip, 7 datasets) - 10-may-2016

7. (�) Heat transfer analysis of a fin with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient - Hadi Mirgolbabaee; Davood Domiri Ganji; Soheil Tahernejad Ledari; Hadi Mirgolbabaee; Davood Domiri Ganji; Soheil Tahernejad Ledari
In this paper Least Square Method (LSM), Collocation Method (CM) and new approach which called Akbari-Ganji’s Method (AGM) are applied to solve the nonlinear heat transfer equation of fin with power
- 08-may-2016

8. (�) Lysosomal alterations in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of Parkinson's disease patients. - Papagiannakis, N; Xilouri, M; Koros, C; Stamelou, M; Antonelou, R; Maniati, M; Papadimitriou, D; Moraitou, M; Michelakakis, H; Stefanis, L
BACKGROUND: Reduced expression of lysosomal-associated membrane protein 2a and heatshock-cognate 70 ...
- 02-may-2016

9. (�) Bulk mineralogy and membership degrees of sediments from the Heihai lake area - Ramisch, Arne; Lockot, Gregori; Haberzettl, Torsten; Hartmann, Kai; Kuhn, Gerhard; Lehmkuhl, Frank; Schimpf, Stefan; Schulte, Philipp; Stauch, Georg; Wang, Rong; Wünnemann, Bernd; Yan, Dada; Zhang, Yongzhan; Diekmann, Bernhard
Extra-tropical circulation systems impede poleward moisture advection by the Indian Summer Monsoon. ...
(application/zip, 17 datasets) - 18-may-2016

10. (�) Predicting visual outcomes for macular disease using optical coherence tomography. - Keane, PA; Sadda, SR
In recent years, the management of macular disease has undergone radical changes, in part because of ...
- 25-abr-2016

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