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  1. The role of persistent organic pollutants on Prochlorococcus photosynthetic capability under the global change scenario (�)

    Fernández Pinos, María del Carmen
    This thesis aims to assess the effects of the complex mixture of organic pollutants on the Prochloro ...
    (223 p.; application/pdf) 05-nov-2016

  2. Nuevo concepto de puente de vigas hinchables ligero, modular y portátil (�)

    Estruch i Tena, Carles
    We propose to develop, build and validate a new Concept of Bridge composed of Inflatable Beams, Ligh ...
    (161 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  3. Characterization of hydrological processes in a Mediterranean mountain research catchment by combining distributed hydrological measurements and environmental tracers (�)

    Roig Planasdemunt, Maria
    The main objective of this thesis is to characterize hydrological processes in a Mediterranean mount ...
    (171 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  4. Evaluation of the effects of recycled aggregates on the properties of high performance concrete (�)

    Gonzàlez Corominas, Andreu
    In recent decades, the use of High Performance Concrete (HPC) has grown vastly, being used in multip ...
    (229 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  5. The structure and dynamics of complex microbe-host interaction networks (�)

    Björk, Johannes
    Microbes form intricate and intimate relationships with most animals and plants, many of which are c ...
    (217 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  6. Phase field approach to fracture : massive parallelization and crack identification (�)

    Ziaei-Rad, Vahid
    The phase field method has proven to be an important tool in computational fracture mechanics in tha ...
    (122 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  7. Computational multiscale analysis of masonry structures (�)

    Petracca, Massimo
    Masonry is an ancient building material that has been used throughout the history, and it is still u ...
    (205 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  8. Measuring impact loads on rigid coastal structures (�)

    Marzeddu, Andrea
    The aim of this work is the study of laboratory effects on the measurement of wave impact induced lo ...
    (138 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  9. Diseño de una nueva barrera continua de hormigón "in situ" (�)

    Cañas Gallart, Jordi
    Pervious concrete is a special material with high permeability usually obtained by reducing the amou ...
    (543 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  10. Transport of water, vapour, heat and solutes in concrete for storing radioactive waste (�)

    Chaparro Sánchez, M. Carme
    Cementitious materials are used as barriers in radioactive waste storage. Hence, transport processes ...
    (149 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

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