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  1. Arterial Decellularized Scaffolds Produced Using an Innovative Automatic System. (�)

    Pellegata, AF; Dominioni, T; Ballo, F; Maestroni, S; Asnaghi, MA; Zerbini, G; Zonta, S; Mantero, S
    There is still an unmet clinical need for small-caliber artery substitution. Decellularized scaffold ...

  2. Life cycle assessment of energy conservation measures during early stage office building design: A case study in London, UK (�)

    Azzouz, A; Borchers, M; Moreira, J; Mavrogianni, A

  3. Assessment of RT-qPCR normalization strategies for accurate quantification of extracellular microRNAs in murine serum. (�)

    Roberts, TC; Coenen-Stass, AML; Wood, MJA
    Extracellular microRNAs (miRNAs) are under investigation as minimally-invasive biomarkers for a wide ...

  4. Alzheimer's disease: a treatment in sight? (�)

    Lovestone, S; Howard, R

  5. SphinX: The Solar Photometer in X-Rays (�)

    Gburek, S; Sylwester, J; Kowalinski, M; Bakala, J; Kordylewski, Z; Podgorski, P; Plocieniak, S; Siarkowski, M; Sylwester, B; Trzebinski, W; Kuzin, SV; Pertsov, AA; Kotov, YD; Farnik, F; Reale, F; Phillips, KJH

  6. Early performance-based and patient-reported outcomes of a contemporary taper fit bone-conserving short stem femoral component in total hip arthroplasty. (�)

    Hossain, F; Konan, S; Volpin, A; Haddad, FS
    AIMS: The aim of this study was to compare early functional and health related quality of life outco ...

  7. Excess mortality after hip fracture in elderly persons from Europe and the USA: the CHANCES project (�)

    Katsoulis, M; Benetou, V; Karapetyan, T; Feskanich, D; Grodstein, F; Pettersson-Kymmer, U; Eriksson, S; Wilsgaard, T; Jorgensen, L; Ahmed, LA; Schoettker, B; Brenner, H; Bellavia, A; Wolk, A; Kubinova, R; Stegeman, B; Bobak, M; Boffetta, P; Trichopoulou, A

  8. How individual participant data meta-analyses have influenced trial design, conduct, and analysis. (�)

    Tierney, JF; Pignon, JP; Gueffyier, F; Clarke, M; Askie, L; Vale, CL; Burdett, S; Cochrane IPDs Methods Group,
    design and conduct of trials and highlight other advantages IPD might offer.Potential examples of the ... aspects of trial design and conduct that may inform IPD meta-analyses. We identified 52 examples of
    (text) 23-abr-2017

  9. Full-scale resistance prediction in finite waters: A study using computational fluid dynamics simulations, model test experiments and sea trial measurements (�)

    Haase, M; Davidson, G; Binns, J; Thomas, G; Bose, N
    The development of large medium-speed catamarans aims increasing economic viability and reducing the ...

  10. Design of an unknown input observer to enhance driver experience of electric power steering systems (�)

    Reichhartinger, M; Spurgeon, SK; Weyrer, M
    Electric power steering (EPS) systems assist the driver during manoeuvres by applying an additional ...
    (text) 22-abr-2017

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