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1. (�) L'ornement des tissus : recueil historique et pratique / - Dupont-Auberville, A.; Bachelin, Antoine, called Bachelin-Deflorenne, 1835-
Issued in portfolio.
- 09-feb-2016

2. (�) Users guide: computer program for analysis of planar grid structures (CGRID) / - Dawkins, William P.; Computer-aided Structural Engineering Project.; United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.; U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
"April 1988."
- 09-feb-2016

3. (�) The PARMESH dynamics program-III / - Anderson, Jess.; Parzen, G. author; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.; Midwestern Universities Research Association.
This report is a continuation of reports MURA-629, 630, and describes various different field inputs ...
- 09-feb-2016

4. (�) Design and materials as affected by elevated temperatures / - Adolphson, D. R.; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.; Sandia Corporation.
"Work performed under AEC Contract AT-(29-1)-789."
- 09-feb-2016

5. (�) Analytical methods and design implications of deterministic ride quality criteria. Final report. - Hedrick, J. K. (J. Karl); White, R. C., Jr.; Firouztash, H.
Transportation Department, Office of University Research, Washington, D.C.
- 09-feb-2016

6. (�) Polytopic invariant and contractive sets for closed-loop discrete fuzzy systems - Arino, Carlos; Perez, Emilio; Sala Piqueras, Antonio; Bedate, Fernando
In this work a procedure for obtaining polytopic lambda-contractive sets for Takagi Sugeno fuzzy sys ...
- 09-feb-2016

7. (�) Double-Blinding and Bias in Medication and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Trials for Major Depressive Disorder [version 2; referees: 2 approved] - Douglas Berger
While double-blinding is a crucial aspect of study design in an interventional clinical trial of medication for a disorder with subjective endpoints such as major depressive disorder, psychotherapy
- 09-feb-2016

8. (�) Designing A Simple Folder Structure For A Complex Domain - Torkil Clemmensen
work interaction design (HWID) by identifying the type of relations connecting design artifacts with work analysis and interaction design processes. The action research method was used, with the
- 09-feb-2016

9. (�) Mining Creativity Research To Inform Design Rationale In Open Source Communities - Winslow Burleson; Priyamvada Tripathi
Design rationale can act as a creativity support tool. Recent findings from the field of creativity research present new opportunities that can guide the implementation and evaluation of design
- 09-feb-2016

10. (�) Collaborative Design Rationale And Social Creativity In Cultures Of Participation - Gerhard Fischer; Frank Shipman
and fundamental opportunities and challenges for rethinking and reinventing design rationale and ... case studies), and provides evidence that design rationale and creativity need not be at odds with each
- 09-feb-2016

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