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1. (�) Preventive Effects of Cocoa and Cocoa Antioxidants in Colon Cancer - María Angeles Martín; Luis Goya; Sonia Ramos
targets and mechanisms whereby cocoa and their flavonoids could interfere with colonic cancer. In
- 26-ene-2016

2. (�) Erythrina abyssinica reduces astrocytosis in T.brucei brucei chronic mouse
- Johnson Nasimolo; Peter Gathumbi; John Maina Kagira
Human African trypanosomiasis is prevalent in Sub-sahara African countries that lie ...
- 16-ene-2016

3. (�) Modulation of neurotrophic signaling pathways by polyphenols - Moosavi F; Hosseini R; Saso L; Firuzi O
flavonoids such as baicalein, daidzein, luteolin, and nobiletin as well as nonflavonoid polyphenols ... is the mechanism of neurotrophic action of flavonoids such as scutellarin, daidzein, genistein, and
- 29-dic-2015

4. (�) Effects of dietary brown propolis on nutrient intake and digestibility in feedlot lambs - Jonilson Araújo da Silva; Camila Celeste Brandão Ferreira Ítavo; Luís Carlos Vinhas Ítavo; Maria da Graça Morais; Gumercindo Loriano Franco; Lucia Maria Zeoula; Natália da Silva Heimbach
The present study tested brown propolis in crude or extract form as a feed supplement for feedlot la ...
- 15-dic-2015

5. (�) Safety Evaluation, in Vitro and in Vivo Antioxidant Activity of the Flavonoid-Rich Extract from Maydis stigma - Ke-Zheng Peng; Xiudong Yang; Hong-Li Zhou; Shu-Xia Pan
This study aimed to assess the acute toxicity and safety of flavonoid-rich extract from Maydis stigm ...
- 24-dic-2015

6. (�) Communication - Flavonoids From Symplocos Racemosa; Mila Jung; Janggyoo Choi; Hee-sung Chae; Jae Youl Cho; Young-dong Kim; Khin Myo Htwe; Woo-shin Lee; Young-won Chin; Jinwoong Kim; Kee Dong Yoon
- 05-dic-2015

7. (�) subsequent article - Pharmacogn J; Linn Phytochemical Psychopharmacological
A multifaceted peer reviewed journal in the field of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products www.phcogfir ...
(application/pdf) - 05-dic-2015

8. (�) Comparative Evaluation of Biofunctional Compounds Content from Different Herbal Infusions - Anca C. Fărcaş; Sonia A. Socaci; Maria Tofană; Crina Mureșan; Ana Cuceu; Liana Salanţă; Anamaria Pop
, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, as well as the antioxidant activity of five different herbal
- 04-dic-2015

9. (�) Evaluation of Bioactive Compounds from Flowers and Fruits of Black Elder (Sambucus Nigra L.) - Sonia A. Socaci; Anca Fărcaş; Maria Tofană; Carmen Pop; Mirela Jimborean; Melinda Nagy
research was to run a comparative study on the content of bioactive compounds (polyphenols, flavonoids .... species. Total content of polyphenols, flavonoids, respectively antioxidant activity was determined by the
- 04-dic-2015

10. (�) Investigation on the differences of four flavonoids with similar structure binding to human serum albumin - Chao-Zhan Lin; Min Hu; Ai-Zhi Wu; Chen-Chen Zhu
Flavonoids are structurally diverse and the most ubiquitous groups of polyphenols distributed in ... mechanisms between four flavonoids containing one glucose unit with similar molecular weight isolated
- 24-nov-2015

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