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  1. The story of a grain of wheat, (�)

    Edgar, William C. (William Crowell), 1856-1932.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (ren) 09-feb-2018

  2. Conditions in the flour-milling business : letter / (�)

    United States. Federal Trade Commission.
    Ordered to lie on the table and be printed May 9 (calendar day, May 28), 1932.
    (bib) 20-feb-2018

  3. Factors influencing competition among flour mills in the Pacific Slope States / (�)

    Brensike, V. John (Valentine John), 1917-1961.
    "August 1959."
    (bib) 19-dic-2017

  4. Official directory of Ohio flour mills. (�)

    Tanner, Frank H., comp.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib) 01-dic-2017

  5. The Miller's almanack and year book for ... Statistical & general information concerning the milling industry & the grain trade. (�)

    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib) 19-ene-2018

  6. The Operative miller. (�)

    Editor: <1902-07> J. F. Mueller.
    (bib; bib; bib; bib; bib; bib; bib; bib; bib; bib; bib; bib; bib) 20-mar-2018

  7. The American miller, and millwright's assistant. (�)

    Hughes, William Carter.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib; bib; bib) 13-feb-2018

  8. The book of wrinkles; a collection of handy, labor-saving devices and ideas for the use of millers and millwrights. (�)

    American miller and processor.; Mitchell Brothers Publishing Company, Chicago.
    "Fifth Edition."
    (bib; bib) 13-feb-2018

  9. Patents for inventions. Abridgements of specifications relating to grinding grain and dressing flour and meal, A.D. 1623-1866. (�)

    Great Britain. Patent Office.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (exp; bib) 13-feb-2018

  10. The miller and milling engineer, (�)

    Oliver, Charles E. (Charles Edwin), b. 1861.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib; bib; bib) 01-dic-2017

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