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  1. Dietary polyphenol intake and risk of hypertension in the Polish arm of the HAPIEE study. (�)

    Grosso, G; Stepaniak, U; Micek, A; Kozela, M; Stefler, D; Bobak, M; Pajak, A
    . Among main classes of polyphenols, flavonoids and phenolic acids were independent contributors to this ...% CI 0.47, 0.93), while among flavonoids, most of the association was driven by flavanols (OR 0.56, 95

  2. Substance P enhances soluble ICAM-1 release from adult rat cardiac fibroblasts by a p42/44 MAPK- and PKC-mediated mechanism. (�)

    Sapna, S; Shivakumar, K
    Substance P, a pro-inflammatory neuropeptide, is released from cardiac peptidergic nerves under cond ...

  3. Coordinate induction of anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway genes by vvmybas (�)

    Kobayashi, S.; Goto-Yamamoto, N.; Azuma, A.
    Recent studies in grapevine revealed that VvMYBA transcription factors control the expression from U ...

  4. Habitual intake of anthocyanins and flavanones and risk of cardiovascular disease in men12 (�)

    Cassidy, Aedín; Bertoia, Monica; Chiuve, Stephanie; Flint, Alan; Forman, John; Rimm, Eric B
    flavonoids, specifically anthocyanins and flavanones, in which >90% of habitual intake is derived from ... participants aged ≥65 y (P-interaction = 0.04). Conclusions: Higher intakes of fruit-based flavonoids were

  5. Qumai Total Flavonoids Induced Diabetic Mice Model of Streptozotocin (�)

    Mingsan Miaoa; Bolin Chengb; Na Jiangc; Meiqiong Jiangd
    Abstract: Purpose: Research Qumai total flavonoids induced diabetic mice model of streptozotocin ... superbus flavonoids to chain urea with cephalosporins cause diabetes in mice model can
    (application/pdf) 26-oct-2016

  6. Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 16:267–276 267©2005 International Medical Press Synthesis and anti-rhinovirus properties of fluoro- substituted flavonoids (�)

    Cinzia Conti; Paola Mastromarino; Paola Goldoni; Gustavo Portalone; Nicoletta Desideri
    related to natural and synthetic flavonoids previ-ously described, were prepared, characterized and tested for anti-rhinovirus activity. Structural eluci-dation of the new compounds was performed by
    (application/pdf) 26-oct-2016


    Lindahl Sofia; Link To Publication; Sofia Lindahl; Akademisk Avhandling
    Enzymatic hydrolysis coupled to hot water extraction for determination of flavonoids in plants
    (application/pdf) 26-oct-2016

  8. Dietary polyphenols are inversely associated with metabolic syndrome in Polish adults of the HAPIEE study. (�)

    Grosso, G; Stepaniak, U; Micek, A; Stefler, D; Bobak, M; Pająk, A
    pressure and triglycerides; and flavonoids with fasting plasma glucose. Among specific subclasses of
    (text) 05-mar-2017

  9. (�)

    Cunshan Zhou; Xiaojie Yu; Haile Ma; Zhen Zhang; Lin Lin; Abu El-gasim; A. Yagoub; Wanzhen Xu
    Solid-liquid extraction kinetics of flavonoids from okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) pods with applicability analysis
    (application/pdf) 14-oct-2016

  10. Effect of Bioflavonoid Quercetin on Endotoxin- Induced Hepatotoxicity and Oxidative Stress in Rat Liver (�)

    Of S; S. Pilkhwal; N. Tirkey; A. Kuhad; K. Chopra
    chi ve
    (application/pdf) 14-oct-2016

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