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  1. Development and characterization of chitosan/gelatin electrosprayed microparticles as food grade delivery vehicles for anthocyanin extracts (�)

    Atay, Elif; Fabra, María José; Martínez Sanz, Marta; Gómez-Mascaraque, Laura G.; López-Rubio, Amparo
    This work reports on the development of electrosprayed chitosan/gelatin microparticles for encapsulation purposes. Initially, the effects of the chitosan molecular weight (Mw), biopolymers and

  2. Macroporous poly(lactic acid) construct supporting the osteoinductive porous chitosan-based hydrogel for bone tissue engineering (�)

    Rogina, A.; Pribolsan, L.; Hanzek, A.; Gomez-Estrada, L.; Gallego Ferrer, G.; Marijanovic, I.; Ivankovic, M.; Ivankovic, H.
    [EN] Poor mechanical performance of porous chitosan-hydroxyapatite systems is the main limitation ... with osteoinductive and bioresorbable properties of chitosan-hydroxyapatite porous hydrogel, we can

  3. Chitosan Interaction with Iron from Yoghurt Using an In Vitro Digestive Model: Comparative Study with Plant Dietary Fibers (�)

    Dello Staffolo, Marina; Martino, Miriam Nora; Bevilacqua, Alicia; Montero, Mirta; Rodríguez, María Susana; Albertengo, Liliana
    The objective of this work was to investigate the interaction of chitosan with iron from yoghurt by an in vitro gastrointestinal tract model. Taking into account that chitosan is a polysaccharide

  4. Grapefruit Seed Extract and Lemon Essential Oil as Active Agents in Corn Starch-Chitosan Blend Films (�)

    Bof, M.J.; Jiménez, A.; Locaso, D.E.; García, M.A.; Chiralt, A.
    [EN] The effect of lemon essential oil (LEO) and grapefruit seed extract (GSE) addition to starch-chitosan blend films on their functional properties and the associated structural changes were

  5. Metalloproteinase and cytokine production by THP-1 macrophages following exposure to chitosan-DNA nanoparticles. (�)

    Chellat , Fatiha; Grandjean-Laquerriere , Alexia; Le Naour , Richard; Fernandes , Julio ,; Yahia , L'Hocine; Guenounou , Moncef; Laurent-Maquin , Dominique
    applications. Chitosan is among the candidate polymers that have a potential application as a gene delivery system. Before using chitosan-DNA nanoparticles in vivo, one must study their interaction and cell's

  6. Effect of chitosan on fungal physiology: role of Pochonia chlamydosporia chitosanases and chitin deacetylases in nematode parasitism and bioethanol production (�)

    Aranda-Martínez, Almudena

  7. Insightful understanding of the role of clay topology on the stability of biomimetic hybrid chitosan-clay thin films and CO2-dried porous aerogel microspheres (�)

    Frindy, Sana; Primo Arnau, Ana Maria; Qaiss, Abou el Kacem; Bouhfid, Rachid; Lahcini, Mohamed; García Gómez, Hermenegildo; Bousmina, Mosto; El Kadib, Abdelkrim
    halloysite (HNT) and micro-fibrillar sepiolite (SP) were used for the synthesis of hybrid chitosan ... interaction by the clay microstructure. Upon casting, chitosan-clay films displayed enhanced hydrophilicity

  8. Influence of liposome encapsulated essential oils on properties of chitosan films (�)

    Valencia-Sullca, Cristina Encarnación; Jiménez Serrallé, Miriam; Jiménez Marco, Alberto; Atarés Huerta, Lorena María; Vargas, Maria; Chiralt A.
    [EN] The effect of the encapsulation of eugenol and cinnamon leaf essential oil (CLEO) in lecithin liposomes on the losses of these compounds during the chitosan film formation process by casting was

  9. Mechanical and barrier properties of nanocrystalline cellulose reinforced chitosan based nanocomposite films. (�)

    Khan, Avik; Khan, Ruhul A; Salmieri, Stephane; Le Tien, Canh; Riedl, Bernard; Bouchard, Jean; Chauve, Gregory; Tan, Victor; Kamal, Musa R; Lacroix, Monique
    International audience

  10. Chitosan nanogels for biomedical applications: choosing a suitable sterilization method (�)

    Galante, Raquel; Satiko, Irene; Bou-Chacra, Nádia; Colaço, Rogério; Serro, Ana Paula; Pinto, Terezinha J. A.
    Poster presented at the 10th World Biomaterials Congress. Montreal, Canada, 17-22 May 2016

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