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1. (�) Investigation on the differences of four flavonoids with similar structure binding to human serum albumin - Chao-Zhan Lin; Min Hu; Ai-Zhi Wu; Chen-Chen Zhu
Flavonoids are structurally diverse and the most ubiquitous groups of polyphenols distributed in ... mechanisms between four flavonoids containing one glucose unit with similar molecular weight isolated
- 24-nov-2015

2. (�) INHIBITION EFFECT OF FLAVONOID EXTRACT OF Euphorbia Guyoniana ON THE CORROSION OF MILD STEEL IN H2SO4 MEDIUM - S. Chihi; N. Gherraf; B. Alabed; S. Hameurlain

The influence of flavonoids extracts of three parts of Euphorbia Guyoniana towards the corrosion of type API 5L X52 steel in 15% H2SO4 has been evaluated by weight
- 13-nov-2015

3. (�) Mobilization of Copper ions by Flavonoids in Human Peripheral Lymphocytes Leads to Oxidative DNA Breakage: A Structure Activity Study - Hussain Arif; Nida Rehmani; Mohd Farhan; Aamir Ahmad; Sheikh Mumtaz Hadi
of various cancers. In particular, flavonoids (present in onion, tomato and other plant sources ... examined the chemical basis of cytotoxicity of flavonoids by studying the structure–activity relationship
- 12-nov-2015

4. (�) A review on phytochemical, ethnomedical and pharmacological studies on genus Sophora, Fabaceae - Panthati Murali Krishna; Rao KNV; Sandhya S; David Banji
quinolizidine alkaloids particularly matrine and oxymatrine and flavonoids particularly prenylated and isoprenylated flavonoids. Modern pharmacological studies and clinical studies demonstrated that these
- 30-oct-2015

5. (�) Neuroprotection by flavonoids - Dajas F.; Rivera-Megret F.; Blasina F.; Arredondo F.; Abin-Carriquiry J.A.; Costa G.; Echeverry C.; Lafon L.; Heizen H.; Ferreira M.; Morquio A.
protective agents. Epidemiological studies have shown beneficial effects of flavonoids on arteriosclerosis-related pathology in general and neurodegeneration in particular. Flavonoids can protect the
- 30-oct-2015

6. (�) Influence of Growth Regulators on Secondary Metabolites of Medicinally Important Oil Yielding Plant Simarouba glauca DC. under Water Stress Conditions - Awate P.D.; D.K. Gaikwad
One year old seedlings of Simarouba glauca were subjected to water stress for 4, 8, 12 and 16 days. ...
- 30-oct-2015

7. (�) Polyphenols as Natural Food Pigments: Changes During Food Processing - Toshihiko Shoji
The colors of the foods and beverages contribute not only to their appearance but also to their agreeableness, which linked to both taste and flavor. Polyphenols, particularly flavonoids, are
- 30-oct-2015

8. (�) Utilizing of Square Wave Voltammetry to Detect Flavonoids in the Presence of Human Urine - Rene Kizek; Ladislav Zeman; Marie Stiborova; Libuse Trnkova; Ales Horna; Petr Hodek; Miroslava Beklova; Pavel Hanustiak; Jaromír Hubalek; Radka Mikelova; Vojtech Adam
About biological affecting of flavonoids on animal organisms is known less,thus we selected flavonoids, flavanones and flavones, and their glycosides, which wereexamined as potential inducers of
- 30-oct-2015

9. (�) Effects of dietary components on testosterone metabolism via UDP‐glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) - DeclanPNaughton
green tea and red wine, along with their constituent flavonoids and catechins. This review
- 30-oct-2015

10. (�) Larvicidal activity and GC-MS analysis of flavonoids of Vitex negundo and Andrographis paniculata against two vector mosquitoes Anopheles stephensi and Aedes aegypti - Keerti Gautam; Padma Kumar; Sawitri Poonia
>Anopheles stephensi (Liston). Methods: Flavonoids were extracted from different
- 30-oct-2015

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