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1. (�) SCHMALSTIEG D.: Importance-Driven compositing window managment - Manuela Waldner; Markus Steinberger; Raphael Grasset; Dieter Schmalstieg
In this paper we present importance-driven compositing window management, which considers windows no ...
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

2. (�) General Terms - Gilly Leshed; Phoebe Sengers
coping practices around busyness. Grounded in our obser-vations we propose design principles for
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

3. (�) Constitution of Design Management System for Curtain Wall - Hong-kyoon Lim; Sang-ho Yoon; Jae-youl Chun
Abstract: The curtain wall design process of Korea can be mainly divided into Basic DWG phase performed in architectural design phase and Shop DWG phase performed in the curtain wall design phase
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

4. (�) Behavioral Reactivity and Real Time Programming - Peter King; Patrick Schmitz; Simon Thompson
XML and its associated languages are emerging as powerful authoring tools for multimedia and hyperme ...
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

5. (�) A finite element study - Peter Quesada; Harry B. Skinner
Abstract-In this study, a finite element (FE) model of a below-knee prosthesis of patellar tendon-bearing (PTB) design, and several altered variations of the model have been constructed. A load of
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

6. (�) Health Organization (WHO), the Community oriented - Arvind Chopra
Associations for Rheumatology (ILAR) and the World
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

7. (�) SENSOR REPORT SERIES 2008/01 SENSOR Sustainable Impact Assessment: Tools for Environmental, Social and Economic Effects of Multifunctional Land Use in European Regions Title Structural Design of the SIA Tool for end users
identification components and a valuation component including interfaces for visualisation tools Sub ...
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

8. (�) Dissolving a Partnership Efficiently - Peter Cramton; Robert Gibbons; Paul Klempereri
Several partners jointly own an asset that may be traded among them. Each partner has a valuation fo ...
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

9. (�) Hybrid HVDC for the Supply of Power to Offshore Oil Platforms - B. R. Andersen; L. Xu; P. Cartwright
Abstract-- A HVDC hybrid system, comprising a line commutated thyristor HVDC converter and a STATCOM ...
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

10. (�) The X-COSIM integration framework for a seamless semantic desktop - Thomas Franz; Steffen Staab; Richard Arndt
dedicated to supporting complex work processes. We present the design of X-COSIMO and illustrate the
(application/pdf) - 28-nov-2014

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