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1. (�) REVIEW Investigation of metal–flavonoid chelates and the determination
Abstract: Flavonoids constitute a large group of polyphenolic phytochemicals with antioxidant properties which are overwhelmingly exerted through direct free radical scavenging. Flavonoids also
(application/pdf) - 31-ago-2014

2. (�) Impact of apple polyphenols on GSTT2 gene expression, subsequent protection of DNA and modulation of proliferation using LT97 human colon adenoma cells. - Miene, C; Klenow, S; Veeriah, S; Richling, E; Glei, M
Apple extract (AE) enhances expression of glutathione S-transferases (e.g., GSTT2) in human colon ce ...
- 29-jul-2014

3. (�) Intervention with cloudy apple juice results in altered biological activities of ileostomy samples collected from individual volunteers. - Veeriah, S; Balavenkatraman, KK; Böhmer, F; Kahle, K; Glei, M; Richling, E; Scheppach, W; Pool-Zobel, BL
Apple juice is considered to be an important component of the healthy diet, with anticancer activiti ...
- 29-jul-2014

4. (�) Apple polyphenols modulate expression of selected genes related to toxicological defence and stress response in human colon adenoma cells. - Veeriah, S; Miene, C; Habermann, N; Hofmann, T; Klenow, S; Sauer, J; Böhmer, F; Wölfl, S; Pool-Zobel, BL
Apples contain significant amounts of flavonoids that are potentially cancer risk reducing by acting antioxidative or antiproliferative and by favorably modulating gene expression. The purpose of
- 29-jul-2014

5. (�) Apple polyphenols and products formed in the gut differently inhibit survival of human cell lines derived from colon adenoma (LT97) and carcinoma (HT29). - Veeriah, S; Hofmann, T; Glei, M; Dietrich, H; Will, F; Schreier, P; Knaup, B; Pool-Zobel, BL
Colorectal tumor risks could be reduced by polyphenol-rich diets that inhibit cell growth. Here, app ...
- 29-jul-2014

6. (�) Apple flavonoids inhibit growth of HT29 human colon cancer cells and modulate expression of genes involved in the biotransformation of xenobiotics. - Veeriah, S; Kautenburger, T; Habermann, N; Sauer, J; Dietrich, H; Will, F; Pool-Zobel, BL
Flavonoids from fruits and vegetables probably reduce risks of diseases associated with oxidative stress, including cancer. Apples contain significant amounts of flavonoids with antioxidative
- 29-jul-2014

7. (�) Profiling of phenolic compounds from different apple varieties using comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography - Montero, Lidia; Herrero, Miguel; Ibáñez, Elena; Cifuentes, Alejandro
An innovative analytical approach based on the use of comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatog ...
- 22-jul-2014

8. (�) p38 MAP kinase and MKK-1 co-operate in the generation of GM-CSF from LPS-stimulated human monocytes by an NF-kappa B-independent mechanism. - Meja, KK; Seldon, PM; Nasuhara, Y; Ito, K; Barnes, PJ; Lindsay, MA; Giembycz, MA
1. The extent to which the p38 mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase and MAP kinase kinase (MKK)-1- ...
- 23-mar-2014

9. (�) Antibacterial activity of pure flavonoids isolated from mosses - Basile, Adriana; Giordano, Simonetta; López Sáez, José Antonio; Cobianchi, Rosa
Seven pure flavonoids were isolated and identified from five moss species. The flavonoids were the ... and vitexin; and the biflavonoid bartramiaflavone. Some of these flavonoids were shown to have
- 13-mar-2014

10. (�) The biological properties of flavonoids derived from traditional Chinese medicine in neuronal cells : searching for health supplements for anti-depression - Xu, Li
Theses (Ph.D.)--Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2013
(338 bytes; text/html) - 25-feb-2014

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