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  1. Open-Loop Flight Testing of COBALT GN&C Technologies for Precise Soft Landing (�)

    Carson, John M., III; Restrepo, Carolina I.; Amzajerdian, Farzin; Seubert, Carl R.
    A terrestrial, open-loop (OL) flight test campaign of the NASA COBALT (CoOperative Blending of Auton ...
    (application/pdf) 26-feb-2017

  2. An Experimental Investigation of Jet Noise from Septa(e) Nozzles (�)

    Fagan, Amy; Bridges, James; Zaman, Khairul; Brown, Cliff
    Noise from septa nozzles is studied experimentally.
    (application/pdf) 26-feb-2017

  3. NewSpace: The Emerging Commercial Space Industry (�)

    Martin, Gary
    We are at a turning point in the history of space exploration and development, where new industries ...
    (application/pdf) 26-feb-2017

  4. Drug-lipid interaction evaluation: why a 19th century solution? (�)

    Ribeiro, MM; Melo, MN; Serrano, ID; Santos, NC; Castanho, MA
    The affinity of a drug candidate for a biological membrane (its lipophilicity) is closely related to ...

  5. Chemical conjugation of the neuropeptide kyotorphin and ibuprofen enhances brain targeting and analgesia. (�)

    Ribeiro, MM; Pinto, AR; Domingues, MM; Serrano, I; Heras, M; Bardaji, ER; Tavares, I; Castanho, MA
    The pharmaceutical potential of natural analgesic peptides is mainly hampered by their inability to cross the blood-brain barrier, BBB. Increasing peptide-cell membrane affinity through drug design

  6. The SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: selecting emission line galaxies using the Fisher discriminant (�)

    Raichoor, A; Comparat, J; Delubac, T; Kneib, J-P; Yeche, C; Zou, H; Abdalla, FB; Dawson, K; de la Macorra, A; Fan, X; Fan, Z; Jiang, Z; Jing, Y; Jouvel, S; Lang, D; Lesser, M; Li, C; Ma, J; Newman, JA; Nie, J; Palanque-Delabrouille, N; Percival, WJ; Prada, F; Shen, S; Wang, J; Wu, Z; Zhang, T; Zhou, X; Zhou, Z

  7. Mars Phoenix Scout Thermal Evolved Gas Analyzer (TEGA) Database: Thermal Database Development and Analysis (�)

    Ming, D. W.; Hamara, D.; Stein, T. C.; Niles, P. B.; Archer, D.; Boynton, W. V.; Sutter, B.
    The Mars Phoenix Scout Lander mission in 2008 examined the history of water, searched for organics, ...
    (application/pdf) 25-feb-2017

  8. Cooling of Electric Motors Used for Propulsion on SCEPTOR (�)

    Christie, Robert; Derlaga, Joseph; Dubois, Authur
    Benefits of Electric Power: Reduced energy consumption, Lower emissions, Less noise. Traction motors ...
    (application/pdf) 25-feb-2017

  9. Background-Oriented Schlieren used in a hypersonic inlet test at NASA GRC (�)

    Woike, Mark; Saunders, John; Clem, Michelle
    Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) is a derivative of the classical schlieren technology, which is ...
    (application/pdf) 25-feb-2017

  10. Organizing for technology in practice: implementing Building Information Modeling in a design firm (�)

    Morgan, B
    implement Building Information Modeling (BIM) in a large design firm working in the industry. An

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