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  1. Mobilities at the edge: splintering urbanism and transport-related social exclusion in Soacha, Colombia, 2000-2013 (�)

    Oviedo Hernandez, DR
    social exclusion, critically examining the elements that play a role in allowing residents to gain ... exclusion, aiming to complement current theory and practice related to transport and urban planning in

  2. KPZ equation limit of higher-spin exclusion processes (�)

    Corwin, Ivan; Tsai, Li-Cheng
    We prove that under a particular weak scaling, the 4-parameter interacting particle system introduce ...
    (application/pdf) 17-may-2017

  3. A guide to phylogenetic metrics for conservation, community ecology and macroecology (�)

    Tucker, CM; Cadotte, MW; Carvalho, SB; Davies, TJ; Ferrier, S; Fritz, SA; Grenyer, R; Helmus, MR; Jin, LS; Mooers, AO; Pavoine, S; Purschke, O; Redding, DW; Rosauer, DF; Winter, M; Mazel, F

  4. A qualitative study of uptake of free vitamins in England (�)

    Jessiman, T; Cameron, A; Wiggins, M; Lucas, PJ
    ABSTRACT Objective To identify reasons why eligible families are not accessing free ?Healthy Start? ...

  5. Gender, Education and Women's Power: Indian state and civil society intersections in DPEP (District Primary Education Programme) and Mahila Samakhya (�)

    Unterhalter, E; Dutt, S

  6. Cox regression with exclusion frequency-based weights to identify neuroimaging markers relevant to Huntington’s disease onset (�)

    Garcia, Tanya P.; Müller, Samuel
    each predictor through data-driven weights called exclusion frequencies. The exclusion frequencies
    (application/pdf) 11-ene-2017

  7. Heterozygous deletions at the ZEB1 locus verify haploinsufficiency as the mechanism of disease for posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy type 3 (�)

    Liskova, P; Evans, CJ; Davidson, AE; Zaliova, M; Dudakova, L; Trkova, M; Stranecky, V; Carnt, N; Plagnol, V; Vincent, AL; Tuft, SJ; Hardcastle, AJ

  8. Monotonicity properties of exclusion sensitivity (�)

    Palö Forsström, Malin
    In [3], exclusion sensitivity and exclusion stability for symmetric exclusion processes on graphs ... exclusion processes on complete graphs.
    (application/pdf) 24-feb-2017

  9. Social Exclusion through Legal Naming Events: The Case Study of Violence against Women by Male Partners (�)

    Ohana, N
    My research investigates the relationship between mechanisms of legal-knowledge production and the m ...

  10. The Illegal Economy: from the Perspective of Socioeconomic Reproduction (�)

    Augusto Rigoberto López Ramírez

    As with painting a picture, perspective is one element in the composition of an image. There are ...

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