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  1. Assessment of the equivalence of a generic to a branded femoral stem (�)

    Hothi, H; Henckel, J; Shearing, P; Holme, T; Cerquiglini, A; Di Laura, A; Atrey, A; Skinner, J; Hart, A

  2. How computational agent-based models trigger creative insights into architectural and urban design education (�)

    Al-Sayed, K
    integral feature in the design process. Teaching design computation offers an opportunity to explore ... approach in design and decision-making is conveyed through experiential object-based learning, and

  3. Analysis of Multiband Monostatic and Bistatic Radar Signatures of Wind Turbines (�)

    Fioranelli, F; Ritchie, M; Griffiths, H; Balleri, A
    This paper presents the results of recent measurements taken with two radar systems to measure the s ...
    (text) 25-may-2017

  4. Nathan Lerner collection of visual materials (�)

    Lerner, Nathan, 1913-1997 (photographer);
    Design, and later the Institute of Design in Chicago (Ill.) for many years. Collection contains primarily original negatives and slides of his early photographic work, of his paintings, and of his design
    (circa 100 photographic prints : b&w ; 4 x 5 in. or smaller. (Series 1). ca. 50 photograph prints : b&w ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller. (Series 1). ca. 100 photographic prints : col. ; 4 x 5 in. or smaller. (Series 2). ca. 50 photographic prints : col. ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller. (Series 2). 4 photomechanical prints (posters) : col. ; 32 x 21 in. and smaller. (Series 3). 2 boxes (index cards). (Series 4). ca. 12,750 negatives : b&w ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller. (Series 5). 1 negative : cellulose nitrate ; 5 x 7 in. (Series 5). ca. 2000 transparencies (slides) : col. ; 35 mm. (Series 6). ca. 1900 negatives : col. ; 4 x 5 in. or smaller. (Series 7). 5 films : b&w ; 16 mm. (Series 8). 3 films : col. ; 16 mm. and smaller. (Series 9). 8 videotapes. (Series 10).) 24-may-2017

  5. Reasserting curriculum design through virtual learning environments : The case of MAPE (�)

    Sousa, Francisco
    the role of curriculum design in contemporary Curriculum Studies. Assuming that curriculum design can ... design and e-learning. The methodology that has been used to study the development of MAPE is design

  6. Challenges and opportunities for digital marketing within contemporary art book publishing (�)

    Grima, M-C
    This dissertation examines a number of challenges and opportunities in digital marketing within cont ...
    (text) 18-may-2017

  7. Channel coding for progressive images in a 2-D time-frequency OFDM block with channel estimation errors. (�)

    Toni, L; Chan, YS; Cosman, PC; Milstein, LB
    Coding and diversity are very effective techniques for improving transmission reliability in a mobil ...

  8. The use of 'exploratory learning' for supporting immersive learning in virtual environments (�)

    de Freitas, S; Neumann, T
    User interfaces are becoming more intuitive following the requirements of the individual learner and ...
    (text) 17-may-2017

  9. Motivating children's initiations with novelty and surprise: initial design recommendations for autism (�)

    Alcorn, AM; Pain, H; Good, J
    design principles for including discrepancies as motivators, while still maintaining the VE's overall

  10. Macrocyclic naphthalene diimides as G-quadruplex binders (�)

    Marchetti, C; Minarini, A; Tumiatti, V; Moraca, F; Parrotta, L; Alcaro, S; Rigo, R; Sissi, C; Gunaratnam, M; Ohnmacht, SA; Neidle, S; Milelli, A

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