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  1. The Bulletin of the Paterson Free Public Library. (�)

    Paterson (N.J.). Free Public Library.
    Title from cover.
    (bib) 18-abr-2017

  2. A union world catalog of manuscript books, preliminary studies in method, (�)

    Richardson, Ernest Cushing, 1860-1939.; American Library Association. Committee on Bibliography.
    At head of title: The American library association. Commitee on bibliography.
    (ren) 07-abr-2017

  3. Subsurface information catalog, 1968-1974 (�)

    Adams, Barbara J.

  4. A catalogue of the well known valuable and truly capital collection of pictures, forming an assemblage of the great and most admired masters of the Italian, French, Flemish, and Dutch schools : particularly Raphael, Titian, Giorgione, Carravagio, Spagniolet, Sal. Rosa, Han. Carrache, Dominichino, Murillo, And. Sacchi, Carlo Dolci, Albano, Nic. Poussin, Claude, Le Suere, Le Nain, Rubens, Vandyck, Teniers, Rembrandt, Wouvermans, Chef V.D. Werff, Cuyp, Jan Steen, &c. : also, a most capital Madona, with the Bambino, Raphael : the chess-players, by Titian ; Venus and Adonis, a chef d'œuvre, N. Poussin : a sea port, Claude : the interment of a cardinal, by Van Eyke, a picture of great antiquity : Jason with the dragon, by Sal. Rosa, a most extraordinary and capital performance : a selection of original portraits of the most celebrated artists and authors ; miniatures, bronzes of the first class, &c. &c. formed by the late Earl of Besborough, deceased, not less distinguished for his exquisite taste, than for his liberality in collecting : which will be sold by auction by Mr. Christie at his Great Room, Pall Mall, on Thursday, February 5, 1801, and two following days, at twelve o'clock. (�)

    Christie, Mr. (James), 1730-1803.; Bessborough, William Ponsonby, ǂc Earl of, ǂd 1704-1793.
    Getty Research Institute's copy 3 in later state with title page corrections. "Han. Carrache" is cor ...
    (bib) 28-mar-2017

  5. Bulletin / (�)

    Helena Public Library (Mont.)
    Title from caption.
    (bib; bib) 28-mar-2017

  6. Bulletin of the Library Association of Portland. (�)

    Library Association (Portland, Or.)
    Description based on: new ser., n. 4, no. 1 (Mar. 1907).
    (bib; bib; bib; bib; bib; bib) 21-mar-2017

  7. Bulletin of the Pratt Institute Free Library. (�)

    Pratt Institute. Free Library.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib; bib) 21-mar-2017

  8. Newspapers in Maryland libraries : a union list / (�)

    Hofstetter, Eleanore O.; Eustis, Marcella S. joint author.; Maryland Library Association. Academic and Research Division.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (ncn) 14-mar-2017

