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1. (�) Heuristic optimization of RC bridge piers with rectangular hollow sections - Martínez Martín, Francisco Joaquín; Gonzalez Vidosa, Fernando; Hospitaler Pérez, Antonio; Yepes Piqueras, Víctor
euros, which means savings of about 33% as compared to experience-based design. Finally, results
- 27-may-2015

2. (�) Structural Optimization of Deploying Structures Composed of Linkages - Thrall, A. P.; Zhu, M.; Guest, J. K.; Paya-Zaforteza, Ignacio; Adriaenssens, S.
a challenging design problem. Geometry, meaning the lengths and relative angles of members, is critical to achieving stable deployment to a desired span, while the design must also satisfy structural
- 27-may-2015

3. (�) An Anomaly Correlation Skill Score for the Evaluation of the Performance of Hyperspectral Infrared Sounders - Barnet, Chris; Maddy, Eric; Aumann, Hartmut H.; Blackwell, William; Manning, Evan
With the availability of very accurate forecasts, the metric of accuracy alone for the evaluation of ...
(text) - 24-may-2015

4. (�) Water Contaminant Mitigation in Ionic Liquid Propellant - Ziemer, John; Conroy, David
Appropriate system and operational requirements are needed in order to ensure mission success withou ...
(text) - 24-may-2015

5. (�) ACCESS Pointing Control System - Moody, Dwight; Bronowicki, Allen; Vallone, Phillip; Camelo, Vanessa; Orzechowski, Pawel; Spitter, Connie; Elias, Jason; Hejal, Reem; Partrick, Richard; O'Connor, David; Egerman, Robert; Lillie, Chuck; Brugarolas, Paul; Alexander, James; Trauger, John
ACCESS (Actively-Corrected Coronograph for Exoplanet System Studies) was one of four medium-class ex ...
(text) - 24-may-2015

6. (�) Engineering a Solution to Jupiter Exploration - Pappalardo, Robert; Clark, Karla; Magner, Thomas; Lisano, Michael
The Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) would be an international mission with the overall theme of ...
(text) - 24-may-2015

7. (�) Characterizing DSN System Frequency Stability with Spacecraft Tracking Data - Bedrossian, A.; Pham, T.; Machuzak, R.
This paper describes a recent effort in characterizing frequency stability performance of the ground ...
(text) - 24-may-2015

8. (�) Incorporation of Uncertainties in the Mars Science Laboratory Rover Loads Analysis - Peng, Chia-Yen; Lih, Mike; Ortiz, Gary
No abstract available
(text) - 24-may-2015

9. (�) O Modelo de Design Thinking como Indutor da Inovação nas Empresas: Um Estudo Empírico - Bonini, Luiz Alberto; Sbragia, Roberto
empathize with the basic human needs.In this context, the Design Thinking emerges as a model of innovation ... this study is toexplore the model of Design Thinking from the perspective of innovation strategic
(application/pdf) - 24-may-2015

10. (�) Crew-Aided Autonomous Navigation Project - Holt, Greg
Manual capability to perform star/planet-limb sightings provides a cheap, simple, and robust backup ...
(application/pdf) - 23-may-2015

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