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1. (�) Study on Structure and Property of PAN//MWNTs Composite Fibers - Huiqin Zhang; Liyan Zhang; Xiaowei He. C
Abstract. Concentrated sulfuric and concentrated nitric acids treated multi-walled carbon nanotubes ...
(application/pdf) - 27-ago-2015

2. (�) On the realization of electronically current-tunable CMOSOTA - Khanittha Kaewdang; Wanlop Surakampontorn
A CMOS operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) called as an EOTA, where its transconductance ... achieved by squaring the transconductance gain of the balanced CMOS OTA. The EOTA transconductance
(application/pdf) - 26-ago-2015

3. (�) References - Julien Gomand; Raphaël Carpentier; Xavier Kestelyn; P. -j. Barre
of a high dynamic dual-drive gantry stage mechanical coupling on its performances
(application/pdf) - 26-ago-2015

4. (�) with - Alfredo Arnaud; Rafaella Fiorelli; Carlos Galup-montoro
On the design of very small transconductance OTAs
(application/pdf) - 26-ago-2015

5. (�) I - W. R. Stanton; John Innes
J o u r d of Geneml Microbiology, Vol. 7, Nos.:3 and 4
(application/pdf) - 25-ago-2015

6. (�) This work was supported by IDEC. Ku-band LNA Design in 0.18 ㎛ Logic CMOS Technology
Abstract- A Ku-band CMOS low noise amplifier (LNA) have been designed in a Dongbu-Anam 0.18 ㎛ CMOS process. Design procedure and simulation results are presented in this paper. This makes the design
(application/pdf) - 25-ago-2015

7. (�) Hybrid CMOS focal plane array with extended UV and NIR response for space applications”, Focal Plane Arrays for Space Telescopes - Y. Bai; S. G. Bernd; J. R. Hosack; M. C. Farris; J. T. Montroy; J. Bajaj
Silicon-based hybrid CMOS focal plane array technology offers many advantages needed for both ... simplification to system designs. In this paper, Rockwell Scientific CMOS-based hybrid silicon FPA technology
(application/pdf) - 24-ago-2015

8. (�) weight loss pat - Moustapha Hamdi A; John B. Hijjawi B; T Ge; Perforator Flap
intercostal arte
(application/pdf) - 24-ago-2015

9. (�) Sensors and Actuators B 97 (2004) 122–131 CMOS readout circuitry for ISFET microsystems - Arkadiy Morgenshtein A; Liby Sudakov-boreysha A; Uri Dinnar A
CMOS ISFET-based microsystems is described. This design technique allows body effect elimination ... layout implementations in a standard 1.6m CMOS technology. © 2003 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
(application/pdf) - 24-ago-2015

10. (�) Spiral Cu Inductor - Jyh-chyurn Guo
Abstract—Logic CMOS-based RF technology is introduced for a 10-Gb transceiver in which active and passive RF devices have been realized in a single chip. RF nMOS of 115-GHz, 100-GHz max and sub-1.0
(application/pdf) - 24-ago-2015

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