  9. Planck 2015 results XXVI. The Second Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources (�)

    Ade, PAR; Aghanim, N; Argueeso, F; Arnaud, M; Ashdown, M; Aumont, J; Baccigalupi, C; Banday, AJ; Barreiro, RB; Bartolo, N; Battaner, E; Beichman, C; Benabed, K; Benoit, A; Benoit-Levy, A; Bernard, J-P; Bersanelli, M; Bielewicz, P; Bock, JJ; Boehringer, H; Bonaldi, A; Bonavera, L; Bond, JR; Borrill, J; Bouchet, FR; Boulanger, F; Bucher, M; Burigana, C; Butler, RC; Calabrese, E; Cardoso, J-F; Carvalho, P; Catalano, A; Challinor, A; Chamballu, A; Chary, R-R; Chiang, HC; Christensen, PR; Clemens, M; Clements, DL; Colombi, S; Colombo, LPL; Combet, C; Couchot, F; Coulais, A; Crill, BP; Curto, A; Cuttaia, F; Danese, L; Davies, RD; Davis, RJ; de Bernardis, P; de Rosa, A; de Zotti, G; Delabrouille, J; Desert, F-X; Dickinson, C; Diego, JM; Dole, H; Donzelli, S; Dore, O; Douspis, M; Ducout, A; Dupac, X; Efstathiou, G; Elsner, F; Ensslin, TA; Eriksen, HK; Falgarone, E; Fergusson, J; Finelli, F; Forni, O; Frailis, M; Fraisse, AA; Franceschi, E; Frejsel, A; Galeotta, S; Galli, S; Ganga, K; Giard, M; Giraud-Heraud, Y; Gjerlow, E; Gonzalez-Nuevo, J; Gorski, KM; Gratton, S; Gregorio, A; Gruppuso, A; Gudmundsson, JE; Hansen, FK; Hanson, D; Harrison, DL; Helou, G; Henrot-Versille, S; Hernandez-Monteagudo, C; Herranz, D; Hildebrandt, SR; Hivon, E; Hobson, M; Holmes, WA; Hornstrup, A; Hovest, W; Huffenberger, KM; Hurier, G; Jaffe, AH; Jaffe, TR; Jones, WC; Juvela, M; Keihanen, E; Keskitalo, R; Kisner, TS; Kneissl, R; Knoche, J; Kunz, M; Kurki-Suonio, H; Lagache, G; Lahteenmaki, A; Lamarre, J-M; Lasenby, A; Lattanzi, M; Lawrence, CR; Leahy, JP; Leonardi, R; Leon-Tavares, J; Lesgourgues, J; Levrier, F; Liguori, M; Lilje, PB; Linden-Vornle, M; Lopez-Caniego, M; Lubin, PM; Macias-Perez, JF; Maggio, G; Maino, D; Mandolesi, N; Mangilli, A; Maris, M; Marshall, DJ; Martin, PG; Martinez-Gonzalez, E; Masi, S; Matarrese, S; McGehee, P; Meinhold, PR; Melchiorri, A; Mendes, L; Mennella, A; Migliaccio, M; Mitra, S; Miville-Deschenes, M-A; Moneti, A; Montier, L; Morgante, G; Mortlock, D; Moss, A; Munshi, D; Murphy, JA; Naselsky, P; Nati, F; Natoli, P; Negrello, M; Netterfield, CB; Norgaard-Nielsen, HU; Noviello, F; Novikov, D; Novikov, I; Oxborrow, CA; Paci, F; Pagano, L; Pajot, F; Paladini, R; Paoletti, D; Partridge, B; Pasian, F; Patanchon, G; Pearson, TJ; Perdereau, O; Perotto, L; Perrotta, F; Pettorino, V; Piacentini, F; Piat, M; Pierpaoli, E; Pietrobon, D; Plaszczynski, S; Pointecouteau, E; Polenta, G; Pratt, GW; Prezeau, G; Prunet, S; Puget, J-L; Rachen, JP; Reach, WT; Rebolo, R; Reinecke, M; Remazeilles, M; Renault, C; Renzi, A; Ristorcelli, I; Rocha, G; Rosset, C; Rossetti, M; Roudier, G; Rowan-Robinson, M; Rubino-Martin, JA; Rusholme, B; Sandri, M; Sanghera, HS; Santos, D; Savelainen, M; Savini, G; Scott, D; Seiffert, MD; Shellard, EPS; Spencer, LD; Stolyarov, V; Sudiwala, R; Sunyaev, R; Sutton, D; Suur-Uski, A-S; Sygnet, J-F; Tauber, JA; Terenzi, L; Toffolatti, L; Tomasi, M; Tornikoski, M; Tristram, M; Tucci, M; Tuovinen, J; Turler, M; Umana, G; Valenziano, L; Valiviita, J; Van Tent, B; Vielva, P; Villa, F; Wade, LA; Walter, B; Wandelt, BD; Wehus, IK; Yvon, D; Zacchei, A; Zonca, A
    The Second Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources is a catalogue of sources detected in single-frequenc ...
    (text) 28-feb-2017

  10. Catalogue of the medical publications of F.A. Davis, medical publisher and bookseller. (�)

    F.A. Davis (Firm)
    Originally bound with: Edinger, Ludwig, Twelve lectures on the structure of the central nervous syst ...
    (bib) 21-feb-2017

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